Erocom Chapter 102: Kurusu Mia 43 Ando Mikoto 35


I put on the condom.


When I rub her head, Mia tightly closes her eyes.
And then we both return to Mia’s room.
Mikoto was lying down on the bed with her bottom half exposed.
When we arrived, she opened her wet eyes.

「Ah, you came…」
「You, if you’re sleepy then sleep」
「I’m sleepy but…I’ll do it」

Mikoto sluggishly gets up.

「I got it…Then, it’s fine to do it while you sleep…」

Saying that, I draw closer to the bed.
Mikoto lays down face first.
Grabbing her small butt, I spread it apart.
*Kuchu*, it makes a sound as her labia opens up.
Sticky love juices drip out.

「Mikoto…I’m putting it in, okay?」

I slowly get on top of Mikoto and press my dick against her.
*Gugugugu*, there was some resistance.
However, because of it being wet, it went in easier than I imagined.
It was as tight as ever as it coiled about my dick almost painfully.
Mia was sitting on the bed rubbing Mikoto’s head.

「Mikoto…is it fine if I move?」
「N…Nyah, aahn, nnnyah, nyah」

As she would wake in and out of sleep she would float an expression of pure ecstasy.
I made eye contact with Mia as I was swinging my hips.

「Mikoto-chan, you’re cute…」
「Ah…you’re cute too」

I honestly tell her as I swing my hips.
Mia asks while rubbing Mikoto’s head.

「Me? Cute?」
「You’re cute when you show me your boobs」
「What’s with that」

Mia smiles.
And then she lifts up her shirt.
Her splendid pair of hills made their appearance. It was a fresh sight to behold every time.
Her nipples were still erect from me licking them not too long ago and they shone with saliva.

「How is it? Am I cute?」

Mia asks with a bright red face.
I replied while pushing my dick in and out of Mikoto.

「You’re erotic」

Mia puffs up her cheeks and turns away.

「Nya, nya, Koumei, aaaahn, nnyaa, nya…nya」

Mikoto gasps acting like a broken toy lying face down as I pound her.
It was almost like she could be sleeping. Her heavy breathing was close to a sleeper’s breathing.

「Nya, nya, nya, nya…」

She only reacted when I poked her.

「She fell asleep…」

We unintentionally smile at Mikoto attempting to have a dick inserted in her while she sleeps.
I looked at Mia as I pull my penis out of Mikoto.

「Maybe we should sleep too…」
「Maybe we should…」

After giving a nod, Mia said something while getting closer with her breasts.

「…I think I want it put in me while I sleep as well」

I entered the bed first after giving a brief smile.
Mia quickly gets in the bed.
We both get into the bed Mikoto is already in.
We were all three tightly packed in a single bed.
I was in the middle with two beauties sleeping on either side.

「Mia…here bring your butt over」
「Yeah…ah, nh…it’s going iiin…nh…night Koumei」

I had the urge to swing my hips but my fatigue exceeded that.
I got up in the morning to go to the shop and then had sex with Mia and Mikoto.
I was in too much of a daze passing the time splendidly.
I was already assailed with sleepiness so I ended up falling asleep while my dick was inside Mia.


When I opened my eyes there was Mia’s bed.
Mia and Mikoto weren’t in the bed.
I took a moment to think about whether last night’s actions were a dream.

I stretch and get up.
I put on my boxers and pants.
I should have certainly fallen asleep inside Mia.

「As I thought…was it a dream?」

As I was muttering my monologue, the door opened.
It was Mikoto.

「”Oh?” you say. What’s with that?! We made breakfast so come eat!」

It seems Mikoto came to wake me up.
She was wearing a white dress that she probably borrowed from Mia.
And her short black hair was in a thin braid.

「Why…did you do your hair like that」
「Ah, this? It fits me right?」

Mikoto showed her white teeth.

「Mia did it for me!」
「Yeah…it suits you」

As I reach the living room, Mia turned towards me wearing an apron and a smile.

「Morning…Did you sleep well?」
「Yeah, I was sound asleep」

When I sat down at the table, she brought me toast and tea.
There was also things like cheese, jam, and ham prepared.

「My mom will be home just after noon」
「Yeah…I’ll leave before then」

There was still a moderate amount of fatigue left in my hips.
My head was empty but it felt clear.
Mia sits in front of me and Mikoto sits next to me.
The two were both wearing their rings I got them yesterday.


After breakfast started, I looked at both of them.


Mia and Mikoto incline their heads to the side while looking at me.

「I like you…」

There was some silence.
And then Mia bursts out in laughter.

「Hahahahah. What’s with that so suddenly?」
「Your timing is bad you know…」

Mia and Mikoto showed an unexpected and sharp response.
However, when Mia put her toast back on her plate, she looked at me.

「I also like you」

Mikoto looks at Mia and then poked my shoulder confused.
When I look at her, Mikoto was looking down with a bright red face.
And then she said in as quiet as a whisper.

「Me too…」

The dazzling light from the open curtains fills up the living room.
It seems today is also gonna be another hot day.