Erocom Chapter 101: Kurusu Mia 42 Ando Mikoto 34



Mia raises her voice.
I put it in all at once into her.
It just feels too good.

「Koumei, I aaaahn haa…it seems like I came…」

It seems Mia has finished just by me putting it in.
The walls of her vagina were practically convulsing.

「Aaaah…It feels gooood…」

Mia leaks out a voice from the lingering feeling.
Mia was just wearing a T-shirt.
Her long chestnut hair was tied up and I could see her erotic nape from behind.

「Is it fine to move?」
「Yeah…move- aaahn geeez, so sudden, aaahn haaaahn」

At the same time I got permission, I pushed my hips forward.
*Kotsun*, my dick kisses Mia’s womb.
Each time it happens, it makes my consciousness soar.

「Haaahn aahn, ah, nhaaahn, yah, wai-, so deep…Hoooohn」
「Mia, it feels goood…aaah, Miaa」

With her hands pressed against the wall, Mia desperately tries to keep her posture.
I violate Mia’s insides with my fat dick not caring about others.

「Ah, there where it hit, aaahn good, feels good」

It seems she really feels it in the wall next to the entrance of her womb.
I bend my waist and angle my dick.

「Theeere, Theeeeeereee, aaahn amazingamazing, hooooohn」
「Mia, Mia」
「AAAAAaaahn what is thissssss, cummingcummingcumminnnng—-!」

Mia cums again.

「Ah, ah, aaah…haa…Koumei…」

As I take out my dick, I lead Mia to the living room.
I sit down on the sofa and spread my hands.
Guessing my intention, Mia straddled over me.

「Aaaah, Koumei…I’m putting it in…」

Mia slowly puts it in herself.

「Aaahn…this isss thickkk」
「Ah, Miaa it’s goood」
「Ah, ahn, ah…Don’t mooove, aaaahn, I’ll bweeeak, I’ll bweaaaaak buhooooohn」

I poked Mia from under her with my rod.
Mia embraced me with all her heart.
Her breasts hit me right in the face.
I lift up her T-shirt and expose them.

「Aaahn, aaa my nipples too, hooooohnaaooohn」

I put Mia’s nipple in my mouth as I pushed my hips up.
Mia’s slightly sweaty nipples were delicious.
I used plenty of saliva to lick them.

「Koumeeeeiiiii, I loooooove youuu, aaaaahn, feels good, feels good, feels so good」
「I’m gonna cum Mia…I, aaaah, cumminnnng」
「Together, let’s do it together…let’s cum together?」
「Miaa Miaa」

It’s already sloppy.
I raise my voice while licking her nipples and Mia shouts while moving her own hips.
Our entwined bodies jumped over and over again as we were connected on the soft sofa.

「Miaa cumming」
「Me too, aaaaaaaaoaoaaohn」

Mia’s body bent backwards at the same time I came.
Her huge breasts point towards the ceiling as her body convulses and twitches.

「Fuah…ah…Koumei…it feels hot…」

We both hugged each other.
After exchanging a kiss, I slowly take out my dick.


The tip of the condom was completely filled with semen.

「Haa…hehe…Lots came out huh…fuu」

Mia smiled cheerfully receiving the condom I took off.

「Hey…you’re loud」

As we flusteredly turn towards the voice, our eyes come across Mikoto standing in the hallway.
Her short black hair was messed up from sleeping.
She was wearing a rough wardrobe of a T-shirt and panties.

「Sorry…Mikoto-chan, did we wake you?」

Mia asked while wrapping the used condom in a tissue.

「You’re cunning just being you two…」

Mikoto pouts like a child.
She walks into the living room with a *peta peta* as her feet hit the floor and looking muddle headed from just waking up.


After letting out a big yawn, Mikoto sticks her hand out to me.

「Yeah, here…」

Mikoto takes the condom in her hand.
I ended up unintentionally making eye contact with Mia.

「Next is my turn」
「But I already came…」
「It’s fine…」

Coming up with a conclusion on her own, Mikoto takes off her panties.
She had unkempt hair and sleepy eyes.

「Then let’s go back to the room…we’ll head in soon」

*Kokuri*, Mikoto obediently nods.
Mikoto leaves her panties there.

「Can you make it big for me?」
「For Mikoto-chan?」

Shrugging her shoulders, Mia went down on her knees and grabbed my dick.
My dick that lost its fire burning had stimulation run through it.

「That’s right…it’s for Mikoto’s sake」
「You’re a good boyfriend…amuh」

Opening her big mouth, she held my dick in it.
I was satisfied with the euphoria and intense stimulation.
Mia moves her head back and forth without hesitation and cleans up my dick dirty from semen.
*Biri biri*, pleasure runs up my body.
My dick already regained its vigor and turned hard again.

「Npuh, apuchyu, chupuuuu, nnnh」

Mia sucked in her cheeks as if to suck out the remaining semen inside.
I felt satisfied from her staring at me intently while she was moving her head back and forth.

「Ah…ah, Miaa…timeout, I’m gonna cum」

Mia takes my dick out of her mouth.

「…Now you should be able to do Mikoto-chan」

Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, Mia bent her head to the side.
As for me, I was about to ravish Mia another time.