Bonded Goddess – Chapter 8

You know, after losing my virginity to a certain lonely neighbor’s wife when I was 16 years old, I learned that I was a sex addict with a very insane sex drive. The size of my penis drove women crazy, and I grew a little addicted to it. It started back then. I remembered I was told by my mother that our neighbor needed help with something while her husband was out, so I just started out helping her. But that became my turning point.

Yes, that was the event that caused me to lose my virginity.

I didn’t really remember exactly how it started but I think I remembered getting an erection while helping her hold up a ladder and accidentally getting a look up her dress. When she came back down, she noticed my erection… and she noticed the size. In short order, I was naked and she ended up giving me my first blowjob. It was in sheer pleasure that this gorgeous MILF engulfed my hard cock in her mouth. Her deep throat was awesome. The MILF told me that my dick was so much bigger than her husband and that it was very rare for Japanese like us.

I gasped as she sucked so hard that the nerve endings in my cock went insane. It was like my body’s main purpose was to experience sexual pleasure. When I had my first cum, the shot exploded all over her face. Perhaps it’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but I had never even masturbated up until that point. If you could imagine sixteen years of built up cum exploding from a horny teenager who never masturbated in his life, perhaps you could imagine what she looked like after it was done. No sooner had I finished than I felt my balls contract again as the insane feeling overtook my legs and my crotch, and I came again… the seed erupting into her open mouth in a double cumshot. I fell in love with that sensation.

After that, she just rode me and kept orgasming and squirting. When she grew tired, it was the cue for my turn. I rammed away, making her cum many times again in a big, crazed, sweaty, lusty, hot frenzy that finally left her completely wasted. I was surprised at myself for how long I could last. I had long lost count of how many times I could cum. I never reached the max, I was a beast! I absolutely screamed in ecstasy and laughed and grinned as I cummed. I loved how much volume I produced, it was truly never-ending.


Since that day, I became a sex addict. I started sleeping around with beauties. Hell, I even slept with my cousins, both of them. They are both happily married and have a good family now. Women are drawn to me; my life was a never-ending wave of sex where everything just happened to go my way. Then, I was stupid and got married.

After I married Yuriko, the bitch, my sexual drive started to calm down a bit. Part of it was because I had to. When she got pregnant, it became more difficult having sex. She often used the baby as an excuse to avoid sex. After our daughter was born, it became even harder to find time to enjoy each other. I told myself that it was normal for the sex to decrease. So, I had to endure until our daughter was big enough to sleep alone inside her own room.

Once Kirino grew enough, we finally resumed our daily sex life. It was good enough until my wife started saying ‘no’ to sex more often than ‘yes’. Four years ago, I treated it like an inevitable cost of growing up. I convinced myself I couldn’t act the way I did as a teenager. I had more responsibility now. I had a wife and a child.

Of course, I still actively craved sex daily. Even when she didn’t deny me sex, my wife became less and less responsive. Half the time, she’d just roll over, tell me to get it over with, and then roll back, never even bothering to kiss me or move her hips in the slightest. Well, of course, this pissed me off, so I decided to go all out, and left her wrecked after receiving a few big orgasms. I convinced myself this was normal. I forcibly suppressed all sexual desire until I probably could have become a monk. That time, I also thought she had just gone into early menopause.

Then, when I caught that bitch cheating on me, my self-confidence as a man started to crumble. A man like me was cuckolded by a man who has a smaller penis? Were the orgasms that I give to the girls I slept with a lie? Was I actually really bad at sex? I kept repeating those questions to myself when I was in jail.  After the divorce finalized, I lost interest in sex as my sexual drive finally died. I wouldn’t even masturbate or go to a brothel to relief myself. With such a successful history as a bachelor, I considered those kinds of things to be beneath me. I was too proud to relieve myself nor resort to a hooker.

Even working every day put unimaginable stress on me… I wouldn’t do it. No matter what! As the days passed, my stress, frustration, and anger made my life become a living hell…. Until now, until after I met Evelyn, the girl from another world.

Meeting her was something I could call a miracle…

By meeting Evelyn, not only did I regain my desire to live but I also never would have imagined that I would revive my sexual drive. My body felt more vigorous than it had in ages. I felt like a teenager again. I regained my old stamina, no, maybe I gained more. A beautiful woman like Evelyn was into me, and no matter how much I teased her, she begged me for more. Seemed like I was really as great at sex as I thought and my bond with Evelyn proved to me that I was indeed a stud in her eyes… Come on, I had an 11-inch dick. I was natural born Stud!! There was no way any women could hate it.

That bitch who cheated on me was an idiot for leaving me. I don’t care whether she truly fell in love with this other guy or just wanted his money. I don’t care what she after. It didn’t matter, she could go to hell and rot there.

Evelyn and I never separated from sex to the point that occurred almost unceasingly. Everywhere and constantly. We tried every position, every room, and every available space that could support her weight, which was pretty light. I had to admit I thought she’d break that one shelf when she sat on it with her leg on my shoulder, but it managed to survive.

A week had already passed by, and we had a marathon of sex thanks to my old sexual drive that was revived. The good news was that we were very compatible with each other. Both in normal daily life and sexually.

Since we were compatible, we were unable to keep our hands off each other and we were fucking like animals. As to how many times a day we fuck… it’d be easier to measure it by how many times an hour. The answer was many. We fucked many times every hour. We couldn’t control ourselves.

After waking up in the morning, we immediately started fucking. After we’re done, she’d go to the kitchen. I’d follow her and end up fucking her over the counter. She ended up having to cook while I plowed her from behind. When she finally finished the meal, I’d take her on the breakfast table. We hastily sucked the food down, so we could get back to fucking. At that point, we’d make it to the shower, where we’d fuck in the shower. By lunch, we’d fuck again. If we had an argument, it quickly turned to sex. If we made up, we rewarded ourselves with sex. If she got dressed, I’d tear it off of her. She long stopped bothering to wear clothing, because half of her panties had already been torn off of her. I fucked her on the bed, the couch, the toilet, the floor, the counters, the ceiling (don’t ask), and the walls. So, everything we did in last week amounted to just fucking, fucking, and more fucking.

Because of our marathon sex, all the rooms in the house now completely reeked of sex smells. The floor was stickier than a movie theater. The sheets of my bed looked like that girl’s hair from “There is something about Mary”. The only thing more shocking than how often we had sex, was how into it my beautiful Evelyn was.

Once again, I realized that Evelyn was a real pervert. It was hard to believe a girl who lost her virginity a week ago could be this perverted. She loved riding me as she looked on me so lustfully. She loved being on top, riding it for hours. Of course, she also loved being fucked from behind as hard as I could until her moans were loud enough to be heard outside. We only had the police called on us for noises once. After seeing me naked, and the goddess beauty wrapped in a sheet behind me, they immediately understood, even though their gasped silence. They could only stare on jealously with envious looks toward me. They reminded me to keep it moderate since it disturbed people in a certain meaning but at the same time gave me a thumbs up for keeping the dream alive. That’d be the dream of banging a hot girl half my age all day and all night.

And today, in the living room, a refreshing rainy-day breeze was coming through my partially opened window and a naked Evelyn that was covered with dried sperm was kneeling down in front of me while I sat on the couch.

“Muhccch…gguck..guh…,” She sucked my dick like a vacuum as if her life depended on it, and I threw my head back and gasped in pleasure.

She was really eager to suck my big dick as her head bobbed up and down while her eyes gazed up at me lovingly. You know she surprisingly had talent sucking cock, I was shocked when she suddenly gave me a blowjob for the first time after a rough fucking session two days ago.

And here, she really was giving me a REALLY SUPERB blowjob as she actually was engulfing my whole 11 inches dick inside her mouth as she let the spongy head push into her throat with only minimal resistance, before backing up once again, the way she sucked like she had grown up as an experienced, enthusiastic cock sucker!  Evelyn hummed around the shaft, gaining louder groans, she tongued my cock with every pressure combination possible to stimulate my senses. She rolled my balls around in her mouth while stroking it with her hands and at long last; I tensed up, hollering in anticipation, and felt my cum rise and shoot out of my cock and down her throat. I groaned in pleasure. I completely aroused by the sight of Evelyn’s cheeks bulging as she devoured as much of my hard meat as she could handle.

Is this the same girl that I met in the forest a week ago?

The answer is unknown…. I mean, look at her, she sucking my dick happily while looking me right in the eyes, directly in the eye with a taunting gaze. I gritted my own teeth as I looked down at her face. She was having fun sucking me.

“Suck harder, Evelyn,” I ordered her.

And she did, I groaned as I stroked her silver hair, enjoying the sensation of her tongue swirling around my cock.

“Mugcck…gguck…uggh…,” Evelyn made it all the way to the base while making a sucking sound.

Evelyn’s pale cheeks hollowed applying suction to my hard dick as she withdrew, and her lips trailed a shiny sheen of saliva on its flushed skin.

Sometimes, Evelyn would draw deep breaths, and a slight glimmer of a smile broke on her face expressing a warped pride in her accomplishment. Really, are you really that desperate to suck a cock?

“OHHHHH…UUHHHH…,” I gasped.

“MMUMGG…UGCKK…UMPH…,” Evelyn choked as my dick went into her throat again.

“Yeah! Deepthroat me…keep sucking me like that!”

“HHHUUAHHH…,” Evelyn didn’t stay down long, gasping for air after drawing up the shaft deliberately to the tip.

“Mmmph…mmmh…slmphhh…,” She hummed and slurped on the veined thickness of my slobbery shaft, returning, again and again, to energetically swallow my pole in an increasing pace.

“HUHHH…UHH…HUUUH…,” my breathing deepened and my thighs quivered with stress. Evelyn progressively dominated my dick as it pulsated in Evelyn’s mouth, she alternately applied suction and then her teasing tongue in equal measure and at just the right moment.

It was clear Evelyn knew what she was doing. Evelyn continuously devoured my pulsating dick.

“Uooooo….Shit!” I wailed, nearing the breaking point and ready to explode.

Evelyn’s lips stretched around the impressive girth of my throbbing cock as she drove down one last time, taking the fullness of my huge pole until it again pressed against her windpipe.

“Mmmph…slup…mmm…,” Evelyn slurped down the rigid pole with increasing fervor, trailing the flat of her tongue purposefully along the base and applying a generous suction with her vacuum tight puffy lips seeking to coax the desperately needed cum

With her straining lips drawn and cheeks hollowed, Evelyn’s delightfully playful tongue trailed along the sensitive underside, before she immediately plunged down again to begin a rhythmic bobbing intended to bring me to the mind-blowing climax.

“Gonna cum!” I groaned as a warning to her.

I unleashed my sperm inside her mouth as she drank it all down.

My hands tightened in her hair. “Take it, Evelyn! Drink every, last drop!”

I can see white semen leaking from her lips.

Sperm kept squirting into her mouth. I could feel her delight as she swallowed it. It reached her swelling passion. Her orgasm burst forth. Waves of pleasure slammed through her.

Is my cum really so tasty?

Well, I wouldn’t have thought that cum was appealing, I guess that’s depending. My previous ex-girlfriend loved sucking my semen like Evelyn here but my ex-wife was the kind of woman who would make ugly faces if I came in her mouth. Evelyn just kept drinking my semen as if it was a wonderful concoction that she enjoyed greatly. She scooped the droplets of semen attached to her lips with her index fingers and stared at it carefully. Evelyn licked my semen off from her fingertips like she couldn’t stand to miss a single drop.

Suffice it to say that it was very erotic watching her savor my cum. It only made me want to deliver more of it into her luscious lips. If my sweet goddess loved cum so much, I’d give her all the cum that she could want.

“Ready for another ride?” Evelyn asked me with provoking eyes, seeming to read my mind in that instant.

I gave her a smile as I stared at her lovely pale face. Even though her lips were swollen and pink, her face looked so beautiful and gentle. You could never imagine from this image that she had just deeply sucked on my cock and drank down my entire load unabashedly. My member grew back to full master once again just looking at this beautiful little finks.

“Show me, then.”

“Hmpph!” Evelyn snorted cockily as if this was a given.

She straddles me, gripped my erection in her hand and guided it to her vagina entrance, and then she began to sit down on it, promptly dropped onto my dick to envelop it completely with her wet vagina. She sat very still and bent forward a little so that I could fondle her huge boobs.


Evelyn holds her moan as she slipped my dick easily into her welcoming fuck hole. I could feel her clutching me tightly as I entered her, a sensation that was overwhelming.

Settling her meaty ass on my thighs, she began to move up and down, very, very slowly while I used my thumb to stimulate her clitoris and my other hand to caress her breast. Because of the tightness of her vagina and maybe even because of the emotions I felt I came quite quickly, releasing deep inside her

“Ahn….Mnn… Yes!”

She heaved wildly up and down, screaming each time I slid into her. I began to thrust upward to meet her downward movements, which only drove her wilder. I couldn’t be more aroused.

Especially her huge boobs were bouncing freely as she bouncing up and down on me. I reached for her huge boobs, she cried out “NNMM” as I squeezed her breasts at the same time we crashed together, plunging me deeper into her.

She threw her head back in the air and began to thrust herself harder and she looked at me and bent down to kiss me, while I moved my hands around her firm round ass. My hands gripped her ass harder and began to slam myself up harder to meet her thrusts. Harder and harder he pounded into her as she used her full weight to slam to me.

As she bounced harder, she put her hands on my shoulders and put her nipple in my face and said, “suck and bite it.”

Who was I to disobey such a sexy young woman, so I did? I just gave it a little nip first, then she started grinding her pussy up and down my cock.

Slender arms wrapped around his head and secured him in her generous bosom. “Yes! Suck my breast! They need to be sucked on!” Evelyn yelled out happily as my tongue lashed out and bathed her pink nipple in saliva.

With a deftness that surprised me, she slipped my cock into her pussy and started moving her ass back and forth.  I nipped harder and when one wasn’t in my mouth I pinched and twisted the other.

With all of this stimulation, I couldn’t stand it and feel my orgasm building as Evelyn quickly started the bounce harder with the intent on fulfilling her lust on me as she satisfying her own need. She clenched her muscles tight around my shaft and then I began to move to fuck her like a man possessed. The white heat of total lust just consumed me and I rammed my cock deep into her cunt as hard as I could. Her eyes were as wide as saucers and her mouth was open as she almost shouted, over and over, then she spoke to me very softly, “Fuck me, Kyou. Fuck me, harder! Harder than this!”

With that, I held her ass cheeks in my hands and began thrusting into Evelyn’s pussy then rapidly pumping her to hit her G-spot on many strokes.

She also started moving faster and then I felt her stiffen and let out a moan then she got chicken skin all over. I could feel her pussy get so sloppy wet, I knew she was cumming and hard.


Everything was exactly as it had been in my imagination and this time, as then, it had to end. Her face, neck, and chest became all flushed and she started to throw her head from side to side. At the same time, I felt my own orgasm grip me and, as I plunged in and out.

I began to ejaculate, spurting my semen into her. She trembled violently and went totally rigid before collapsing into the almost unconscious state. I collapsed on top and to the side of her holding her to me as tight as I could, never going to let go. We remained like that for quite some time, our bodies collapsed in a sweaty heap of lust. I had long decided that I never wanted to leave this state. If I could be like this with Evelyn forever, I would be very happy.  And Evelyn’s love for me has grown stronger, she had been happy the last few days. In fact, she could say she had been happier in the last few days that she had ever been in her life.

No matter how I look at it, It’s still hard to believe this girl actually fell in love with me.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

While we were lying in a sexual nirvana, the door was suddenly knocked fairly loudly. Someone was outside the front door. I looked over at the clock, angry that someone would come knocking this late. What time is it anyway?

“4 pm…” I mutter as I finally look at the clock.

What day of the week was it again? Man… forget about it. I’ll just go back to sleep and then fuck Evelyn some more. Ah, see, my dick’s getting hard again. Even though Evelyn is lying there with her eyes closed like an angel, she loves it when I stick it in when she’s sleeping. She loves waking up to a hard cock working her between the legs. It always makes her cum quickly.

Knock. Knock. Knock!

This time the noises caused Evelyn’s eyes to flicker open, and I glare hatefully at the door that ruined my attempt at more fornication. Doesn’t this asshole have any manners? I get up, feeling a little dizzy. Had I eaten or drunk anything in a while? My mouth tasted like ass. Well, Evelyn’s ass, to be specific, which tasted quite yummy, but that was beside the point. I stumbled towards the door, and unlocked the screen, pulling it open.

“What do you want!?” I said, looking out.

“You… what the hell is this?” A group man said.

I found myself looking up to see a Yakuza-looking fucker who had me by like a foot. He was wearing a nice suite, and he was right next to a second man that might as well have been his twin since they had the same clothing and body build. Meanwhile, I was standing in the middle of the doorway naked with my penis half-cocked. The steamy smell of sex wafted from the room to the point that these guys could only take a step back. Their expressions started with being appalled, but as they saw Evelyn, who thankfully had covered herself with a sheet, they drop their jaw as their eyes turned to envy and jealousy. I could only stand there naked with my arms crossed. No matter who these guys were, I was fucking that piece of ass behind me. If it was a competition on manliness, I won by default.

One of Yakuza looking fucker regained his composure as he opened his mouth.

“You, you owe our boss money. You took a loan out, $10,000.”

…Loan?? The hell this guy talking about? Also $10,000? That’s quite a lot.

“I took out no such loan.” I snorted.

“Heh… that’s what they all say. It was made by… let’s see… you wife, Ogawa Yuriko. Says she was going to buy a new car for the love of her life. I don’t see a $10,000 car in your driveway, so I’m going to say it wasn’t you.”

THAT BITCH!? She did this?! Fuck! Is she trying to pick a fight with me?! Guess, five slaps enough for her.

As my anger start to surface I took a breath.

I gave a sigh and shook my head. “Well, we’re divorced now, so why don’t you go bug her or her new husband for that money. Her husband is very rich. I’m sure, he would give you $100,000 like nothing. Also, don’t call her Ogawa, she is Furukawa now.”

I tried to close the door on them, but the man pushed his way in, preventing me from shutting it. “You see… my boss isn’t all that concerned where the money comes from, as long as he gets paid. She made this loan before your papers were signed, as it were, so this is your debt. Isn’t this your signature?”

He held up something a showed me. It was indeed my signature, giving her permission to take out this loan. That fucking bitch! Was this a forgery? Or did I accidentally get that paper signed while I was running through the divorce papers? My lawyer sent me so many, all she’d have to do is slide one into my mailbox and I likely would have signed it without even looking. I was so tired and despondent back then, that I wasn’t really paying much attention.

“Look, I don’t want any trouble, but I’m not paying,” I said, pushing the paper backed at the man, who gave a dark smile in return.

It wasn’t that I didn’t have the money. I had actually put a lot of money away. It was stored up half as part of my retirement funds and partially as a wedding gift for my daughter’s future. That was back when I had an awesome job and a family I thought I’d be supporting for my life. That money ended up shoved into an account and has just been collecting interest ever since.

Actually, I lucked out with that money, taking some advice of a business partner I had gone out drinking sake with. He had told me to save the money in an overseas account. He even helped me set it up. It seemed like something shady, but he said all the rich guys were doing it. This ended up working in my favor, since this money is all off the radar, and thus I was able to hide it from Yuriko when the divorce happened. As to why I didn’t pull the money out and live largely, well, I was afraid of my ex-wife’s retaliation if I suddenly appeared with a large sum of money so shortly after our divorce. It was more trouble than it was worth.

The short of it was that I had the money, but I wasn’t going to pay this goon. This was a problem started by my ex-wife, and I wanted nothing to do with it.

“Well, if you don’t want to pay up what you owe, I’m just going to have to take it out of you.” The man cracked his knuckles. “Although, I might consider giving you an extension if that pretty girl behind has to work hard for you.”

At that point, I realized that Evelyn had run off to the bedroom and gotten dressed.  She was wearing sweatshirts and jean pants. It was actually strange seeing her in clothing after so long. She had walked up and was standing a bit behind me. However, the fact I was standing there naked didn’t seem to faze her at all. She’d become so used to my naked body that it probably didn’t even occur to her to be shy, even with company around. Although, this company seemed to have overstayed their welcome.

“Yeah, you’re not touching my woman.” I declared.

“Who’s whose woman?” Evelyn sniffed, “You’re my man. That’s the way this goes.”

Despite her tough sounded voice, I could feel the spike of happiness in our bond. She was truly elated that I claimed such ownership on her. In fact, she was thinking I was looking pretty manly right now. Or was I thinking that myself? Ah well, either way, screw these guys.

“You think you’re tough, why don’t you stop me.” The man finally pushed forward and raised his fist.

A second later his hand started to approach me. I could only look on in confusion. What the heck is this guy doing? His hand was moving like a turtle. Was he trying to bop me on the nose? It was only when I moved my head to the side and watched as his fist passed where my head was supposed to be that I realized he wasn’t moving really slow. I was moving really fast! Like, this guy’s movement speed was pathetic!

I could have beat up these goons given my own previous combat experience before I met Evelyn. However, since I’d bonded her, my own strength and endurance has been exploding. Now, I realized that this went far deeper. I was truly becoming overpowered, like really. Was this a result of the bond? Or perhaps this was part of the gifts I gained by traveling to another world? Either way, now that I was faster and stronger, these guys didn’t even have a chance.

I’m pretty sure can take on Captain America or Batman…

“Guh!” The guy could only let out a single sound as I hit him right in the gut.

The guy behind him didn’t seem to understand why he was just standing there, but a moment later the goon let out a long wheezing breath and collapsed to his knees. I pushed his head, causing him to fall back onto the ground. Despite seeing this, the second goon decided to lunge at me as well. Like before, he moved like he was in molasses, and in short order, I sent him to the ground as well. With that, both men shuddering and moaning on the floor.

“Well, thank for the service” I mocked them then closed the door.

“What was that about?” Evelyn asked.

“Ah, some goons trying to scam me out of money,” I replied simply.

“That’s right! I didn’t ask before you bought me all these things. Will money be an issue?”

“Naw…” I gave a shrug, but then I turned back and looked at the door thoughtfully. “However, maybe I should start looking for a new job.”

“Before that, we should clean the house,” Evelyn suggested.

“You’re right.”

This house really needed to be cleaned as it was really messed up.


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