LLLS Chapter .5 – Lefy Luxy

It’s been a while since I’ve been summoned as a guide again, the three previous people who I guided failed miserably. Their greed, gluttony, or lust had gotten to them, and they used their life for pointless things. Humans are miserable. But this is funny, the new person who I will guide is a young male man who is living a happy life. However, it is tragic his life ended with a vehicle of justice running him over.

Once I got more details of the Human I immediately called him master, as a member of the Luxy Family calling your assigned being master is really rare, for us females we call our husbands, lovers, or interests that. 


“Oh Ryan you are my destined, I hope you will be satisfied with me”

“I can’t wait to see what you can do, let’s hope it will be fun”

Meeting him, I finally saw him in the Vita Acies Space.
Oh no I forgot my cue…. Ahhhh I ruined my meeting with Master. Nooooo My Perfect Greeting I forgot it.Haaa…. But his retorts and reactions are super cute. I wanna see where this is going.

Oh.My.God. that face he made when he was in pain, was too adorable. He is like a little whimper. “Mi Amor Pura” that’s what I’ll call it. My Master is my very own little Whimper.I’ll protect him, I will not make him go down that path, those who do are fools.

Oh no! …he has a girlfriend. Hmph! …this is so sad, I want him to be mine. Let us see if there is anything in the handbook.

Aha, there we go Article B.C # 4 Page 13b [B). Fairies cannot Interfere with your assigned person directly] So I can do it indirectly.


Oh~ Master, let us enjoy our time together, with this thou shalt bindeth our love together foreverth. As that I am bound to you till death. Thus I, as an Immortal, shall revive you from Limbo. Love is not forever, but family shall die together.

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A little short chapter about Lefy, was not planned but since I love Lefy I did it. so deal with it…..

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LLLS-Chapter 0

“Hey, Livia, I-I wanted to give this to you, here


A shiny pendant with a light blue crystal in the center gently drops onto her soft hands.


“Uh, what’s this?”


“It’s our first anniversary, and I’m sorry I couldn’t give it to you earlier.”


“Thank you, Ryan, I’m sorry too, I would love to give you more.”

“It’s okay, just having you is enough.”


Her green eyes shine with tears of joy. Livia wraps her arms around my neck as she stood on her tippy toes, while I wrap my arms around her firm and not too meaty waist as I interlock my fingers behind her waist. Feeling her plump breasts, my curious George starts to twitch.


Livia’s long, glossy, brown hair blew with the wind, and her pheromones find their way to my adolescent nose.


As we part from each other, she says,


“After we graduate we can have all the fun we want~ ♡”


My cheeks grow flushed, as my own thoughts wander to imagine what she means. Hearing that, I remember the time I tried to go further than normal, but she refused, stating that her parents are very strict and check her hymen every birthday. I found this extremely weird, yet not longer mind as I love her for who she isI’d even die for her.


[Maybe you could~]




“What’s wrong?”


“Oh, I thought you said something for a second.”


“You must be going crazy, hahaha.”


Smiling from her cutesy giggle, we continue to walk as our hot breaths show in the freezing cold. I giggle internally. ‘This is really the best after all of the things I’ve gone through. I want to cherish moments like these.’ I said to myself enjoying the mood.


Right now, we are headed to her house, leaving school. The issue with doing this is that I always get a mean stare from her father, while her mother just doesn’t care. 


We wait for the red light to cross the street when something happens. She goes first and says,


“Catch me if you can and maybe you’ll get another kiss~”


Crossing, I heard loud sirens coming closer at an alarmingly quick rate as two speeding cars turn the corner and are barreling towards Livia. She stays frozen solid like a deer in headlights.


With no time to think, I rushed to her and pushed her out of the way, resulting in the loss of my consciousness before I even knew what hit me. I heard a high-pitched scream. I guessed it was Livia. Ah, damn, I’m sorry.


[Livia’s POV] 


The cop car who was chasing a black sedan collided with Ryan. Seeing this I screamed with horror.


The cop car who had hit him let the suspect get away, and as for Ryan and me, Ryan was transported to the nearest hospital, which was about a mile or two away.


Feeling worried, I called his sister, Monica, who, to no one’s surprise, was worried as well and I heard another worried ‘What?’. She eventually said that she’d be here as quick as she can. Then I called my parents. My mother was worried, while my father was just stubborn which really pissed me off in regards to his refusal to accept my relationship, acting as if he didn’t care a lick. However, mother said ‘We’ll be over there soon, don’t mind your father’s rants and insultsyou can love whomever you want’, and hearing that made me feel a little bit better.


Sitting outside of the ER for ten minutes following the incident, both his sisters, and my parents as well as my older brother, my second oldest sister, and my younger sister arrived.


I hugged all of them and explained what had happened, they said it wasn’t my fault and ‘Just at the wrong place and wrong time’. 


Seeing his older sister cry a bit made me start too, though his younger sister, Mina, kept an expressionless face. I couldn’t understand their position yet of potentially losing another family member, as they were the last of the Astley family.


Anxiously, we all awaited news from the doctors. We all sat down tapping our feet. A man with a white coat and a blue shirt exits the double doors. Seeing the doctor, Monica ran up to him, after watching them chat with the bated breath she returns with a semi-troubled expression.


Asking for an update on Ryan, she comes and tells me,


“He is in a serious condition but fine for now. I asked him if we could visit him, and he said that visiting hours are currently closed and that we could visit him between 7:00 am – 8:00 pm.”




“Don’t look so downI know that you love him just as much as we do, but he’s going to live, I’m sure.”


Is she saying that she can sense that I’m trying to stay strong? After a bit of crying my parents decide that they are going home with my siblings. As they left they leave, my father told me to come, but I told him that I’ll sleep in the guest lounge with Ryan’s sisters. He was against it but somehow mother led him away.


Saying bye to my siblings, I went to the guest lounge where there are beds with Monica and Mina. laying down on the mattress, I take a glance at the beautiful pendant, that matches my favorite color. I thought to myself as I tightly clutched it and fell asleep.


The next morning, looking at Ryan and the amount of tubes hooked up to him made me cry. Many thoughts circulated around my head about what the doctor had said before I entered Ryan’s room such as, ‘Will he remember who I am?’. Hoping for the best, I grabbed his slightly warm hands, and as I felt his warmth fade bit by bit, I grew more anxious, and Ryan’s sisters held on to him on the left side of his bed.


Beep. Beep. Beep.


Hearing the heart rate monitor beep at a quick rate, Monica ran out of the room and called for the doctor. They came dashing in and kicked us out quickly, and just before leaving we heard a faint flatline. Leaving us extremely fearful and worried. 


[Ryan’s POV]


“Huh? Where am I?”


Everything was all dark, suddenly I jolted with a shock, remembering what had happened. While I was in a depressed state, something appeared before me.


[System Loading……]


Looking at it with the confusion I unconsciously touched it.


~Please don’t touch and just wait for it to load~


Looking around for the sudden cute voice that came out of nowhere, I saw a small and tiny girl(almost the size of my palms) with wings of light in a cute blue dress.




~Hello, My name is Lefy. I welcome you, master. Before you say anything let me remind you that you are knocking on death’s door and she giving you a chance to live. So stay here and think carefully.~


A blue transparent screen popped up.




Do you accept this system?

[Yes] [No]

*If you click [No], you will die immediately*




Staring at the screen while Lefy smiles patiently. I ask


“Who is she?”


~Classified Information~

“Tch, what does this system do?”


As I heard her explanation, I understood that the system is stereotypical like in the novels that I had read before, but I was astonished by the twist I heard.

I have to keep gaining points to keep myself alive, if I don’t, then I’ll die right there on the spot. I asked her another question about how to gain these points, and her response was ‘Classified information, I can only tell you if you accept the system.’


Dammit, what should I do? I want to live but I don’t want to live like this, fuck!


I yelled inside with eeriness trying to decide what to do, while I was crying in frustration she added something else.


~I do not know if this is true, but you may be able to remove the timer for your life in the shop~


Hearing her say this, my body twitched with an ‘awesome’ and less worried expression.


“Haa… then I’ve made my decision.”


Looking at the system, my hand moved towards [Yes] and pressed the button. Quickly, it disappeared. I stood there confused and turned my head to Lefy who was still smiling then.


~Accepted… Initializing… Starting package download in 3 … 2… 1. Begin.~


When she finished counting, My body screamed in pain, and my heartfelt like it was going to burst.




The torment felt like taking a huge amount of pressure and then compress it into a small tiny fucking box.


Thirty seconds passed by, which felt extremely slow, filled with excruciating pain. I yell at Lefy who still stood there and just smiled.


“HEY! What the fuck is this?! You didn’t tell me it was going to hurt that badly!”


~Oops my bad, then please hold onthis will hurt again… beginning the last installation.~


“Wait Wait Wait let me-”


Feeling the compression for another slow thirty seconds, it was finished.


Holding my head in pain, she says,


~Welcome to Lifeline System, Let me reintroduce myself. My name is Lefy and I am your guide that will be with you from now on. You will be my master until you die. I can only answer questions that are on your classified level. Every time you level up, you will get more access to more classified information. So, master, if you are ready, then please say “System Open” and, as a little tip, you can only use your system when you are in a state of deep sleep.~


“System Open.”


[Close Tab] 

Title: Pawn


Name: Ryan Astley


Age 17:


Occupation: High School Student


Gender: Male


[Close Tab] 



Level [1][1000/5000]


Max Level [Undefined]


Life Points [1000]


Life Timer [168:00:00]


Life Exchange [2500pts = 96:00:00]




[Irresistible Aura: 6:00:00]

*Every 6 Hours an irresistible aura will be released and will randomly attract the opposite Gender, The amount of people will be random, ranging between  1-10 people/ No Limit on Age/ It can be released at any time however if not released before the timer ends, it will be released automatically, When used it will take 6 hours to regenerate/ it can be contained in an enclosed space. 

*The ability’s use can only be dispersed after feeling satisfaction or by waiting 1 hour
*Side Effects: On use, user will feel extreme hornyness  and/or experience aroused thoughts, the random target(s) will become entranced by the aura and may expierence Hornyness 

*Restrictions: Will only attract those of an opposing gender of the user.




Livia Learmes (Girlfriend)


[Close Tab] 



Buyable Abilities (Perm.) 


[Rapid Recovery]
*when using, Mentality and physical state will recover at a Quick rate faster than your average human body of a teen.

*This will have an automatic passive effect.

*Restriction: cannot be used when heart rate is over 110bpm 

*Note this is the weaker version of regeneration.



[Pleasure Touch]

*When in use, the opposite party will experience more pleasure and ecstasy.

 Side effects are 1. If excessively used, the receiver will pass out 2. Will want more pleasure 3. Hallucinations 4. High Heart Rate 5. used up to 30 Minutes and takes 2 hours to use again 




*User will select only one target, the target will be charmed for 24 hours,  supposedly in “Love”/ When used you will have to wait 24 hours for reuse.

{2500 pts}


[CQC lvl.1]

*User’s Strength multiplies to x2.5 and will learn basic moves that are used in the military/ It can be leveled up by training your muscles/Every level up will increase your knowledge of said moves and multiplies normal + added strength by .3/maximum level is 10.



Buyable Abilities (Temp.)

*You can buy Temporary abilities again However when the bought price will multiply by 2 with the next purchase


[Rapid Recovery]

*Same Description but 1-time use



[Body Cleanser]

*Your body will be cleansed, making you look younger and healthier./ Side effects are Passing out for 2- 12 hours depending on the user’s health and state.



Mental and Physical Powers


[Brain Growth 10%]

*The way you collect information will become clearer and increase one’s amount of memorization/Side effects are 1. Light headaches



[Body Growth 2x]

*Muscles will grow at a quicker rate than your normal growth.



[Penis Enlargement 1. in]



[Penis Circumference .5 In]



[Semen Volume 2ml]

*Note this increases the chance of fertilization


Other Powers


[Luck +1]

*Increase chance of pure luck



[Close Tab] 

Time Missions (perm):

*This will earn you more time instead of using points


  1. Run 5km [02:00:00]
  2. 100 Pushups [01:00:00]
  3. Masturbate [30:00]


Leveling Missions:


  1. Have Sex with a nurse (1600pts) 
    1. Creampie(120pts)
    2. Get her number (140pts)
    3. Titty fuck (110pts)
  2. NTR Someone (1750pts)
    1. Creampie(200pts)
    2. More than 1 go(150pts)
  3. Have Sex with a teacher(2000pts)
    1. Creampie(200pts)
    2. Inside Classroom(150pts)
  4. Beat up a Male Student (2500pts) 
    1. Not getting caught (120pts)
    2. Crippling (150pts)
    3. Cut off finger (100pts)


Permanent Methods:


  • Fellatio (30pts)
  • Vaginal Sex (50pts)
  • Anal Sex (60pts)
  • French Kiss (20pts)
  • Lip kiss (20pts)
  • BDSM (200pts)
  • Impregnation (5000pts)
    • Note will only be awarded when there is a sign of pregnancy


*1st times will be multiplied by 2
*Hardcore will be Multiplied by 2


[Close Tab] 


  • Abilities and Powers
    • Abilities (Perm.) gets updated every level up and introduces more abilities 
    • Abilities (Temp.) More Temporary abilities get added every level up, but the price multiplier stays
    •  All Powers can only be bought once every level up
      1. Some Cannot be bought again
  • Missions and Methods
    • Time Missions Can only be done once every day
    • Leveling Missions will give you the most points and used for leveling. Once done with a mission, it will be removed from the system if all missions are done, you will have to wait to level up to obtain more.
      1. Points are randomly generated
    • Permanent Methods do not reset and will be the same
  • Other
    • You can get Wheel Spins randomly by completing missions.
    • Multipliers will be added on the of the amount of times done
    • When enough points are level up, points will not be consumed. When leveled up [Life Time] will be reset at its original state.


Special Notifications:

  1.  You have 2 Free spins

[Wheel Spin]

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“Fuck, what have I gotten my self into…”

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