AV App Chapter Chapter 72 A Brief Rest

「 Aaah, aaah, uuuu…hmmmm 」

Kasumi-chan’s convulsing as she moans.

Her upper body is limp, plopped down on the bed, and her ass sticks out, jiggling and quivering, and her pussy is dripping fresh semen I just ejaculated inside her.

If I didn’t know that she was just having an orgasm, I would’ve called an ambulance already.

It’s disturbing that makes me uneasy.

「 Hmm, aaah, no more 」

After reaching her limit, Kasumi-chan’s ass fell down and she’s now lying down.

All I hear is her rough breathing. She’s run out of energy to move her limbs.

She continues to breathe hard, pumping oxygen into her lungs.

「 Is that an invitation for prone bone? 」

「 Nguuu!! 」

Kasumi-chan’s body trembles as if she reached another climax.

Just a poke of my finger on her hips and this is the reaction. Her sensitivity is heightened to the limit.

「 B-Break! Let me take a break!! Seriously…I’m begging you…Let me take a break 」

「 Okay. Let’s take a short break. I’m also tired 」

I wipe the sweat off my forehead and lie down next to Kasumi-chan.

The cold sheets feel good on my burning skin.

When I lie down like this, I realize that my body’s much more tired than I thought

「 C-Can we hold hands? 」

「 Aren’t you holding it? Go ahead 」

「 I won’t hold back then 」

Kasumi-chan’s slightly sweaty hands are moist, thin, and small.

I held hands with several women in my life, but they’re all different and interesting in their own way. Moist, smooth, silky, springy, but I think that the supple part is common. It doesn’t feel lumpy like my hands.

Despite the sloven response, Kasumi-chan’s hands are stiff from tension. However, when I gently held her hand, she gingerly squeezed it back and didn’t seem to mind holding hands with me.

I guess she’s not used to it.

Kasumi-chan’s so cute!

「 Nuuu 」

After a while, she moved and turned over

Kasumi-chan who turned to her side while refreshed from exhaustion, mumbled.

「 Onii-san, you brute. Stud. You’re too peerless 」

There are no emotions in it, what a cute resentment.

「 You’re the worst, crushing the girl on her second time having sex 」

「 Well, I apologize for that 」

「 Well, I’m fine because it felt great. It blew off the stress I’ve been accumulating. I feel refreshed. 」

「 That’s great 」

「 Please call me more frequently. You make me worried that you just pumped and dumped me 」

The reason why she asked me out was because she was feeling uneasy about this.

I’m really sorry about that. You were Fuyou-san’s sister, so I couldn’t manage to do it.

Next time, I’ll keep in touch and ask you out on dates and have sex.

「 Okay. I’ll be more assertive next time 」

「 By the way, how often do you see my big sis? 」

「 Fuyou-san? Almost every day? 」

「 Almost every day?! Eeh?! 」

Since it’s summer break and we don’t get to see each other as much I call her almost every day.

Fuyou-san, a cool and dignified beauty has a surprisingly lonely and pampered side. Besides, her sex drive is strong.

Her brother and sister also come home for summer vacation, and the stress of taking care of them all day long has caused her an uncontrollable rush on her lust.

She often complains in a spoiled manner about how she can’t do without having sex with me or having a relaxing soak in the bath to relieve her stress.

And so, we reach a situation where we’re having sex at least five times a week. Some days, we do it even twice, one in the morning, and night.

What an indulgent summer vacation.

「 That’s got to be a lie! Onee-chan’s at home every day! 」

「 Kasumi-chan. I can summon people from a distance in this space 」

「 What?! Then that means that Onee-chan’s always having sex with Onii-san in secret in this mysterious space?! 」

「 Correct 」

I grinned revealing how the trick is done, she puffed her cheeks and gave me a smack.


「 If that’s how it works, then you should’ve told me sooner! 」

「 Sorry, sorry. By the way, we can also make it so no matter how long you spend in this space no time passes in the real world… 」

「 I said you should’ve told me that sooner! 」

「 Sorry, that’s why I’m telling you already 」

She kept slapping until she was satisfied.

Swapping out the slaps, she’s now staring at me with her wet eyes.

I know that. I think the AV app is too unreasonable in many ways.

「 No wonder Onee-cha–I mean my sister’s been in a good mood lately 」

「 Like, is she humming? 」

「 She’s definitely humming. She’s also always in a good mood when cooking 」

I recently learned that Fuyou-san has a habit of humming when she’s in a good mood.

I hear it when we take baths together, or when we’re becoming connected physically and mentally, I gradually hear it more often

Seeing that as proof that she’s opened up and accepted me, something that wasn’t the case when we first started our relationship, I enjoy the melodies she hums in secret.

「 My sister seems to be doing well dealing with Onii-san’s peerlessness 」

「 Look, Fuyou-san’s got more stamina than me. I don’t know why but I feel like as time goes on… Recently, I feel like Fuyou-san’s becoming a succubus 」

「 Hey, if my sister’s a succubus, then I should be one too! 」

「 It’s just the difference in experience, I guess? 」

I’m sure that if we had more sex, the stronger she’d become.

Compared to the first time we did it, Fuyou-san has become much better.

I can’t believe that Fuyou-san who only had sexual knowledge from health class has become so sexy and aggressive

She’s become uncontrollable because her skinny body turned nice and healthy, and she’s becoming more and more beautiful. She’s too charming.

I’ve long drowned in the sweet bottomless swamp of Otometani Fuyou

「 How does my sister do it? 」

「 Fuyou-san prefers a lot of physical contact. She’s also the type who seeks hugs and kisses in the middle of intercourse. Her weak spot is at the back of her vagina, just like Kasumi-chan today. That’s why she prefers sitting and missionary 」

「 My sister is perfect, caring, and dependable…who would’ve thought that she prefers the “Daishuki hold?” 」

「 Correct. It’s really cute when you get to see it 」

「 Kuh! I can’t imagine! but I know that it’s cute! I don’t need to see it to believe it! It’s Gap Moe! Gap Moe! She’s so sly! Onee-chan’s such a supreme being! 」

I agree that it’s a gap moe.

The usual dignified and cool beauty clings to you like she can’t hold it anymore, and begs you to cum inside her with a debauched look, I can’t endure that, my dick gets so erect that it hurts.

I knew I could share this feeling with Kasumi-chan who has a strong attachment to her sister. She gets it.

I want to tell more about the Fuyou-san that Kasumi-chan doesn’t know.

「 Oh also, Fuyou-san’s quite passive. She’s almost a masochist, and she’s quite into the intense plays. But, she prefers that sweet lovey-dovey sex 」

「 That’s a surprise. I thought that she was the aggressive one 」

「 Actually, she had that awakened inside her lately. She plays around in cowgirl position and gives off a pleasured smile. 」

「 Right… That’s my Onee-chan! 」

Kasumi-chan nodded in agreement and her eyes suddenly lit up mischievously

A devilish smile, as if she’s planning something. That’s just like Fuyou-san when she had a bit of sadism.

「 Teasing in cowgirl position? Like this? Onii-san? 」

Grinning provocatively, Kasumi-chan slowly straddled my body and pressed her beautiful, hairless pussy against my erect penis.

Our genitals were wet with each other’s body fluids, so it’s making an obscene wet sound as it grinds each other.