LLLS Chapter .5 – Lefy Luxy

It’s been a while since I’ve been summoned as a guide again, the three previous people who I guided failed miserably. Their greed, gluttony, or lust had gotten to them, and they used their life for pointless things. Humans are miserable. But this is funny, the new person who I will guide is a young male man who is living a happy life. However, it is tragic his life ended with a vehicle of justice running him over.

Once I got more details of the Human I immediately called him master, as a member of the Luxy Family calling your assigned being master is really rare, for us females we call our husbands, lovers, or interests that. 


“Oh Ryan you are my destined, I hope you will be satisfied with me”

“I can’t wait to see what you can do, let’s hope it will be fun”

Meeting him, I finally saw him in the Vita Acies Space.
Oh no I forgot my cue…. Ahhhh I ruined my meeting with Master. Nooooo My Perfect Greeting I forgot it.Haaa…. But his retorts and reactions are super cute. I wanna see where this is going.

Oh.My.God. that face he made when he was in pain, was too adorable. He is like a little whimper. “Mi Amor Pura” that’s what I’ll call it. My Master is my very own little Whimper.I’ll protect him, I will not make him go down that path, those who do are fools.

Oh no! …he has a girlfriend. Hmph! …this is so sad, I want him to be mine. Let us see if there is anything in the handbook.

Aha, there we go Article B.C # 4 Page 13b [B). Fairies cannot Interfere with your assigned person directly] So I can do it indirectly.


Oh~ Master, let us enjoy our time together, with this thou shalt bindeth our love together foreverth. As that I am bound to you till death. Thus I, as an Immortal, shall revive you from Limbo. Love is not forever, but family shall die together.

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A little short chapter about Lefy, was not planned but since I love Lefy I did it. so deal with it…..

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