Bonded Goddess – Chapter 4

“Nhnn …”

The sun shone with a curious harshness, coercing my still sunken eyes to open as I felt chilliness throughout my body. The curtain windows lined with sunlight were drowning this seemingly lonely room with their harsh light.

It’s been a while since I had such a good and comfortable sleep, I also don’t need to use sleeping pills. I stared up at the ceiling for a few moments. With a long yawn, I forced my cracking joints to straighten up but for some reason, my body felt heavy yet comfortable…


I heard a seductive voice. When I looked over, the person there was a naked silver-haired beauty. Evelyn, a transcendent beauty from another world, was using my left arm as a pillow and sleeping soundly.

Even Evelyn’s sleeping face also looked like a goddess, so beautiful…

She’s so beautiful, I’m so lucky I can sleep with her. I gently caress her soft face, trying not to wake her up. A small smile curves on her lips and it literally made my heart jump. My eyes wander down, examining her body. Her porcelain white skin was very bright under sunlight. Her skin looks very smooth and it was very bad for my junior, slender waist, soft round butt, long legs, and her huge boobs.

Yup, there is no doubt, her body is absolutely perfect.

Well, while watching sleeping beauty-like Evelyn was fun, this wasn’t the time for that… I was hungry… A lot of things had happened last night. Like, I went to another world, had a fateful meeting with a beauty, then I was chased by a monster. I was saved by that beauty, and then I had sex with her to save her life…

I was so freaking hungry when I remembered all of that…

I should make breakfast… Evelyn must be hungry too when she wakes.

I gently pulled my arm from Evelyn’s hands, but I can’t free myself as she was holding my arms too tightly.

I took a look at the sleeping beauty… She was still sleeping, right? I sighed as I pulled my trapped hand again, freeing it this time. I cover her with the blanket and went to the bathroom attached to my room while scratching my head.

I washed my face. Then, I took a look at the mirror. I was still a boring man with an unshaved messy beard and messy black hair. But strangely enough, maybe it’s just me, but did I actually look a little younger and healthier?  Well, never mind…

I wanted to take a shower, but I’ll prepare breakfast first.

After I’m done checking myself in the bathroom, I went downstairs to the kitchen to open the refrigerator.

“Good, I have enough ingredients,” I muttered to myself.

Examining the inside of the refrigerator, there were enough ingredients for more than two people.

I started to cook, wondering if Evelyn liked omelets. As I took my time, I heard footsteps. That’s when I saw Evelyn enter the kitchen wearing only a t-shirt.

“— Good morning, Evelyn,” I greeted her as I placed the food on the table.

“Morning…” Evelyn entered the kitchen shyly, her head lowered.

She sat down at the table without another word, looking down at the plate of food in front of her. Meanwhile, I prepared a second plate for myself while eyeing her out of the corner of my eye. The shirt she was wearing was my own, it was over-sized T-shirt that came halfway down her thighs and she looked damn sexy in it. Her big breast bulged under that shirt and her long white legs completely visible. She looked better in it than I did. Although, I’m pretty sure it didn’t matter what she wore, she’d always look hot and perfect

“Eggs mixed with cheese… … What is this called…?” Evelyn was poking the meal with her fork.

“Ah, it’s called an Omelet. I was worried it’d be something that didn’t agree with your stomach.”

Evelyn responded with a silent nod, scooping up some of the egg with her fork and putting it in her mouth. Even tasting the meal I prepared looked attractive. Thoughts of the previous night invaded my vision.

“Mm!” Evelyn’s eyes widened, “It’s good!”

“Ah… thank you… I… ah shit…” I was so caught up watching Evelyn, which made my own eggs started to burn.

I quickly pulled the slightly browner than I’d like eggs onto my plate and moved across from her, sitting down at the table opposite of this beautiful woman. I still found it hard to believe the previous night. It was almost like a dream. If she wasn’t sitting there in anything but a t-shirt.

Evelyn picks up a glass sitting on the table and drinks the brown liquid inside.

“Blah! Bitter…”

This time she puts on a gross face. I couldn’t help but laugh since even that was cute.

“I take it you don’t have coffee in your world.”

Evelyn shook her head. “No, we have coffee… I’ve just never drunk it before. Isn’t it supposed to have milk and sugar in it? ”

“Haha, ah, well, it’s a bit of an acquired taste. I stopped putting sugar in it because the doctors were all saying that was bad.” I explained, “I know the coffee shop down the street does all kinds of things to their coffee. It had whipped cream and is very sweet. I should take you there… sometimes.”

Evelyn nods thoughtfully, “I’d like to try that.”

A small part of me was overjoyed by that comment. I was afraid that she might desperately want to return home. I’d have thought it was. Part of me also considered that I could have woken up alone. She might have run off as she might have some way to return to her world I’m not aware of. But the fact she was still here had overjoyed me, but I didn’t know how long I could keep her here.

In the end, we really needed to discuss what happened the previous night. As we ate in a somewhat awkward silence, I began to feel a greater and greater need to ask.

“Ah… the bathroom is right over there.” I pointed down the hall to an open door.

“Thank you.” Evelyn blushed, giving a nod before standing and racing away.

As my eyes followed her, I frowned. That was weird. Suddenly, I just had the absolute certainty that Evelyn had to pee. In fact, I could count down to the exact second she started relieving herself.

My eyes widened as I felt her relief from going. What the hell is going on?

Evelyn came out of the bathroom shyly, blushing even more when she saw me eying her. “Don’t look at me that way after I came from the bathroom… p-pervert.”

Evelyn spoke awkwardly, not aggressively. It was clear she had something on her mind that she wasn’t telling me.

“Evelyn… about last night.”

“I’m sorry.” Evelyn suddenly bowed down, bending herself nearly in half with a bow. “What happened is, it’s my entire fault!”

“Eh?” I was very confused.

To see such a cute, beautiful girl like Evelyn suddenly apologize to me so aggressively made me confused… aren’t I the one at fault? I jeopardize everything because of my actions. I even put her life in danger and almost kill her. Yes, I’m the reason she got hurt too. On top of that, I took her virginity. Even I saved her, I still took her precious virginity. Saving a girl by taking her virginity only used in Xianxia novel’s BS.

Everything I did to her last night was bad, very bad… if anyone should be apologizing, it’s me! it’s my fault!

I immediately rose from my seat, trying to prevent Evelyn from bowing. “You have nothing to apologize for! It was really my fault. So, please don’t…”

Evelyn was shaking her head. “No! No… you don’t understand, the ceremony, the thing you did to save my life… it’s permanent. I was afraid. I didn’t want to die so young. So, I tricked you into making an Eternal Pact with me. If I had told you everything, I thought you might say no.”

“Huh, an Eternal Pact? Are you talking about my ability to tell you can pee?”

Evelyn’s face went red. “Can you not mention that out loud! But yes… that’s one of those things. Last night, we performed a ceremony of sorts. A binding event. Does your world understand chemistry?”

“Chemistry? Ah… our world does… but I, not so much…”

“Well, do you know pr understand about nuclear fusion?”

“Ah? Like… the sun?”

“Yes!” Evelyn nodded excitedly. “Like the sun… when two hydrogen atoms are brought close enough together… with enough energy present, they fuse… producing helium.”

“I guess I follow you so far, but what does that have to do with last night?”

“Last night, we brought our souls together. I used magic as a catalyst, and when our souls touched…” Evelyn took both her hands and then merged them together, wrapping her fingers and intertwining them under her hands were inseparable.

“Hah? You mean our souls have become… one?”

Evelyn nodded very rapidly and then turned away shyly. “I can feel you… and you can feel me. It’s more than that though. Our lifelines are combined. We shared a life-link, I won’t die unless you die, you won’t die unless I die. Or perhaps more accurately, if one of us dies, we both die.”

“Wow…” I was floored by the answer.

However, I didn’t have any doubt what she said was the truth. In a nutshell, I felt Evelyn. I felt every part of her. I knew she had a slight itch on the back of her hand. I knew her hips were still a little sore from last night. I also knew that right now she was feeling incredibly anxious and worried. Evelyn feared a rejection from me. This beautiful woman who had given her virginity last night was afraid I’d reject her? It was something I could not wrap my head around.

“A-are… you mad?” Evelyn asked nervously.

I shook my head. “No… last night, I would have given my life to save you. Now that I realize I have, I don’t regret it for a second.”

I truly didn’t. Even if she turned away and returned to her world and we never spoke again. Last night was something I absolutely would never regret!

“R-really?” Evelyn’s face was blushing, but I could feel that her heart was beating faster too.

“Evelyn, I’d be happy to spend the rest of my life with you. It’d be wonderful to grow old together.”

“Eh? Old? Ah…” Evelyn put on a wry smile. “About that…”

“Huh? You don’t want to stay together?” I responded, trying to keep the bitterness from my voice.

I mean, it’s not surprising. True, we bonded our souls together, but it’s not like we knew each other. This was likely more just an unfortunate problem for her. However, feeling each other didn’t necessarily mean we’d stay the rest of our lives together. I suddenly felt stupid for jumping the gun here.

“I don’t know how to say this…” Evelyn’s eyes looked sad, as she genuinely looked lost.

I sighed. Here it comes.

“Just say it clearly.” I encouraged her, my voice growing even more depressed.

“I’m not human.”


“While my appearance similar to human, I’m not a human… My race is called Leflena-Fae.”

“Fae? A Fairy?

“No, we are a different race, although our lines came from the same world as Fae. As well as the Sidhe, the Fairies the Elves, the Kvar, and the Fey.”

“I don’t understand what you are trying to tell me.”

“Those who descended from the realm of Fae don’t age. We don’t grow old.”

“You’re… immortal?”

“No, no, no… we can die… I almost died last night, remember?” Evelyn explained.

“Ah… I see, you can be killed but, you won’t die from old age…”

Evelyn nods, watching me carefully to see how I responded. “I’ll remain this way for the remainder of my life, which if I’m lucky, may even be a million years. At least, that’s how old the eldest Faerie are.”

“M-million…” I suddenly felt dizzy, sitting back on my sit with a thump, and then an idea popped in my head. “But our lives are combined now! That means when I grow old and die… you’ll… Oh, no… you’re only going to live about fifty years or so! I’m so sorry!”

This time, I was bowing down, but Evelyn smirked while shaking her head. “No, not at all. I already said, our souls merged. It is the Fae soul that continues to revitalize my vessel, that is, my body. As our souls are one, our soul with also revitalizes your body. It already seems to be starting. Likely, you’ll grow younger and healthier in the next few days, and that’s how you’ll stay.”

“I’ll stay young… forever?”

Evelyn gave a complicated expression. “Is… that bad?”

This time, I shook my head. “No, not at all! Being young forever, that’s what every person everywhere wants. I should consider myself quite lucky!”

Evelyn let out a breath. “Oh, glad to hear that.”

I could feel the relief in her through our bond. It really was something that had worried her greatly. I suppose changing someone’s destiny like that could seriously hurt people. Finding out you’d live forever could be a torment if you hated your life. For me, however, with Evelyn by my side… wait… that part was known yet.

“Evelyn… about us…” I started, not quite sure what to say.

This time, Evelyn couldn’t meet my eyes. “I had already decided last night. The Leflena-Fae’s can only have one soulmate. That bond is eternal. I won’t pretend what happened last night didn’t happen. As far as I’m concerned, I will spend the rest of eternity with you.”

Suddenly, Evelyn gave me a shy look, “That is… if you’ll have me.”

This girl was beautiful and had already shown that she was willing to give her life for me. Not just that, but she had given me so much already. I’d be an idiot to deny this beautiful teenage girl. Wait… teenager? She’s immortal, so this age might be deceptive. Well, she said she was young, but what’s young to someone who lives forever? This girl could very well be like one of those 200 years old young girls. My beautiful teenage love interest might really be a Baba (granny) in teenager body!! I suddenly felt anxious knowing she could very well be many years older than I am!

“Ahem, H-how old are you?” I demanded my eyes fervent.

“Y-you dare ask a girl’s age!” Evelyn looked surprised and glared me as I asked that.

She must be even older! She must be older than my grandma who still kicking in the countryside. Wait! Calm down. Even if she’s 200 or whatever, what’s that when you’re talking about spending eternity with her! It’s really what’s on the inside that counts. Although the outside is pretty hot too! Watching her stand there in my shirt, squirming and looking nervous is too adorable, regardless of her age. Remembering the previous night, spending forever with this woman no longer seemed even remotely disagreeable. Her age didn’t matter. I want this woman to stay by my side and I wanted to spend the rest of existence getting to know every nook and cranny.

Wait… What is this Pact used for anyway? It’s used to binding the soul? What its true purpose? I have a hunch about it… but let’s just wait till Evelyn told me. I don’t know when but I’m sure will eventually.

“So… what’s your answer?” Evelyn demanded after seeing my silence.

“Since our souls are one, can’t you tell?” I responded teasingly. “What’s on my mind right now?”

Evelyn thought for a second, then her eyes lowered and she turned away. “You pervert…”

However, I took a step forward and embraced her anyway. Her body shuttered in my grasp, but I knew the relief she was feeling on the inside. As I held her, I kissed her on the top of the head.

“Forever,” I said.

“Y-you mean it?” She asked, her voice muffled cutely against my chest.

“I’ll show you exactly how much I mean it!” I said, taking her lips as soon as she looked up at me.

“Mmm! Mnnnn… Mnnnss…” Evelyn made surprised noises as my lips attacked hers.

However, she could feel the desire rising inside me. And I could feel the need rising inside her. Her resistance soon crumbled. The pair of melted into each other, and fell to the floor a moment later.

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