Bonded Goddess – Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Life always goes on.

No matter how happy or how bad a life we had.

People change and things go wrong but sometimes, you regret letting certain people into your life. The harm has already been done. All you can do is learn a lesson from it and move on. Life is too short to spend it on regrets

Even though we have been hurt, we must find a way to get through it, life goes on whether we want it to or not. The world keeps turning no matter how bad we feel. This is why we have to learn how to bounce back and keep moving forward.

Nice quotes, right?

That’s what I, Ogawa Kyosuke used to think and believe. If it was me from two or three years ago, I definitely would say that proudly.

But now, screw that!

I tried to move on with my life… But it’s futile.

All my anger, bitterness and stress mixed which caused moving on to become impossible.

It had all started two years ago. My life up until then had been perfect. I had been married for 20 years, to what I thought was the most wonderful woman in the world. At least, that’s what I thought. I had a daughter I thought really love me. I had a good job I thought would last, and we owned our own house in a nice neighborhood that I thought I’d spend the rest of my life together with my family in.  Our social life had been great and we had a large circle of friends. Nearly every weekend we would be at some gathering or party. We appeared to have everything we wanted.

For years, I only dreamed  of caring for my wife and family, paying off my big house, having a kid and sending them through college, and, of course, having a thriving career that makes tons of money.

Most of my dreams were realized until the bitch killed our marriage.

Yeah, that bitch, my ex-wife.

I used to be married to the bitch named Ogawa Yuriko, now Furukawa Yuriko.

I met her when I was a senior in college and she was a sophomore. At that time, I had recently broken up with my girlfriend of two years. Then, I met her. Apparently she also has same situations as me.

We talked about our problems and ended up in hotel room.

I got into her panties at that time. It had been two weeks since my breakup and I had not had sex with anyone else in all that time. I had not gone two weeks without sex since I was 16 and I was horny as hell. But, I digress.

I was feeling lonely since the breakup with my former girlfriend or maybe it was just because Yuriko loved sex but our relationship was physical from the start.

Since then, we dated. Sure, we had many arguments, but our relationship was doing well.

Then, after I graduated from college, I started working for a company that contract for the military and asked her to marry me during the holiday season. She accepted my proposal and I was so happy at that time. We were married the following September and my daughter was born four years later. We lived happily as man and wife for 20 years or, so I thought.

Truth be told, though, my marriage was dead five years before the paperwork was signed, sealed, and filed with the Clerk of the Court. I just didn’t know it at the time.

Why? Because we actually only had been happily married for 15 years.

Apparently, the bitch met her ex-boyfriend high school sweetheart somewhere and ignited their old love for those last five years. Of course, their relationship was served with a hot side of sex. The adulterous kind.

I never knew it. I was that clueless. I mean, she never denied me anything. She never acted or showed anything that made me suspicious.

Was I a stupid, gullible husband? I was and I hated myself for that.

Was that bitch really good at hiding something? Well, she was and I really hate myself for that too.

Is this a cliché? The cliché of a cuckolded husband? Oh, yeah… True? Yep. Definitely! Without a fucking doubt!

Instead of asking for a divorce, she just let her affair continue till I found out.

Yeah, just one time… I had gone to work. When I reach my office; I realized that I had forgotten my laptop. Since my office is quite close, about 15 minutes from my home, I decided to return, one of reason why I bought the house in the first place.

But when I got home, I saw an unfamiliar car parked at my house. I was foolish for not being suspicious about it.

So, I just entered the house normally, well, until I heard the screaming I should say… or would you call it loud moaning?

It was like a couple having hot sex, I came to realization. But there is no way, right? I naively believe that.

I remember that time, for the time in my life, I felt so out of breath and I trembled with cold sweat running down my back. I gathered myself and went to my room. I shivered at the sight. My blood turned to ice and my entire life crashed around me in that instant. What I saw. Not only did it traumatize me. I will carry it with me for the rest of my life. I saw my wife and her lover, fucking in my bed.

My wife, the love of my life, who I loved more than anything in the world, my wife was pounded from behind by him, intensely. He had one hand on her back and the other leaned over, pulling her hair. She was biting her lip and although both had their eyes closed the worst of all was that I could see that my wife had sperm on her face.

With this scene, I didn’t know how to react. I just was standing there, and I couldn’t comprehend the situation.

Then, the couple finally realized I was there watching them.

All of sudden, everything fades to black.

I saw nothing beside black and red…

I did remember grabbing hold of the man’s hair and pulling him off of my wife then landing a good few punches and kicks into her lover. When he down, I was alternating between kicking him in the balls and stomping on his face. I was vaguely aware of the bitch screaming something, but I couldn’t make out what she was saying and she jumped into the middle of it and got punched in the face.

I really lost it. Did I feel guilty? Nope.

When I come to, I saw a man bleeding under me. My bedroom was messy. Like a robber just entered the room to find something valuable. And I saw Yuriko crying in the corner of the room. Police came in, I don’t how they got there. I was arrested. I saw my daughter, Kirino who hugging her trembling mother glaring at me with disgust and hate. Then the bitch was smirking under her crocodile tears. Now, I understand. She set me up! Fuck her!

Everything went blur after that, six months passed just like that. I felt so hollow.  Just a husk with no life.

Two months later, I was released. I return to my empty house and called my daughter but she won’t pick up. I keep calling her for countless time and she just ignore it then I decided to meet her in her school, but she won’t talk to me or even bother trying to see me. Seems she really won’t talk to me or have nothing to do with me. Seriously, I’m not surprised when I looked in the lockbox that she had cleaned out everything. Seems my daughter believed that I was abusing husband that nearly killing her mother or maybe she knew about her mother and took on her mother’s side.

Then few days after I was released, I received divorce paper and letter. I read the letter, no apology or remorse and she wanted nothing from me apart from custody of our daughter and our daughter chose to stay with her mother. I then signed the divorce paper immediately out of anger and just like that, divorce came through and the whore sent me her new wedding photo. I tore it the moment I saw it.

Eight months was enough for my ex-wife to completely brainwash our daughter. As a proof, my daughter sent me a simple yet very cruel message:

[Kenji-san would make a better father than you, goodbye.]

I guess that’s what I get for raising her, attending all her school’s events and providing for her. I won’t make that mistake again.

Yes, at that moment, I lost my family that I really loved because of that cheating whore.

A month later, I received DVD from unknown sender, when I watch a video. It made me feel so sick. A video of my ex-wife and her husband fucking, she was actually mocking me. I didn’t watch the rest of the video because I threw a glass at my TV which broke instantly. What? Do you think I will masturbate to them like a little wimp? Don’t compare me with those losers. At that point, I was living out of a hotel, so that was one more expense I had to deal with.

When I return to my home, I destroyed everything related to my ex-wife and my ex-daughter. The more I broke things, the more anger surfaced.

When I’m done. The room was completely messed like the time I caught the bitch with her lover. Since then, my life completely become like a robot. Working, eating and sleeping, just that. Well, until I suddenly lost my job. Turned out my ex-wife’s new husband was the CEO of the company I worked at, and when he found out I worked there, he used my “prison record” as reason to fire me. That man is real wimp… Whenever he saw me, he always ran.

Now, I work on a construction site as a laborer… I spent two years, working and working without taking break, I put my damn life into my work like I depending on it. I was dead inside, and my mind slowly died with it. I grew tired, so tired. I just wanted to die. That’s what I thought every day. At the same time, I suddenly change my mind.

For two years straight, I considered killing myself. It’s always the same, day after day, but I never do it. Are these the thoughts of a crazy man? Or I’m just being coward?

And that’s where I ended up. I just sat on my couch in a dark living room and watched my reflection on the TV after working non-stop overtime.

What was reflected on the TV was a 42 year old man who lost everything.

Dark eyelids, unshaved beard and messy black hair.

I admitted that I lost myself to rage and I accept that assaulting the man and my wife was wrong, but how could she have done this to me? How could she do this to our family!

I would respect her if she just had told me that she wanted a divorce, I’m an adult man, if the bitch didn’t want to stay married with me, then fuck her. It hurt. God, it hurt but while I will hold a grudge, I won’t hate her like this.

Screw that! I don’t care! I don’t fucking care anymore!

Anger, depression and hurt surged through me. I felt as if a knife had been stabbed through my heart all over again. I took one last look at the pathetic reflection in the TV.

Am I bitter? Bitterness doesn’t even describe how I felt. I felt so angry that I wanted to murder someone. I hate them so much that. I grieve over the loss of my family.

As much I want to kill the bitch and her husband. I can’t do anything now. I lost my will to live.

In three words, I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.

No matter how bad or good our life was.

I looked at my reflection on TV. Suddenly, it began to glow with a otherworldly shine.

“What the-” I gasped.

However, that was all I could get out before it “happened”.


It was so bright. It felt like it would blind me.

What is this! What the fuck is this? Am I being abducted by Alien?


Geez, I admit I lost my will to live. but I didn’t want to be part of some Alien’s experiment! A new life as a rat experiment? Hell no! If I’m going to die, this is not how I want to die. I want to die peacefully and painlessly even if I’m going to die alone. Wait. How can I die peacefully when I had so much grudge and regret? I had grudges against my ex-wife and ex-daughter. Will I become a vengeful spirit?

Then the light start shining more and my eyes shut harder. Damn, even though I close my eyes so hard, it’s still so bright.

Is this it? I am going to die? Like this? Hah, at least, I have good life before that bitch ruined it. That’s not bad. And, looking on the bright side,  I will die painlessly. Well, if this light is actually some kind of beam saber, it’ll hurt like hell.

Hah! Nice joke! Even though, It’s not funny. As I start accept my impending death. The light is getting brighter. Like it will start taking my soul away painlessly. So. this is death. Not so bad. The brightness started decreasing and eventually settled down..

And I found myself in the middle of forest.


…. Wait…what? Where the fuck was this??

Was I in the middle of somewhere?

I started looking around to survey my surroundings.

It was forest.

It was a quiet forest where the moon’s rays shone brightly. I’ve never seen this forest before. This forest is beautiful… I never knew a place like this existed. The night air also felt good. Then, I then heard something.


The sound of water resounded through the trees, and it was so close.

I started walking towards the sound and stiffened in shock as I saw the most enchanting place in this forest. I could only open my mouth wide in shock and freeze. Why? You asked me why?

Read the goddamn prologue.

What prologue? I don’t know. I’m so confused right now. Why? Because there was a girl in front of this very own eyes. That should have been fine if it was just this because it’s just a girl anyway. However, this time was not simple.

The girl in front of me was in her birthday suit. You don’t know the word birthday suit? Google it.

You don’t have internet? Screw you! I don’t care! How are you even reading this?

She is bare naked. Yeah, in front of me was a naked girl!

What is naked? I don’t know. Ask your mother.

The girl was standing there with her bewitching body, large breasts, and a tall voluptuous figure. It was a body that exceeded even a high class model! Her body was so magnificent that I wanted to say that!

Her porcelain white skin was as smooth as milk and dazzling. Her beautifully slender white legs disappeared below the water surface, but I could see her most forbidden and private place clearly.

Was she a Goddess of Water!?

Long, silver-white hair reached her waist, shimmering under the moonlight!

No, she must be a Goddess of the Moon!!

She has a very beautiful face, she’s a flawless beauty. 1000/1000. She has large eyes with ruby pupils and lustrously moist cherry-red lips. My ex-wife and ex-daughter might as well be ugly pigs if we compared them to this girl!

However, what caught my eyes more than that was that I could sense eroticism from her wet sparkling silver hair which was glued to her gorgeous, porcelain-like body.

So, she was a Goddess of Beauty?

Well, although it’s nice to be in such a situation, however…  this situation was obviously one of the most dangerous in real life!

The So-called Lucky Pervert Accident Event!

I stopped being an Otaku when I was married, but to be honest, my Otaku spirit will never die!

Just why am I in this position? What happened? Am I dreaming?

After pondering for a while, the night cold air gave me chills…

Not good. Naked is not good… Naked girl is very not good! It’s not good! Being Lucky Pervert is totally not good!!

I felt cold sweat starting to form on my back.

… Speaking of which, in this very situation, the protagonist will be killed if the heroine notices him, but if not that will it be the new beginning of a RomCom? No way, I’m freaking 42 years old! The hell am I thinking? Actually what should I do? The former is really bad, and if the latter happens I will definitely suffer the consequences afterwards!

No, I chose a third choice! I need to run away! It won’t become a problem later on.

As I decided to run away. I slowly started tip-toeing backwards, leaving while the girl still didn’t notice me. But it seemed some fate didn’t agree with me and had prepared something different for me. Seriously, why did fate turn out to be so cruel, I wondered? First, a cheating wife and traitorous daughter. Now, this? Why?

As I started walking, the girl turned around and saw me.

“…” When she saw me, her eyes widened!

She seemed noticed my toe walk. Damn her!

The two of us, for a while, did not move, as if frozen solid. Time even seemed to stop as the forest became strangely quiet.

But I wouldn’t allow it! I will die if I don’t regain my sense quickly! So, I come to my senses in record speed!

“I-I’m sorry! I never meant to peep! Ah no, no, what can I say? You’re beautiful and so sexy!”

I tried to explain myself as I partially covered my eyes with both of my hands, but my words stuttered as they came out, my eyes still locked on her charming appearance between the gaps in my fingers.

The girl, on the other hand, had finally grasped the situation. Her face dyed bright red as she flapped her mouth open and closed.


She leaked a small shriek and with the girl screaming in this situation, accusations would surely fall on the guy, me.

Of course, nobody would come even if she screamed because there are only us here… At least I hope we’re alone?

What if she was actually with her friends? I would be in deep shit if she started screaming and her friends showed up.

“Please wait a minute! I understand what you want to say. It may have been an accident but I won’t make excuses for what I clearly saw.”

I won’t blame anyone for this incident. Because, it’s that goddamn lights fault for bringing me here! Actually, where fuck is this?!

“…..” The girl silently watched me with her ruby pupils, her flawless beautiful face glared at me like it embodied waves of blazing fire to scour me away!

Wait… did I just step on a landmine?

“….Do you have any last words?”

Scary words came out in a cold voice even as she made a somewhat pretty smile. With that face, she looked so beautiful… But this is not time for that! She started walking to me as she raised her hand and a long sword clad in light appeared in her hand.

W-w-wait! Did she just pull some kind of magic trick!?

She just made a sword come out of nowhere!!?

What is that?! What is that?!

Nonono! I need to calm! Let’s forget about that that magic trick for now!

Well, it wouldn’t be weird for her to be angry. I had seen her gorgeous birthday suit for free. Her big breasts were bouncing as she moved slowly and she looked so sexy as she walked towards me.

I wanted to run, but the view, I mean, her frosty demeanor wouldn’t let me move my body.


And she was pointing her sword at me.

“Who are you?” She asked me maliciously.

And there we go. We return to beginning.

My fate depended on my next words, so I had to be careful.

But what should I do? I never had been in a Lucky Pervert situation!

What I needed to do was choose the right words carefully! But what did I need to say!?

I couldn’t think carefully especially when I was panicking.

For someone who lost his will to live, I should just give up, but I actually desperately want to protect my own life. So, in the end, I want to stay alive!

What should I do? Begging for my life? Convince her? Praise her?

Ah! I know! Praising her! I think I should praise her! If I managed get to her good side, I save myself! But I need to apologize first —!

Yes, apology! I have apologized to her!

“No no no… It’s an accident!? It is definitely an unfortunate accident for the both of us… Even though this is an accident. I wasn’t trying to peep on you, but I saw what I saw. Thus, I must apologize! I’m sorry! That’s why, as a man, I’ll take responsibility” I said in an extremely serious tone as I bow to her.

“..” The girl silently glaring at me seemed to understand my remorse.

As proof, she finally lowered her sword and the hostility from her disappeared.

I sighed in relief after seeing her expression soften. Geez, I thought she was a hard-to-please girl type, but now she seemed like someone who’d accept a proper conversation if given proper reasoning.

I could only smile wryly when I thought that. Seeing me smiling, she also softened her expression and returned a thin smile.

“I’ll forgive you on this matter”

Ohh, she forgives me! This is good! Now, this is my change! I should give her my honest opinion if I want to praise her!

Before I spoke, she cut me off : “But, please die!”

She was smiling like an angel as she swung her sword.

“Uaaaaaah,” I miraculously dodged her attack by thin margin

“You dodge it?” She looked at me in confusion. What’s with that reaction?

“Of course! Why I should receive that!!?”

“This is for seeing me naked! This body should be pure till I married! And you should really consider yourself lucky! Normally, you should be tied to a log and stoned to death by all the people in the nation.” She barked.

“What’s with that capital punishment!?” I shout at her.

“Didn’t you agree to take responsibility!?” She countered.

“Ugh… yes! I did I say that! But just because I saw you naked, you can’t take my life as punishment! And you know, before you attacked me, you should first wear some clothes! Though I really don’t mind the view.” I said while shrugging my shoulders as I pointed at her tempting naked body. I would lose to my lust if I didn’t have a strong will power.

I said that but it’s freaking hard to control it… I really impressed with my willpower to keep the beast inside my pants occupied!

“…” She went silent as she realized she was still naked.

Geez, what a view! If I wasn’t in this pitiful situation, I would try to flirt with her.

The girl raised her hand once again and a military like uniform appeared in her hands.

Seriously, what is that? Is that really a magic trick?

Magic? Don’t tell me, a Magic? Real Magic? I mean, Magic that appeared on Anime… A fictional power? Harry Potter’s magic?

There is no way, right?

As I start thinking that, I watch as the girl starts wearing her uniform. Since she bent her body as she pulled her black knee shocks, her butt was completely visible to me.

What a nice, pure, white, big ass! Those hips are good for giving birth! And she started to pull her pink underwear up. Ah, her panty shining between her thighs was a lovely sight that could make every man drool.

This is a scene where a man could be lost to their lust and hungrily eat her especially if it was an average guy. I never knew that I had quite willpower to handle this lust until just now.

And she finished dressing. What a nice dressing scene. She was assembled her uniform very fast but she was still not done. Her uniform buttons were undone on her upper body and i can see her cleavage.

Then she glared at me, her eyes are filled with hatred.


For an instant, she made a bright smile as if she was satisfied with something, and then—

“Unforgivable,” The girl said in a low, cold voice, “Definitely unforgivable…You bastard!!!”

She furiously charged at me with intent to kill!

“Die!” The girl began to kick at me!

Of course, I managed dodge it again.

“….You bastard,” She spit it out with a malicious glare.

But what is this girl… is she female version of Sanji from One Piece? Every single attack was sharp as a sickle slicing through grass and her kick was heavier than a sword blow and swift as an arrow. She would break my bone with her kick if I didn’t avoid them.

Why I can dodge it?

Yes, I may be 42 years old, but I had experience with martial arts and trained in the military. Why do you think I can beat the bitch’s husband to pulp? Because I’m quite good with this kind of stuff.

I could avoid it when I watch her movement carefully.

Just now, she attacked and just missed me. She was easy to read and I could predict her attacks.

The girl seemed to realize that attacking blindly and filled with rage are useless. So, she took a deep breath as she continued to glare at me.

“…What an idiot…I gave him a chance to die with dignity as a great concession on my part.”

“Die with dignity? Ma’am, I’m not sure what you are talking about but… I don’t want die yet!”

“Enough talk. Die!” The girl launched an attack in all directions. I instantly knew that she was aiming for my eyes, forehead, throat and temples. I crouch to avoid the blows to my head but…


She swings her sword to my head but I once again, dodged it, well, barely … Damn, I was bleeding on my forehead… She managed scratch my forehead with her sword…  Not fatal but… If she slashed a little deeper… I’d be dead meat.

Now, what should I do? She clearly wanted to kill me… should I fight back?

She then took another fighting stance… Unlike before, she started calmly analyzing my movement…

This girl was an expert. She was good with her sword but also good with martial arts.

“Seems you’re not just a mere pervert despite that appearance? Who are you?” She asked me as if asking for my last words.

“Kyou, I’m just 42 years divorcee old man…. Who happen to know about martial art!” I answered in shonen protagonist way as I took fighting stance too.

“Divorcee?” She muttered as she came at me with full speed!

Ok, I will accept that challenge! Because this battle couldn’t be stopped by word now…

“Take this!” She’s tried to slash my stomach with her sword.

I jump back to take some distance between us, I then stepped past the girl, spun around and attempt to strike her back… However, the girl realized how fatal this technique was and jumped forward to dodge the blow.

Don’t ever think I couldn’t counter this! I punch upward attempting to strike my opponent’s jaw as she was within my strike zone…

But as I about to land my punch.

“GroooooaaaaaaaaaaarrrrRRR” –t!?”

Our confrontation was cut off because of a sudden roar. The girl and I immediately turn around to see where it came from.

Seems like a third party didn’t wait any longer and decided to join in…

But what we saw was a large creature protruding from the trees. It was a giant creature, wielding a rusty sword

….Holy Shit!!!


Notes :

Yeah, Holy shit indeed…
Everyone asking for Lute yet I suddenly throw new fiction.
Well, there are so many excuses I can give but let’s just use one…
One of many reasons I can give is I feel Lute dragoon lacking… Lacking everything… Especially Emotion…
Lute is not abandoned but it’s just went hibernation till I get better with third POV.
Especially the more I write the chapter the more it become weird… Hell, It completely become Slice off life instead Adventures Action battle fantasy… Hell, It become downhill and filled so many BS. So, I decided to put it on hiatus.

Ah, by the way, this co-write with Whizzer.


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