Bonded Goddess – Chapter 5

Evelyn and I kept kissing. We held each other as tightly as possible. Evelyn seemed to want me just as much as I wanted her right now, so I was just about ready to start stripping her body.

Ring Riiiiing

We are interrupted by the dial-tone of my smartphone.


Evelyn and I look at each other, but I decided to ignore it, moving in to resume kissing. The phone keeps ringing persistently as if it won’t stop unless I answer it. I want to ignore this phone so much or just turn it off… but thanks to this interruption, the romantic situations ruined. Even Evelyn returned to her seat and resumed eating her breakfast awkwardly.


Who the fuck dares calling people this early in the morning!

I pick the phone and look at screen. Silence. I went from happy to pissed in an instant. Tsk, this guy…

“Yes, Ogawa here.” I answer in a vexed voice.

“Ogawa-kun, it’s me.”

The moment I heard this old and annoying voice, my mood worsened. Who was that guy? That guy is my boss, but not from my old job. He’s from my current job at the laborer site.

He was old, fat, smelly, very demanding, controlling and a jerk bastard. He was the old man that you can find easily in every Ero-Doujin. But this bastard actually gave good pay for the work of a laborer. Which is what is so frustrating. I mean, if the bastard shut his fucking mouth, I could work for him without problem.

“Why are you not coming to work?”

“I’m sick”

“Sick? I don’t care! You have to come today!”

See? This guy was an ass. He was someone that won’t take no for an answer. Normally, I wouldn’t care about this, but with Evelyn by my side. I suddenly felt that it had to stop.

“Then, I quit.”


“I said, I quit, douchebag.”

“Ohh, so the little wimp finally gained the balls to talk back!”

“Listen well, asshole. I will come to your place and break your nose or your limp dick if you say another word against me.”


“Don’t call me again.” I hung up.

Evelyn who just finished eating was watching my face anxiously.

“Who is that?”

“Not someone important.” I smiled at her.

She just nodded as she understood that I didn’t want to talk about it.

“Well, by the way, Evelyn… Do you have any spare clothes inside that magic storage of yours?”

She took a sword and military-like clothes from out of nowhere before, so it must be magic and It wouldn’t be strange if she had spare clothes inside it.

“Magic storage? You mean my Dimensional Storage? I usually have spare clothes but I didn’t bring it last night… Why?”

“I want to take you out… but with your current appearance…”

Well, her military-like clothing was ruined and she was still wearing my T-shirt. Seeing her in just a T-shirt is too much for me… I mean it! Should I brought her like this? I don’t want some assholes gazing at her! Just because I was cheated on once didn’t mean I was a pushover to guys flirting with my girl. Evelyn is mine! Since I made that decision, I needed to take responsibility and follow through with it. And Evelyn will spend her life with me for eternity. So, of course it’s also necessary to buy her daily necessities.

“I’m sorry…” Evelyn apologized in a cute way that left my heart beating rapidly.

“It’s fine, I’ll think of something.”

That’s how I ended up finding her a summer dress which a dug out of my storage that was saved from my wrath when I destroyed everything related to that bitch and her daughter. Had I run into it even a week ago I would have burned it, but now I was suddenly thankful for being too lazy to dig into the storage. I had bought it for my ex-wife years ago. She had assured me that she could fit in it, but even after proving that it wouldn’t fit after she tried it on in the store using the largest size possible, she had still wanted it claiming she’d lose the two inches needed. Naturally, she never did.

However, that same dress seemed to fit on Evelyn perfectly. Well, not perfectly, it was a little tight in the chest, Evelyn seemed trouble by it. Well, since it does belong to the bitch with a small chest it naturally wouldn’t fit Evelyn’s huge boobs. However, Evelyn looked very sexy in it. In fact, perhaps a little too sexy, knowing that she wasn’t even wearing a bra and her boob could pop out anytime, it made the dress do more damage than the t-shirt. No sooner did she put the dress on then I wanted to tear it off her again. However, it was the only thing we had and I couldn’t afford to ruin it before we bought replacements. Thus, I had no choice but to calm down my arousal and take Evelyn out.

Endure it, me!

Evelyn followed me to the garage, entered my car, and sat on the passenger seat without asking any questions about what it was. I had my suspicion, I guess her world is a modern place just like this world?

“Evelyn, put your seatbelt on,” I said as I started to turn the car on.


I take that back, I guess her world is still in the medieval era.

“Yeah, seatbelt, this thing that is going across my chest and lap. Your side has one to, put it on.”  She stared intently at the strap going across me and then started searching for her own.  It didn’t take long before she found it.

“So, we are going to merchant guild?” She asked as she put on the seatbelt.

Merchant Guild? Is her world a fantasy RPG world?

“No, we are going to the Hyper Mall.”

“Hyper Mall? Is that the name of the shop?” She tilted her head. Damn, that’s really cute.

“Yeah, but it’s a little different from a store, it is bigger with a lot of different shops.”

“What is the difference?”

“You’ll see for yourself in a moment,” I smiled as we drove away.

It only took ten minutes to reach the destination.

As I pulled my car into the parking lot, luckily it didn’t look like there were too many cars there so we could park close and be in and out quickly.  Evelyn’s eyes went wide and she picked up her head and pressed her face up against the window..

“That’s the store?”

“Yup, that’s the store,” I said as I pulled into a parking spot and turned off the car.

“It’s small,” she said as she looked disappointed.



Now I felt defeated and started wondering how big this Merchant Guild was.

I smiled wryly and opened the door.

“Let’s go.” She looked happy for some reason though.

Evelyn attempted to get out as she clicked the button, but her seatbelt stopped her. She wasn’t struggling with the belt because she didn’t know how to release it. Rather, the seatbelt was too tight for her boobs and it wouldn’t release her.

What’s with this strap jacks?

“….” she looks at me quietly with puppy dog eyes… Honestly, how the hell am I supposed to say no to that?

With a sigh I closed my door and walked around to her side. Opening her door, I leaned in over her and reached for the belt’s button.  I could feel the warmth from her skin, the breathe from her mouth on my neck, and I could smell her sweet scent, it almost made me lose it for a second, damn it!

Evelyn is too dangerous for me!

I clicked the seat belt button and it released with a lurch.  Evelyn, who had been tightly bounded by seatbelt, fell into me and knocked me back on the cement of the parking lot, before she tumbled out and landed on top of me.

Aww… that’s hurt.

Evelyn who landed on my chest and looked down at me who lying under her. “Thank you…” she said, her cheeks turning redder.

This girl is really dangerous.

But what with this dangerous pose? She was laying on top me and her chest pressed against my chest. I could feel the softness of her huge breasts.

Before I realized it, I kissed her and she responded happily. I don’t know how long we kissed.

“Mommy, Look! They’re kissing!”

A girl’s voice can be heard and drew the both of us out of our own little world. We quickly separated and stood up right away, and finding a woman staring at us while covering her small girl’s eyes. The girl seems around the age of eight. Her mother quickly pulled her out of sight. For some unknown reason, the woman looked at Evelyn with the hatred, jealousy and even envy. And for other unknown reason, Evelyn looked smug about it.

Women is scary~


I grabbed Evelyn’s hands, walking into the mall, and led her along towards the clothing boutique store.

As we walked in, we really attracted too many people or rather; it was Evelyn who attracted them.

She really caught the eye of everyone present. Yup, I saw this coming. There is no way, someone would ignore her. What kind of idiots would ignore a beautiful girl like Evelyn who captivated whoever set their eyes on her?

Well, today is Saturday… So, no wonder this place quite crowded today. Everyone actually stopped moving just to “glance” at her.

Well, like I mentioned before, she was wearing a cute summer dress. It had a simple white sleeveless top made for a display of her slender arms, and with a short mini skirt made for an even better view of her white thighs. The light reflected off of that perfect skin of hers, and her breasts bounced little with every step, I’m really worried they will pop out and I’m ready to kill anyone who dared looking at her breast. That’s breast are mine!

Basically, Evelyn who continued to walk along the streets with her luscious figure easily bewitched the eyes of onlookers both men and women, some looked on with lust, while others, envy.

Finally, we reached the clothing boutique.

As we entered the store, the employees who should have welcomed us could only look at Evelyn with awe and gasp.

Geez, not again.


“Oh, this is quite nice fabric!” Evelyn looked happy as she examined the clothing fabric as I watched her move from rack to rack. Evelyn tried on different clothes, dancing in front of a full-length mirror as she tested out the various fashions and styles.

Everyone there watched her out of the corner of their eye, it didn’t seem to matter if they were in a relationship or married.

Geez, can you people stop staring at my lover?  Hey, Mr. Boyfriend over here, your girlfriend is leaving you know! Sir, your wife is biting her handkerchief! Hey, Onii-chan?! Your little sister seems trying to do something!!

Then, Evelyn takes few dresses as she immediately goes to the changing room and I followed her.

Then a few minutes later, Evelyn came out wearing a pink skater dress.

“Kyou, do I look good in it?” Evelyn asked me.

Evelyn was wearing this sleeveless pink skater dress with a thigh high skirt showing her smooth white thigh. I really wanted to dive in to those thighs.

“Yes, you look really good in it!” I felt myself blush as I said that.

I could feel Evelyn was really embarrassed but also felt her happiness as I complimented her.

Then, she closed the curtain again.

After another long ten minutes… Geez, why do women always take their time when they are changing clothes? The curtain opened and I was speechless.

“How do I look?”

She wore a silvery white dress that complimented her silver hair, making her look like the moon itself as it shone brightly in the night sky. The dress didn’t reveal much skin and was very modest, but it fit her so well.

My soulmate was a real Goddess! I was certain that the title ‘Goddess of the Moon’ fit her perfectly!!

“You look great,” I answered honestly.

She smiled happily, and then closed the curtain again… You still want to change?

Another long ten minutes passed, she came out again and I instantly held my breath. And for some reason, I heard gulping and gasping sound behind me.

This time, she wore a quite revealing… OH MY GOD!

“How about this?” She asked naughtily.

Wearing a slim fit deep black dress that makes a V-cut revealing the cleavage of her huge breasts, the skirt is shorter than the first dress she tried, as it revealing more of her white long legs. This made her look like a ‘Goddess of the Succubae’ instead ‘Goddess of the Moon’, with golden outlines fitting a royalty.

“It…also…looks…great,” I managed.

“Which do you think is better?”

“Everything looks good on you.”

“Eh…Really?” Evelyn smirked and looked delightful, she was teasing me. Evelyn… you will pay for that.

Evelyn smirked at me as turned away to try out another new piece of clothing.


Evelyn ended up purchasing quite a lot. It’s very costly… Geez, I know I said I will buy everything, but still… Plus, she put everything into the Dimensional storage magic or whatever it was called once we left the store. Man, I wish I had something like that. At least I didn’t need to carry all of her clothes.

I carefully stuck close to Evelyn, hiding any spot that might lead Evelyn to be seen upskirt. She was still absent any underwear. That also meant every outfit she tried on earlier was in the absence of undergarments. It probably wasn’t appropriate to have her wear it like that, but I was too aroused to tell her that! I bought everything she tried on anyway, so it’s fine.

“Over here, Kyou!”

Evelyn took my hand, led me, and I followed her to the second store, surprised when I saw that it was for underwear.

WAIT, how did she know where the underwear store was located?!

I went inside and there were already ten or more other women there, all of them looked at us just as we showed up. And all of them gasped when they saw Evelyn.

Yeah, again…

But it’s an inexpressible feeling. I thought I wouldn’t ever enter this kind of place again… Yet, here I am! This time I’m not accompanying ugly bitches with a bad attitude. I’m with a real woman! A real beautiful woman!

The majority of them in this part of the section were for adults, but there were a few here and there for younger teenagers.

I then look at Evelyn who picked blue striped bra.

“I think you need bigger ones, I don’t think those would fit.” I said with a slight laugh.

“Pervert!” Evelyn blushed as she took another bra, she was holding up all kinds of bras for me to see, some polka dotted, some plain colors even a few that were more in the lingerie category. And she wanted my opinion on each and every one.

“Ah!” Evelyn gave out a happy cry, picking up a set of bra and panties.

I look at the size on the bra, they were the right size… but…

“Bear panties?” I couldn’t help but mumble.

“Aren’t these really cute?” Evelyn asks, putting the pair up, the bra over her breasts and the panties over her bottom.

The set were light blue, with a cartoon bear drawn on the crotch. Isn’t that child panties! What the hell are they doing in the adult section, and in an adult size!? However, with Evelyn holding them up so excitedly, my mouth twitched, unable to inform her that these probably belonged to a very specific kind of fetish.

“Ma’am, those don’t seem to suite you at all. Perhaps you would like to try one of these.” A store clerk, a young female who would have been beautiful if she wasn’t being compared to Evelyn thankfully saved the day.

As she distracted Evelyn away from the bear panties, I let out a breath of relief, that was until I say the stuff she was redirecting Evelyn too. It was the erotic panty section! That were, panties with certain see-through properties! On top of that, these panties cost an arm and a leg. Of course, I wanted to see Evelyn in them. I want! I could afford this even I just quit my job! But it will cost me! A lot!

Evelyn seemed to pick up on the numbers, which seemed to triple from the previous bin to the new ones. “Ah, aren’t these a little much?”

“Not at all!” The clever store clerk responded. “After all, you male… companion here is going to pay. He wouldn’t definitely be happy if you wore this!”

No, bad store clerk! She was completely misunderstanding the situation! She must have the impression that I was a sugar daddy or one of those rich guys taking his mistress out to buy her stuff. In that case, she was trying to make me pay for the sex I was about to receive.

Ah! The clerk just shot me a dark look out of the corner of her eyes. This was personal! I could already tell she was thinking ‘If this ugly guy manages to sleep with a woman this beautiful, he better pay a lot!’.

“Why don’t you try this on, your man will surely love this.”

“C-can I show him?” Evelyn suddenly asks shyly.

“Ehhhh?” The girl looks surprised. “What are you talking about?”

“I want to make sure he likes it, so once I put it on… c-can he see it?” She turns away shyly with a blush, causing even more attention with her own cuteness.

This was unfortunately overheard by everyone in the store, and soon ten women’s eyes turned from her to me. Suddenly, they grew very icy. If Evelyn was a supernatural beauty that caught every eye, I was an unworthy bug who had somehow taken advantage of this perfect Goddess. Some of the girls wore open disgust on their faces that a pervert like me was going to be looking at this perfect beauty with my lecherous eyes.

When every eye on her didn’t seem like a bad thing but now, suddenly, having their eyes locked on me like that, it’s scare me. Just ignore me! Keep ignoring me, everyone! I’m not here!

Not wanting to let a so-called moneymaker go, the store clerk eventually conceded that I could peak into the curtain when she gave the indication that she was ready. However, as she gave that concession, she gave me a look that seemed to bore into my soul.

That left me standing in front of her changing room with three different pairs of panties in my hands. Every few seconds one of the other women would shoot me a hateful look until I felt like hiding.

“I’m ready…” A voice came from the curtain.

My face went white as all of the women glared at me. However, this was my woman and I couldn’t let them bully me. Why does my back feel like it’s getting stabbed by glares as I approach the curtain? It must be my imagination. Yeah, that’s right!

As soon as my eyes peaked over the curtain, my mouth fell open and my thing sprung to full attention.

“S-so what do you think?” Evelyn can’t even look me in the eye as she says that shyly, her head lowered and her cheeks red.

She’s wearing a black number with very fancy thread. The panties are almost a G-string, showing the round cheeks perfectly, while barely just covering her fur patch. Her pink nipples were barely visible through the lining of the bra, just barely obscuring the details enough that I desperately wanted to see more. If seeing her in a stunning dress caused me to gasp, this was a completely KO!

“W-well? She became even shyer under my intense gaze.

“B-b-buy!” Is the only word I got out.

A little bit later I sighed as my card was swept through, wiping out a good chunk of my savings. The store clerk was smiling like a cat that caught a canary, while Evelyn unknowingly bagged three pairs of underwear, with a forth she had managed to slip on so the remainder of our journey was safe. No, it wasn’t one of the sexy pairs! I managed to get her some normal underwear too! There is no way I’d have her walking around in that skirt with that kind of underwear. It did nothing to protect her bits from prying eyes.  And yes, I even picked up the bear underwear. She had been looking at it longingly, and so I went and fetched it. However, the clerk didn’t have to give me such a cold look as I handed it over to her to ring up. Well, at least it made Evelyn happy.

After leaving the underwear store, we were strolling the mall and stopped at another clothing store, I had bought pants, jeans, skirts and dresses for Evelyn’s daily clothes.

“So, what’s next?” Evelyn asked as we walked out of the story.

While I still checking my wallet, it suddenly feeling very light even though I paid with a card. Glad, I’m still having more saving….

“Lunch…I’m hungry.”

As I said that, I heard someone’s stomach growled, I then looked at Evelyn’s slightly flushed face. Since I’m an understanding person, I didn’t say anything.


“Come on, come on. I need a drink, anyway.”

We went to a Starbucks for lunch located on food court with her arms linked with me.

I took Evelyn to an empty table, and sat there.

“How about taste another coffee? The Vanilla Latte here is quite sweet” I said to Evelyn

“Really? This morning coffee is too bitter for me. So, I hope this one quite sweet.”

“Oh, right. Evelyn seems the type to like really sweet things.”

“Yes, I love sweet things… that’s why I never I drink a coffee back in my world. I prefer Milk.”

“Yeah, I notice that. No wonder you grown so big…” I grinned again as I look at her splendid hot body.

“Uh…pervert” Evelyn blushed probably know what I’m talking about.

“Well, if you don’t want any coffee-type drink, then what do you want?”

“Does this place also sell Milk?”

“Well, they do sell it, you sure?”

“Milk,” she repeated incredulously.

I laughed at that.

“I’m sure you want to try Milk Coffee, right.” She nodded at my question.

“…Milk Coffee with lots of milk and sugar.”

“Okay, okay. Watch the table. I’ll go order our drinks.” Evelyn chuckled and nodded.

I then moved to the counter and ordered. I watched Evelyn from the counter and sighed. She was super-attractive, already drawing stares from every customers, whether they are female or male in the food court.

If we follow, otaku’s clichéd, then I was the target of many jealous stares, with the guys muttering how Evelyn was wasted on me, or how they wanted to kill me! But In reality, people couldn’t care less about the guy the beauty was with, and my presence was thankfully completely ignored, rather they treat like me I wasn’t there.

Let’s be honest, the writers use that cliché for self-fantasizing, wish fulfillment purposes, to feel good about having a nameless, faceless mass jealous over his self-insert protagonist. Fortunately, reality didn’t work that way. The guys were too occupied with ogling Evelyn that they didn’t notice my existence at all. They didn’t even bother to realize that I was accompanying her.

But well, I actually agree on that part, she really wasted on someone like me but since she chose to stay with me, then, I will make her happy.

I return to my table and waiting for our orders.

The waitress comes with a tray, trying not to spill the drinks from the two big cups. I quickly rose and helped her set the cups on the table. The cashier gives me the strange look, she must be wondering why someone like Evelyn sat on my table.

Well, Evelyn drew the coffee milk closer to her and drinks it.

And few moments later, the same waitress comes with our food.

We ate lunch while chatting happily as I was looking around the food court casually for a while until I saw her.

 “Ah, shit!” I cursed.

There were a group of high school girls walking by. They were talking loudly and laughing. All of them wore too much makeup and expensive designer clothing. They were actually quite rude, nearly knocking someone over who was too slow to get out of their way. It was the kind of stuff a father would embarrassed to see from their kid in public.

That was exactly why this was the worst situation, because one of those kids I recognized. Rather, one of them was my daughter, Kirino. My little girl used to follow me anywhere I go and always crying when I leave her.

On the one day I brought Evelyn out, why did we have to run into her? As a parent, I still had some conflicted feeling when it came to Kirino, but she’s not had truly taken after her mother but I couldn’t take one look at her without seeing her bitch mother.

But I have to admit, it’s been two years since I’ve seen her. She truly has grown into beautiful girl. She was petite girl with long brown hair tied in pony tail. Unlike her friends, who dressed like cheap street whore, she dressed like normal attractive girl, no too much make-up. She was wearing white sleeveless ruffle and black hot-pants.

Geez, guess calling her ugly pig is too much… how about change from pig to cute kitten?

“What is it?” Evelyn perked up from her drink, looking around, and her eyes passing over the group of kids.

“It’s… my… ahem… my daughter.”

Evelyn almost spit in my face, her eyes widening. “Your daughter!?”

“Shhh! Yes!” I waved my hands at her to calm her quickly. “We’re not on good terms. I haven’t spoke to her since her mother left me.”

“Ah? You… you were abandoned?” I thought Evelyn would be angry, but to my shock she was wearing a sympathetic look.

“My wife cheated on me. It was a few years ago. I don’t like to talk about it. My daughter, well… she chose her mom.”

Evelyn looked at me tearfully, her heart aching. For someone who lives forever, family was very important. To have that internal bond break, I could see the hurt on her face.

“Geez, don’t look at me like that…” I smiled helplessly.

“Ah, I’m sorry…” said her softly

“Nah, it’s okay…”

“So who is it? Who’s your daughter?” Evelyn asked excitedly.

I pointed covertly behind me. “Over there, the pretty one with the long brown hair in a ponytail… Her name is Kirino”

Evelyn looked at Kirino and her friends. Geez, can you not stare them like that?

“She’s quite pretty.” Evelyn spoke. “Is her mother pretty too?”

“Her mother’s a pig compared to you.” I responded with my head down, still afraid to look back and potentially be seen.

Evelyn wore a complicated expression, happy that I considered her more beautiful, but still complicated.

“Ah… she’s looking at us now.” Evelyn reported.

“Sh-shit!” I looked back on instinct.

In only came to my realization that Evelyn was a very pretty girl and was likely drawing plenty of eyes, including Kirino. That didn’t mean Kirino saw me or recognized me from behind. However, no sooner did my head turn than did my eyes lock with hers.

First, her eyes widened in surprise, her mouth falling open for a second. However, as soon as the surprise dissipated, her eyes started to narrow. A moment later, her expression turned hateful. It was so hateful that it even took Evelyn back, who touched my shoulder gently in concern. Kirino saw her touching me, and her entire body seems to bristle.

This deadlock was interrupted when one of the other girls tapped on Kirino’s shoulder. She gave a nod as the girl whispered something to her. After shooting me one more hateful glare, she turned away and walked off with her friends, not even sparing the pair of us another look. As to what went through her mind seeing me with Evelyn, I couldn’t even pretend to guess.

“I… I don’t know what to say…” when I turned back to Evelyn, she was looking at me with sad eyes.

“It’s fine, I’ve grown used to this kind of thing.” I shrug, not used to having anyone to provide me sympathy.

Evelyn’s entire body language suddenly changed, and she looked down. “Actually, I was thinking I’m about done here.”

“Ah? You don’t need to worry about that.” I responded, “if you want to keep shopping…”

“No… what… I’m saying is… maybe… we can go home and…” Her voice drifts off shyly.

“Go home and what?” I asked in confusion, only then having it dawn on me. “Oh, have sex?”

“P-pervert!” Evelyn barely got it out, but her face was so red and her expression was so cute it was no question that this was indeed what she wanted.

I grabbed Evelyn’s hand and nearly ran to the car. Somehow, Evelyn knew exactly what to say to cheer me up. Perhaps that’s what it meant to be a soulmate. I planned to spend the rest of the day finding out!


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