AV App Chapter 68 Peeping Photos



I have a date today.

Guess what, it’s Otometani Kasumi-chan I’m dating. Fuyou-san’s sister.

A few days ago, I received an impish date invitation from Kasumi-chan, saying “–A girl is waiting for your invitation for a date….Onii-san?” and I immediately asked her out. Then after arranging our schedules, we decided to go out today.

A date with Kasumi-chan, huh. I haven’t since her since she called me last time by impersonating Fuyou-san. That was more of an interrogation in the name of a date, and so today is our proper date.

She said she wants to watch a movie, so we decided to do that. It’s at lunchtime too. As for the rest, she said she’ll adapt, saying “I’ll leave the date planning to you, okay?” and I don’t feel that she’s expecting much.

We only exchanged those messages and there isn’t much nuance to it.

I don’t know much about Kasumi-chan’s personality yet. I know she attacks me like a little temptress, but the fact is that she’s an amateur, a pure-hearted girl, and weak to push.

She’s got to be conscious of today’s date…

「 It’ll take a while longer to get to the meeting spot 」

I checked the time on my phone while holding onto my train strap. It’s a station a few stops away. At this rate, I’ll arrive a bit later than the meeting time.

You don’t need to be too early on dates. But getting late is just uncool.

–Well then, what should I do as soon as I arrive?

I’m not busy while on the train. I should do something. Like, listening to music and gazing out of the window.

I put my earphones in my ears and just before I tapped the screen.


「 Woah 」

The train shook and I touched something else.

The icon I happen to touch, to my surprise, is the AV app! It started and selected functions on its own. Even though I didn’t select them.

It’s the new feature called “peeping photos,” it’s been recently released, and I decided to never use them.

「 Oh shit 」

I looked around. Peeping photos may have some effect on the women around them. Furthermore, we’re on the train. Opening this function is just dangerous here.

And worst of all, a young woman is wearing a long skirt in front of me. She’s a mature-looking woman with a hunchback and black-rim glasses. I guess you could say it’s a literary college girl. The figure of someone who stays in the library with thick books.

Ooh, her breasts look amazing. She seems to have a fine one. That’s quite the volume that even her clothes can’t hide it.

Wait, don’t tell me I’m going to take photos of her right now?

–However, nothing happened.

Huh, what’s wrong AV app? Is this a glitch?

It didn’t turn out as I feared, my body didn’t move without my control. It didn’t move me to the other space.

What a letdown.

「 Hmm? 」

Nothing happened, so I suddenly looked back at y phone and saw the choices on my screen.


『 Please select your partner 』

・Otometani Fuyou

・Kuchi Leona

・Shigawa Sumire

・Yumejiri Suisen

・Otometani Kasumi

・Surrounding Women


Oh, I see. I have to pick. Wait, is this mandatory? I don’t want to be a voyeur.

『 Please choose your partner 』

The AV app flickers and flashes, refusing to accept that I’m against it. Seems like you have to use it when you open it.

Even as I contemplate, it urges me to pick a partner quickly.

『 Please choose your partner 』

『 Please choose your partner 』

『 Please choose your partner 』

『 Please choose your partner 』

『 Please choose your partner 』

『 Please choose your partner 』

Okay. I get it already, I’m picking one so don’t do that. It’s hurting my eyes.

I guess it sensed my thoughts so it stopped flickering.

I had no choice but to pick quickly. If I take my time, the app would just choose on its own.

They show specific names of women I have a relationship with. They’re lined up in order of those who I made a move on. I’m sure these girls would forgive me if they catch me with this new feature.

However, the last choice is dangerous.

・Surrounding women.

I should never pick this! I don’t know what function this peeping photo has, but if I’m going to spy on women I don’t know, then it’s just a crime! A common crime! It’s totally different from capturing Fuyou-san’s sleeping face.

If I choose the women around me then it will target the woman with a long skirt in front of me.

Okay. Now I have to make a quick choice.

Fuyou-san, Leona-san, Sumire-san, Suisen-chan, and Kasumi-chan.

I’ll just pick Kasumi-chan, right? This is a date, so I can just follow up if something happens.

But, I’m curious about Sumire-san. With the university on summer break, and Rin-chan’s also on summer break, I had no chance to see Sumire-san in the morning. I’m beginning to miss talking to the unfortunate married woman.

If I summon her to the other space, we can meet again, but it takes courage to summon Sumire-san, an adult woman. It gets me nervous.

Maybe I can take a little look at Sumire-san’s situation with this new feature called “peeping photo?” if so, just a little.

「 Sorry, Sumire-san 」

After apologizing, I chose Shigawa Sumire from the choices. Then, my phone changed the screen.

Is this a video?

It’s in the bath. Rin-chan, wearing a cute one-piece swimsuit, splashing around the shallow water, and Sumire-san’s wearing a long hemmed T-shirt, is smiling at her beloved daughter.

『 How does it feel Rin? 』

『 Hmm! Get ready Mama! 』

『 Kyaa! 』

Rin-chan focused like a sniper and pulled the trigger without hesitation on Sumire-san. Water flies from the muzzle and drenched Sumire-san’s face.

Sumire-san’s eyes blinked.

『 Rin… You’ve done it now 』

–Basha! Basha!

『 Kyaa! Mama, that’s unfair! Ukyaa!! 』

She began to pour water from the bathtub directly onto her beloved daughter.

Sumire-san’s so childish! I know she’s holding back, but there’s clearly a difference in the volume between the water gun and her hand. Sumire-san has the advantage!

Rin-chan desperately hides her face and fights back with a water pistol. But, eventually, she realized that her hands are more efficient.

The parent and child splashed water on each other.

Huh? What’s this peaceful sight? This is just precious. It’s healing me

Oh man. I thought it would be some lewd scene, this wasn’t what I imagined.

It’s probably a real-time video. Sumire-chan and her daughter, Rin-chan is probably bathing and playing right now in their bath

They’re having fun. I admire the fact that they’re getting along. I want a wife and daughter like them. I want to join in and play with them.

『 Aaah, you got me wet now 』

Sumire-san’s T-shirt got wet. It became transparent and stuck to her body, revealing the shape of her large breasts. She assumed that she’ll get wet, so she was not wearing any underwear. I can see the shape of her nipples sticking out…it’s been a while since I saw her wearing no bra.

She brushes her wet hair back and smiled at her daughter.

That loving look made my heart skip a beat.

「 So beautiful 」

I’m fascinated by the beautiful smile she only does for her daughter.

I gave her Heaven’s pillow, a pillow with a special effect sold from the AV app’s adult shop, so it seems that it has fixed her lack of sleep. The dark circles under her eyes are gone, and her skin’s much more hydrated.

I think she’s far more beautiful and cleaner than when we first met, although, she still gives the unfortunate impression. At first, she looked like she was about to collapse at any moment, but now that empty feeling is gone. However, Sumrie-chan’s having fun playing with Rin-chan, and I think her presence is growing.

As expected, smiling women are lovely.

『 Mama, this way 』

『 Okay 』

Rin-chan makes splashes in the water, and Sumire-chan got in the bathtub wearing her clothes.

After arranging the toys on the edge of the bathtub, they set up the water guns.

『 There you are! Demon Devi! It’s outrageous that you take on the weak people! 』

『 I’m judging you for your sins! 』

Hmm? That’s…

『 Animal Heroine! Cutie Puppy! 』

『 Animal Heroine! Pretty Kitty! 』

The two finished their transformation lines and made a pose.

I’m dying from cuteness.

I believe this was a line from the Sunday morning TV anime for girls. A story about protecting the world from an evil organization with the help of animal fairies. After transforming, the main characters grow cat or dog ears, tails, and paw-gloved hands.

Incidentally, Cutie puppy is Sumire-san and Pretty Kitty is Rin-chan.

『 I’ll aim for your bad heart! Love Love! Meatball Snipe Shot! 』

『 I’ll make you my prisoner so you can’t do anything bad anymore! Love Love meatball Machine Gun! Toryaa!!! 』

The two mentioned their finishers and shot their water guns at the toys and dolls. After the toys fell off the edge with flying colors, the girls struck their final pose.

『 『 Cute is Justice! 』 』

Then, their play ended.

Ooh. Great. That was the best. They’re so cute that they get a standing ovation. This is going to make all of America love it. It’s so cute I could die.

Rin-chan’s so cute like an angel, and Sumire-san’s gap has so much destructive power that it shot through my heart so many times. Sumire-san looks like a fine adult lady, but she’s playing the anime heroine game so enthusiastically. I never wanted to play the villain role so badly.

Demon Devi. Let’s swap places!

I’m already satisfied that I got to see a side of Sumire-san that she’ll never show me. No complaints.

Thanks, app devs for adding such a nice feature. I’m sorry for not liking it because it’s named “peeping photos” This is a lovely feature. The only bad thing about it is the name. Let’s change it. Well, it’s definitely peeping.

「 I wish I could see it from a different angle. Can I change the zoom? 」

Seems like I can change the viewpoint from touching the screen, allowing the viewer to peek from all angles.

If I knew about that, I could’ve watched it from the best angle. Shame.

「 Oops. Is the point of view getting weird? 」

Suddenly, a female organ like an abalone fills the screen. The black pubic hair sways like seaweed in the water. It’s an obscene tight pussy. A secret garden in between the thick thighs.

T-This is Sumire-san’s pussy?

Seems like my hand accidentally touched the screen and the point of view moved to the bottom of the bathtub. Just where Sumire-san’s sitting with her legs slightly spread.

Sumire-san expected to get wet in the water, so she’s wearing no panties, and no bra.

「 Now there’s no talking out of this, this is just a peeping photo 」

The angle is just for voyeur shots.

Oh? “Transparent,” it says? I see. Isn’t that just tickling my curiosity?

Let’s see, let’s go with the transparent angle.

Then, Sumire-san’s T-shirt became transparent, and her naked body is visible. Her drooping breasts filled with fat… Her nipples are slightly larger, and the nipples are moderately puckered. Her nipples aren’t stiff from arousal, which is fresh. I have the urge to rub and suck them right now.

Disgraceful! This is an absolutely scandalous feature! Nice work, AV app! This is the best!

I thought it was a real-time video, but as you would expect, it’s a peeping photo function.

『 We’re arriving in ○○ station soon 』

The train slows down and approaches the station platform.

Oops. I don’t think it’s a good idea to show more of Sumire-san’s naked body. Someone might see it.

I turned off the peeping photo function with regret and the train stopped, and the doors opened. Then.

「 Kyaa! 」

「 Woah! 」

The crowd of passengers began to trickle into the car at once.

The literary girl who had her back to the door bounced and bumps into me, and we were then swept to the opposite door by the wave of people.

I covered for her as quickly as I could, but the car was full in a blink of an eye. It’s painful and we’re cramped.

「 W-Why are there so many people?! 」

The bespectacled girl answered the question with a downcast look.

「 U-Uhm, it’s baseball…I think everyone’s going to the sports event… 」

「 Oh, right. I see 」

Looking around, I see that most of them are wearing uniforms or have towels around their necks. I guess they’re going to a sports event. I guess it was bad timing.

「 U-Uhm… 」

「 What? 」

「 Y-Your hand 」

「 Hand? 」

I ask back, and the literary girl nods her head in embarrassment.

Hands? Hmm? What’s this? I feel some blissful softness in my left hand.

「 Naa?~ 」

I looked down and saw my left hand groping the girl’s breasts. My fingers are sinking into her huge breasts.

「 Oh, sorry! That wasn’t on purpose 」

「 N-No. I know. I should be the one to say sorry for bumping into you 」

I hastily removed my hand, but the awkward silence lingered in the air after that. And since the train is packed, I can’t move, I can’t escape hell. The best I could do is look away. This is just awkward.

I desperately try to make space with my hands on the wall so I don’t crush her. However. Everyone’s pushing each other to get away from the pain as much as possible, so it just got me closer to the glasses girl.

「 !? 」

Then, her bouncy breasts were pressed against my body and got squashed.

We’re both wearing summer clothing, having thin fabric, so I can clearly feel the softness of her breasts more than I expected. Wait, this softness. Is she wearing no bra?

She looked down and is blushing. We glanced at each other for a moment and noticed that I was unintentionally staring at her breasts. She was blushing like a boiled octopus, and she looked down again.

Oh, she seems to have noticed that I know she’s not wearing a bra.

She muttered with a disappearing voice.

「 I-I’m sorry…. 」

「 Ah, no. Likewise 」


「 Uooh!! 」

「 Kyaa!! 」

The curve shook the car and pushed us closer.

This is bad. Really bad. Instead of her breasts getting pushed further, the worst part is that my crotch is touching her.

After all, having looked at Sumire-san’s naked body, and having squeezed and pressed against this bespectacled girl’s breasts, my dick’s erect.

My hard dick is clearly visible through my clothes, and she should feel it. As proof, she glanced at my lower body.

「 Aah, sorry… 」

「 N-No, no, likewise 」

In the end, the crowd in the train never loosened, and I remained in close contact with the bespectacled girl until we approached the destination station

「 Haa, haa 」

「 Uhm, are you okay? Does it hurt? 」

「 Hyaa?! N-No, I-I’m fine 」

She was breathing hard so I called her out but she was startled. She was fidgeting, so I thought she was hurt, but it seems different.

「 I’m getting off the next stop 」

「 Ah, m-me too 」

「 I see. The door’s right there so be careful with your back 」

「 Yes 」

The train stopped at the station, the doors opened and I hear the air coming in. Then we got off the train as if we were ejected.

Phew. That was hot and painful. The summer air feels cooler. Furthermore, it’s good.

Err, the bespectacled girl.

「 U-Uhm 」

The girl who’s standing next to me bows blushingly.

「 Aaaaaah, t-thank you 」

She bows again and I hear her scutter away, soon disappearing from sight among the passengers.

What a cute girl. Her tits are huge too. And she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Don’t tell me she’s wearing a long skirt because she’s not wearing a panty…no way

「 Oops. Calm down. Have some restraint 」

I managed to calm my erect penis down. But if I got excited again I’ll be in big trouble. Walking through the train station with a bulging crotch is perverse.

I can fantasize about it later. I have enough time in my home. Let’s change gears!

「 Okay. I should go to the meeting spot with Kasumi-chan 」


「 Hm? The AV app sent me a notification? 」


【 Situation Release 】

・Molester (Train)

【 Release Condition 】

・Molest someone inside a train, or encounter a molester


「 Oh well, what a way to release a situation play 」

Sure, there are molestation AVs, but it’s a situation play where you choose your partner. Fuyou-san who loves flirty sex would hate this kind of situation.

It’s not a play you can use aggressively, so we’ll see how it goes. I don’t want to force and get hated for it, and I hardly have any interest in molest play.

You know, sex is about making out and making love! I want to see women smile.

So this newly released molestation play has no chance of getting used at the moment. But there’s one thing I must make clear.

–I rubbed those breasts by accident! I didn’t molest her!