Bonded Goddess – Chapter 7

The bathroom attached to my room was a medium-sized western-style affair. I had no bathtub, but a walk-in shower with a glass slide door. There was a sink, and then a toilet at the end. As far as bathrooms go it was unremarkable, but slightly roomier than a bathroom attached to a master bedroom typically would be. I had never really liked the cramped bathrooms and always searched for a lot of room. Taking care of personal hygiene was something I didn’t want to do it a tight little space.

Of course, back in the good-old-days before my ex-wife left, the bathroom had been for two. My ex-wife used to leave all kinds of makeup and crap on the counter. The bathroom always looked like a cluttered mess. Nowadays, it almost felt baron, with only a handful of things I needed in only one of the drawers.

Looking at the shower, I gave a slight shiver and anger surfaced… After the divorce, I rarely use this bathroom since it would make me remember the past and fuel my rage and hatred toward my ex-wife. I typically used the hallways bathroom to take care of my needs unless I was drunk or in a hurry to go. The reason for that was simple, this bathroom gave me bad memories.

During the divorce, my wife had been particularly nasty during our settlement meetings. In one such meeting, she had ‘let slip’ that she had frequently engaged in intercourse in this shower with that man. This was the bathroom where, upon committing infidelities, she’d scoop out the semen and wash it down the drain so that I never smelled another man on her. That was when she didn’t have the man himself plow her with her tits pressed up against the glass.

The image immediately caused me to grimace, and through my bond, Evelyn could feel my trepidation. She put her face on my chest comfortingly, looking up at me with worried eyes. Given the story I had already told her, she probably had put two and two together and at least understood part of what I was feeling here.

“It’s okay.” I smiled, looking down at her and savoring her naked body with my eyes.

Evelyn was truly disheveled. Her silver-long hair was a bit of a mess. She had patches of red skin amongst her pale beautiful skin which had become stained by my greedy hands and the roughness of our lust. Her thighs had a moist, salty look to them, and a liquid ran down her legs all the way to the ankles. Her pussy was red and engorged, still wet and bruised from our previous intercourse. She smelled strongly of sex and my cum. She looked truly damaged, the signs of what I had done to her marring the natural perfection of her body.

However, despite all that, she looked more beautiful than ever. It was within her dirtied state that one could truly see her perfection. I immediately started to grow hard again just looking at her. The girl herself, seeing my aroused state, looked away shyly, her breath catching seductively. This innocent act made it even more engorged.

That’s right, things were different now. My ex-wife didn’t live here anymore. This was my house, I buy it with my own money, the house is under my name and I lived here. I realized now that was because I was approaching it wrong, I was under the impression that no matter how many times I washed that shower, I could never bath in it again because it made me unclean. But the sins of my ex-wife weren’t something I should wash away since It’s wasn’t my responsibility to clean up her mess. Instead, what I needed to do was cover it up. Abandon it. Smother it. My skanky ex-wife’s adulterous sins would become but a drop compared to the lust I’d share with this woman. We would smear our sex all over this house until there wasn’t a single drop of my ex left.

I look at Evelyn’s seductive appearance after the last sex.

Both Evelyn and I were both a sticky mess after our fuck session.

My heart begins to pound and I shiver. I can’t resist her like this with her completely slippery from the nude Goddess in front of me and very inviting.

“Ah!” Evelyn let out a cute scream as I grabbed her body and tossed her into the shower.

I was pushing her against the shower wall before I had even touched the shower nozzle. My hands attacked her body, and my lips ravished her own.

“Mnnhh….mha… cu…ha”

Evelyn reacted by showing her affection for me as she wraps her arms around my neck and kissed me back.

We kiss slowly and deeply with passion, we knew we had to have each other. Soon the kisses grew deeper, mouths open, tongues doing an erotic dance with the other as we explore each other’s mouths, hungry for each other.

Her lips were soft succulent lips, warm, and eager always fired me up


The pleasure from the kisses made her embraced me, so tightly enough pressed me against her voluptuous body; I felt my dick poke her flat belly. Her warmth was comforting and her skin was soft and tender.

The heat from her body and the scent from her sweat scent, combined with the vision of her breasts, made my hard dick become harder. Our tongues were playing together and my hands were caressing her fat ass as I give it a smack.

My hands cupped her buttocks, kneading the soft flesh with my fingers as we rubbed our bodies against each other.


She kissed me harder as she moaned and licked my lips languorously, her breathing coming faster as I keep touching her ass.

I can feel my pre-cum all over her stomach, making the grind slipperier and almost difficult to maintain.

My hands that occupied with the ass now started to roam her huge boobs.

“Nhh… ahhhh”

She moaned as I fondled them. Unlike before, I played with them gently. They were sure pretty big and soft. It’s still hard to believe that I actually can fondle this.


I teased her nipple, taking it between my fingers and thumb and twisted and pinched it. Her pink nipples were aroused, stimulated and making them very hard

I can tell she’s enjoying it so much because the more I played, the harder she kissed me.


Our kissing became more intense, more heated as my hands were busy with her boobs and nipples.

I can felt Evelyn breathing heavily, from sheer anticipation and arousal.

We kept kissing passionately until I slowly breaking the kiss then kissing my way down to her neck.

She tilts her neck over as I do that.

“Ahh, Kyou~” She whispers as my lips move around her ample neck area.

Then I move down her neck and over to her breasts, to her nipples then gently biting at them.

“Ooooooohhhhhh…” She moaned

My hands reached to hold the firm globes of her buttocks, holding her still, as I licked and nipped and sucked at the hard nipples I feel her melt in my actions and I can feel her passion and desire radiating to me. Her nipples are pulled deeply into my mouth as I keep teasing them.

Her sensitive nipples stood out like erasers begging for attention. I suckled each one for a few minutes thumbing the one that wasn’t getting attention. “Oh yes…AHHHHH.” She murmured.

Finally, my hands fell to the shower knob and I turned it on.

“Ahh! Cold!” My own inattentiveness led the pair of us to be blasted with cold water.

I immediately hugged Evelyn and turned my back to the water. Using my body, I blocked the cold. I shivered for a moment as I hugged Evelyn tightly, but soon the heat came and the shower finally started to warm up. Evelyn was blushing, me protecting her causing her heart to beat even faster. I had done it on instinct, but it was the kind of gesture that made her feel dizzy and want to snuggle up even closer to me.

Finally, once the shower was hot enough, it was starting to steam, she reached out and grabbed a soap bar, pulling away from me. She gestured in a scrubbing motion, so I turned around. She began washing my back very thoroughly.

And she pressed her huge boobs to my back, its feel so good when I can feel the sensation of softball, then she moved her fingers down to my chest and stomach. Using the soap, she sudden up my entire back. She worked from the shoulders all the way down to my feet.

At one point, she was bent over, and I could feel her growing flustered as she even scrubbed my butt. She even accidentally squeezed one of the cheeks, and I could feel the excitement and embarrassment as she did so.

“T-turn around!” she ordered with a squeak.

I smiled and turned around, allowing the water to hit my back, while I exposed Evelyn to my front. Taking a deep breath, she started scrubbing my shoulders, then my stomach. She worked her hands around my muscular body, massaging the soap over my chest and around my shoulders. Her soft and warm hands feel like a blanket running over me as the soap coats me in a white foams layer.

Finally, she reached my nether regions. However, she didn’t hesitate to dive her hands right in, making sure to get my dick nice and properly clean. Her hands move down over my hard dick. They wrap around my bulging cock. I stare down at her and she begins to stroke it with both of her hands gathering the soap on it. She blushed but didn’t stop, continuing to stroke her hand up and down the shaft of the hard cock. In fact, she probably spent more time on it than necessary. She continued to jerk off my dick, both of her hands wrapped around the big creamy knob. When I was finally covered in bubbles, she lowered down. Her face was only a few inches from my erect, soapy penis, and that proximity was something we both felt, which only enhanced our sexual excitement.

Finally, she stood back up. “Yo-you can wash it off now!”

“Ah, but I got to do you!” I insisted teasingly.

“Y-you can, after… here’s the soap.” While acting shy, Evelyn tried to hand me the soap.

I grabbed it immediately and rub them together as it foams. I then moping her down from her neck, over her shoulders, down her arms. I then move farther down over her breasts as they flop with my hands greasing all over them.

“AHHHH…soap me…not molest me….nhhhh”

I keep rubbing her breasts till it feels so slippery.

I move down her stomach over her belly button and down over her groin. I tease her by slipping a finger inside her pussy.

“HNnnnn, kyou….”

She covered her mouth when I do that. I move down and around her thighs and legs. With her, all soaped up stands there leaving a sexy and clean body standing in front of me as if she was ready to serve.

It blew my last remaining reason.

“Now I will wash you with my body!” I announced then suddenly embracing Evelyn.

“Aiiii! Don’t! I’m still dirty!” She cried as I embraced her.

Dirty? Our bodies were covered with foam? HAH! Nice joke!

No sooner did I embrace her then my entire body started sliding against her own. My penis, properly cleaned by her, slid right between her legs with soapy ease. My chest rubbed up and down her breasts, make it as soapy as me. Evelyn tried to resist my grasp, but soon we were both just too slippery and she couldn’t push me away as my skin rubbed smoothly against her skin. My lips found hers, and I started attacking her lips before she could recover.

“MM! NNnn…Mmmm…” My tongue savored her honey and wrestled her within her own territory.

Meanwhile, her resistance waned, and she was shyly twisting her thighs. Since my dick was pushed firmly between those smooth white thighs, which mean she was rubbing her thighs against my dick, which lubed up with soap, slid smoothly between her legs. The feeling was wonderful against her smooth, warm thighs, but soon I couldn’t resist wanting to penetrate her once again.

“Ah!!!!” Evelyn could help but cry as I spun her around and bent her over.

She couldn’t even elicit a protest before I rinsed off the excess soap and immediately pushed myself into her depths.

“Ahhh! No! Pervert… We just cleaned it!” Evelyn moaned tearfully, looking back at me.

“Is Evelyn saying her pussy is dirty?” I teased her.

“The inside, you haven’t washed it since you dirtied it earlier.” Evelyn shamefully responded.

“Oh, so Evelyn’s pussy is dirty?”

“You…” Evelyn didn’t know how to respond as I looked at her with a mischievous look.

“Just tell me…” I said, rocking my hips, but keeping the cock from moving farther into her, each thrust forward only tempting her with greater penetration while ultimately failing to deliver.

“T-tell you what?” She responded, her own horniness reaching an amount where she just wanted it inside her.

“Tell me what you want me to do with your dirty pussy!” I demanded.

“Eh? Please… s-stick it in me…” her voice lost confidence at the end.

“Huh? You just want it stuck in? Is that all you want? You got to be specific.”

“P-please f-f-fuck…”

“Fuck what~?” I almost sung the words.

Evelyn looked back teary-eyed. “P-please fuck my dirty pussy!”

I laughed and then let the rest of the cock slide inside her with a thrust.

“ARRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHH” Evelyn screamed as I rammed my 11 inches dick inside her.

Once again, my dick was inside Evelyn’s body. She was so horny that it slid in smoothly. Seriously, her pussy getting tighter after swallows my dick easily as it soaked with love juice.

“Ahhhn, Kyou’s dick….completely inside me…ahhh… goes so deep inside me…ohhh…”

Not wasting time, I began to shake my hips as I became driven by an intense lust. I didn’t do it slowly, I moved fast with strong piston motions.

I fucked Evelyn’s pussy from behind as hot water hit my back and ran down my chest.

“N, Ahaanh…”  She let out sexy moaning sounds while her hands pressed against the shower cubicle.


Due to my strong piston thrusts, her round butt collided against me, making noise echoing through the bathroom.

Evelyn’s vagina is truly superb, I can’t get enough even after last fuck from before and last night, the pleasant feeling of being enveloped in the tender vaginal wall spreads from the tips of the glans head to the root.

It’s truly superb, pleasant, and feels so damn good and feels greater when I move it in and out

“Nh, Aahn……, A, Aahn……, N, Aaan, A, Ahn……” Evelyn moaned in a loud voice.

I rubbed the tip of my glans head against the uterus mouth strongly from the beginning and makes Evelyn moaned loudly each time.

I keep thrusting her as my hip hitting against Evelyn’s big ass.


“Nh… AaNh, N,.., Ahn, Ah, Ahn……”

Her cunt tightened and gripped around my dick as I keep pistoned with great force in and out of Evelyn. I pulled out my dick while scrubbing the tender meat with the glans head, and when I pushed it back, it’s rolling against the countless small folds inside.

“NNh……, Haanh AAhn, Ah, Ahn……”

When I pulled my waist and my dick reveals its appearance from the crack of her pussy, it was wet with a cloudy white juice around the glands neck, and then it was swallowed again by the countless small folds inside.


“NNh……, Haanh, Ahn……, Nh……, It feels, great, Nh……”

My dick kept pounding her hard and deep, my balls swinging and slapping against her vagina. I was forcing my entire dick into her, her huge boobs swung and collided together underneath her, slapping into the glass of the shower, her face was pressed against it.

I then grabbed her boobs shook and quivered as swaying energetically, I fondle it with both of my hands roughly.

“Ahh…mnh..yes…there… ahhh”

I’m watching Evelyn moaning pleasantly as I kept pumping my dick as much of the length as I could fit.

Hmmm? Evelyn seems close to cum


“Evelyn, were you close??” I asked as I just kept thrusting deep inside her.

“Aaanh….., I’m……, Aahn……, not ……, NhAahn….., Aa……” Deny her.

Seeing her like that made me want to tease her.

“Really? How about this?” I gripped tightly around her hips and ramming her hard.



Her love juice is gradually leaking out. The inside of her pussy feels sticky and slippery.


“NNh……, Haanh, Ahn……, AHHHHH.”

She tried to keep her legs straight ongoing orgasm but seems she can’t since her legs were shaking.


Her knees were again growing weak as she trembled. She tried to keep her grip on the glass but her hands kept sliding down.

Normally I should stop but even so, I keep moving my hip.



Seeing her cumming like that made keep thrusting my dick against her vagina, Evelyn is making an amazing moan like an animal in heat.


“-…..Nhaahn…., Nh, OHH……AHHHH”

I sense Evelyn’s excitement as she is shaking her ass to match my movement as I whacking her pussy.


“Ah, Ahn, Aahn…., Aa……”

Each time her round perfect ass met with my hips, the water got trapped between us, and when I pulled away, the water would fall down to the drain below.

The inside of her pussy is convulsing and moving like it was cramping up, and my dick is stirring within it.


“….., A, Anh……, cumming again ……MMMMM”

She gushed and poured her love juices over dick that keep thrusting her.

Eventually, I also reach the limit; I knock my dick deep inside Evelyn’s pussy and released my sperm inside her. Evelyn’s vagina tightened as if it wanted to dry me out…

My ejaculation doesn’t stop easily. It is an incredible amount of ejaculation. What is this? How the fuck I still can produce this much sperm?

“Aiii… Ahnn… c-cumming! I’m cumming too!” Evelyn announced as she shouted to the heavens as she gushed out her female juice.

She reaches her climax while I still ejaculating as I kept still standing while pushing the dick against her uterus until ejaculation was over.

After a while, the long ejaculation finally ended but my dick still big and not showing any sign of withering.

I think it’s normal since I have sex with the most beautiful woman….

So, I restart my piston.


“Ahhhhhn, don’t… move… Nhhn. your dick….! I just.. mNHhh….. NNNHHH.. NO..!”

Evelyn who just cum still sensitive and show a more violent response to my piston.

But I ignore her plea…


“OHHHHHHH CUUMMMINGGG!!!!!!” Evelyn screaming in pleasure.

I had lost track of the number of orgasms that I had given to Evelyn today.  I don’t know… But I can’t stop…all I need is keep ramming my dick deep inside her pussy for over 30 minutes and I still doing her from behind. By the way, I only released my seed twice.

I just need to jam my dick deep against Evelyn’s pussy.

Our desire and lust, the sound of the rushing water, the slapping of our bodies, her moan and my own groan of pleasure, made me keep going.

I can feel her wet pussy getting wetter as I accelerating my piston movement on my waist

Every time, my dick hit her womb, Evelyn always shuddered and have a mini orgasm.


As I continue thrust her, my dick twitching. I finally ready to shot my load.

I then increased my pumping furiously


“Evelyn, I’m gonna’ fill your pussy!” I announced as I’m going coming release inside her.

Hearing that, Evelyn’s tight cunt walls continued to wrap itself around my rumbling dick until it was actually inside her womb. Head flung back, her lustrous silver-hair sticking to her sweat coated body and hot water, giving her an even more delectable appearance, she shouted out her pleasure. “Y-YES! GIVE IT TO MEEEEE!! AHHHHHHHH!”

Evelyn squealed out as her walls twitched around my twitching rod.

“UOOOOOO,” I growl as I reached my limit. I thrust my dick deep inside her and it exploding inside her, filling her womb with sperm, her vagina tightening as it taking every last drop of my sperm.

My cum had set her off, her entire body twitching and her pussy convulsing around my dick. When her pussy started to calm, I pulled out my dick, watching my semen drizzle everywhere. She swiped at her pussy with her hand and grabbed a bunch of cum, then brought it to her mouth and licked it. She repeated this several times until she finished her cum feast, each time caused her face to light up.

Evelyn’s lustful eyes gazed into mine while moaning in release. Shuttering after such an amazing combined climax.

We both panted in that state, unable to move. Evelyn looked up at me with tearing eyes.

“Yo-you made me dirty again…” She pouted.

I let out a laugh as I kissed her gently, the water still falling down on us. It felt like it lasts for an eternity. I don’t want it to ever end. I just want to be with the only person I care for and the only person who cares for me. One moment ago, we made love like we were one and now, our hearts beat as one. We can’t nor do we want to let each other go.

I feel her wet hair run over my shoulder as her face buries into my chest and she clings to me like a child. I can’t help but do the same. Our legs wrapped around each other take the icing on the cake as we share this heat. Finally, I let her wash me properly one more time while she pouts. I also made sure to thoroughly wash her dirty pussy until she was flushed and gasping. By the time the shower was over, I was already starting to grow horny again. Evelyn was truly my kryptonite, a luscious woman that I couldn’t resist.

I leaned in and kissed her hard, letting my hands wander down her smooth back and onto her big ass. I gave her a few firms slaps and then squeezed her butt cheeks, scrapping my fingernails across the tight young buns.

“Ahhhh… baka~” That’s the only word she can give.

We eventually climbed out of the shower and she noticed that my dick was still rock hard and blushed.

“How about I cook something?” Evelyn asked as if she tried to ignore the hardening shaft.

I just nodded as I grew excited for a new reason.

She mentioned about cooking back in the clothing store, she surprisingly can cook! I was under the impression she can’t cook because she gave a Ojou-sama vibe but seeing her confident face made me believed her and receiving a home cooked meal from a woman is something I hadn’t experienced in years.  My ex-wife can cook too but sadly, my cooking is far delicious than her.

Although, as I felt myself and checked myself out in the mirror, all of my guts and wrinkles seemed to have vanished.

The reflection in the mirror showed me the face that belonged to a young adult. My stubble that once had grey hairs was now completely dark and youthful.

My muscles were looking nice and finely toned, or I should say, more toned. I looked like I had spent two-three months hitting the gym and taking proper care of myself. I looked as good as I did in college.

Yes, I look ten years younger now.

While I started shaving, Evelyn took off to the bedroom.

“Kyou, where did my new bags of clothing go?” Evelyn asked embarrassingly from the bedroom.

A dark smile formed on my face which would have given her pause if she saw it.

“I left what you’ll need to cook hanging over the chair in the dining room!” I declared.

I had prepared something for this moment.  You know, Evelyn had taken everything out she bought from her Dimensional Storage. So, after we finished showering together, I secretly hid her bags for this moment when she dried her hair and only left one small bag and run to the bathroom to shave… Huehehehe~.

As to how I had the insight to prepare this little scenario for later after dragging my lover home from the mall? Well, naturally it’s because I’m a genius man!

“Eh… this?” Evelyn had found my present; I know she was blushing even more.

“Yeah, that! Please wear it!”


By the time I was finished shaving and dressed, I headed downstairs and walked into the kitchen where she was cooking.

As entered the room, I can smell a nice scent and saw Evelyn was busy working in the kitchen, seeing how she used the ingredient and kitchen tools like that show she was really good and diligent and didn’t waste any time.

She really knows how to cook. I breathe in relief that Evelyn actually spoke the truth… no, I’m don’t doubt her, I really don’t. But I’m impressed she can actually cook this world’s food and she learned the recipes with just one glance of a cooking recipe book in the bookstore that we passed before we went to the food court.

But the scent of the food really made me drool.

However, there was something more noticeable though.

Yeah, something more important than the foods…  Because Evelyn was now cooking in an apron with nothing obviously underneath either the shorts or the top as everything showed through the thin material.

Hah? You don’t understand?

Evelyn was wearing an apron and her skin was exposed more than it should have been.

Still, don’t understand? Let me explain in a simple way then, Evelyn is wearing nothing but an apron.

I look at the sight of Evelyn uncovered behind, who still cooking while humming happily as she exposed her slender white back, round butt, well-proportioned long white legs and her silver-hair tied in a ponytail still a little wet from the shower. Her front was showing a side of her huge breast as it covered in her current garb, which was simply an apron.

Yes, apron… A naked apron… HADAKA APRON!

You don’t know a naked apron? For the god sakes… use the fucking Google.  Or read some H-doujin.

But seriously, seeing her dressed like that, my dick that should be softening when I’m shaving my beard now ready for another. No, rather than ready, he demanding for more!

Evelyn didn’t notice me come in as she just keeps cooking.

I stopped and admired her figure before letting her know I was here then and went over to the table and sat down on the chair while still gazing at her intensely.

Man, looking at her smoking hot body, I want to do her right now but I decided to do nothing. I just want to enjoy the view of her naked apron and I actually enjoyed watching Evelyn as she cooked. I liked the way she expressed her happiness. She is humming as her ponytail swishing. I admired the creases where her buttocks met her slender thighs and the sexy gap at her crotch.

Yup, she is so sexy… especially after shower sex.  Sex in the shower had been unbelievably superb. Too perfect! I wanted her again. I welcomed the flood of warm desire and tickle of excitement.

But she really becomes an erotic girl… Who the hell told her something like this or made her dressed like this?

Wait? It’s me! Hahaha, funny…

I then look at her again… As I thought the Evelyn’s naked apron is so destructive! There is no way, I can’t endure it!

I sneaking up from behind and wrapping my arms around her and kiss her on the back of her neck and shoulders, then nibbling on her ear.

“Ahhhn” I startled her as she moaned the moment I bit her ear then buried my face into her nape I inhaled in a lot of her scent.

“I’m horny …Let’s do it!”  I whispered to her while licking her white neck. “Hmmm, you smell so good, Evelyn,” I added.

Her body shivered, Evelyn’s eyes opened wide as she can feel her round butt was against my erection.

Our bodies still damp, fresh from the shower increased my excitement.

“Again? We just did it in the shower!!”

“Yeah, but it’s your fault for dressing like that,” I respond.

“You are the one made dressed like this!”

“Really?” I asked as my hands trace the outline of huge breasts beneath the apron.

I pull Evelyn closer to feel my excitement at being near her.

“Ahhhh, mmm… Kyou, wait… let’s eat first then!” Evelyn tried appalled.

“I can’t! My hands are sinking in and glued to this!” I grinned causing her blushed

“Idiot, nnnn”  She tried to dart away from my groping on her sweet ass, but I grabbed her wrist and pulled her back, drawing her against me.

“Mmmm, Stop…or I won’t let you,” Evelyn warned.

“Won’t let? But my hand move to you on his own,” I tried to defend myself.

“You’re groping of my butt is totally automatic?” Evelyn asked, with an irritated voice yet, her eyes spoke of her pleasure, of being desired.

I grinned sheepishly as I slap her round ass.

“Oooh!” Evelyn gasped.

I gave her another slap on the ass then slide my middle finger into her cunt.


I look at her round butt, the love juice dripping on her thigh as it falls on the floor, creating a small pool.

“MNn…. Nnmmmnn”

Her legs were trembling as she firmly grasping the edge of the sink to support her body.

I move my fingers roughly inside her cunt.

“Noo.. stop.. ahhh…you…ca— AHHHHH”

She shaking as she let another squirt as the clear drops reach the floor from her vagina, then after panting for a while, instead of continuing to cook, she pressed her big ass into my cock and held it there. “… Haa… Haa… Haa…” Evelyn’s cheeks flushed, hot breaths leaked from her mouth erotically.

I pressed back. I was totally rock hard now, and grabbing her hips, I ground my cock against the crack of her ass. She worked herself against me, going with my movements.

“Haa… Haa… Haa… Haa…” Gradually, her voice grew louder and she was panting faster. We were both breathing heavily and couldn’t seem to get enough of it.

Her breathing was rapid and her face was blood red then she sighed as leaning into me. “You bastard… Now, I feel weird down there….”

Finally! Now, we are talking! “Great!!” I smirked.

She turned off the burner and set down her knife before I grabbed her hand and pulled her to the table.

“Bend over it.”

She moved slowly, sashaying her way to the table and bent over it.

“Like this?” she asked with a red face. But I can see her eyes sparkling.

Her whole body lurched against the table she was bent over, causing her breasts to slide over the smooth table top with a squeak. Evelyn gripped the edge of the desk with her hands.

“GOOD~,” I said as I removed my pants. The moment both pants and underwear slid down, my shaft popped out and stood at attention. Evelyn’s body trembled in excitement as she saw my hard dick. My hard dick is ready for another round.

I look at her and she nodded. I put my hips stuck all the way to the deep inside Evelyn’s wet cunt. She was still deliciously tight but I was able to force my way in without any problems.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaanh!” Evelyn moaning in delight.

“Geez, you really wet… I can insert it without a problem.”

While holding Evelyn’s waist, I started a piston movement vigorously.

Evelyn also actively shaking herself to match the movement of my waist.  Her pussy is full her love juice, every time I go in and out, it makes a dirty sound.


“Oh, this… .. AHh…Mnnn…. Oh, Kyou, more, more …!” she said.

Her eyes were closed and her nostrils flared again.

“Mnn…Ahmm,” she murmured, her eyes still closed and a dreamy look on her face.

She lay on her back on the table, knees in the air held wide apart for me. Her prone body moving up and down on the leather in time to my thrusts.


“Iyaaa~! Ah! Ah! Ahn! Mn! Ah!”  Loud moans escaped from her lips every time I held her hips and pulled her against me as I fucked her.

“Damn…” I groaned and grunted with pleasure, feeling the rippling flesh of Evelyn’s tight, young pussy squeeze and clutch my dick as I enjoyed the view of her incredible ass and narrow waist and the table shook each time I thrust hip against her.

I watched her huge breast, moving with the increasing rhythm, the nipples bobbing up and down. I reached out and caressed them, lifting them from the sides of her ribcage, pressing the huge mounds of soft flesh inward almost making a cleavage. I pressed them outward again, then up, pressing the nipples into my palms. I let go and they flopped back down, the boobs bouncing. I ran my fingertips sideways across her nipples and the flesh of her breasts rippled slightly, and then I held them between my middle fingers and lifted the nipples away making little pointy mountains on her chest.

She moaned and started to pant. “Pull them again, pull them hard, PULL THEM!!!”

I did as she asked, gripping the nipples firmly between thumb and forefinger, squeezing gently and tugging at them. I felt them harden between my fingertips and twisted them as I pulled, squeezing harder.


“AHHHHM…. There!” She moaned again and I could feel her cunt spasm around me, not so violently this time.

“I’m coming!” she gasped, “keep pulling, pinch me.”

I pinched them as hard as I dare and she gave a strangled cry.

“OOOOnhh..” She started to howling like an animal again. I gripped them again and pulled really hard, stretching the flesh tightly away from her rib cage.


“MNnnhhh…oooh…ahhh” She gasped again and her eyes flew open, staring straight into mine. Then she lifted her head away from the table and looked down at herself.


“YESSS!! Keep doing it, I’m coming, I’m coming.”

She was still watching herself as I let go of the nipples and used my fingertips like claws on the flesh around them.

I squeezed and pulled her huge boobs upwards, then released her again and gripped each one between the sides of my middle fingers and forefingers; I squeezed like a pair of scissors and was rewarded with a swelling of flesh above my fingers, like air in a soft balloon, the nipples swollen and prominent at the tips.


“That’s it, that’s it! Oh God, I’m coming.” Now she looked straight at me, head still lifted off the table, lips clamped shut, nostrils flaring breath coming and I pinched her nipples again and pulled so hard I was afraid I would tear them away from her breasts.


“Ah! Again! Ah! Ah! AHHHHHHHHH~!!!!” she screamed as she came.

She arched upwards so she was resting only on the back of her head and her heels near the edge of my desk. She gripped my arms and heaved her body down the table into me, gripping me tightly as I continued to pull at her nipples.

“AAh.. Mn…Ahn!” Her eyes and mouth were squeezed shut and she was making that mewling sound again through tightly compressed lips.

I waited, embedded in her as her orgasm began to subside then I released her pink nipples and she let go of my arms and lay back again then propped herself up on her elbows, her breathing ragged now, still hissing in and out of those flaring nostrils then I started to fuck her again.


My own orgasm not too far away as I felt the pressure building up so I accelerate the piston movement and knock down the dumplings.

“AH~! AH~! AHN~! AH~! YES~! IT FEELS SO GOOD~! I thrust my hard followed by even noisier moans.

Her eyes that widened for a moment from the sudden thrusting soon went back to being completely foggy and entranced.


“AAAAAHHHHNNN~!!!” She screamed as I thrust it into her lower mouth greedily swallowed my dick to her deepest part.



I slam down on her hard. Eventually, I release my seed as she felt a torrent of hot fluid being shot inside of her.



My sperm violated her tight and wet tunnel, painting it white. She tightened up even more instinctively to wring out every last drop.  The obscene pleasure that she felt caused her mouth to slacken and a slovenly smile to appear.

Through our bond, Evelyn was experiencing supreme bliss as the man she loved released his seed inside of her.

As the proof, her cunt was still squeezing me hard.

“Hah…hah…” we panted as sweat poured from our bodies. Evelyn was staring at her dazed and lascivious expression.

“Ahhh~… So much… Inside… More… Mooore~…”  Said, Evelyn, as she tried to prop herself up to look over her shoulder with her pupils almost turning to heart shape, I feeling both impatient and horny from her.

Seems I flip Evelyn’s strange switch. Her noble appearance and dignified aura were utterly gone as she moaned while drooling and sticking her tongue out…Ahegao, she really was turning to erotic girl.

What a nice character development!

Well, my dick was still hard and erect and Evelyn’s was demanding for more.  Since neither of us was satisfied yet, so I resumed my piston movement, impaling my dick on her vagina while Evelyn lustfully moaning.



Hearing her plea, I pump her so intensely with my raging dick that still didn’t want to go down at.


I kept persistently impaling her as Evelyn desperately moved her hips rapidly. Our mixed fluid was being scraped out every time her vagina received my shaft as deep as it could.


“AHHNNN!! MNN….YES! MORE! MORE! KYOUUUU!” She moaning lascivious voice.

Without taking a break, I roughly slamming my hips against her, making her scream with pleasure.


“Ah! Ah! Ah! Yes! MnnAAAAAH! AHN~! AH~! FUCK ME HARDER~! YES~! YES~! YES~!”

Evelyn who stabbed with piston-pumped by me, let out a mewling voice that showing her enjoyment.


The tighter she got, the wetter her pussy is. It so wet that it easily slid in and every movement made obscene noises. Coupled with her moans that leaked from her wide open mouth,

-pan—pan—pan-  -pan—pan—pan-

“AH~! YES~! THAT’S IIIITT~!AHHH! ” Evelyn squealed in pleasurable distress as I relentlessly pounded her from behind.

Her silver shook her head as I pummelled her.


“Ughh….Dammit…it so good!” I cried out, fucking faster and harder.

“AHHH…YES! IT SOO GOOD! HHHHNMM!!!” Evelyn moaned in agreement as I made thorough use of her.

Her body moved back to slam into mine as my hips moved faster and faster as the slapping sound getting louder when our bodies slammed together.

-pan—pan—pan-  -pan—pan—pan-

“FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” Evelyn squealed as her eyes tightened into lustful slits. I knew she was climaxing just from her expression and her squeal for me to fuck her hard.

As we kept going, I could feel that she was about to reach her climax as I was also nearly at my limit. Her body convulsed and began to quiver involuntarily as she rode my throbbing cock through a second intense orgasm.

“My head’s going blaaaaaaank !!! CUM! I’M GOING TO CUM AGAIN!!! I!”

“I’m gonna cum too!” I hissed.

“RELEASED IT INSIDE ME!!!!! Please, cum inside! I want it! Inside! Inside! AHHHHH” Her eyes opened wide and her begging turned into a moan as I discharged everything in Evelyn’s pussy and this prompted her to reach her orgasm as well.

“I CUMMIIIIIIINNNGGG~!!!”  She moaned loudly as the hot cum landed on her meat flesh. Then her body twitched while sweating a lot.

I couldn’t stop cumming. More and more cream seemed to pour out of me and into her. The feeling must have been incredible for Evelyn. I could feel her cumming again as more and more of my seed mingled with her pussy juices.

After the spasms stopped, While Evelyn trembled in sweat, there was only a blissful look on her face that was quite erotic because of the hot breaths being released from her mouth, “Its…soo…good….”, the only word she can say.

After for a while, Evelyn begins to wriggle beneath me which prompts me, with little urgency, to raise my chest from over her slender back as my dick takes its slow and reluctant retreat.

As I pulled my penis out and saw sperm spilling out from her vagina.

It so much that you won’t believe that from 42 years old man…

When we were done and spent, Evelyn turned herself around and settled her head against my chest. We kissed while we recovered. Enjoying the post orgasmic glow of being together. I kissed her forehead, not caring that it was sleek with sweat then wrapped my arms around her waist as I brought our mouths together for a hot kiss.

We kissed hard and fast, our tongues swirling and meshing together.

Soon, Evelyn regained control of herself she asked breathlessly, “….So…are you hungry…?”

I nod my head yes enthusiastically.

After that, Evelyn resumes cooking as my sperm dripping on her thighs while she still panting after our sex.

Her cooking is superb and perfectly delicious!


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