Chapter 3: Capture

I can see Lucy looking at me and nemesis in a tense way.   

I know she is just waiting for any sort of signal from me to start the devices I had given her earlier.   

I close my eyes for a split second and imagine the feeling of this hatred increase further inside of me.   

The main reason for doing this is so that all the attention of Nemesis gets focused on me and she does not notice my sister hiding behind the rock.  

“It is so good… You are filled with so much hate, the kinds of which I have not seen in years…  I love it so much…” Nemesis says while giving me a lustful look.  

“You love it? Good to hear…” I simply say.   

I am really calm and even my voice sounds somewhat confident.  

But Nemesis’s smiling face twitches slightly.   

“Have you met with a God or a Goddess before? You seem a bit too much composted under my godly presence?” She asks while slightly raising her eyebrows.  

Well, it’s true that even if Nemesis is not in her true form right now, the godly aura which is coming out from her is enough to create an instinctual fear into any living mortal.   

But well, I have been under an even greater aura than hers for years which was much more hateful.  

This much is nothing for me…   

“Oh, it was just one God. Nothing much…” I answer in a light tone.   

“Hahaha… Nothing much? A god is nothing much to a mortal like you, huh? Well then, I guess it’s really time to do what I came here for, right?” she says while giving me a really nasty smile.   

“Trying to scare me? Well, yes, by all means… kill me,” I answer while curling my lips into a smile as well.   

Nemesis, the goddess of revenge and divine retribution.  

I summoned her by giving my feeling of hatred and my thirst for revenge, a physical form of black fire using the formation on the ground which Lucy drew before.   

So, she of all should know where this feeling of revenge and hatred of mine is directed at…   

“At least you are aware of the crime you have committed, mortal. Or I should say…committing,” she says with her smile disappearing.   


Hubris. The act of showing pride, excessive overconfidence, or arrogance against the mighty gods.   

It is a saying that those who commit Hubris get Nemesis.   

And true to that, many humans, demigods, and even magical creatures have the wrath of Nemesis fall upon them when they committed Hubris.    

And it looks the same thing is going to happen to me as well…   

“Yeah. It’s not like you gods deserve any respect or reverence anyway. Being the assholes you all are…” I say while making my tone even more insulting.  


For a moment, extreme anger flashes across Nemesis’s face but then, in the blink of an eye, it is gone and her smile returns again. But this time, even her eyes start shining slightly unlike before.   

“Foolish… So foolish. Like so many others before you. And you will meet the same end as them…” Nemesis says while starting to take really small and slow steps towards me.   

I again take a quick glance at Lucy and see that her face is showing a really shocked and at the same time, worried expression.   

Sorry, sister. I have to go slightly different from what we planned. Please don’t get too angry later…  

I give her a signal in an inconspicuous way, telling her not to do anything yet before looking at Nemesis again.   

“How pathetic can you all gods get, huh? Always trying to show how big and mighty all of you are to the mortals when in reality, you all are just simpletons who bicker and fight among themselves on the most idiotic reasons…” I say mockingly.   

Again, anger flashes in Nemesis’s face, but this time it does not disappears…  

She stops on her track and just simply raises her left hand, pointing it at me…   


In the next moment, my body flies backward faster than an arrow, and slam against the walls of the cave, so hard, that the rocks there actually breaks down from the impact.   

Before my senses can even register anything, I find my body flying again, but this time, in the upward direction.   

Again, my body slams against the roof of the cave with an even greater force than before and then, it freely falls down from the height of at least 30 meters only to slam against the hard ground.   

After lying on the ground for a few more seconds in a really strange angle, extreme pain envelops my entire body.   


With a grunt like sound, I open my mouth and puke out lots of blood on the ground.   

If there was any human instead of me, he would have already squashed like a bug and died.  

It is because I am a demigod, that even when my body is this battered, I am still breathing.  

“Well, you are at least durable,” Nemesis says with a laugh.  

“Don’t… yet…” I say in a low voice while again glancing at the direction of my utterly horrified looking sister.   

“You don’t want me to kill you yet? So, finally, some sense returns to you in your death… too late though,” Nemesis says while starting to move towards me again.   

“Who is the pathetic one now, huh? Fufufu… I will enjoy it so much… to bath in your scarlet blood as I cut you down in half… to hold up your entrails and throw them around this cave…I will mutilate your remains as well…but first…” she says while giving me a creepy smile.   

“I will fuck this already broken body of yours… I will milk you out till your cock breaks… I will make you beg me to stop… while crying like a little bitch you are…” Nemesis says while laughing hysterically.   

Well, it is true what I have heard about her. As ruthless and remorseless as they say.   

Even though my neck hurts to move, I slowly look up at nemesis.  

“D-Don’t…*cough*…Please… Don’t kill me…” I beg to her in a terrified tone while still coughing out blood.   

Putting all the strength I have in my arms; I start to drag my body backward… away from Nemesis.   

“Hahaha… This is what I like to see! An arrogant mortal like you making useless attempts to escape your own fate! So entertaining…” Nemesis says while continuing her laugh.    

Still walking towards me, she places both of her hands on her shoulders and moves the straps of her black dress sideways; making it fall to the ground.   

From within, the extremely beautiful naked figure of the goddess of revenge comes out. Her skin is spotlessly white everywhere. Her medium-sized but well-shaped tits have small cherry-colored nipples protruding out. I can also see her cleanly shaved slit between her plump thighs.   

“Feast your eyes on the unclothed body of mine, mortal. Before your final breath…” she says.   

After painfully dragging back my body just a little more than a meter, I finally stop and look back at nemesis again.   

She is still leisurely walking towards me as if she has all the time in the world, which she actually has, to be honest.   

Even though she is naked, my gaze is not focused on her tits or crotch… but her feet.   

“Given up? Good choice…” she says with a laugh.   

And she takes another step forward…  

“NOW!” I yell towards my sister.   


With a boomingly loud sound, 4 high speed cylindrical-shaped metallic projectile flies towards Nemesis.   

Instead of hitting her body directly, these projectiles land just a meter distance from her and embeds into the ground in a square formation.  

Only the head of the cylindrical projectile is protruding out from the ground now.   

“What is thi—”  



Suddenly, all the four heads burst open with a bang and heavy-looking golden chains shoot out from it.   

And before Nemesis can even react, these chains wrap around her arms and legs tightly, restricting her motion completely.    

“T-These chains? Don’t tell me…T-That bastard is helping you…RELEASE ME! RELEASE ME NOW, YOU FILTHY MORTAL! I AM A GODDESS” Nemesis screeches.   

I simply look at her tied up and naked figure from top to bottom.   

“Release you? Why?”  

A smile again starts to form on my face.   

“Especially when it’s time for me to play… with your body.”  


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