S.B.L Chapter 1 – Vivid Remembrance

In the heat of combat, I’m under attack from five heavy fighters. They’re inflicting some damage, but their aim is atrocious. The corvettes and the frigate are on standby. Even if I target them, I’m at a disadvantage. I desperately need a miracle from god

Executing a sharp maneuver, I swing around to the back of one fighter.

“Elisa, concentrate turret fire on Fighter D. Break his shields, then shift to Fighter A. His shields are already down, and he seems like an inexperienced pilot. I’ll handle Fighter C.”

“As you wish,” she replies.

I lock onto Fighter C.


Fighter C is KIA. His lifeless ship drifts through space. If you squint, you can catch a glimpse of the pilot’s floating limbs.

“Master, Fighters A and D’s shields are down. Request permission to deploy missiles?”


On command, missiles streak out. Fighters A and D are obliterated. Only Fighters B and E remain.

“Master, I’ve successfully tapped into the enemy comms. Patching you in now.”

A frenzied voice sounds, “THIS BASTARD KILLED Han-E! I’m gonna make him pay!”

Another voice, noticeably calmer with an Australian accent, chimes in, “Oi, mate, chill out! This bloke’s gonna sort you out.”

From their exchange, it’s clear one of them is seasoned in combat.

The blaring sound of a lock-on alert reverberates through the cockpit as an enemy fighter targets my ship.

“Master, be advised. He’s loaded with HS-T Missiles, the notorious Heiress Scream. If he scores two direct hits, our shields won’t stand a chance,” Elisa’s voice filters through, laced with urgency.


Reacting swiftly, I push the ship’s thrusters to their maximum, initiating a high-speed charge towards another fighter, aiming to use it as a momentary shield. The strategy is risky: I need to match the propulsion of the inbound missiles and execute a perfectly timed evasion, possibly tricking the missiles into detonating on the enemy instead.

My HUD display confirms the rapidly shrinking distance to the targeted fighter.

“He’s in my crosshairs! Say your prayers, buddy!” The fighter in pursuit taunts confidently.

“Oi, mate, pull yourself together!” An unmistakable Australian accent rebukes the overzealous pilot.

As the twin trails of the launched missiles grow more apparent in my peripheral vision, the ship’s alarm intensifies, signaling imminent danger.

“Master, those missiles are gaining fast! Immediate evasive action recommended!”

“Just a tad longer… Elisa, prepare for a hard maneuver. On my mark, divert all available power to the thrusters for a burst of speed, then immediately redirect to max out the shields.”


Executing the maneuver with mere moments to spare, the ensuing explosion confirms the destruction of one enemy fighter. With a void of space now houses one last adversary — the distinctive Aussie.

“NOOO, MATE! YOU BLOODY DRONGO, I’LL MAKE YOU PAY FOR THIS! Lieutenant Mal, light up that Elysia mongrel with everything we’ve got!”

With a cry of frustration, he retreats towards his fleet, presumably aiming to rearm.

“This isn’t promising. Elysia, reroute power to the engines and shields. We need to survive this barrage.”

“Power diverted.”

A torrent of ballistics, plasma, and lasers hails in my direction. I absorb some hits while executing a series of evasive maneuvers that seem almost magical in their effectiveness.

“Shields at 65%,” reports Elisa.

“Can you scan the frigate’s systems?”

“Already done. If you can get me close enough, I might be able to shut-“

Suddenly, darkness engulfs the bridge as all systems go offline. The icy coldness of space seems to press in, with the only light emanating from the bridge’s windows.

“Master, we’ve been hit by an unknown EMP. Our systems are offline. I can reboot, but it’ll take about two minutes.”

“How are you still operational?”

“The suit you’re wearing is resistant to electromagnetic pulses. However, we’re not completely invulnerable. Your suit’s HUD is down, and the shields are offline. For now, you’re essentially wearing what ancient times referred to as knight’s armor.”

“Ahh so i’m a sitting gosling”


As all hope seems lost

A Fierce commanding female voice interrupted, “THIS IS THE United Federation Forces. Lieutenant Mal, stand down immediately or we’ll open fire.”


From my cockpit, I saw the UFF Battle Cruiser take central position, its turrets targeting Chango’s Heavy Frigate. 

Swift UFF Corvettes moved with precision, while their Frigates poured fire onto Chango’s ships. 

But the UFF Destroyer, advancing with missile volleys, was the real game-changer.

Chango’s fleet retaliated fiercely, their Frigate challenging the UFF’s Cruiser and Destroyer, while their Corvettes tried evasive maneuvers.

Amidst this dance of warfare, my systems buzzed to life

“Master, our systems are restored. Before those simple pirates did interrupt our discourse, I meant to share that, with your guidance, I can temporarily render yon frigate’s Shields and power down. Our ship possesses an electromagnetic pulse field. Yet, once it is duly charged, our engines and shield will be at half capacity temporarily.

“Understood. Allocate all power to engines and shields; divert any residual energy to the pulse.”

As the colossal battle unfolds to our right, we close the gap between us and our target. A fresh squadron of fighters emerges, with a handful locking onto us and opening fire.

The tremors from the hits reverberate through my ship. Skillfully, I evade the barrage of missiles coming my way.


I’m fairly certain one of those missiles just took out one of the pursuing fighters. Ouch.

“Master, the pulse is primed and ready.”

“Very well. Connect me to UFF’s communications; I’ve hatched a plan.”

There’s a brief crackle, indicating the connection. Clearing my throat, I announce, “Greetings, this is Elysia-44. My intent is to approach the frigate and immobilize it. Once you observe the pulse, the frigate’s shields and power will be temporarily incapacitated. That’s your window.”

“Wait, who is th—”

Abruptly terminating the comms, I concentrate on my ship’s velocity, aligning with the frigate’s deck. I surge my engines to minimize the distance, artfully dodging missiles and laser salvos. My velocity rockets past 300 kph (186 mph).

Nearing the ship, I hover directly above its reactor. Without hesitation, I engage the switch.

A vast purple pulse envelops not only the frigate but also the two corvettes, rendering them motionless.

The field’s radius exceeded my predictions. Those ships have become mere drifting wrecks. I suspect some of the UFF Fleet was caught in the aftermath.


“Master, you neglected to specify a target. Absent a focal point, the field radiates indiscriminately.”

I retort, “You could’ve mentioned that earlier! And you certainly didn’t specify the field’s radius!”

With a sigh of relief, the battle concluded.

A few hours post-conflict, I received permission to board the UFF Hammer. The remnants of the pirate crew were detained by a backup fleet, their vessels seized.

Upon setting foot in the battleship, I docked my ship inside. The interior was massive.

Exiting my craft, many recoiled at my sight. My nanosuit, with its pronounced musculature, matte black fibers, and menacing red highlights, rendered me an intimidating figure they struggled to understand.

The atmospheric haze created by the bay doors added to my menacing aura, kinda ironic.

In a swift movement, Elisa transformed and compacted into a watch. The residual nanobots arranged themselves along my spine, resembling a spine tattoo.

I was directed to a chamber, reminiscent of a luxurious living area with futuristic, plush furniture.

Settling down, I was presented with snacks and a fizzy drink.

It appeared I was awaiting a higher authority.Escortee, without uttering a word, exited the room promptly.

“Hmm, this drink is intriguing—fizzy with a hint of vanilla. Elisa, while we have this downtime, can you share your capabilities and limitations?”

“Well, Master, I can act as a mobile shield, boasting integrated weapons and an internal tactical display. I can also camouflage, self-repair, and augment your physical prowess,” she responded confidently.

“However, I’m not operating at peak capacity. Vital upgrades are missing. The features I’ve detailed are merely a subset of my potential.”

“How do we unlock your full capabilities?”

“I’m uncertain. My system has been dormant for 22 years. For updates, I’d require a potent energy source and would need to undergo a dormant phase. I’d also recommend you bolster your physical health; you’re showing signs of malnutrition, and currently, your skills are akin to a novice soldier.”

“How can we locate this energy source?”

“If granted access to a comprehensive database, I might locate a solution.”

“I’m perplexed. I can’t recall my identity or how I came to be on that ship.”

“Do you recall any fragments from that abrupt memory jolt?”

“It’s blurry, but piloting the ship felt familiar, almost like child’s play.”

“I’ve analyzed the information. It appears you’re grappling with amnesia, and that flash might’ve triggered muscle memory.”

“That’s plausible. I wonde—”

Suddenly, a sharp pain pierced my temples.

“We can’t keep him anymore! He…”

Did I hear my name?

A ship… Extinction…  A-pollar…

“Master, I detect a spike in your vitals. It seems you’ve experienced another flashback. Can you recall anything?”

Without responding, I rise and approach the mirror. My reflection greets me. Smooth, unblemished skin. Grey eyes. Jet-black hair. A muscular build. “So this is what I look like…” I note a scar beneath my right collarbone, its origin a mystery.

“Master, several hours have passed and I’ve been meaning to inquire: What should I address you as?”

I ruminate, trying to recollect. A name feels tantalizingly close, but before I can share it with Elisa, the room’s door is violently forced open.




Nine men, heavily armed, burst in, their weapons’ lasers trained on me.

“What the…?”

“Master, we appear to be encircled,” Elisa notes.

“Thanks for stating the obvious,” I think,

For the love of god, can i take a break.

“Первый. Уничтожите вражескую надежду на победу. (First. Destroy the enemy’s hope for victory.)”
“Второй. Используйте все в своих интересах. (Second. Use everything to your advantage.)
“Третий. Используйте слабости противника. (Third. Take advantage of your enemy’s weakness.)”