AV App Chapter Chapter 71 ♡ From behind

「 Hmm, hmm! Hmm! Hmm!!! Cumming! I’m cumming!!! I can’t anymore!!! I can’t! I can’t! I’m cumming!!! 」

Kasumi’s charming voice echoed through the love hotel space as she was on all fours on the bed.

We checked into the Love Hotel and immediately launched the AV app to teleport to the Love Hotel space.

The situation we chose was of course the prize game.

After completing the simple tasks, I insert my penis into the pussy of this devilish Kasumi, who for some reason, rushed, or rather, encouraged me to have sex with no time to spare, things happened, and now we’re back to the present.

A lot happened. Seriously.

The little devil’s mask that she uses to put on a brave act, comes off immediately, and she came too much that she regressed to an infant, she’s acting spoiled, giving me a “Daishuki hold,” giving me kisses and begging cutely. I’ve cum inside her so many times. A lot really happened.

Even now, I’m pumping from behind and Kasumi-chan reached climax nth time, causing her slender body to twitch.

Her lewd voice sounds like a scream, but I’m sure that it’s not my imagination that she’s full of radiant joy, delighted by the sex she’s been waiting for all of her life, releasing everything she’s accumulated.

In fact, Kasumi’s pussy squeezes my dick with exquisite force, entwining her sticky wet vaginal folds and gently handling it, sweetly encouraging me to cum inside her vagina.

If I’m not careful, I might cum again.

「 Aah, it’s pouring in so deep! C-Cumming!! 」

Kasumi-chan’s pussy is still sensitive from the afterglow of climax, and so when I pushed my penis into her cervix… She came again right away.

「 Hmmmm, nuuuu! Naaaaah!!! Aaaah!! 」

It seems like she’s weak at the back of her vagina today. This isn’t bad.

I want Kasumi-chan to feel plenty of pleasure and moan lewdly, so I’m going to attack her weakness.

I keep thrusting, thrusting, and focusing on her vagina.

「 I can’t!!! Onii-zaaaan!!! 」

After reaching climax too many times, she can’t finally support her body anymore. Kasumi-chan collapsed and plopped her upper body down on the bed.

She’s sticking out her ass without a plan, and she arched her back, twitching her ass.

Damn, her pussy’s moving.

「 Kasumi-chan, you’re tightening up. You’re squeezing hard 」

「 Haa, haa, Onii-san’s dick is just thick and big! Hmmm! I can feel the shape… 」

「 Feeling good? 」

「 I-I’m not going to give in to your co—ck!!!! Don’t grind it deep!! I’m weak there!! I-I surrender I lost to Onii-san’s dick!! Stop grinding it!! C-Cumming!! 」

I stopped before she reached climax. Kasumi-chan’s confused, and she relaxed her body. The pressure of her vagina somewhat weakened.

She writhes in agony and twists in frustration at being cut short, but she’s relieved from the brief respite to regulate her breathing.

「 What’s wrong with you today Kasumi? You seem to be sensitive. You’re not secretly taking aphrodisiac to regain your honor from the movie, haven’t you? 」

「 W-Whatever could you mean? 」

「 Weird response!! You make it easy to figure things out! 」

Does she even want to fool me? I can’t see her face since we’re doing it from behind, but her eyes should be swimming around.

Realizing that her lies won’t go through. She confessed.

「 I didn’t drink any aphrodisiac. It’s not like I don’t feel I want to redeem myself either… 」

「 I see. So that’s why you’re aggressive 」

「 The reason why I’m feeling all messed up is all Onii-san’s fault! 」

Huh? Me? I don’t remember doing anything.

I’m somewhat confused with her slightly angry shouts.

Could it be that my sex techniques have improved? She’s feeling so much pleasure? That makes me happy!

「 –Onii-san left me alone! 」

Oh, I was wrong. She’s angry because it’s been a long since the last time we had sex.

I’m sorry for being conceited calling it my sex techniques. I’m sorry for not calling you.

In my defense, we’re in our final exams at our universities, and I thought that it would be inappropriate to invite her during this period. No, that’s not persuasive enough. I was having sex with Fuyou-san and Leona-san during that time.

Kasumi-chan took the opportunity to speak her mind.

「 I thought that you would invite me soon, and yet, you didn’t do it at all! All I could do was comfort myself, and I couldn’t reach that far enough with my fingers! Just a bit more! Just a bit more, the more I masturbate, the more frustrated I get! And it was tough! 」

Seems like she had an agonizing sex drive.

While she was angry and frustrated, Kasumi-chan started moving her ass. The penis is swallowed into her tight pussy, and the glans stimulate the innermost parts of her.

Is it voluntary, or unconscious behavior?

「 Hmm, t-there! It feels amazing deep in me! Aaahn!! 」

Who cares about the details? The sensual movement of her ass is exciting.

It’s tactless if you think too deeply during sex. You just need to drown in the erotic sense.

「 You lie it here? 」

「 Fugoo?~ O-Onii-san? 」

「 To make it up to you, I’ll give you plenty of stimulation deep inside, Kasumi-chan 」

「 I-I’m happy to hear that, but I want to take a break, or at least spare me some time…I’ve got a bad feeling about this Onii-san, I’m sensing some evil behind your words! 」

「 It’s just your imagination! 」

「 You said it! You definitely are trying to gloss it over! W-Wait! Onii-san! 」

「 No way. I’m not waiting 」

「 Higuuuu!!? Hmmm! Nuuuuu!! Noooooo!! Stop plapping!!! Onii-san you stupid!! Cumming!!! 」

Kasumi-chan’s so cute. It’s worth toying with her because her reactions are more than what you expect. Her sensitivity is nothing to criticize either.

Kasumi-chan seemed to be happy that I was starting the piston again, even though she said “No,” “Stop plapping,” or “Stupid.” She’s clutching the sheets tightly, intoxicated by the pleasure.

「 Hmm, hmmm, hmm, hmm!!! 」

A muffled lewd moan. Her black hair’s spreading smoothly. Her back’s warping. Her skin is wet from sweat. Her ass is rippling from the impact.

I think about it every time I do doggy style. It’s nice to see a woman look so lewd from behind.

I get a glimpse of her face from time to time, and it seems like she’s losing composure. Personally, seeing them sweaty and have hair stuck to their face is the best.

-Plap! Plap! Plap! Plap!!

A rhythmic piston sounds through the love hotel space.

As expected, doggy style makes it easy to swing hips. I love to grab her waist to bang her, but I’m in the mood to cover her right now.

I want to tease her as much as I can, so I whisper to Kasumi-chan’s ears.

「 Kasumi-chan, are you feeling good? 」

「 Nguuuu!!! S-Stop…Onii-san, stop! I’m reaching my limit! I can’t!!! Naaaaaaaah!!! 」

「 Do you want to stop then? 」

「 No, no! Don’t stop! Do more! Onii-san! Plap me harder! I’m cummig! Cumming!!! 」

「 You said it. I’ll keep plapping you hard then!! 」

—Plap plap plap plap plap!!!

「 Higuuuu!! Higuuuuuuuuuu!!! 」

Uoooh! She’s clamping harder! Just how hard do you want to squeeze, Kasumi-chan’s pussy! But, this tightness is addictive!

「 Uu! Uuu! Uuu! Hmmm!! 」

「 Oh yeah, Kasumi-chan’s weak on her ass, right? 」

「 T-That’s not t-true?! Nhii! Where are you touching?! 」

「 Where? Your ass 」

To be precise, Kasumi-chan’s anus. Just a slight touch and she’s already feeling it.

Her anus is sticky and gooey because of the semen and love nectar dripping over until now.

I scooped it with my index finger and stroked her anus, listening to her moans that resemble an impatient scream.

She often teases her anus when masturbating. When we first had sex, right after losing her virginity, she shoved my penis into her anus and she moaned.

Kasumi-chan’s body trembles as if she’s being electrocuted. Kasumi-chan’s body is feeling thrilled.

「 Hyuuu!?! 」

Oooh. It’s clamping. I can feel her ass clenching. While at it, her pussy tightens as well. What an amazing tightness. It’s moving inside, it’s warm, and just a bit more I’ll ejaculate.

「 Wait! O-Onii-san! N-Not my butt! S-Stop!! Hyaan~ 」

It’s frustrating that this is the most lewd moan I heard so far.

My sex technique loses to the pleasure in her ass…I need to improve more.

「 Onii-san~! Nooo~~ 」

Feeling stubborn, I fingered her anus, and when she loosened up, I took advantage of the moment to insert my finger into her anus.

「 Nhooo~~ 」

The slimy fingertip got swallowed easily, and a strong anal tightness that sucks in strikes.

I can’t go further than this. But, it’s harder to pull out.

It can’t be helped. I don’t want to force it and hurt her, so let’s play with her anus using my fingers instead.

I move my fingers gently.

Swinging slightly, drawing circles to widen the hole, and rotating my finger.

Kasumi-chan reacts so sensitively to the slightest stimulation.

「 O-Onii-san!? W-Wait! Seriously! That’s…Aaaaaah!! Nguuu… 」

She says wait, but what’s that sexy and debauched moan? All I hear is “Please continue”

This is unbearable! So Exciting! I can’t stop moving my hips!!

-Plap plap plap plap plap plap plap!!

Kasumi-chan, whose pussy and anus are penetrated by my penis and finger, clutches the sheets tightly as if in protest, and lets out a moan coming from her throat.

「 C-Cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming from my anus toyed with!!! 」

「 I’m about to cum too! Kasumi-chan 」

「 Cumming! Cumming! I’m cumming!!!! 」

—Bikubiku, biku!!

Kasumi-chan’s body twitches. Her vagina and anus tightens. The wordless moans echo throughout the love hotel.

My penis, squeezed by her warm vaginal flesh, grew harder, thicker, and longer, and in that moment, I penetrated her deepest part with such force.

「 I’m cumming too!!! 」

–Dopy! Dopyu! Dopyudopyu!! Dopyu!!

I sprayed inside Kasumi-chan’s pussy with as much hot thick semen as I could.