Bonded Goddess – Chapter 10

Hi. It’s been a month since last update. Well, sorry, I got so many activities.

Well, thanks for patience, since patience is very important.

But just like certain man with a shield says, sometimes patience is the key to victory. Sometimes it leads to very little; seems like it’s not worth it. And you wonder… why you waited so long for something so disappointing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Alright, before we get started, there is one question I want to ask…

Have you ever been in jail, or should I call it a prison?

Well, I have, I’ve been there once for beating my ex-wife and her lover. I never regretted it. Rather, I felt proud of it. At least I had earned my place with every punch in that asshole’s face, especially after I made his face unrecognizable. But now, can I say the same thing in this situation? In this creepy room?

What was the point of a prison anyway? Typically, it was a place where criminals were locked up to atone for their sins and crime. Yeah, to atone their sins and crimes… but what was my sin? My crime? For me to be locked in this underground jail just sitting there like an idiot… no, jail is not the correct word. Let’s use the word “Dungeon”.

Why use the word dungeon? I was in a dungeon, duh! Not a jail or a prison… a dungeon! A freaking dungeon!

You don’t know what a dungeon is? Use Mr. Google to save your sorry ass or read some Isekai novel. How about you play Dungeon Siege, that’s my favorite game… too bad I lost my save data.

Anyway, my previous “dungeon” could be considered a luxury compared to this place. At least they provided me with food, linen, and a basic clean room. Hell, we could even watch TV. That wouldn’t leave me bored, at least.

But here, this “cell” of mine was very dirty. The smell of rotten corpses made this a very creepy place. I had to sleep on the dirty floor and I’m pretty sure the people who sent me here won’t provide me food. But you could find a skeleton here easily, so that’s cool! Hey, look over there, there are a bunch of skeletons in that room! Hell, I even can see one of their fresh rotting arms from here.

That’s great, right!? That can be considered a luxury, right?! In certain meaning, that can be luxury.

Hahahaha… that’s funny, right?


Like hell it is! It’s not funny! It’s scary! This place is so fucking scary!

As a former soldier, this place shouldn’t shake me as I’m used to seeing corpses and I have witnessed many torture scenes. A few times back, I faced torture myself. I’m not scared to this “room” or that “room” over there, but what I was scared of was this…I was alone here… and this place was… very unhealthy and disgusting…

Come on, if you’re going to torture people, can you not leave the torture room in plain sight? At least clean the blood off the equipment! That’s just simply unhygienic! Especially the rotten smell is very strong… I don’t want to catch a strange disease in this dungeon.

And of course, the floor is made of mud… oh god, I hoped it was mud. I wouldn’t put it past this place if the floor was composed of the leftovers from the previous inhabitants. I’m not just talking about their waste here, I’m talking about what’s left of the inhabitants too when they inevitably died!

I have been here for days already and I haven’t seen a meal since I had been in this place. Did they expect me to eat the rats? Don’t answer that, I already know the answer, and I wish I didn’t know the answer. Thank god, I can endure the hunger but if I can’t… Fuck! Just imagining it already made me want to vomit.

Why did this happen to me? How did I end up in a dungeon with a life sentence and no chance of parole? Ah, I guess it began when I had the stupid, stupid idea to return to this world in the first place.


We teleported back to Evelyn’s world.

The whole process took barely fifteen seconds. In those fifteen seconds, I went from in front of my dining room table only to suddenly find myself in another familiar place. This place was the exact place I had teleported to before. Directly under the massive giant tree, the Tree of Life. That’s where we were.

“Ah!” The seat Evelyn had been sitting on no longer was there and thus she fell back on to her butt.

Evelyn looked around as she was seemingly stunned, and the pair of us could only stare at each other in silence, Evelyn on the ground and me on one knee kneeling before her, my hand still held out.

I looked at the giant tree…

So, we’re back here, huh…

She had called it the Lieben Forest. Looking at this forest it kind of took me back to when I first came to this world. It was only three weeks since then. My first meeting with Evelyn. The time when she had trying to kill me for seeing her naked and when we were chased by Cylopeses.


Cylopeses? Wait, if we returned here, that would mean… that monster would still be around. My first instinct was to look for the Cyclopses that I had blinded. However, I didn’t find it. The monster had disappeared, removed in the intervening time we’d been gone.

Was it still there somewhere? I hoped not. We would be killed for real this time if we met that thing again. Since we come back just like before, I came here completely unprepared, no weapon or armor. How are we supposed to defeat it? With the power of plot armor? I don’t have such a thing.

While thinking that, Evelyn removed her hand then stood. She just stood there with a shocked look on her face. Her mouth was open and she was trying to speak, but no words seemed to escape her mouth.

Her eyes darted around as if she was hoping we weren’t back to her world. Once she was sure that we were… Her face immediately turned dreadful. She turned to me and gave a wide-eyed look as she came to this realization.

“Wh-what is it?” I asked, confused by the complicated look she was giving me.

She shook her head in fright, as if she was trying to deny reality, but couldn’t.

We stared at each other in silence.

It was Evelyn that broke the silence as she finally opened her mouth.

“Kyou…” Evelyn started.


Soon her ruby eyes turned moist and tears soon rolled down her cheeks as her voice became weak. Wait, she was crying? Why was she suddenly crying?! I was surprised because I never saw her crying like this. It was in sharp contrast to her usual strong, composed and dignified behavior.

“We shouldn’t be here… Kyou.” Evelyn shook her head. “Please, can you take us back home?”

“You want to go back to my house, but we just got here…”

“Please, Kyou… just take us back, now!” Evelyn moved forward and grabbed my shirt, her eyes looking somewhat scary.

“I-I don’t know how?

“I told you this is a bad idea… now… you have to try. Kyou, just clear your mind, and imagine home. Bring us home.” Her strange attitude confused me, but the desperation in her voice moved me to act.

I closed my eyes immediately, clearing out my mind. I tried to remember what I was thinking when it suddenly send us here. I was desperate. I really wanted to be productive. I thought about this world. I thought about taking Evelyn here. Now… reverse it! I want to go home. No, remembering Evelyn’s sad eyes, I NEED to go home!

“D-did it work?” I opened one eye, and then the other.

Evelyn was looking up at me, her entire body starting to shake as tears fell down her eyes. “No… no… no… try again. I’m sorry… Kyou, try again. We don’t have much time!”

“What do you mean? And why are you apologize and crying like that?”

“You have to get us out of here. Please. This isn’t my world anymore! You have to!” Evelyn early shouted, her hands hitting my chest a few times as if I was a machine that would spring to action with a little push.

“Evelyn, I can’t… I can’t do it!” I said, my expression tense. “Maybe there is a cooldown or something, I don’t know.”

Evelyn broke down, her cries turning into sobs. I continued to try to think of home, but no matter what, it didn’t happen. Seeing Evelyn crying silently like that made me wonder. She has always been cool and calm… now, she cried like a little girl. I tried to understand her through our bond, but I only felt her emotions being shaken greatly.

There must be a reason why she didn’t want to come back here. Hmmm… now, if I think about it, a few days ago, I asked her about whether she wanted to return here and she immediately rejected it. She said she didn’t want to come back here and gave a vague reason. Of course, I wanted her to tell me the reason, but I was too busy with job hunting so I just let it go and forgot.

But a reason, huh? I was curious; I knew I was not in a position to say that, but… This piqued my curiosity…

“…Is there something you kept from me?” I finally asked her, my voice low.

Hearing that question, she pulled her hands of my chest and covered her mouth. Her shoulders were shaking. Her body shuddered as if I was asking something taboo from her. I could feel her emotion shake more, more than before. No, there was something about these turbulent emotions… what is this? What is with this reaction? You know, I asked this question in a playful tone… but I didn’t expect her reaction would be so severe. She was not hiding something from me, right? She slowly shook her head as if she denied my question.

After seeing her breakdown like that, I knew I did something terrible…But, it was too late. The damage was already done and I couldn’t take it back.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” Evelyn continued to apologize to me.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

Over and over again, Evelyn kept apologizing in a sobbing voice while crying.

I quickly held her shoulder and directed her eyes to me. “I don’t know what you’re going through in this world. I know it isn’t easy… but you can’t cry like this without telling me anything. Please tell me…”

Evelyn who looked me in the eyes slowly broke her eye contact and shook her head while crying…!

“Shh. Don’t cry. It’s not that I don’t believe you or trust you. I want things to be as good as possible. If I can do something better, that’s all I want.”

That didn’t help, and she curled up, crying harder than ever.

“I…I…can’t,” she mumbled I lifted her chin more and re-established eye contact.

“Yes, you can; you must; something is eating away at you.”

“NO! You will hate me! …and just thinking that it would kill me,” she said before she broke down in tears again.

When she finally regained her composure I again made eye contact and said in a stern voice “I will NOT HATE you. Now, tell me.”

She still remained silent, shaking her head as if she was a child that was being scolded by her parents. Well, since I have been taking care of her for a whole 3 weeks, I was basically like her parent, and I’m 20 years older than her and that makes me her father or her guardian? Wait, if I saw myself as her father, then we had an incestuous relationship? HELL NO! I don’t commit such taboo, disgusting and forbidden relationship!

OH MY GOD! Now, I saw Kirino’s naked body in my mind! I can imagine her developed body slowly turned into a sexy girl! No! GET OUT! GET OUT OF MY MIND, MY FORBIDDEN LUST! YOU ARE UNNEEDED! I take that back! I’m not her father! I am her lover!! No, that sounds misleading and it will cause misunderstanding! Evelyn is my lover! I’m talking about Evelyn, okay! Not Kirino!

Sigh… What the hell am I doing thinking something stupid like that while hugging Evelyn? Let’s just put that aside… I should try to figure out the situation, this situation looks like a cheap drama… trust me, I hate drama. And I never had been in a situation like this, with Grace or Yuriko. I was still feeling annoyed with Evelyn as I could tell she was hiding something from me, but by looking at Evelyn’s current condition, I guess she wouldn’t talk anytime soon unless I could make her confess when I brought up something related to what she hid from me.

But since Evelyn still wouldn’t answer and respond to me, let’s bait her then. For the past three weeks, this is the only way to agitate her and to defeat her in an argument. It 100% works and was basically cheating.

“Evelyn, my dear.” Evelyn looked up while still sobbing.

I asked, “Don’t you love me?”

Evelyn’s lip started to quiver, but it was clear that she was cried out.

“I love you more than life itself,” she mumbled.

Yup, her usual answer. And I can sense, she started calming down a little. Let’s tease her little.

“What? I don’t think I heard it?” I asked mischievously with a smirk on my face.

“You know I do!” she said louder, more exasperated.

“And I love you too.” I held my arms out to her, and she came to me. I held her as she cried on my chest.

Yes, I do love her… these three weeks were heaven to someone like me. We had a great relationship, one of deep love and complete trust thanks to our bonds. Because of our bond, I thought I knew everything about her. What she’s like, her favorite foods and etc? But now, seeing her like this, I realized that I really didn’t know anything about her… Yes, we may be lovers with an Eternal Bond that binds our souls… but in the end, we’re still just acquaintances that have only known each other for three weeks. Yeah, I thought about it, but I didn’t really know Evelyn from this world. I loved her and got on well with her, but I didn’t feel like she really opened up to me beside opening her legs. She never really spoke about herself or her past in this world and I also didn’t ask about it because I wanted her to tell me about herself on her own.

…. Damn, just stating this fact already made me sad. So, I tightly embraced Evelyn as I could only hear sobbing and the wind blowing by. Also why did our conversation shift so much? From job hunting talk to this sort of drama?

She sniffed a few times before finally stopping. Tears continued to roll down unconsciously from her eyes her face still wrought with some measure of fear.

“……” She looked at my face but still wouldn’t say anything. No, she opened her mouth and tried to say something but still couldn’t.

“Please, Evelyn… Tell me,” I begged her sincerely. “Was this about me or what I did?”

“It wasn’t like that!” She stomped her feet in aggravation. Wow, that’s quite a change. Her voice didn’t carry sadness like before.

“Just tell me then! Your silence is killing me, you’re trying to hide something from me?” I growled.

Ah, dammit, I almost did it again… Two years ago, I let my anger get the better of me and it ruined me, although I don’t regret beating the bastard. I have to be patient and not let my anger control me.

Her eyes teared up again “It wasn’t about you, Kyou. I swear you’re all I’ve ever wanted. You are a wonderful lover. Don’t ever think it was about you! Spending eternity with you in your world is the best thing to happen to me!” She gripped me fiercely, sobbing.

There was a very pregnant pause between us, which eventually I broke, “Look, Evelyn, I don’t know why you can’t just talk to me. Would it help if I told you I can guess what you’re thinking?”

Her eyes still filled with tears and kept silent, I guessed she was worried about what was coming next. However, Evelyn responded with a single nod.

Whatever she hid from me, I really had a bad feeling about it and I didn’t like it… No, she told me about her family wouldn’t accept our relationship just a moment ago. That’s normal and I understood that. A divorcee especially 42 years old like me is not fit for her. But with that reason alone? That seems completely strange to me. Is that even the reason? It’s not like her parents owned this world… unless… Shit, some guess come into my mind and I already hate it. Even I shuddered with the thought.

When I about asked the question…

At almost the same time, an Adamline stone on the necklace she gave to me suddenly burst into a bright light. Wait, I brought it here? It should be on the table.

It started bursting light out in a strange wave pattern. Evelyn watches it in horror face. Then as the light settle down, we heard loud shout, a voice shouted from very far distance.

“Ohhhh, I finally found you, my dear Evelyn!”

A man’s voice boomed so loud that it caused the birds to fly out of the canopies in a panic. Are you some kind of beast? Wait… What did he just say? It just a glimpse but I was sure that I saw Evelyn’s body twitch after she heard that voice.

I glanced in the direction of the voice. There was a man sitting on a steed a bit of a distance from us. He was a handsome man with golden haired wearing silver armor. He sat upon a massive white horse while his white cape blew with the wind leading the group of knights looking people behind him. He looked to be the very definition of a white knight. He was surrounded by a grouping of soldiers, although none of them were dressed as fine as he was.

“Who the hell is this clown?” I asked Evelyn, not able to keep the irritation from my voice.

“…….” Evelyn looked up at me briefly and shook her head.

“Run, Kyou…” Evelyn said in hurry

“Run? Why? Is this guy your brother or something?” I replied, then my eyes narrowed. ”A siscon?”

Evelyn’s eyes were big and her mouth had started to quiver as she watched me. “This is not time for this! I’m telling you to run! Before it’s too late! Before he’s here!”

“And where am I supposed to run!?”

“ANYWHERE! JUST GO! USE YOUR POWER OR JUST RUN FROM HERE!” shouted Evelyn, her voice getting louder.

“Is he-” I began, but I was cut off by the noise of galloping horses. I glanced and saw a cloud of dust rising from distance.

“….no…no” Evelyn said in despair.

The riders pulled into the forest, sending up clouds of dust with their arrival. While I watched, stunned, the men reached us. There appeared to be quite a few more than I originally expected. The first wave appeared to be ordinary soldiers, but behind them were the better dressed knights, including the white knight himself. When he saw the pair of us, the man showed extremely happiness on his face. What? He was happy? No, his eyes are not directed on us but… on her. His eyes were filled with passion and longing for her.

“EVELYN!” the man shouted again. “You’re alright, thank the merciful creator!”

“Evelyn, seriously, who is this guy?” I demanded, cursing out of the side of my mouth.

“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…” She murmured. “I didn’t want things to turn out this way. I didn’t want you to find out this way.”

“Find out?” My insecurities, my previous wife cheating on me, all of it flashed through me in a heartbeat.

For just a brief second, I felt white hot rage, but I instantly put it under control. Evelyn looked hurt, but I could feel understanding through her bond, along with waves of remorse. I calmed down, but unfortunately, I couldn’t stop an ugly look from forming on my face. The man noticed my expression and immediately lept from his horse, pulling his sword.

“Stand back, ruffian.” The man said. “You’re surrounded. If you even think of hurting my Evelyn, I will make you suffer a thousand deaths.”

“Seriously, who is he!” I demanded one last time, finding myself at the end of half a dozen spears aimed at my neck as I tried to step forward.

“Don’t hurt him!” Evelyn cried out, although it looked like the white knight was content having me an inch away from being a pin cushion. “Kyou… this is… my childhood friend.”

As Evelyn said that, her expression lowered and she grabbed her arm, seeming to hug herself like she was trying to escape this situation.


Childhood friend!? That’s a lot worse than ex-boyfriend! This dude got more chance! Especially they grow up together. He knows Evelyn better than me! Dammit! I suddenly felt bad premonition is welling inside me again. It seemed so inevitable that it could be the end of whatever it was we had going.

“Please, Evelyn, don’t feel embarrassed. My name is Leonardo Taebutopia Rey.  Commander of the Holy Vaerian Kingdom’s 101st garrison. I am also Evelyn’s fiancée.” The man, Leonardo declared proudly.

Ohh, this handsome hero looking dude is the so called childhood friend sweetheart. Wait, what, fiancée? I must be misheard him. Just seeing him already pissed me off. I looked at Evelyn who was obviously terrified. She starts crying again. She said nothing but her teary eyes still told me that I needed to run, even if the act was futile. Furthermore, her tears didn’t seem to stop coming, more and more of them as the golden-haired man continued to approach us with his sword drawn.

The man parted from the rest of the group, his look reserved and cautious. Yay me, it’s great he didn’t gaze at me with a look of passion. It would freak me out if he did so. Rather, his look at me was blank until he noticed Evelyn who still sobbed silently. Meanwhile, it looked like there was a muddy patch where Evelyn had fallen. Her butt was covered in dirt, as were the hands she fell on. She went to wipe her tears away, accidently smearing some dirt on her face. He gave a stunned look, and then his expression grew harder, his eyes narrowing on me. I had a feeling this dude misunderstanding the situations.

Seeing that man getting closer, Evelyn turned to face me. “Kyou, please run…”

“To where? I have a dozen spears at my neck if you haven’t noticed.”

Yeah, we were completely surrounded. The knights that lead by that golden headed childhood friend now surrounded us.

“I’m here to find Evelyn, who has been missing for three weeks. Come, my love, step away from this vagrant.”

Evelyn looked at his hand, but refused to take it. After an awkward moment, he pulled it back and gave a gentle laugh.

“Of course, you’re dirty. How rude of me.” He turned to glare at me. “You, man over there, what are your intentions here? Why are you in possession of my fiancée?”

His fiancée… yeah… I had to hear it a second time for it to really sink in.


I was caught off-guard and paused for a moment. What the Fuck! Excuse me. Ahem, what did he just say? I was utterly stunned. He said twice and took me awhile to process those words….

With this revelation, I felt as though I had been punched in the stomach. I was so shocked. I very nearly shouted at her. Even I expected to lose it, but thank god I didn’t. After wallowing in my shock, I started to come to my senses and glaring at the golden haired bastard.

Then through our bond, a wave of sadness and regret hit me. With that feeling alone, I can guess, she understood that hiding this from me was bad.

By Evelyn’s apologetic looks, I was getting the idea. This guy was her childhood friend and fiancée. When she came to my world and we had sex, I must have ruined those plans. That’s why she didn’t want to come back. She didn’t want me to find out about it. I felt angry that she didn’t tell me, but my emotions were more complicated than that. I mean, she didn’t even know me when she was engaged with this guy. If you thought up about it, aren’t I the other guy.

But her fiancée, huh? Just thinking that already made me want to beat him to a pulp… Wait a minute, this situation almost similar to Yuriko’s case! I am not going to be NTR-ed again, right? RIGHT?! Shit, I said it! Is this flag?! No! I still believe I am trusting, romantic, and loving lover! There is no way! But I shuddered at the thought of being cuckolded again…. Ah, Evelyn…

Still, the way this guy looked at me and the newness of this information were too much to handle. I was growing really angry really quick.

“Then perhaps I should tell you what i think?” Leonardo continued to speak after my icy silence. “She’s dirtied. No man with good intentions would have allowed my beautiful fiancée to come to such a state. Her tears speak words that your lying mouth never could. I suspect you are the man who kidnapped her. I don’t know how you alluded our magic for the last three weeks, but the gig is up. You there, admit your crimes and I will offer you a swift death.”

“No!” Evelyn cried out.

“Yeah. I kidnapped her.” I responded casually, causing several of the spearmen to tighten their grips on the spears. Geez, don’t glare me with that eyes, people.

Evelyn stared at me, her eyes bulging, but unable to say any more. She must unable to cope with what I just did.

“So, you confess?”

“Oh, yeah. Totally. I remember it like it was three weeks ago. I was out for a stroll when I saw this little strumpet bathing naked. Naturally, after soiling her with my eyes, I knew my only choice was to have her.”

“Have her?” Leonardo took a step back, his gaze aghast. His body was trembling. Hah! I love that reaction!

“Oh, yeah.” I said darkly, my rage nearly bursting while Evelyn shook her head in helpless disbelief. “She got really beaten up, so I took her to my home and I pushed her down. Damn man, she felt so good.”

“You…” he lifted his sword as if fighting the urge to strike me down on the spot. “Your lies… they won’t…”

“Huh? Lies? What lies? If I haven’t enjoyed every little part of Evelyn, how would I know she has a small birthmark on the back of her knee, and if you touch her there she grows so wet she practically gushes.”

“Kyou… stop…” Evelyn said mournfully.

“I-is this true?” Leonardo turned to Evelyn. His voice was quivers

Evelyn grew flushed, turning away. “N-none of your business.”

“No that, that he… had you?” Leonardo seemed to be having trouble wrapping his head around those words. “That he raped my fiancée after kidnapping her?

Evelyn turned back. “No, it’s not what you th-”

“Oh, I totally raped her. But it wasn’t once. It was over, and over again.” I growled. “God, I took her so many ways over the last three weeks…”

I knew my words were mean. I knew that I was destroying everything. I knew that my life was in danger. However, I couldn’t stop. I was so angry that I couldn’t stop venting, even if it killed me in the process.

“I’ll kill you!” Leonardo finally said, taking step forward.

“Killing an unarmed man? Doesn’t that just make you a coward?”

“You dare… a rapist like you…”

“I dare a lot of things!” I snarled back. “If you’re so convinced I’m a rapist, why don’t you ask Evelyn what she thinks?”

“Why would I need to? Your guilt is already as clear as that criminal slouch you have.”

“You bastard…” I growled, but was unable to move. “You can talk a big talk when you’ve got me surrounded by soldiers.”

“You think you could survive a second against me in a real fight?” Leonardo sniffed.

“Both of you. Stop!” Evelyn shouted.

“Evelyn! A fiancée!” I shot her a look, causing her to wince back.

“It wasn’t my choice… I…” Evelyn’ voice growing choked and she switched what she was going to say. “I love you… I do. Please believe that.”

“Evelyn?” Leonardo blinked. “Don’t tell me; what this man says is true?”

Evelyn looked away from Leonardo’s innocent gaze. “You should realize that our marriage was decided by my family, Leonardo”

The anger I felt a moment before started to diminish. She… she really did love me. This was before. This was in her past, a past she had left behind. In my anger, I was focusing on the wrong things. I always let my anger get the better of me, and this time it almost cost me the best thing to ever happen to me. I filled my mind with the love and affection I felt for Evelyn, and her eyes looked to me, tears starting to form in them.

The look, complete with our bond, said more than words ever could. Evelyn felt remorse and regret. She didn’t want to lie to me, but our whirlwind romance happened so fast that there was never an opportune time to tell me the truth. We literally lived in another world, so she probably thought she had the rest of our existence to come to terms with it. In a way, Evelyn had already shown her devotion to me. She gave me everything. Her very soul was handed to me. I almost forgot that.

Leonardo took a few steps towards Evelyn, who used all of her strength to look him in the eyes, her resolve clear on her face. I started to tense, wondering what this man would do. If he hurt Evelyn, I would absolutely kill him, even if my death followed immediately after. He reached out, but then lightly patted Evelyn on the head, wearing a smile.

“Pre-marriage jitters. Your mother told me she had those as well. Do not fear, I will not rush you. The fact that you are my fiancée is enough for our love to endure.”

Evelyn’s lips tightened in exasperation. “You don’t understand! I did it. I did the ceremony. He is mine, and I’m his.”

For a second, Leonardo looked like he had been struck, but then he shook his head. “He… he coerced you to do this.”

“No… it was my choice. I want to be with him.”

“Wi-with a rapist!?” Leonardo had a confused expression, seemingly unable to wrap his mind around this.

“He’s… he’s special!” She declared, her bond slowly building in strength. “I love him!”

Leonardo looked down sadly at Evelyn, but he showed no anger or disgust. If he did, this would have been easy. Instead, his expression still only held love and affection. I hated seeing my woman being looked at that way by another man.

“Whatever spell this man has put on you, rest assured, our family will stop at nothing to free you from his trickery. I will stand by your side, my Evelyn.”

“No… you’re not listening. You never listen!” Evelyn was shaking her head, even going so far as to hit Leonardo’s chest with her fist, which bounced harmlessly off his armor.

He reached forward and gently removed her wrist from his chest. “I always listen, my love. But you know as well as I that this was wrong. Do not worry. We will fix this. I promise.”

“St-stop…” Evelyn said, tearfully.

Leonardo turned away, his eyes shooting back to me. “Arrest him.”

“What for?” I snapped.

“For kidnapping the princess, of course. I don’t know how much I believe about your other attempts to soil the princess, but you’ve already admitted your guilt, so there is no need for pretense.”

A second knight approached through the break in the spearman, reaching his hands towards me. I realized he had chains, readying them to clasp me in irons. The spears pushed forward until they were nearly choking me, and I had no direction to flee. I suddenly understood why she wanted me to run. I guess she knew this was always going to happen regardless of what she said. Damn it, I was in trouble now. Why did I have to open my big mouth?  Wait… She is PRINCESS?!! Well, it’s not really important.

“No!” Evelyn cried out, reaching up as a glowing light suddenly burst from her hand.

Leonardo spun back, but he didn’t have time. She slammed the ground, and there was a sudden burst of bright light, followed by a shockwave. The guards didn’t expect it, and several of them ended up dropping their spears as the stumbled to the ground. The bond gave me some warning, but I also was a soldier. Flash bombs and the concussion of explosions were not something I was unused to. Perhaps in this world, that kind of stuff was outside the norm for a normal swordsman, but for me, I immediately dived.

The chances of escape were slim. However, perhaps I could teleport back to my world. I could get some weapons or something. I didn’t really know, but I knew the value of a tactical retreat as it’s much better than forcing myself act an idiot and only end up getting killed. I wouldn’t abandon Evelyn forever. We always had the bond. However, her family wasn’t going to hurt her. I just needed to regroup and then come back. However, I barely came out of a roll, diving into a spin as my brain desperately tried to recall what triggered our coming in the first place.

Then, standing right in front of me, was a tall woman. She was an immaculate beauty, the likes I had only seen once before, on Evelyn herself. She had golden hair that reached her shoulders, and a mature experience. Her skin was smooth and beautiful, but her eyes seemed to hold an age to them that Evelyn did not. Is she…?

“What you’ve done to my sister, I will never forgive.” her eyes turned dark in a moment.

A threat then. Still, the knights were behind me and she was in front of me. I immediately reached out to grab her. If I could use her as a human shield, perhaps I could gain a few precious seconds to escape. As my hands reached out, she didn’t show any fear in her expressions. Rather, all she showed was disdain. My hands barely made it to her skin when another flash exploded out. This time, I could feel my body flying back. I thought I might have heard Evelyn screaming. As for my body, it felt like I had been struck by lightning. No, scratch that. I was struck by lightning.

The last thing I remembered as smoke seemed to rise from my chest was a group of people standing over me. Soldiers, the white knight, Evelyn… as I slipped into unconsciousness, I could no longer tell the difference.


There you go, I was knocked unconscious and I ended up waking in this cage, alone. I found myself here without a single chance to defend. Which brought me to my current situation, so how was that recap?

I woke when a dull, aching pain assaulted my mind, only allowing me to elicit a groan. That spell really knocked people out. I blinked, my vision very blurry, and when I tried to sit I found my hands and feet were locked by some kind of iron shackles, as if the cage wasn’t enough. By looking at the materials. These were not normal iron shackles.

There were no windows in this place, or sources of light at all for that matter. I estimated I had been here for three or four days. My captors had never returned to check on me. Obviously they had little concern for my status, because no food or drink had been delivered. No, I wouldn’t eat rats. I’d rather starve to death. Sure, I can find them so easily here… but no means no. I have been going through a lot worst situations back in my days in the army.

But thanks to that, now I feel so weak….

All I did was sleep and think. My whole body felt so sore I couldn’t move for days.

I always wondered why I ended up in this situation.

Sure, I came here for easy money. Just by finding some Adamline, I could get some easy money so I didn’t need to do a dirty job. But my greatest desire, I wanted Evelyn to reunite with her family, so she didn’t have to regret for eternity not seeing them. But now, was it worth it? I definitely didn’t know whether it was or it wasn’t… Maybe this is the situations where I have to say “I reap what I sow”

I also wondered what Evelyn was doing right now or where the hell she was? She was princess, right? She should have some kind authority to release me, but with current situations, I guess her father, the king wouldn’t let it happen… Maybe she attended a big party with her so-called fiancée to celebrate the princess of this kingdom returning.

Did I get NTR-ed again? That was a hard question, I didn’t even know the answer. Hell, I didn’t even slightly feel Evelyn’s emotion through our bond anymore. Perhaps it had been broken. Did this dungeon have some kind of barrier to prevent that? I didn’t know. Did her parents break the Eternal Pacts. Now, she could bond with her so-called fiancée…

When I thought that, I felt my anger returning. I had gotten madder and madder but I tried to control it. I took a deep breath and managed to calm myself. It’s not like I could vent it here, locked in the cell as I was.

I needed to meet with Evelyn and confront her. Oh yeah, I definitely needed some payback as well.

But first, what I needed to do was escape from here.

Inside the dark and cold cell…

There were no signs that anyone other than me had occupied this space for days. I looked forlornly towards the entrance to my cell only to see the door remain still and shut like it had been for quite some time. There was no guard in this area but beyond that door, I was sure there were guards.

I had looked around the small area for the nth time. I was in one of about five cells that were set in this poorly lit dungeon including one torture room right in front of my cell. Geez, why did they place me here anyway? Just put me in the corner cell so I didn’t have to see people’s remains.

Man, I was getting really alone here… Sighing once more I let go of the bars, shut my eyes, and shook my head. “I’m going insane sitting here so long in the silence,” I whispered to myself.

Ok… now what should I do…? I’m sure I could I run from this dungeon with my power by teleporting back to my world, but I was quickly reminded that meant I would have to leave Evelyn behind with HIM. Just thinking that already made it hard to breath.

Let’s forget about that stuff… I needed to find a way to open this lock first. Yeah, that’s what I’d like to say. Because I don’t know how to lock pick this shackle. Why? How could I lock pick this when there is no hole? Geez, are these shackles locked with magic?

Yeah, welcome to a real fantasy world. This was a place where everything was about magic. FUCK off, magic! I might have escaped if it wasn’t for you.

I tried to break it with my enhanced strength but it was futile.

Guess, I really needed to teleport back to my world…? Would the chains join me? Would someone from my world even be able to cut them off?

I tried the same way I came here.


It was not working…I started to think that’s not really my power.

Was my method wrong? Or there was really cool down? But when I come to this world, I use the teleport twice, the first one when I come here for the first time and the second one when I return to my world carrying injured Evelyn.

Or this is the way of God of this world messing with me, they trying to make me believe this power was mine but in fact, it wasn’t. Or they just wanted to make my life more miserable… if so, fuck them.

Well, it’s not like thinking all of that would help…

With an exhale of breath, I lay down on my back and closed my eyes for a moment, trying to work out some sort of plan.

With my whole body aching, I couldn’t help but feel tired. I soon found myself feel sleepy.

Ahh, let’s just sleep… as I closed my eyes. I heard the prison door creak open.

I opened my eyes and looked back up. When I turned my head towards the noise I saw three heavily armored men enter, I can’t see their face as their face as they wearing helmet. The two burley men walked up to my cell and starting undoing the lock.

“Um,” I whispered, “Am I getting to leave?”

One of the three looked at me unkindly informed me, “No, but there is someone want to see you.”

Someone want to see me? Who? Evelyn? One of them unlocked the door and pulled it open.

“Get out, you piece of filth, and make your peace with whichever black deity you pray to. It is time to face your sins and crimes,” The guard said. “Or I shall come in there and get you. If I do, you will come out in pieces.”

My sins and crimes? What was that? Can I eat it? Was my sins and crime fucking Evelyn or coming to this world?

As I stared up in wonder, I was dragged out of my cell and pushed onwards. I cursed at them, but all I got in return was a hard smack on the back of the head. Not sensing that the moment to act had arrived, I clenched my fist and ate the insult. Another shove and I moved forwards.

The guards grabbed me by the arms and spun me around. Grasping me tightly and keeping their, the two guard began to half-push, half-drag me toward the entrance of the Abyss.

I tried feebly to resist by dragging my feet but the guards were much stronger than me and they simply pulled him along. Dammit, were they using magic or something?

“Keep moving, dog!” One of the guards behind me pushed me forward with such might that I bumped into the guard in front of me. The other two at my sides grabbed my arms and rushed me to the unlocked door. After glaring at the guard that pushed me, I walked on my own.

When we passed the door, we entered some kind of the entrance to the Abyss looked like a gigantic temple. It was ancient, being covered in cracks, vine, and moss.

There are so many guards in every corner, and what make it worst, there were guards at every possible escape route. Shit, this is gonna be hard, at this point, I couldn’t do anything without a weapon of some kind, especially with my hands and feet being restrained like this.

What should I do? At this rate, I can’t escape from here! As I began to worry myself, I was dragged again by the guard.

We moved toward a certain door.

I turned to the guards and whispered, “Just a little question. Can you tell me, is this place some kind of religious or cult related? Am I going to be executed here? ”

“Be quiet,” The guard on my right side growled, tightening his grip on my arms. “You should have thought about where your crimes could lead you before you committed them. Plead for mercy as long as you like. We will give you none.”

“Fuck you, then… ” I cursed.

Damn, they are real professional guards. They are not letting their guard down.

Ahhhhh, guess am I going to die here?

The guard looked at the great yawning stone of the entrance’s door as we git closer. It looked almost alive and seemed eager to swallow me whole.


Oh shit, is that confession room, interrogation room or just another torture rooms? They sure have weird hobbies if they have two torture rooms.

The guards pulled me in front of the door, pushing me up on my feet. I stood in front, facing the giant, ancient steel door. I could see a huge lock on the door, very well crafted.

The guard front of me took a key from his belt. He approached the door cautiously and fiddled with the lock. While the guard on my left touch the shackles on my feet and it was removed. Fuck, it’s really has magic function.

As he did, the guard turned around and faced me, drew his sword and pointed it at my chest.

I sharpened my eyes and became ready for the worst.

“You will meet someone who is very special and important, if you try something funny… I will kill you!”

I knew this guard would follow through on his threats.

“Alright, if I managed to please this very important and special, return me to my cell or just release me,” I reply him with smirk.

“You will face your punishment, Dog, and you will pay for what you have done, “The guard answered with a snort.

“Hahaha, that’s really funny because I don’t know what I have done, Dog!”

Then, there was a horrible click. I saw the guard in front was removing the lock.

The guard pushed open the doors. They opened with a loud creak, dust spraying from their edges and falling to the ground.

The door opened to reveal nothing but darkness.


I stared down into the blackness.

“Erm… Is the person who wanted to meet me inside this dark room?”

The guard said nothing and just shoved me forward. I tumbled and fell into the darkness through the open door and landed hard on the other side against something cold.

The guards both grabbed the door and pushed them. As they did, the second guard smiled at me and said, “I hope you suffer.”

The doors then slammed shut and everything went dark.

Ok, now where was this person who wants to meet me.


I sensed another two people in front of me and more behind me.

The dark room suddenly became bright.

I found a beautiful girl around thirteen sitting at a desk with pair of blue eyes looking down at my face. She very much resembled someone I know… she must be…

“Hello, Mr. Criminal, nice to meet you, I am Emilia Reteliwyra Sapphire. Evelyn nee-sama’s little sister” she said, with a raised eyebrow. Once again, I was speechless.

Yup, she was Evelyn’s little sister, I totally expected it.

What made me speechless is why she want to meet me in this place? Should I say the Shimaidon flag was triggered in the wrong way?



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