S.B.L – Prologue

The soft hum of the ship’s engines filled my ears as I slowly stirred to consciousness. My eyelids feel heavy, and my vision was blurred, but as I blinked repeatedly, the controls and lights of the cockpit started to come into focus. The blinking lights and digital displays cast a soft glow, revealing the vastness of space beyond the glass.

My fingers ached as I unclenched them from the armrests. How long had I been out? My memory was a haze of colors and sounds. The last thing I remembered was navigating through an asteroid field, but now everything was quiet. Just the vastness of space and the soft lull of the ship’s systems.

The leather of the pilot’s seat clung to my back, damp from sweat. I shook my head, trying to clear away the cobwebs of unconsciousness. The stars outside twinkled, and a large gas planet dominated my view, its swirling colors mesmerizing and familiar.

I reached for the ship’s controls, my hands automatically adjusting dials and flipping switches.A holographic display sprung to life. Showing a panel of information

Hmm.. the ships names is ‘Elysia-44’

A sudden beep caught my attention, and the comm system activated. “Unknown vessel, identify yourself,” a voice crackled over the intercom.

I cleared my throat, pushing myself upright in my seat. “This is Elysia-44, Currently I do not know where I am. Could you help me?”

The voice paused, then replied, “You are under my territory trade lines, You have to pay a fine of 250,000 Credits to use, if not you will get boarded”

I watch the scanner network showing up two Small sized corvette. Seems liek they are pirates fuck.

“You have 1 minute  to decide or else we shut you down”

Trying to come up with a plan, I look at my armanets, Unsure if I have enough power to take fully manned corvettes, I decide to book it towards the armory, and grab things to use to make a fight.

Upon entering I hear a crackle“30 Seconds”

I approach a table where the armor piece lies. It looks unassuming, sleek, and lightweight. The design hints at functionality rather than aesthetics.

Touching the piece, it’s cool to the touch, with a subtle shimmer hinting at the complex technology within.

places the chest piece against their torso, maybe there’s a mechanism, like a clasp, or maybe it adheres on its own. Upon contact, there’s a subtle hum, and activates

As the nanobots come alive, they begin to expand and multiply. The armor starts to grow, crawling over the skin like liquid metal. 

It seems to have a mind of its own, knowing exactly where to form plates and where to leave joints flexible.

In a matter of seconds, the armor has spread from the chest to cover the torso fully, then down the arms and legs.

It’s like a fluid dance with the metallic particles being guided by some unseen force.

Enveloping me in its particles, it covers my head making a mask like a helmet. 

Suddenly a Holo display pops up in front of my eyes like a HUD

“Greetings Master, My name is W.E.L.S.A, I am your Weaponized Enhanced Life Support System. All vitals are normal, Nervous system Intact, No Critical injuries. Currently experiencing elevated Heart rate.”

Still in Awe and shock from this. A Loud clang roars through the hallways. The Ships alarm starts to go off.

“Hmm Master it seems like we are being boarded, We should greet them.”

“Huh oh yeah, we should”

On the way out of the armory I quickly take the rifle, On the way to the dock to get ready. W.E.L.S.A says

“Master, the weapon in your grasp is the esteemed Neu-Tak 28, often referred to as the NT-28. It’s powered by advanced proton energy. Notably, it boasts an ‘Overcharge’ feature and can even morph into a revolver for adaptability. While it offers the allure of unlimited ammunition, there’s a caveat: the rifle has a 20-round capacity, and when transformed, the revolver holds just 6 rounds.”

“Copy that thank you WELSA”

“Please Master call me Elisa, W.E.L.S.A is just my manufacturer name”

“Sounds good Elisa”

The ship’s holographic interface displayed a 3D model of Elysia-44. Two red dots approached, signifying the incoming members of Chango’s Fleet.

“I’ve detected their comms frequencies, Master. They’re from Chango’s Fleet, the notorious Corsair Branch. They’re skilled, ruthless,” Elisa warned.

I nodded, gripping the NT-28 tighter. “Where are they boarding from?”

“Starboard airlock. But they’re also attempting to hack into the main system.”

The HUD in my nano-armor displayed a layout of the ship with a route to the starboard airlock. On the way, potential cover spots were highlighted.

The Intercom crackles “Oooh lil survivor, Surrender and give us your goodies”

I found myself pinned behind a thick steel column, its surface growing hot from the relentless barrage. Rounds ricocheted with high-pitched whines, and the acrid smell of burnt metal and gunpowder filled the air.

“Master, I count at least ten assailants,” Elisa’s voice sounded in my helmet, her tone remaining eerily calm amidst the chaos. 

The HUD displayed a thermal image of the corridor, showing the silhouettes of 10 men, their body heat making them stand out against the cooler surroundings.

I peered around the edge of my cover. They were spread out, taking strategic positions, and advancing slowly, intent on cornering me.

Inhaling, I leaned out slightly, by using the NT-28’s Overcharge feature.I blind-fired down the corridor. Bright red bolts of energy whizzed towards the assailants, forcing a couple of them to scramble for better cover.

“Your ammunition count is depleting rapidly. Remember the capacity,”

“To replenish its ammo, allow it a brief moment of respite. It’s crucial not to overheat it, so wield it with care.”Elisa cautioned.

I sprinted for another point of cover. As I moved, a hail of gunfire intensified, echoing ominously through the corridor. Although the suit’s shield was activated, I could feel the impact of every bullet. They didn’t penetrate, but each hit was like a powerful flick, enough to make me involuntarily flinch.

“Shield at 72%,” Elisa informed me, her tone urgent but controlled.

Reaching my next point of cover, I risked a quick peek and squeezed off two precise shots. Two of the outlaws crumpled to the ground, their weapons clattering beside them.

“Two down, eight to go,” I muttered, catching my breath and mentally preparing for the next phase of the onslaught.

Continuing with the barrage of fire, I return by hitting one of them in the shoulder. 

“Master, be aware another ship will be assisting in boarding, pulling up holo map up, currently I read 26+ contacts incoming, ETA 30 Seconds, We need a second plan”

“Yes, we do. Do you think we could–”


My heart lurched as I spotted a plasma grenade, its timer ticking down menacingly, landing just 2 meters away.


The explosion launched me backward, throwing me a good 5 meters from my cover. Vision blurs as the shockwave left me disoriented. 

While I was still trying to shake off the daze

“Warning: Systems at critical levels. Left leg has sustained severe damage. Attempting to restore function…”


 I managed to croak out, trying to push myself up from the cold metal floor.

“Shields are down, Master,” she replied, her lovely synthetic voice tinged with what sounded like regret. 

“I apologize. Current limitations prevent me from operating at full capacity.”

“You’re fine, Elisa. I need to fall back.”

“Master, if you retreat to the next room, I can activate a turret to assist you.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

As more enemies pour in, the ship’s intercom crackles to life.


“Elisa, what happens if I overclock my rifle?”

“It’ll explode upon impact. The rifle will then be unusable temporarily. I can use the suit’s nanobots to cool it down quickly, but it might halt shield regeneration. Currently, the shield is at 26%.”

I nod in understanding and quickly overclock the weapon, aiming it at the advancing group.

“Take some energy, you bastards!”


The explosion rips through the corridor. I think one of them took a direct hit. Ouch, that’s got to hurt.

“Six contacts KIA. Sixteen more to go.”

Seizing the momentary lull in combat, I sprinted for the adjacent room.

“Master, insert your finger into the door’s computer interface,” Elisa instructed.

Doing as told, I granted her access, which swiftly activated the room’s turret. It unleashed a relentless volley of laser rounds down the corridor. 

With every burs; lasers left a cacophony of noise in their wake, with fleet members falling one after the other.

As I took a moment to catch my breath and glanced at my still-overclocked rifle, which Elisa was working diligently to cool down, she reported, “Current contacts down to 17…”

Suddenly, a deafening explosion rocked the room, sending me hurtling against a wall with an alarming force. The impact left me unconscious, if only momentarily.

Jolting back to consciousness, Elisa rapidly updated me. 

“Shields at 0%, vital systems critical. You have a left-side rib fracture; I’m attempting to remedy it. The turret was destroyed by the fleet members; it seems they had a plasma launcher.”

“Arghhh,” I grunted, the pain nearly overwhelming.

“You were briefly unconscious. I’ve sealed the emergency doors in the corridor, locking out the majority of the fleet members. Only two remain onboard.”

Breathing heavily, I asked, “Elisa, can you fly the ship?”

“Yes, but piloting will leave your suit operating at half capacity.”

“And can you disengage the boarding?”

“I can force a disconnection, but it’ll cause damage to our hull.”

Determined, I questioned, “How proficiently can you pilot?”

“I am equipped with the capabilities of an ace pilot.”

“Alright then. I’ll handle the remaining two members. You take over the ship and direct all firepower at the corvettes.”

“Roger that, Master. Transferring control now.”

As I hear the ship’s engines roar, it turns a full 180 degrees, laying a barrage of fire into the first corvette.

Peering through the room’s door window, I see them ready with their guns trained on the entrance. 

They’re on guard, anticipating my next move. My shield’s still down, and my injuries are hindering me. But an idea forms.

“Elisa, can you shut off the gravity?”

“Yes, I can,” she responds.

“On my mark, disable it and open the room’s door.”

I transform the NT-28 into its revolver form, which seems to have a faster cooldown.


Gravity dissipates instantly. The two gang members are lifted from the ground, taken by surprise.


“What the hell?” they exclaim.

Seizing the zero-gravity advantage, I fire twice, hitting one in the head and the other in the stomach.

“Restore the gravity,” I command.

The moment it returns, I land gracefully and make a beeline for the bridge.

“Give me a status update on the corvettes.”

“One corvette has been eliminated. Currently focusing power on evasive maneuvers,” Elisa 

reports with her signature calm.

“Transfer controls to me. Let’s take down the last one.”

“Master, more contacts emerging from Quantum Drive. I’m counting six ships: one frigate, an additional corvette, and five heavy fighters.”

A voice booms throughout the bridge.

“HA! Heard you took down some of my men. I’m not thrilled about that. But know this: YOU WILL DIE.”

This isn’t going well. A 7v1 situation. Barely half an hour since I woke up, and now I’m in the middle of a space battle. I don’t even know how to-

Suddenly, a barrage of memories flood my mind. Stars. A pod? Adults? Another ship?


Why do these images feel…familiar?


I snap back, feeling disoriented.

“You blacked out for a moment,” Elisa informs, her voice filled with concern. 

“Your brain vitals are normal. What just happened? My data can’t interpret your experience.”

“I…I don’t know,” I murmur, shaken. “But these controls… they feel familiar, as if 

I’ve piloted this before.”

What the hell did I just recall?

Author’s Notes: Hey!! It has been awhile, since I’ve written. I have a large future plan for this novel so bare with it, and yes their will be R18 scenes. I am a degenerate hahaha. but holy shit, Im getting old. Well Please do enjoy the next two chapters

People don’t want freedom. They want boundaries, rules. Protection. From invaders and from themselves. People need a leader who can give them both the support and the constraints to keep chaos at bay. You give them that, and they’ll follow…