The Lust System: Chapter 45 (Unlocked)


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Chapter 45 – Party (1)


“Why are you going to this party anyway? You rarely go to a party right? Why this specifically?”

“Oh nothing was really special about this party, it’s just that we always decline a friends invitation to go with her to a party. So when she invited us to go with her again, it was embarrassing to always reject her so we decided to go just this time.”

“So, whose party is this?”

“Oh, it’s just an annoying person named Xiao Ming, a senior at school. You don’t need to give him any attention.”

“He’s a spoiled brat that doesn’t use his head when doing things. He brags about all the expensive stuff he has, all the time at school.”

“Not just that! He’s also…”

Layla continued telling him about this guy called Xiao Ming. She talked about him like he’s the most disgusting living being in this world.

Basically what she said was this Xiao Ming was not only spoiled and arrogant, he’s also a lustful idiot that thinks with his lower body.

The reason he can keep doing what he was doing, was only because his father is filthy rich. His father runs multiple businesses throughout the city.

They have restaurants, hotels, casinos and their most successful business, their boat and ship business.

Apparently, they own multiple yachts and ships that they rent out to others. They also organize meetings, weddings or parties in their ships that it was the go-to place for people who wanted to show off to their friends.

Their yachts were also popular as this city was also one of the so-called seaside city. They pretty much have a monopoly for yachts in this city, earning a massive amount of money every day just from that.

Adding the hotel and casinos, Xiao Ming’s father was easily one of the richest people in the city. That’s what fueled Xiao Ming’s arrogance that he couldn’t just keep his mouth shut about everything he has.

Layla also told Max about Xiao Ming hitting on every beauty he sees inside and outside of school that most people just stay away from him when they see him.

She told him a story about that time when Xiao Ming tried to hit on almost every member of the swimming team that ended up with him being banned from going near the swimming pool building.

At first, they were ignored after reporting him to the principal. Being infuriated, not getting any reply, they all threatened to withdraw from the swimming team. That was when they got what they wanted.

“But it’s a good thing that they are only big in this city. The friend that invited us to join her at this party also came from a rich and powerful family.”

They have a lot of time before reaching the party that Max didn’t mind Layla continuing to talk about the people she knew.

Max thought that maybe this would be a good opportunity for him to know more people and more about who were the top individuals that he had to watch out for.

“Their family is a lot stronger than Xiao Ming’s but the only problem was that they are based in Zhonghai City.”

The word Zhonghai City piqued his curiosity, completely focusing all his attention to what she was saying while at the same time thinking,

‘Zhonghai City? Isn’t that the city that I went to? Yu’er told me that it’s a bit more dangerous in there as it is a city popular for their casinos. A lot of foreign people travel to that city just to gamble.’

Max also told Yu’er about him winning money twice from the casino. He got scolded because of how reckless he was, thinking that a few skills and a Face Mask would suffice to evade any danger.

But Yu’er let him off after he said that he had no idea about Awakeneds at that time. His sister then gave him some warnings about he shouldn’t go to that city unless he is fully prepared.

Since it’s full of foreigners, foreign Awakened existing in there is a possibility. She also warned him about gangs having international connections that sweat ran down his back thinking about the worst thing that might have happened to him.

Despite all that, Max still planned on going back next time to see and know all about the city but he will definitely ask his sister and other people if he conquered any to join him.

Because, one day, he will also need to go out of his current city, Skywater City as it would hinder him in getting stronger if he stayed here for a very long time.

He decided to talk about it with his sister so they have an idea about what they would do. More importantly, where should they go after they go out of the city to get more experience and to also gain more strength.

Layla continued telling him about everything she can think of about her friend. Max felt that he already know their friend when he hasn’t even met her.

It was only when they were close that Layla stopped talking. Max looked out the window trying to find where the house they were going to was.

Closing in the area, there, Max saw the location where the party was with lights lighting up everywhere. He was a bit disappointed seeing it.

He thought that there would be a mansion with so many floors and luxurious decorations. He wasn’t able to see it clearly because there was a huge gate blocking his view but he was sure that it was only a one-story house.

Their gigantic gate was really unique as it was just too big. Max wondered whether it was built just to show off as the gate was too high that it looked more like a prison than a mansion.

Slowly going in the already open gate, the first thing Max saw was the wide open space beside the house, multiple cars were parked in there. He can see some expensive cars here and there but they mostly pale in comparison to the car they were currently on.

After finding a good parking slot, they walked to the front door. The whole mansion looked like it was made from well-designed wood and stone materials.

But he wasn’t sure if it was real, not that he cared about it. There were only a few people on the entrance, talking with each other.

Most people were probably inside or at the back of the house as he can hear girls that sounded like they were having fun screaming somewhere.

The door was open that they just walked inside not waiting for anyone to invite them in,

“Layla! I’m here!… Wait for me! Let’s go together!”

Looking back, they saw a girl with golden blonde hair in an expensive black luxury car waving at them.

She skillfully moved her car, hurriedly parking it beside where their car is.



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The Lust System: Chapter 44 (Unlocked)

As I couldn’t edit the pages on my table of contents, here is the unlocked version of Chapter 44!





Chapter 44 – Going to a Party



Max was currently preparing to go with Lydia and her sister to the party that they invited him to.

He was fixing his clothes in front of the mirror. He wore a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans since Lydia mentioned that he didn’t need to dress up as it isn’t a formal party.

Last night after their long discussion, they’ve decided to first focus on getting Skills and upgrading them, rather than upgrading the System.

As they confirmed with Little Dou that being high level isn’t that useful when they don’t have the necessary Skills when a situation happened.

One of their reason was that they don’t have any Offensive Skill except what Max got from Lydia. But that’s far from enough.

They also figured that they needed some type of Life-saving Skill and if possible a Movement Skill, a Resistance Skill and an Escape Skill.

Yu’er was the one who convinced Max to do so as she had heard news of very strong Awakeneds still being killed because they are lacking in some way, whether that is not having a Movement Skill, a Defensive Skill, a Life-saving Skill or they are just purely outnumbered.

So if possible they wanted their foundation to be firm, being on guard against anything that can happen.

But all of that needs a lot of points that they will have to see what they would need to prioritize more in the future.

The last thing they talked about with Little Dou was how expensive Magical Space is. 50000 Points. They would likely not be able to afford that in the next two or three weeks.

They can’t waste that much time just for that so they decided to buy the Inventory first as it would be a better buy in the short term and they can just get the points back in less than a week.

Max also let Mango out after forgetting him being stored in the System. Max showed him to Yu’er and she instantly liked him.

From that time, Yu’er told him to just permanently let Mango out, unless they need to go somewhere else. Yu’er had been taking care of Mango since, adoring his cute appearance.

But Max was weirded out by it as he can understand what Mango was saying. He can clearly see that Mango was the opposite of what he looked like as he had a mature attitude.

Max also decided to buy the Dog Language Skill for Yu’er when she realized that he was able to speak with Mango. He accepted thinking that he will be able to get it back the next day anyway.

As Max had already bought the only Dog Language Skill from the Store, he had to use 500 Points for a Wish Card to add another Dog Language Skill. They spent 200 Points on it for a total of 700 Points.

Seeing Yu’er really liking it, enjoying talking to Mango while petting him with a smile on her face, he thought it was worth it as being serious all the time would not be the way they want to do things.

Before going, Yu’er told him to use the System Points to buy consumables if something happened at the party. She also gave him warnings about he shouldn’t get into fights, don’t just recklessly hit on women that he doesn’t even know.

She also taught him the basic things for an Awakened like don’t show his skills and ideally, not giving other people an idea about him having a Skill at all and just act like how he usually does.

The whole morning Max help his sister to practice using her Reverse Time Skill in different ways, trying out different things.

They’ve found some weaknesses, one of them was that you need to be close to the target and another one was the amount of time being reversed heavily depends on her energy.

They wondered if it’s possible to have upgrades to improve the efficiency of the Skill by reducing the energy needed and expanding the range of it.

Yu’er also taught Max her experiences with it as he also got her Skill when they had sex in the tub last night.

Seeing that it was time to go, Max told Yu’er he was going and went to Layla’s house as they would all go together with Layla driving her own car.

The place where they were going to was over an hour drive, just a little bit outside the city. Meeting them at their front gate, Layla turned to him,

“How is it? What do you think?”

She moved her body showing her amazing curves. She was wearing a blouse tucked in her dark colored pants that aren’t too tight against her body.

But even with all of that, her hot curves were still prominent with every movement she makes. She overall looked stylish, not needing to purposely show any skin to look beautiful.

Her hair was neatly tied, reaching just below her shoulders. Max didn’t know what to call it as it’s not a common style to see.

Max turned his gaze to Lydia and was speechless on what he was seeing. She wore her usual oversized baggy hoodie but she was now wearing a pair of sweatpants.

She gave out a lazy impression but with her attractive face, it only made her look cuter. Max thought that with just her face, she would look beautiful whatever she wears.

“Both of you look good.”

Max responded plainly not wanting to fall into Layla’s teasings. Seeing that it didn’t work, Layla stopped showing off by moving her body around to give Max a better view.

“Tsk. No fun.”

Lydia gave out a small chuckle as it was her first time seeing her sister be ignored by a guy. But Layla has something else on her mind.

‘He just brushed me off just like that? That’s a big improvement from the last time when we went to their house. At that time, he eyed my entire body like a pervert for a moment. I bet he didn’t know that I’ve noticed that.’

They went into the car with Lydia sitting on the front seat beside her sister. Max was alone at the back but that wasn’t the thing he was focusing on.

Their car was the one he was observing. The car was a luxurious brand that only rich people can afford. It wasn’t like a sports car that had cheaper prices.

It was a brand that only makes luxury cars like the car they were on. Max can feel the high-quality leather that he was sitting on and beside him was what looked to be a mini refrigerator, the window glass looked different too but he couldn’t say exactly why.

Max never went inside their house to see how wealthy they are that he can only imagine how much money their parents must have left them to enjoy their life like this, doing whatever they want.

That further proved their suspicion that their parents or just one of them were an Awakened as there was no news of their parents being successful business people.

“Yu’er didn’t go with you?… Let me guess, she isn’t good with parties right?”

“Yeah, how did you know?”

“Well, even though I rarely go to parties like these. Through the years, I still keep up with the happenings within the school.”

“I always look at pictures or videos of the parties that I don’t go to but I’ve never seen her even once.”

“Well, there would be a small party next weekend at our house so yeah maybe my sister just doesn’t like getting too much attention.”

“Oh, I’m excited about that! I haven’t told the girls at the swimming team yet but I think they would agree!”




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The Lust System: Chapter 43 (Unlocked)

As I couldn’t edit the pages on my table of contents, here is the unlocked version of Chapter 43!





Chapter 43 – Little Dou’s Teachings (3)



“But what exactly does it mean having a higher volume and quality of energy anyway?’

Max got everything Little Dou said but she never explained how is it relevant in real life.

[It means everything! Every Awakened in the whole world uses energy for their Skills. An Awakened’s entire body is also composed of energy. That’s what makes them stronger and gives them a longer life span.]


[Hmph! I’ll give you a clear example then. Imagine two people having the same Fireball Skill. Awakened A has half the volume and quality of energy in their body compared to Awakened B!]


[If they had a duel, the results would be obvious. There are only two things that can happen. First, if both of them let out the exact same mass of fireball, Awakened A will run out of energy twice as fast as Awakened B!]


[If both of them agreed to use up all their energy at the same length of time, Awakened A would only be able to put out half as strong fireball as Awakened B so that Awakened A can keep up with Awakened B in lasting the same amount of time!]


[I’ll give you another example, now with numbers. Awakened A has 1000 energy and Awakened B has 2000!]


[When they let out a fireball worth 200 energy, Awakened A can only put out five fireballs before running out of energy. Awakened B can do two times more than that with ten fireballs!]


[Assuming they both agreed to put out ten fireballs each, Awakened A can put out ten fireballs worth only 100 energy each and Awakened B can put out ten fireballs worth 200 energy each!]


[You can clearly see the difference between their strength, Awakened A’s fireball was only half as strong with 100 energy compared to the 200 energy fireball of Awakened B. But don’t take my calculations in a literal meaning!]


[That’s just the basics, the original calculations are much more complicated that you won’t be able to understand it!]


[With the original calculation, you have to consider how much energy an Awakened should use in a Skill so that they won’t waste it and some other more!]


[Also, the example I gave you was only about energy in general like one Awakened has 1000 energy and the other has 2000!]


[I never even started about what if both of them have the same 1000 energy and one has a low-quality energy and the other has a high-quality energy, what would happen then?!]


[You can only have a rough estimate as your brain can’t do all the calculations! But it doesn’t matter, most Awakened probably haven’t even thought of it as they just have no knowledge about the intricacies of energies!]


[Now that the both of you have an idea how it works, that’s a few steps ahead of others! You should thank me for sharing a little bit of my knowledge!]


Little Dou didn’t forget to boast but no one took it seriously as she’s just too adorable, especially with her childish voice.

[Basically, know that the Awakened with a higher volume and quality of energy will be in an advantage if it’s a fair fight!]


[They would also have a longer life compared to others with a lower volume and quality of energy. Like with a normal person, if you ignore accidents and genes, the one that eats healthy food will be in a better condition than the other who eat all sorts of junks their whole life!]


[Lastly, don’t take my examples literally as it isn’t realistic in the real world where some unexpected circumstance can happen!]


[Note that my examples are only about the same Fireball Skills but Awakeneds have different Skills. The chances of Awakeneds having the same Skill isn’t very big!]


[If they have different Skills with varying strengths then that’ll be more complicated. There are also circumstances involving schemes and traps and also outside involvements like huge groups of Awakeneds and organizations!]


[Haah, that’s everything! I’m tired, I’ll just lie on this pillow while I’ll give both of you some more of my knowledge!]


[Come, come! Ask this wise fairy some more questions!]


“Then about my Sex Steal Skill, couldn’t I just buy my sister a Skill from the Store and have sex with her so that we can both have it?”

[No, that is not possible! If you want to be specific, technically, the Skill they got from the System isn’t really theirs and will never be!]


[Let me explain clearly. When someone in the Woman Conquered section gets 100 in their Loyalty Meter, you can then start to buy them some Skills right?]


[Think of the worst-case scenario, what if they got removed from there? If the woman had a 100 in their Loyalty Meter, the only way they could be removed is when they die!]


[So let’s assume the woman died, the Skill that they got from the System will be staying in the System!]


[If someone checked their dead body for Skills in some way, if that’s even possible. They will only see one Skill if they’re a Rank 1 Awakened and two skills if they’re Rank 2 and so on!]


[Why is that? You should know that the only reason they got Skills from the Store was that they are in the Women Conquered section. At the same time, reaching 100 in their Loyalty Meter!]


[That’s it! No other way, no bias and no loopholes. As soon as they got removed in the Women Conquered section, in any way, no matter what the reason is, the Skill will not go with them as it is for the women that you conquered not some strangers or betrayers!]


[If the woman dies, she will be removed from the Conquered section and failing to meet the requirements, the Skill would then be leaving her!]


[That’s more like a security measure made by the System so that you won’t be schemed at and be used in some experiments forcing you to give Skills to others!]


[That’s not going to be possible as they need to be completely loyal to you. If they somehow got brainwashed then the Loyalty Meter will do the necessary changes in their numbers, still based on their loyalty to you!]


[That is also why you won’t be getting their Skills because it’s not theirs, to begin with. It is, in the System’s words, “System Skills that can only be used by women ‘in’ the ‘Women Conquered section’ with ‘absolute loyalty’!”]


[Can be used not given! The System is very strict about these things, not allowing any loopholes to exist. After all, it concerns your own safety if the worst-case scenarios happen!]


[Hehehe! *cough* Any more questions?] Little Dou looked at them with a poker face, holding her chin up.

Little Dou acted haughtily, feeling good explaining things with her own words. She was filled with excitement inside, being extremely helpful by teaching them and getting all these attention all for herself.

But her facade didn’t work. It only made her look cuter with her tiny size and adorable actions. Max and Yu’er were both holding themselves back in smiling as they don’t want to let Little Dou know that her act isn’t effective.

As Little Dou already appeared a bit tired, explaining a lot of things. They asked their last questions to end it.

“Max just reached level 20. He can now upgrade his System, right? How much would the System Upgrade be?”

“Oh and also how much does the Magical Space cost?”


Current Points: 2000


Rank 1 System Upgrade: Will allow you to level up from level 20 to 21, up to the maximum limit of level 30. 50000 Points

Magical Space: Personal space that allows both objects and living things inside. Comes with one hidden gate. 50000 Points


“The same price?”

[That’s just a coincidence! The System Upgrade will be ten times the price of the last one. The last time was 5000 Points, now it’s 50000!]


“T-Then, the next upgrade will be 500000 Points?!”

[Don’t be surprised. You are getting thousands of points every time you have sex, it’s not that difficult!]




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The Lust System: Chapter 40 (Unlocked)

As I couldn’t edit the pages on my table of contents, here is the unlocked version of Chapter 40!





Chapter 40 – Status Checker!



Max nodded at what Little Dou just said. He thought that it made sense. He can just take his time to add the new items one by one if he really won’t need the free slot on the Store.

“Max! We have so many Points now!”

“Right, we can now get the Status Checker!”

“Little Dou, get us the Status Checker.”

[Do you mean to get two Status Checkers, one for each of you?]


“Huh? Oh right! It’s possible to buy skills for my sister too.”

“I don’t think we should. You can just buy one for yourself. We’re tight on Points right now.”

His sister remained logical. She doesn’t think that it will be a good idea to have two of the same skills at the same time.

If they had a lot of extra Points, then they can probably buy all the Skills for each of them but that’s not even close to happening.

They don’t even know how much a Magical Space would cost as they haven’t added it to the Store yet.

“Mmh okay, Little Dou, buy one Status Checker for me.”

Max nodded understanding what his sister was thinking. But he etched it in his mind that once they get rich with Points, he would buy his sister all the Skills that would help her even in the smallest way.

It’s not because Yu’er is his sister that Max had that thought. It’s because Max determined that his sister should also have the capabilities to do things on her own.

What if a problem occurred and they aren’t in the same place. Max made sure to remember that his women should have all the Skills to fight for themselves even when he’s not with them.

That was the reason why he wanted to buy his sister all the Skills if he gets enough Points, especially Skills like the Status Checker that can be useful in every situation.

If there are also Resistance Skills or Life Saving Skills, he would not hesitate to buy it for each of them even if it will be expensive.

Time is on their side, getting strong in the future is already guaranteed. The only problem that concerns them will be when some people try to kill them and they aren’t strong enough to protect themselves.



Current Points: 7900

Status Checker – Check the Status of anyone regardless of their ranks. 5000 Points





[You have 7900 Points remaining! You can just look at your target and think of checking their Status then it will show up!]




[Dou Dou (Little Dou)]


[System Fairy]






Yu’er got spooked at the sudden shout that came from Max. She looked confusingly at him, wanting to know why he did that.

“Why can’t I see Little Dou’s stats?”

Yu’er also can’t think of a reason as to why it was like that. It clearly says in the description that you can see their Status regardless of their ranks.

[The description is true but it doesn’t mean someone won’t counter it. If you really think about it, if you put a Rank 1 Fire Skill into the brain of a Rank 3 Awakened, you can definitely kill him!]


[But the problem is, you can’t put it in there as no one in their right mind would allow that!]


[This is the same! If you use it on some brainless fool, even if they’re rank 3 you can see all their Stats!]


[But if they’re intelligent, they will find some way to counter that! Think about it, there might already be someone that has some type of Identifying Skill out there!]


“Then why am I not seeing yours? What Skill do you have?”

[I don’t have any Skill for that! The System is the one protecting me. It’s the same as why other people can’t see me!]


Max felt bad knowing that his Status Checker isn’t as invincible as he expected. Seeing that Max was misunderstanding something, Little Dou added further,

[Don’t worry, it should work at least ninety percent of the time! Most people that have a Skill that can counter them are either Awakeneds with high ranks or they’re not a high ranking Awakened but coincidentally just have the perfect Skill to counter it, which is very rare!]


[I’m not sure about items that can counter it though! The Store has it but I’m not sure if someone had already made something like that in this world!]


“Well publicly, there’s no such thing. But I can’t say the same for private organizations that are spread out all over the world.”

“Most groups like that usually have some sort of trump cards for themselves, also they might have their own research facilities that no one knows where it is located and what’s happening inside it.”

Yu’er told them all she knew about the subject. She also expressed her opinion about what she thinks the organizations throughout the world are up to.

“Speaking of which, Lydia invited us to a party tomorrow and I accepted, do you want to go?”

“No, I won’t go. You should accompany them in case something happens at the same time, try to get closer to both of them, Lydia and Layla.”

Yu’er answered right away. She doesn’t see any reason to join them tomorrow as she planned to know more about her skill and run a few tests with it.

Max didn’t say anymore as he already knew that his sister planned to try out a few things with her skills tomorrow.

He ran his hands on her body as he got aroused, feeling her bottom sitting on him. Yu’er was also starting to get wet as his dick had been hard since the start.

She thought they can just do a quick one so it should be fine. She turned around to face Max, grabbing his penis from below and pointing it straight at her opening.


Max felt her warm tunnel around his dick. He put his hands on her butt and pull her down, at the same time thrusting up his waist

“Ahn! Ahh! Ahhn!”

Both of them got down after enjoying themselves. They finished so quickly that only a few minutes have passed.

They saw Lydia and Layla with their hair wet from a shower, packing their stuff. Layla turned towards them and said,

“We will go home now. Today was really fun!”

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay to eat?”

“No need, we already ate a lot for the day. We will get fat if this continues.”

Layla jokingly said while laughing. Max found her so beautiful, especially when her face was brightly smiling. He lightly shook his head and looked elsewhere as she was too entrancing.

They reached the gate and watched them as they walk to their house. Not before saying their goodbyes and Yu’er giving them a hug.

Max also noticed Lydia signalling him about tomorrow’s party. He gave her a slight nod and waved goodbye.

While looking at them walking down the road, Max thought of something and looked at Layla,



[Level 18]


[Target Charm: a Mental Attack Target Skill that charms people to walk mindlessly towards them. Effect depends on their Mental Resistance.]








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The Lust System: Chapter 27

Chapter 27 – Trying Something New (R-18)



Max rolled Yu’er on her back and mounted her, inserting his dick back inside her and started pounding aggressively.

Each time he was thrusting in sounds of flesh colliding rang out and watery noises started filling the whole room.

Yu’er was crazily moaning in pleasure as her pussy that was still sensitive from the last orgasm was being pounded by Max.




Max was enjoying his sister’s cries while he thrust in her hot and wet cave. He went on to suck her nipples and play with her breast with his hand.

Feeling her wet insides tightly wrapping around his dick, made him start thrusting in faster, earning loader cries of moans from his sister.

After sucking her breast for a few minutes, Max moved to her lips, he sucked her lower lip then her upper lip, feeling her rapid breathing on his face.

Yu’er put her hands around him, rubbing her back while kissing back using her tongue. Max felt that it was so hot, pounding her fiercely and passionately kissing her while their body was closely sticking to each other.

His dick was twitching inside her with his waists moving faster and faster. Yu’er felt that she was also close so she wrapped her legs around him, wanting to get everything of him inside her.

Max grunted in the pleasure he was feeling, thrusting his dick deep inside her, filling her womb full of his cum.

Yu’er felt all his hot cum being released inside her, that made her reach to her peak. Pulling Max’s waist tighter and hugging him against her, she moaned out loud,

“Mnnhh, Ahhh, fill me up Max, I want to feel more inside me!”

After releasing it inside Yu’er, Max went on to lie down beside her while heavily breathing from the intense session they had.

“How was it?” Max smilingly asked with his face full of satisfaction. His dick was still hard but he doesn’t want to force it on his sister as he felt that she was already tired.

“That was the best! We should do this again sometime.” Yu’er has never felt that good before, reaching her peak, again and again, making her melt with her mind white from the extreme pleasure that erupted from her body.

“What, you’re still hard?!” Yu’er added, seeing his dick still point straight up. When they had sex in the past, Max was already tired after shooting his load twice. Now she was really shocked seeing that he can still go for another round.

“I don’t know, I got really horny thinking about everything that we’re going to do. It’s a good thing since I can satisfy you for a longer time right?” Max gave her a teasing look while sneaking a peek at her pussy drenched with fluids and cum flowing down to the bed sheet.

Yu’er closed her legs in embarrassment, covering her face that was blushing red. Max thought that he didn’t mind seeing more of his sister like this. She looked really beautiful, more so when she’s naked and having flushed skin.

The entire room smelled of sex and every time they inhaled the scent, they get more and more aroused.

They just couldn’t stop themselves from making their own minds wander, thinking that they wanted more.

What they didn’t know was that someone has been watching them from the start with a curious look in her eyes.

Little Dou has never turned her attention away from the two people who were playing around the bed. She was really curious about how these people don’t seem to get tired, non-stop having sex for more than an hour.

She was even more surprised seeing that Max can still go for some more, thinking,

‘He must be really horny about having sex with his sister. Well, that’s understandable, she is really hot and her beauty is for sure at the top 10 in their school.’

‘Huh? Why does she like licking his dick so much? Does it taste good?’

Little Dou put one of her fingers on her chin, wondering if it was really good. She was a simple-minded fairy that does whatever she liked doing.

Curiosity got the better of her that she went to the edge of the bed to take one drop of Max’s fluid on her finger.

She smelled it and didn’t think it was bad since the smell was already all over the entire room. She went on to give it a lick.

‘Wha-What is this? Wh-What am I feeling right now?’

Little Dou felt her body being filled with pleasure, making her feel refreshed like she was reborn in a better condition.

‘This really tastes good! Better than the lollipop and the candies that Max was giving me!’

Little Dou continued taking more of her new favourite stuff while trying to not get their attention.

Max was currently watching his sister clean his dick with her tongue. The view of her breasts jiggling every time she moves.

Both of them are breathing heavily from arousal but still taking things slowly as they are both exhausted from too much action a while ago.

Max then thought of another thing that he’s been wanting to try for so long, he went up and grabbed his sister saying,

“Sis, we forgot one thing!”

“What is it?” Yu’er tilted her head in confusion as they already did everything they can do with each. other.


Max hugged her soft body and slowly slid his hands to her ass, giving it a nice and firm rub, feeling her smooth shapely butt.

He continued to slide his hands in between to her hole that hasn’t been touched. Max felt her hole twitch as he rubbed it with his finger.

“N-Noo Max, that’ll hurt!”

Yu’er immediately wanted to get out of his grasp after realizing what Max wanted. She thought of his huge dick getting in her tight hole and felt that she will be torn apart.

“Wait, I’ll use my finger first. Let’s lie down together!”

Yu’er reluctantly agreed as she wanted to experience it but was just too scared. They laid down facing each other and Max initiated a kiss, kissing her and playing with her tongue.

Yu’er kissed him back aggressively as her body started to get hotter. Max slid his hand down from her back to her ass, changing its shape with his hand.

After a while of playing with it, he can feel his sister being aroused from his touch. He slid his finger on her pussy, making her moan in his mouth. Max continued thrusting his finger until he felt that his sister was close.

Max moved his finger to her other hole and started pushing it in. Her hole felt really tight, not being used to something getting in.

Massaging it for a while, he got the tip of his finger inside and started sliding it in and out, trying to make his sister comfortable with the feeling.

Putting in one of his fingers, he felt that his sister was starting to be used to it so he started adding another one.

After a few minutes, he can already insert three of his fingers and seeing his sister was enjoying the new feeling, he decided to go for the next step.


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The Lust System: Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Aqua (R-18)


Thirty seconds passed and the Time Stop expired. Max felt very nervous because he already used everything he had. No more Invisibility Potion, Time Stop or any remaining Points.

Aqua started driving feeling very excited of finally having to drive around the city alone. She was tired of always being told to not do something.

The life of an idol isn’t always fun because they can’t go anywhere or do whatever they want. People always look at their every move and words that they say.

While humming softly, driving around the colourful skyscrapers that are lighting up the city. Aqua was happily thinking about what she plans to do for the rest of the night.

After driving for a few minutes, enjoying the lively atmosphere in the city. She felt her pussy tingle giving her the urge to touch herself.

Aqua tightened her thighs together trying to hold herself back but it was getting really hard to bear. The feeling was getting really sensitive that her panties rubbing against it was making her wet.

It was also getting worse and worse that she felt like that only putting something inside her can she relieve herself.

Not being able to hold herself back, Aqua went to find a parking spot near a public park to try to distract herself from the urge to have sex.

Aqua went out of her car to get some fresh air. She went to the edge of the park overseeing the city lights of the other side of the city separated by an artificial river.

Max sighed in relief seeing her go out of the car. He was so nervous throughout the ride. If Aqua just looked behind her, she would be able to see him right away because the seat wasn’t able to cover him entirely.

Going down the car, Max then slowly walked to the direction she went, thinking about how he should approach her.

While walking towards the direction Aqua went, Max was thinking about his entire plan.

‘How do I start? Should I introduce myself to her? The best end result of all this is her thinking that this was all because of her lust. She really wanted to have sex with me.’

‘I should also pretend to not recognise her because she might ignore me if she thinks I’m a fan of hers.’

Walking for a few minutes while trying to find her, Max was starting to get impatient.

‘It’s too dark in here, where can she be?’

Looking around for a while, Max then saw her leaning in the railing near the river.

Max walked to a few meters away from her and watched the cars far away that was passing by through the bridge, waiting for Aqua approach him.

‘She will definitely approach me, the Aphrodisiac Powder never fails.’

Aqua was really struggling how to deal with her arousal. It’s the first time she felt it that way. Usually, she would just touch herself in private.

The feeling of wanting to have sex with someone was getting really stronger. Aqua thought that if she found a man, she would give herself to him. It was then,

“Uhm, miss, are you okay?”

Max felt that Aqua was taking a really long time to approach him, so he decided to tempt her more by trying to speak to her.

After Max said those words, he was immediately hugged by a soft body. He then felt someone kissing his neck.

Realising the situation, Max immediately got a hard-on. He went on to return her hug, putting his hands on her back and slid one hand down to her ass.

Max started grabbing her bouncy ass with this dick rubbing hard on her stomach. Max felt Aqua started to kiss him upwards. Max met Aqua’s lips and started wrestling her tongue.

At this point, Aqua must have felt very horny wanting to do anything just to have sex. Max continued kissing her and rubbing their bodies together when Aqua stopped and proposed,

“Hotel, now!”

They hurriedly went back to the car. Seeing that Aqua might not be able to drive in her current condition, Max said,

“Give me the keys, I’ll drive!”

The window of the car was heavily tinted that no one would be able to see him driving. After they got inside, Max started driving to the nearest Automated Hotel.

Automated Hotels are common in cities with a massive population. It was the most convenient and fasted hotel to get in.

They would just need to find an available room, scan their phones and they would be able to have the room for themselves.

The city has a very serious traffic problem, stopping them from getting straight to the hotel.

Max was very annoyed at the cars that were blocking in front of him. He was feeling really horny that his dick was hurting in his pants.

At the same time, he something soft in his arms. Max looked at his side and saw that Aqua was hugging him with her mind muddled with lust that she was feeling.

Max felt her hands rubbing his chest and her tongue licking her all over her neck. Aqua’s hand was slowly sliding down his chest and went inside his pants.

Max, feeling her hand rubbing over his dick opened the button of his pants. Aqua seemingly in conjunction with him pulled out his dick from his boxers and started rubbing him.

Almost couldn’t hold himself anymore, Max used the small roads trying to go to the nearest hotel he knows. After a few minutes of driving, they arrived.

Max put his dick back inside his boxers and fix his pants. He went out of the car and guided Aqua to the hotel.

Getting inside the hotel, they quickly went to find an available room. Max scanned his phone to pay for the room and got in holding Aqua in his arms.

After they got in, they stopped holding themselves back, throwing each other’s clothes all over the room.

Max then pulled Aqua on the bed and kissed her soft and moist lips while playing with her perfect breasts. Aqua also used her hands to run her hands up and down his dick.

Max could wait any longer and laid down the bed, wanting Aqua to sit on his dick.

Aqua while playing with his dick had a different idea, she slowly crawled between his legs and put my dick inside her mouth.

He felt like he was in heaven. Aqua’s warm, wet mouth felt amazing sucking half his dick. Aqua swirled her tongue around the head of his dick and Max nearly exploded.

Max could feel his precum leaking out. Aqua continued sucking his dick giving Max a pleasurable feeling.

“I’m about to…”

Max shot his cum in her mouth. Aqua still kept on sucking his dick wanting to suck everything out of him. She pulled her head up and Max looked at her swallowing it all.

Max still felt so hard after all that, he grabbed Aqua then put her on top of him.

Aqua has been waiting to put something on her pussy. After Max positioned his dick directly below her pussy, Aqua sat down.

Max almost came from the tight feeling surrounding his dick, he then heard Aqua cry out,


Max felt Aqua leaning on his chest seemingly in pain. He looked down his dick and saw blood flowing down. Seeing the blood, Max didn’t wait for her to be ready and started moving her body.

“Ahh” “Ahh” “Ahh”

Max heard Aqua’s cry of pain turn slowly into pleasure. After a while, Aqua also started moving going up and down his dick.

Max saw her breasts bouncing in front of him and sucked it in his mouth. His hand went to grab her butt cheeks and started meeting her with his dick.

Feeling like he can only go for one more time, Max pushed Aqua down the bed taking the leading position on top of her.

Max slowly inserted his dick through her tight opening. He moist insides enveloped his dick as he started thrusting in and out at a steady rhythm.

Aqua’s inner walls tightly gripped his member that he nearly lost his mind at how tight she still is. Both of them moaned loudly as Max pushed his entire length into her pussy.

His balls repeatedly slapped against her after continuously pounded her.

“Ahh, faster!”

Aqua screamed having the best feeling she felt in her pussy. Max grabbed her hips and rapidly increased the speed of his thrusting.

Soon, Max felt that he was on the verge of cumming. He leaned over and softly kissed her addicting lips.

“I’m coming!”

Aqua screamed. Max felt her entire body shiver as climaxed on his dick. The sensation of her insides gripping even tighter was enough to push him to the edge.

Max pumped out his cum deep inside her pussy aggressively while grabbing her breasts and sucking her lips.

After letting out everything, Max then laid down beside Aqua who was snuggling on his chest sleeping.

Max also fell asleep as having sex and releasing his load all day may him really exhausted. The soft and comfortable feeling of Aqua on his chest made him even sleepier.

Aqua woke up and found herself in an unfamiliar room. What happened a while ago suddenly came to her mind. She looked at the bed littered with fluids and her blood.

Aqua then saw Max lying down sleeping beside her, putting her mind in turmoil not knowing what to do.

She slowly stood up and went to grab her scattered clothes while limping. After wearing all her clothes, Aqua looked through his clothes and found his school ID.

Remembering his information, Aqua stood up and look at him sleeping on the bed with a complicated expression on her face and slowly walked out.


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