Chapter 61 – Test


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Max was currently sitting in class, bored, leaning on his arm.

It was a typical school day. Like how they usually do, Max walked to school with his sister. Like always, they went their separate ways as they were going on different places.

That was how he came to be in his current state, bored as he will be sitting for a long time. Max felt stares that he couldn’t help to see what was going on.

Checking out the people that were in the same room as him, he noticed that some students were sneaking glances at him.

They weren’t even hiding their intention, blatantly staring at him. Max was wondering whether they were possessed by something or he was just too good looking.

‘Tch. This is surprisingly uncomfortable. I never imagined that people staring at you would feel like this.’

In the past, Max had fantasies of being the most popular guy at school. He thought if he became famous, he would easily get all the girls for himself.

They would then hang out, have fun together and all that good stuff.

It never came into his mind that it would be like this. Some guys were giving him hateful looks, and some were burning with jealousy staring at him.

That wasn’t the worst part. If it was only that then he wouldn’t care that much as they aren’t worth his time and it’s not like he knows them.

It was the girls that were the problem. The girls that were looking at him dazedly with blushing faces were those that aren’t attractive at all!

‘Why are you staring at me like you wanted to beat me up? Do you think I would fight with you guys for these girls?’

‘They’re not my type! These virgins are really.’

Max slightly shook his head like he was pitying them. It was laughable that Max was criticizing others for being virgins when he was a virgin less than a month ago.

Even when she had good self-control, Little Dou’s face twitched when she heard that. She didn’t know whether to laugh or get angry at him for his comments.

In truth, Max was just exaggerating. There were also some cute girls that were looking at him, but he never spared them a glance as they were quite lacking compared to the top beauties surrounding him like Layla, Lydia, and his sister.


No one would disagree with him as its always like this every day at school, and Max doesn’t believe that he would need these lessons in the future.

Turning back to look out the window, as this was his only way to relieve his boredom.

The vast infinite sky that was clear and blue with traces of white clouds can be seen, as birds smoothly flew about, singing and playing with no care about the world around them.

The sun was up as usual that it makes him feel sleepy even when he just woke up. When the sun shines down on him, his body becomes relaxed with nothing to do but to soak up the rays while closing his eyes.

Most of the time, Max watched people playing in the fields with Little Dou. Sweating and running around while the wind blew through their hair, those people seemed to have so much fun that there were times, Max thought of joining them.

There were also beauties that were strolling, watching others while hanging out with their friends. It was a pity that they were too fat that Max wasn’t able to see them clearly.

This was his everyday routine, and the only reason why he still had the energy to go to school when he could’ve just stayed cooped up in his house.


The bell rang as their teacher walked in, holding stacks of paper in his arms. They call him Teacher Li, he was a middle-aged man wearing glasses that made him look stricter than when he isn’t wearing one.

He was their math teacher and was known as one of the best and one of the worst math teachers at school, and there was a good reason for that.

He glanced around the room with his sharp eyes as it landed on him for a few seconds. Max thought that this guy must be holding a grudge on him, but in the end, he passed it off as he didn’t even know the guy.

“Put away your stuff as we don’t have all day. The test will be starting, and you have until the next bell to finish it.”

Everyone muttered various complains as they put away everything that was on their table, but no one dared to say it out loud.

Max vacantly watched them like he was prepared for this, not having anything out. But the truth was he was only putting up a false front. He didn’t even know that there was a test and what’s it about.

As soon as the papers were handed out, the class became silent as they all started to concentrate their attention on the questions.

‘What’s this?’

Max looked at the test paper and saw questions that made his mind dizzy. He even wondered whether he was given the wrong paper.

In fact, most of the students wondered the same thing. It wasn’t really their fault as that was the reason why people were calling him one of the best and one of the worst teachers at school.

Teacher Li was known for giving tough math questions in tests. When he usually teaches, he makes it as easy as possible, providing easy to solve problems, making the students think they understood it.

But when it comes to tests, the questions would not be even close to the examples that he gave on practice works. The good side though was that he would make the final exams easier than tests like these.

However, for Max, it was a lot harder as he wasn’t even familiar with the topic. It’s not like he cares about this one bit, but his sister repeatedly told him that if he can, get higher grades as it would boost his reputation at school.

Though Max doesn’t want to agree with it, he knows it himself that other students really look down on others with failing grades.

Conversely, if he were to be a top student, most students would treat you with respect and speaking with them would be smoother. Max doesn’t understand why that is, but that’s how it works.

‘Hmm well, if I really try, I can easily get a high grade on this test. Who knows, maybe if I’m lucky I’ll get a perfect grade!’

Max’s eyes lit up as he seemed to think of a good idea.



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