AV App Chapter 67 ♡ Invitation



「Niya niya!」Guchu, guchu!

「Niyo niyo!」 Jubo! Jubo

「Uhm, Leona-san, can you stop saying weird stuff?」


The brown gyaru who had been grinning is stroking my dick in a rhythm, then laughed at my protests.

「I mean. You had a date with Shojo-chi, right? Then you had tons of sex, right? You can’t tell me to stop grinning」

–Guchu, guchu, guchu, guchu!!

「Oooh!! Too strong!」

Kyaa!! The brown gyaru is in her MAX tension, speeding up her handjob…The exquisite force and the snap of her wrist give unbearable pleasure.

Leona-san’s saliva and the pre-cum make the rigid penis wet and sticky. The obscene wet sounds from the hand job echo well in the room.

Kuh! Endure it! Me! Hold it! This is special training to improve your premature ejaculation. It feels good, but hold it!

After my date with Fuyou-san, Leona-san contacted me after hearing it out of nowhere. I invited her to the other space, and she attacked with a big smile on her face, and now we’re back to the present.

I’m sitting on my bed and the brown gyaru’s burying her face in my crotch.

「Fuhi! Fuhihi! Uhyaa!!」

It’s like she’s bugged, her laughs are getting weird from the tension.

This brown gyaru loves romance talk, calling herself a love master, so she seems unable to stop drooling over the topic of our date. In fact, she’s wiping off that drool.

She seems to be overwhelmed by the emotions, the speed of her handjob slows down as it slowly reaches its peak.

Phew. I managed to hold it. I think I made a nice advancement.

「I mean, where did you hear that from, Leona-san?

「Fufufu… I have an informant!」

「Did you put some kind of GPS on us?

「No way! But I’m not telling Nakade-chi my source of information! That aside! How was the outfit I chose for Shojo-chi? That cardigan sleeveless summer knit and the macaroni underwear! It looked sexy for the cool type like Shojo-chi, doesn’t it? I heard that you were fascinated by it」

Leona-san grins sparkled. I looked away and muttered.

「Yeah, it’s the best.」


I just gave her my honest gratitude. She accepts it with a smirk. Leona-san’s pick suited Fuyou-san too well.

Cool yet sweet. Sexy and bold. Her breasts in particular got etched on my memory that I won’t forget them.

When I saw it for the first time, the shock was strong. It’s too sexy, too erotic.

Kuh! I almost ejaculated from remembering it.

「So, you licked Shojo-chi’s nipples, right? How was it, did that feel good?」

「I’ll use my right to remain silent」

「Huh? She said she was happy and how cute you were」

「You just blurted out that Fuyou-san’s the source of your information. Not even an informant, but just the person herself! And here I thought she didn’t」

「Oops! Keep the informant F.S.-Chi a secret」

「It’s F.O.! It’s Otometani Fuyou, so it’s F.O! It’s not Shojo」

She’s remembering it wrong because she usually refers to Fuyou-san as “Shojo-chi” I’m used to hearing her say it that I almost thought “Huh? Which one is it?” sometimes. Fuyou-san just gave up and stopped correcting her recently.

Leona-san smiles cheerfully as she demonstrates her rhythmic lewd handjob.

「I taught Shojo-chi the skills she used on Nakade-chi. Were they useful?」



I silently held out my hand and gave her a handshake filled with my emotions.

Thank you. Thank you for saying your techniques with Fuyou-san. That was a nice assist! It was satisfying! It’s thrilling to see Fuyou-san with a bit of sadism.

Leona-san, I can’t thank you enough

Her grin spread wider.

「Ehehehe…I heard you two took a nap together」

「Yeah. The sleepy Fuyou-san was so cute!」

「Huh? Tell me the details!」

「I don’t think she remembers it either. I was half-asleep. Fuyou-san regressed to infancy」

「Regressed to an infant?! D-Details please!」

The information was so shocking that she had to stop the handjob. “Tell me!” her eyes are sparkling as she looks up, and I proudly told her…

「I think that Fuyou-san did some lewd begging」

「I-I want to know」

「Also, oops. I’d rather not」

「You got my curiosity now! What’s that?!」

「That’s a secret between Fuyou-san and me, so I’ll just hint that Dere-chi has come」

「Dere-chi has come!? You’re just telling me that you flirted a ton! Curious! I want to know! I want to know! I want to know!」


「Woah! I told you not to go intense on handjobs too sudden!」

「It’s Nakade-chi’s fault for teasing me! So I’ll tease you back!」

「Woah! Going fast and steady is unfair!」

She suddenly slowed down. The heightened pleasure quickly fades away. However, she doesn’t stop giving me a handjob, so I’m only left impatient.

I want pleasure, I want to cum! And yet, I’m being teased and yet to climb the pleasure of climax.

Leona-san moved her face close to my penis.



The wet and coarse feeling is on my penis. She licks the back of my glans with her tongue sticking out lewdly as if she’s licking ice cream. As it is, she licks the glans in a circular motion.

A numbing pleasure shot through my brain. Then.


Then my glans are wrapped in something raw and warm.

The brown gyaru puts only the tip in her mouth. I’m intoxicated by the sweet stimulation as she moves her mouth around.

「So, pero pero…do you want to speak now?」

「T-That’s really seductive! I’ll think about it after I ejaculate! Ugh

「Nakade-chi…jurururu..you’re just…juzozozozo」

–Jubojubo! Guchu!!

Passionate fellatio to toss out her frustration. The lively beauty sucks in my thick penis deep into her throat.

My penis moves in and out of the gyaru’s mouth. Her slender hands wrap my rod wet with saliva. The exquisite coordination between her hand and mouth is extraordinary.

「Muu! Nakade-chi doesn’t ejaculate that fast」

「It’s the result of Master’s training…Oh shit」

「I think you’re holding out against my techniques for ten minutes already? You’re making master happy with your growth…but you need to cum soon! Then, tell me the details of the date」

「Nguu! N-Not yet!」

「You can endure this too?! You’re doing well, Nakade-chi」

Fufufu!~ I’ve also matured you know

In fact, if the handjob had continued for a few more seconds, I could’ve ejaculated. However, Leona-san stopped moving her hand before that.

She took off her hands from my penis, and then she pulls off her clothes. And in no time, she’s in her underwear.

「What?! Leopard print?」

An extremely ethereal leopard-print bra and panty covered her dynamite body. It suits Leona-san, a cheerful gyaru well.

It’s probably not my imagination that the gyaru today is hotter than usual, yet more wild and ferocious.

She’s licking her lips, and that’s sexy.

「Ehehehe! This is your reward for enduring my techniques for ten minutes. You can creampie me as much as you want. That’s a common scenario in AV, right?」

True, there are a lot of AVs with titles that say “If you can endure this actress’s amazing technique for ten minutes, then you can have creampie sex”

So, I don’t have to hold back anymore and just creampie as much as I want, Master?

She quickly slips out of her leopard print panty, pressing my penis into her soaking wet pussy, and lowered her hips.

「Ah…Naa, Leona-san!」

「How long can you endure my pussy then? Hmmm…It’s in!」

My penis is swallowed in by her warm and thick pussy…Leona-san and I are connected. In the same position, sitting face-to-face, she began to move her hips gently.

「Hmm, ah, yes! Nakade-chi’s dick is so good! It’s reaching so deep and grinding hard! It’s different from my toys」

「Well yeah, it’s not a toy but a real dick」

「Aaaahn~ That’s amazing! Nakade-chi」

「Me too! Oh, that movement is so good, you’re wriggling your pussy!」

A smooth back-and-forth hip movement. Her pussy tightens up, and the vaginal folds entwine with each other. My penis is gently and passionately held by her pussy, encouraging me to ejaculate.

「Ah, it feels good on my clitoris too」

The gyaru presses her clit against my body. She’s feeling good from rubbing it. She’s ecstatic as she soaks up the pleasure of sex.

「Hmmm! I wanted to watch Nakade-chi and Shojo-chi’s date」

「Is that going to be our topic during sex?」

「I mean…I live to watch you two make love from a special seat」

—Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan!!

「Kuh! That up-and-down movement is so good! I love it」

The up-and-down movement is taking out the frustration of not being able to see our date. I slam my hips forcefully into Leona-san’s body and force my penis into the deepest part of her body.

The glans repeatedly knocks against her cervix, and the sweet stimulation urges the ejaculation.

「Please don’t use us as your reason to live」

「Eeeh?! But, I just want to become a wall that watches over you two or the bed. No, just the air itself! I want to be the air wafting around you two!」

「Air? Please keep the stalking in moderation. I’d rather have a date with the three of us than get stalked. That way, you can watch Fuyou-san and me closer, right?」

「No, no! That won’t do! I only want to watch you two making love in places where it’s just you two! I don’t want to be an intruder between your love」

「That’s irony!」

「It spoils the mellow lovemaking! It’s gonna spoil it! Ruin it! Damn! If only I have the power to come to this space freely, I’d just hide in the closet so you won’t know that I’m there, and then never bother」

This gyaru sounded so serious. She’s getting bloodshot.

The power to summon other people to the other space is my exclusive privilege. That’s why I can prevent her, but if Leona-san has free access, she’d definitely hide in the closet or under the bed. It shows her persistence and how serious she is.

Just how hungry are you for a peek? That’s the only regrettable part of her. Well, I can still forgive her for just having the desire to observe, sit back and watch without disturbing us.

Dear AV app devs. Never give her the power to come and go at will. Please, and thank you.

「Then, why don’t we all go out and play together during summer vacation?」

「Gununu! I want to go! I want to have fun with everyone」

「So, which one?」

「I don’t want to bother you two, but I also want to have fun! Nakade-chi! Why can’t you go play with Shojo-chi, and then play with everyone when it’s getting good?」

「I don’t really mind」

「Okay! That’s decided! Looking forward to it! Ha!! With me in the way, the two of you might flirt out in secret! That’s likely to happen! That’s getting me excited! It’s boiling!」

–Nuchu! Nuchu! Guchu!

–Pan! Pan! Pan!

The gyaru’s hips heat up. I move my penis in and out of her pussy in a fast rhythm. I’m devoted to supporting her movements, making thrusts on her descending womb that are appealing to impregnate her.

「Nakade-chi! Let’s go to the beach! Or maybe pool! Which do you prefer?」

Beach or Pool. That’s summer-like. That suits Leona-san whose a cheery person.

「Don’t you want to see us in swimsuits?」

「I do」

「We’ll put on a normal one on the day, and at night, let’s get a bit lewd and we’ll wear a micro bikini, how’s that?」

「Micro bikini’s not even “a bit” it’s just pure lewd!」

「Don’t you want to see Shojo-chi in her micro bikini? Want me to push her back?」

A demon, no, it’s a succubus whisper. What a sweet temptation.

Now I’m imagining it. Leona-san’s voluptuous figure wearing a micro bikini like it’s normal. I’m sure she’d be happy to do it.

However, Fuyou-san won’t be. I’m sure I’ll have to ask her a lot before she puts it on saying “it can’t be helped then” She thinks that the naked apron is still within her limits after all.

But, wearing it because I asked her and putting it on naturally is different. Fuyou-san would be embarrassed.

–I want to see Fuyou-san wearing a micro bikini and looking embarrassed!

A cool beauty who puts on something she would never wear has that amazing gap. That’s why I’m filled with curiosity.

I’m going to take the gyaru’s offer. I mean, I never had the option to refuse in the first place. The cool beauty puts on a micro bikini because the brown gyaru’s urging her. I want to see it so bad!

「Please convince Fuyou-san」

I extend my hand to her with a smile, and she responded with a handshake.

「Okay! You got it! Ehehe! It’ll be cute so look forward to it!」

「Okay. I’m looking forward to it」

Here and now, our alliance to make Otometani Fuyou put on a micro bikini has been formed.

Fuyou-san’s not an ally. Leona-san and I are your enemies this time, okay?

Kukuku…You know nothing Fuyou-san, when the time comes, you’ll tremble in shame.

「Make sure you protect Shojo-chi from the playboys out there, Nakade-chi」

「I’ll do my best. Well, I also have to protect Leona-san too」

「Ooh? Me too?」

Why do you look surprised? Leona-san, you have a nice figure and you’re beautiful too. Of course, there will be guys who’ll try to hit on you. Are you not aware?

I’m starting to feel embarrassed now after all that trying to show off. Why?

After a few seconds, Leona-san seem to have figured out what I wanted to say. Then her face turned red and steam poofed from her head.

Oh? That’s a rare reaction.

「W-W-W-W-Wha?! Don’t worry about me! Just watch over Shojo-chi!」

「No, no. We’re sex friends so it matters. I’m not a scum who will only look after Fuyou-san when I have other women…wait, that was a scum line I guess?」

Even if I am, I still want to take good care of Leona-san. I mean, I also want to see Leona-san.

Besides, Fuyou-san would slap me if I try neglecting her.

『–If you want to have sex with other women, do it. However, I won’t allow you to make them unhappy』

That was what Fuyou-san told me before. If I only focus on her, she’ll definitely scold me. “You have to make your other women happy too”

「With that said, I’d be happy if Leona-san wears a swimsuit only for me, and be wary of playboys trying to pick you up. I’m looking forward to what you wear」

「Ugh…You said “wear a swimsuit for me,” that sounded like a “self-centered man” giving an order」

Why? Then I remembered that Leona-san’s a bit of a masochist. I think she’ll get along with Suisen-chan.

The gyaru turned red from embarrassment, then she suddenly slapped her cheeks.

「It can’t be helped then. I’ll fire myself up for Nakade-chi! Get ready! We’ll be sure to bewitch Nakade-chi!」

「Oh? Now I’m looking forward to that」

「Ha! But if Nakade-chi fawns over me, Shojo-chi might get jealous! Guhehe! Guhehehehe! Shojo-chi is jealous and pressing on Nakade-chi! It’s getting exciting! Uehehehehe!!」

「Yeah, too late…This girl’s no good!」

There’s no way to reform her. Let’s give up on her. She’s unfortunate, but that’s Leona-san’s charm.

Besides, she likes Fuyou-san for real./

The cheerful gyaru who regained her composure after her fantasies were over, wiped away the drool that was about to drip. Resumed moving her hips, and smiled mischievously.

「Just because the beach or pool is filled with girls in their swimsuits, doesn’t mean that you can pick them up, Okay, Nakade-chi? Oh wait, you get a level-up on the app if you have sex with new girls, right? And every time you level up, you get new toys and amenities…」

Oh? This doesn’t sound good.

The cheery gyaru smiled and gives a thumbs up, blooming like a sunflower in the summer sky. Her smile is too dazzling to the eye.

「Nakade-chi! Go hit on girls!」


「Go hit on girls in swimsuits! Bring them back to the hotel! Don’t worry! I’ll allow it! Go for a summer adventure!」

「It’s not that easy! We’re not an AV」

It’s common to see in AV a woman getting hit on at the beach and having sex with her. Using one-way mirrors is also famous. But, that’s on AV. It’s scripted, and they’re acting. It won’t be that easy in reality.

Hmm? AV?


H-Huh? That’s weird. It’s getting really cold.

I have a bad feeling about this. Or more like, I feel like I’ve raised a big death flag. No, perhaps stepping on a landmine is the right expression.

What do I do? I’ve done it. I’ve seriously done it.

Since it’s the AV app devs, they could force me to an event when going to the beach or pool even if I don’t realize it. But, if I notice it, it’s already too late.

Anyway, I’m sure that it won’t be a peaceful summer vacation this year.

「Leona-san! Sex!」

「Huh? We’re doing that now?」

I rushed too much because I’m in a panic. Call it escaping from reality.

I just want to forget that feeling. I’m just delaying the problem. Good luck, future me.

I stroke the body of the gyaru who got a bit nervous from the sudden change of subject, I squeezed her huge breasts and kissed her glossy lips. I encourage sex by moving.

「Let’s focus! Focus on sex! I want to cum soon! I want to cum inside Leona-san」

「Nakade-chi, do you want to ejaculate inside me that badly? It can’t be helped then. Sure」

The gyaru smiled and moved her hips happily.

–Guchu, guchu, Nuchu!

The obscene sound of water echoes in the room as her pussy and my dick rub each other.

Perhaps it’s because I cut the conversation and began concentrating on sex that the pleasure of assaulting my penis is definitely stronger. The more you put your consciousness in, the more sensitive you become and the better it feels.

The pleasant vaginal warmth and pressure. The vaginal folds are sticky and tangled, and it undulates and wriggles. The repeated piston and the tightness make it so my penis never gets to escape.

I want to keep putting my penis inside Leona-san.

「Aah, aah, aaah!! How is it? Does my pussy feel good?」

「Yes. It’s the best! Guh!」

「Hmm, hmm, hmm, Aha! Sex with Nakade-chi is the best! It feels great」

「That’s great…Hmmm」

「Chu! Nchu! Rero! I’m melting from kisses!」

I devour her lips with a thick kiss. It’s a carnal and aggressive rough kiss. But, when I returned the kiss a little too forcefully, she instantly becomes quiet and passive. So cute.

That’s very like Leona-san, a little masochistic.

「Hmm, hmm! Aaah! naaaah!!! I can’t! I can’t stop my hips, they’re moving on their own! The pleasure won’t stop coming!」

The gyaru wearing sexy leopard print underwear puts her hands around my neck and dances on top of me, looking straight at me.

Her eyes are so feverish that it’s embarrassing. But, I don’t feel bad.

—Pachun! Pachun! Pachun! Pachun!

「Naah~ Nakade-chi! I’m about to cum! I’m going to cum hard!」

Leona-san’s ample breasts are pressed against my chest, she’s clinging to me as if she’s fighting the intense pleasure building up inside of her. Her pussy tightens, telling me that she’s reaching climax. It’s rising up her sexual pleasure rapidly.

My dick has been nearing the limit from the handjob and blowjob and is on the verge of an outburst. I’ll ejaculate in a few more seconds. I’m going to cum at the same time…

「Aaahn! There it is! It’s coming! Cumming! Cumming!」

「Guah!! I’m going to ejaculate! Nguu!! Get pregnant!!!」

—Dopyu! Dopyudopyu!! Dopyu!!

「Nyaaaaaaaa!! It’s coming out! Nakade-chi’s hot semen is pouring inside me! My womb is melting!!! I-I’m going to get pregnant!!」

The gyaru screams and spasms. She’s also saying that she’ll get pregnant with my child, that alone is enough to excite me to ejaculate.

In fact, I ejaculated so much that if she had not been on pills, she’d definitely be pregnant. The semen spurted out so vigorously that it hits the back of her womb, and stuck to the walls.

Seems like my instincts wanted to impregnate Leona-san more than I expected.

It’s bad enough that Leona-san’s cum squeezing pussy feels so good. What a sinful pussy.

「Aha~! You poured a ton inside me again」

Leona-san slowly withdraws my penis after her climax. The white liquid drips from her crotch.

It’s my semen that I ejaculated into her pussy in large quantities.

「Ehehe! Did it feel good inside my pussy?」

「Yeah. That’s the proof…」

When I say that bluntly, the Gyaru laughs in amusement. Then, she removes her panty and got on all fours with her ass facing me.

A mischievous smile comes from her face as she looks back.


Leona-san calls my name, opening her slit, with her fingers. The small hole drips with semen, fully exposed by her obscene peace sign.

「I’m still craving Nakade-chi’s dick. Can you pour me more semen?」

At that moment, my whole body heated up, as if my blood is boiling, and the beastly instinct coated my reason.

My hard erect penis is wet, pressed against her small twitching pussy, and I thrust it all at once.

The cheerful gyaru’s voice echoes in the other space.


「Uuu, I’m so tired. But that felt amazing…」

After several rounds of intense sex with Leona-san, I came back to my room from the other space.

It’s an almighty AV app, but they don’t take away your fatigue.

If anything, I was more tired of her asking for the details of my date with Fuyou-san after we had sex. I honestly don’t even remember much from the interrogation of the love-starved gyaru.

I just accepted the pleasant fatigue and lay down on my bed to rest my mind and body.


I hear a small sound and received a message on my phone.

「Hm, is it Leona-san? Or Fuyou-san?」

I checked expecting who the sender is, but contrary to my expectations, the sender was someone different.

『–There’s a girl waiting for your invitation for a date…Onii-san?』