AV App Chapter 70 Dates has to be in that Spot

Kasumi-chan chose a sweet romantic movie.

She’s a fan of the pure type actress who played the heroine’s best friend.

I may not be familiar with the entertainment industry, but I knew her face and name, and I think she’s great at acting, and that makes her popular. The acting was so realistic that I couldn’t believe it was acting, and I was emotionally invested in the story.

I wondered why she didn’t play the heroine role because I feel like the best friend role made the heroine stand out.

「 That was a fun movie 」

「 R-Right… 」

After watching the movie, Kasumi-chan and I decided to take a lunch break at a restaurant and we had a review session.

Man, that was fun. I wasn’t that enthusiastic when I was told that it was a romance movie, but it was worth watching.

I laughed at the funny scenes, and I was on the edge of the serious scenes, cried at the tear-jerking scenes, and my cheeks relaxed at the bittersweet moments.

I’m glad that it was dark in the cinema. If not, people would see me making faces.

「 The heroine’s courageous and cute! She was so earnest, and so then that the person she loves died 」

「 Yes, yes. Even I cried 」

「 And then, he tried to resurrect the dead 」

「 I know, I know 」

「 Then aliens attacked in the middle of the ritual! The heroine took the lead in fighting off the aliens from other planets, acquiring their tech, and creating clones of her beloved. And he was resurrected! Man, I’m so impressed with that happy end 」

「 Yeah, I get that. It’s surprising… 」

「 Well, everything apart from the “Heroine was so courageous and cute” was a lie 」

「 Ugh! 」

Kasumi who has been positive with my impressions let out a groan, as if she had been stabbed in the chest, and she dropped on the table. She squeezed out her voice without looking up.

「 I’m sorry. I apologize already! Please spare me from that 」

「 Hm? Why are you apologizing? 」

「 I’m sorry that I invited Onii-san to a movie date and even though I chose the movie I wanted to see, I completely fell asleep from the start! 」

Kasumi-chan apologized profusely that she almost knelt on her knees

Yep, she fell asleep during the trailer phase, even before the movie started.

I was surprised to find her asleep within minutes of taking the seat. I paused and turned to see Kasumi-chan drooling on my side as she slept soundly, I couldn’t help but giggle.

It was such a nice sleeping face that I couldn’t wake her up until the end credits

To be precise, I gave up because she showed no signs of waking up at all after I tried waking her up several times

Kasumi-chan’s reaction when I woke her up was surprise and impatience at first, then regret and despair after figuring out the situation. It was fun to see the change in her expression.

「 Your sleeping face was cute 」

「 Nguu…P-Please forget it. I beg you 」

「 If you sleep so soundly, how can I forget that? 」

「 Kukuro!! 」

Kasumi-chan turned to a female knight.

Her ears were red in shame, and she glanced up at me resentfully with tears in her eyes, and she plopped back on the table.

「 Geez! Why did it turn out this way! This wasn’t what I had in mind! I’m such an idiot! Also, you’re a demon, Onii-san! I thank you at least for being considerate with the spoilers 」

「 You’re welcome 」

I can’t keep watching her feeling down. Too pitiful.

Kasumi-chan is Fuyou-san’s little sister, and so I see her as a little sister. As an older brother with a younger sister, I’m tickled by the desire to protect her.

If she asked me, I’d ogle at her, but still do what she said.

「 I also get drowsy when it gets dark inside the cinema. Kasumi-chan, could it be that you didn’t get enough sleep last night 」

「 …How did you know? 」

「 Because you look refreshed now. So, I guessed that you lacked sleep, and you just got your fill 」

「 Ugh, you’re right. I didn’t get enough sleep last night! I was so nervous about the date today that I couldn’t sleep! Is that bad? 」

「 Not at all. I think it’s cute 」

「 What’s cute about me? Onee-chan’s much more cute and beautiful 」

「 Kasumi-chan sure loves Fuyou-san… 」

「 N-Not really, that’s not…the case… 」

You’re so easy to read. That bashful fidgeting is so charming.

I get Kasumi-chan. Fuyou-san’s such a cool beauty, and also almighty in housework, If she was my sister, it would be weird if I didn’t adore her. I’d definitely be a siscon if I were her.

I was genuinely curious about Fuyou-san’s life as someone living under the same roof. What does she do when she’s with her family?

「 Kasumi-chan, what kind of a big sister Fuyou-san is? 」

「 What’s with that sudden question? Well, she’s a perfect elder sister, I guess? 」

Woah. That’s blatantly suspicious. She’s being on guard.

「 I was just wondering how differently she behaves when she’s at home 」

「 Onii-san who has a secret affair with my sister gets curious 」

Secret affair? Well, that’s not wrong.

It’s also true that I’m curious about the daily life of Fuyou-san, who usually is a cool beauty outside.

「 About that. Kasumi-chan, how about we make a trade? 」

「 Trade? 」

「 Yes. A trade. I’ll tell you what Fuyou-san is like in college, and you can tell me what she’s like in her house, even her past episodes will do 」

「 I see. It has come to that! 」

She’s wavering.

Kasumi-chan is attending on a different college. Therefore, she doesn’t know Fuyou-san’s college life. Kasumi-chan’s a sis-con, so she would want to know as much information as she can get from me, who goes to the same university, the same department.

The story of your sister that you don’t know. Kasumi-chan seems the type who’s curious about that. How’s that?

After much deliberation, Kasumi-chan nodded her head looking frustrated.

「 Very well. I’ll talk if you buy me lunch 」

「 Trade done 」

I thought that we were about to have a lively discussion about Fuyou-san, but Kasumi-chan unfolded the restaurant menu instead.

「 Then, let’s start with the appetizers, gratin spaghetti with meat sauce. The dessert will be cake and parfait. And I want a cappuccino as my drink 」

「 You’re still eating? 」

「 I was so nervous I hadn’t eaten breakfast. Onii-san’s treating me, so I’ll eat as much as I can. Besides, I’m going to be burning those calories later so that’s not a problem 」

「 What do you mean… 」

She’s going for intense exercise? Is she talking about sex?

I started to shiver as my instincts began to creep up at the sight of a predator, Kasumi-chan, who was sitting in front of me, looked straight with a ferocious aura, and declared with a serious look.

「 –I’m a little noisy when it comes to my sister, so get ready, Onii-san 」


We spent so much time talking about Fuyou-san that we lost track of time.

Episodes of Fuyou-san’s housework, who takes good care of her, and episodes of careless mistakes that she knows because she’s her sister. Small habits that she’s unaware of, such as the revelation that she hums while cooking or bathing, Kasumi-chan was at first full of superiority, but halfway through the session, she became engrossed in bragging about her sister with twinkles in her eye.

Many stories would’ve convinced me that it’s true if you ask me, and I feel so much love for her sister that I wonder if she’s already burning through the calories due to the heat and excitement in the conversation.

When I talked about her college life in return, Kasumi-chan listened so intensely that she leaned forward, and when I finished, she looked ecstatic as if she was praying at her sister, and how precious she was.

「 Hauu. Onee-chan’s such a perfect existence! 」

We left the restaurant, interrupting our Fuyou-san discussion, because we knew that if we stayed for so long, we’d be causing trouble at the restaurant, but it seemed that Kasumi-chan’s excitement hadn’t calmed down.

I get you. I get how you feel. Fuyou-san’s such a lovely woman. We’re not done talking yet.

But, can you stop that entranced, sexy expression? It’s so sexy that it stirs up lust, and draws the gaze of men around you.

I hope she’s aware of her beauty and influence.

「 Onii-san, you’re pretty good. You’ve only known Onee-san for over a year, and you’ve been competing with me, her sister, who has been under the same roof for 19 years. Furthermore, you know where to look! Damn! You’ve raised my assessment of you a bit, my comrade 」

I think it’s more than a little. I think her favorability with me has exploded and approached at a rapid distance.

She got so excited about our conversation that she recognized me as a like-minded fellow

As proof, Kasumi-chan’s caution and tension are gone, and she doesn’t care if our arms or hands touch a little. She’s not even complaining that we’re holding hands.

「 But don’t get carried away because you knew my sister had a little mole on that spot! 」

「 It surprised me that Kasumi-chan never knew 」

「 Kuh! Bragging? Mounting? I just had no way to know because we hadn’t taken a bath together for the past few years! I’m jealous! But thanks for the valuable information! 」

「 You’re welcome 」

Kasumi-chan had a mixed look of frustration and happiness on her face, took my hand, and entwined it around me. She might’ve remembered that we’re having a date today.

I don’t think that she’s doing a bluff, so I’ll just shut up and accept it. I’m more than happy to hold hands with a beautiful woman like Kasumi-chan. Besides, her breasts pressing against my arms feel great

「 I’m glad Onii-san’s a reasonable person It’s my first time being able to talk about my sister to my heart’s content 」

「 You have no one else to talk to? Don’t you have a little sister and brother? 」

「 They can’t understand our sister’s magnificence. They’re only going to reply with “Huh, what are you talking about” in disgust. Onii-san’s the only one who understands me 」

「 I think there might be another 」

A cheerful and fashionable gyaru came to my mind.

Leona-san is a close friend of Fuyou-san, and she also loves her. I’m sure that Kasumi-chan will get fired up since both of them are cheerful girls.

I want to have a discussion with the three of us about Fuyou-san.

「 Onii-san, Onii-san.. How about I send you a photo of my sister cooking as a thank you for today 」

「 Sure! 」

As expected of kindred spirits. You get it.

I saw her cook live on our last date.

She feels like a newlywed wife and it’s the best.

But, there are some things you can only get from a plain Fuyou-san at home. I’m curious just from imagining the defenseless smile she only shows to her family.

「 Certainly, I’ll give you some of my treasured collections as gifts. In exchange 」

「 I’ll send you photos too 」

「 As expected of my kindred spirit. You get it 」

「 Of course. Our deal’s done. But, I can only take some peeping photos, forgive me for that 」

「 That’s fine. I want to know what kind of face she makes when she’s with Onii-san! 」

「 Kasumi-chan’s unbreakable 」

「 I’m aware that I’m a serious sis-con! It’s all Onee-chan’s fault for being so charming! 」

「 True. It’s Fuyou-san’s fault for being so charming! 」

Kasumi-chan and I were holding hands, looking at each other faces, and we laughed.

「 I still have more to say, but I feel like it would be a waste to say it all at once 」

「 That’s true. It would be a waste. So, how about we talk about Kasumi-chan now? 」

「 M-Me?! There’s nothing to talk about! But if that’s what Onii-san wants, let’s change locations 」

Kasumi-chan’s face turned red, and she started fidgeting. She urged me to walk fast and pulled me somewhere.

There’s no need to hurry, we still have time.

I wondered if there was a cafe she wanted to visit, but the place Kasumi-chan led me to was a perfect place to get to know her.

「 We’re here… 」

「 —Isn’t this a love hotel? 」

「 Yes. A love hotel. Don’t dates end up in this place? 」

Kasumi-chan smiles mischievously, but her face is bright red as she’s restless. It’s almost like she’s summoning her courage to invite me.

「 I’ll teach you with my body, you’ll get to know me better, Onii-san~ 」