AV App Chapter 69 Date Start



「 –Hey, Futaba, explain that again! 」

Arriving at the meeting spot, Kasumi-chan was already there. However, she seems to be talking to someone on her phone.

I went to her view and raised my hand, trying not to interrupt her call, then Kasumi-chan beckoned me with her hand and told me to wait with her eyes. I nodded and waited for the call to end.

「 Yes, yes…a guy on the train touched your breasts?! Futaba, did you get molested? 」

Although she wasn’t shouting since this is a public space, she still speaks to the other side of the call with a jumble of emotions, worry, impatience, and anger.

Hmm. Seems like I heard something disturbing. A friend of hers got molested?

That’s an act from the lowest, most despicable people, trampling the dignity of women. No wonder Kasumi-chan’s eyes were giving a cold glint. Well, she seem more concerned about the person on the other side of the call.

However, she then made a perplexed look.

「 Huh? He wasn’t molesting you? But he touched your breasts, right? Someone you don’t know, right? It was an accident? People were rushing in? Well yeah, that might not be a molester, but he still probably took advantage and touched you intentionally 」

Hmm, I see. You can assume that she got molested when mentioning that “a stranger touched my breasts on the train,” but if a passenger’s hands bumped into them as people are getting on and off the train, then that’s a different story.

That’s an accident. Not molest.

Kasumi-chan’s right, it could be disguised as an accident, so molestation can’t be ruled out, but as someone who just got into the same situation minutes ago, I hope she doesn’t assume that all accidents are molestation attempts. Bodies will inevitably be in close contact in a crowded train.

Kasumi seems worried about the person, then she suddenly turned serious and asked with a wet voice.

「 Hey, Futaba, you seem breathless. I can hear your breathing here, and your voice seems bouncy. Wait, is it not the usual? 」

『 !! 』

「 Wait, I knew it! Calm down! Futaba, where are you right now?! Your other personality is a walking R-18! Your existence is out of bounds! Can’t you wait until you come home at least?! Hey! 」

「 — 」

「 Eh? You’ve been horny all day feeling his erect dick pressed against you! Wet?! Dripping?! Wait! N-No! I get what you’re trying to say so don’t say it! Futaba, you idiot! You’re a pervert! Your doppel personality is out in the open! 」

『 !! 』

「 I’m not praising you! Stop that! Don’t flood! Don’t gush out! Geez! What’s with you… 」

Kasumi-chan seems to be exhausted even though it’s just a call. She sighs and rubs her wrinkled brow. She’s at her wits’ end. She might be having a headache.

「 I get it. Okay, I get it already, be careful on your way home. When you’re in your other mode, you’re a real danger you know? Eh? You know? No, you don’t get it at all 」

『 — 』

「 Don’t step into a new world! I’m begging you, if a man talks to you, don’t follow him out of curiosity. Well, in Futaba’s case, I’m more worried about the guy, but still, No don’t say “Oh right, I could use that!” Futaba! Calm down! Futaba?! Futaba?!!! Dammit, she ended the call 」

Kasumi-chan tried to call back several times, but there was no sign that the other side is answering.

Giving up on the call, she sighs and bowed her head apologetically.

「 I’m sorry to keep you waiting, Onii-san 」

「 Not at all, you good? I mean, your friend? She seems to be in some kind of danger… 」

「 I think she’s fine…I hope 」

「 That’s a long sigh 」

「 Who cares. It’s her fault anyway. An ordinary girl like me can’t keep up with a genius 」

「 A genius? 」

「 Yes. Futaba’s a friend in college. She’s a prodigy on her field. In exchange for that, she’s a little crazy…or should I say that she has some screws loose, or that she’s loyal to her desires. But usually, she’s a gentle, earnest, and harmless girl 」

H-Harmless? Is it okay to use that on people?

「 But, once you flip her switch— 」

「 She’s the type to ignore her surroundings? 」

「 No, she goes full throttle, full open, and overheats to her desires 」

「 Oh, I see… 」

I get it. I see what she’s trying to say.

She’s not the immersed type, but the reckless one. And, she’s the type who has a hard time controlling her outburst, that’s why Kasumi-chan’s exhausted just from the call.

That’s a familiar fatigue for someone who’s always pushed around by others.

It’s already this much from the call. What if the person herself was there, Kasumi-chan might not hesitate to use force.

「 Geez… 」

But despite what she says, she doesn’t seem to hate her, she just looks embarrassed with an expression that says “It can’t be helped then”

That look is just the same as Fuyou-san. They sure are siblings. Kasumi-chan is also caring, just like Fuyou-san.

「 Well then, let’s forget about that reckless girl and start our date! Onii-san! I’m looking forward to the movie! 」

Kasumi-chan smiled like the devil. Is it my imagination or is she being provocative? No, She’s definitely poking fun.

「 It’s my first date. Aha! Onii-san took another one of my firsts! What do you think are you happy? 」

She hugged me with a ramming attack. Then, she peeks up at my face.

However, her ears are bright red.

For someone who has a devilish personality, trying to play tricks on men, Kasumi-chan’s surprisingly a novice. She’s just bluffing. In fact, I know that she’s weak-willed.

She’s trying so hard to hold off her embarrassment. So Moe. So cute.

「 That’s an honor. I’ll do my best to make it a good memory. But, don’t expect too much. It’s not like I have much experience in dating either 」

「 That’s timid. You need to be more confident. You already went on dates with Sis so many times 」

「 You can use your hand to count the times I had a date with Fuyou-san 」

Although we’re having sex at least twice a week, often more than seven times, we only dated a few times.

The reason is simple. Fuyou-san’s busy with housework.

When having sex using the AV app, we don’t have to think about time thanks to its magical powers. There’s also a summon function, so there’s no need to meet in person.

But, dates are different.

We need to make time for each other and the hassle of meeting in person in the real world.

That’s why we hardly do it. And back to today…

「 That’s surprising. I thought you would’ve gone on dates a lot more… 」

Kasumi-chan suddenly said.

「 Hmm, what’s wrong? 」

「 Oh, now that I think about it, she doesn’t go outside that much. She always looks after our siblings in the house. There are only a few times when she got all fired up and got fashionable going outside 」

「 See? 」

「 Yes. But still, it felt like you’re used to women 」

「 I have a big and little sister. And I also have a good relationship with my auntie 」

「 Hmm. I see— 」

Did I manage to gloss it over?

I’m not lying when I said that I have siblings. It’s also true that I get along with my aunt. That’s why I’m accustomed to dealing with women.

However, there are other reasons.

Well, one of them is that I had sex with multiple women, of course, I’ll get accustomed.

Besides, meeting Kasumi-chan was shocking.

She showed up at the meeting spot pretending to be Fuyou-san, somewhat threatened me to have sex with her, and even took the initiative to have anal sex with me for the first time. So going on a movie date is nothing. It’s easy.

Compared to anal sex, today’s date is far less difficult…or so I thought…

「 W-What? Why are you staring? 」

The smile she tried to put on is so strained, and her body is stiff. She took courage and grabbed my arm, which is nice, but her eyes show anxiety and confusion as she doesn’t know what to do next.

Kasumi-chan’s absurdly nervous.

I get that she’s nervous since it’s her first date. But, I want her to relax a bit since we’re going to watch a movie. If she’s steeling herself this much, she won’t be able to enjoy the date.

Well, the screening time is about an hour and a half later, so by the time we finish watching it, she should be relaxed. The darkness in the movie theatre should calm her.

But, this innocent sense of her is great.

I wonder how will she react if I tease her?

Oh shit. Oh no, it’s tickling my sadistic senses.

「 Want to hold hands? 」

「 Hyaii!? H-Hands? T-That, right…! We look like a lovey-dovey couple already so I don’t think there’s a need for that 」

「 Looking at Kasumi-chan now reminds me of my first date with Fuyou-san. Fuyou-san refused to hold my hand… 」

「 W-What? W-Why? 」

「 She was so nervous that her hands were sweaty. Well, I was the same 」

「 I see. Onee-chan too. I meant It’s a surprise that Onee-chan’s nervous… I see. It’s nervousness 」

I was surprised when I found out too. She didn’t look nervous at all, radiating that overwhelming aura of beauty.

She says that “When I look imposing, that’s because I’m nervous”

Kasumi-chan, the way you say that makes it sound like you think of Fuyou-san as a superhuman or something. Sure, Fuyou-san’s a cool beauty, caring, flirtatious, and she’s a cute ordinary woman who likes to be teased deep inside her pussy.

「 Ah! I’m just sympathizing with her nervousness, I don’t have sweaty hands! I swear! 」

「 Hmm? 」

「 W-What’s with that doubtful look? 」

Kasumi-chan shuddered, her eyes darted around, and she clenched her fist, trying not to let her hands get caught in the middle of the conversation.

Seems like her hands are sweaty.

I don’t really mind, but as a gentleman, I decided not to pursue further.

However, I have to admit that it’s a little fun to watch a younger woman about to blow the fuse.

「 Err. Well, I bought a smartphone! Look! 」

She went to a different topic so blatantly. She’s being pushy now.

「 Yeah, I know about it. Fuyou-san told me. That’s good for you 」

「 Guu. Onee-chan! I was desperate to change the topic and you just spoiled it! Unforgivable! You won’t hear the end of this once I go back home 」

She’s leaking out her grumble to her sister.

Fuyou-san did nothing wrong.

I escorted Kasumi-chan, who was making some dangerous look in her eyes to the destination, a movie theater.