Erocom Chapter 103: Eda Fukiko 12


It was the Monday of next week.
It was the week right after summer break so the class was really relaxed.
The returning of the tests is mostly completed.
My results were as expected. I got a failing mark on my physics test.
There was an announcement that retakes would take place this weekend after school.

「Hey, Shirota」

I called out Shirota in her classroom during break.
Shirota opens her eyes wide surprised that someone suddenly called out to her.
Huh? I wonder if we aren’t going out.
I was stewing about that problem but the ring fit tightly on her middle finger shone brightly.

「Wh-what is it? Okutani」
「Well there was something I wanted to ask you」
「What is it?」

Shirota, who was busy talking to her friend, stands up from her seat.
Shirota’s friend is completely silent in the corner of the classroom at my arrival as if they love silence.
Without minding it, I went with Shirota out of the classroom.

「Shirota, are you good at physics?」

There was a crowd of students in the hall during break.
Standing as if to line up with the window, I asked Shirota.
The tanned sporty girl clad in a uniform tilted her head to the side.

「Could it be that you failed?」
「I failed…」

It wasn’t a very attractive state of affairs.

「It’s this weekend, huh…the retake」
「Yeah…It’s the day I’m supposed to stay at your place…I was wanting to feel assured」

Shirota nodded with a slightly red face.

「But, I’m also not that good at physics…What about Kurusu-san?」
「It’s a bit difficult to ask her」
「Why? Isn’t she your girlfriend」
「Well…somehow, it’s just difficult」

I don’t want to look lame to her.
After putting on a complex expression, Shirota asks me.

「Even though you can ask me?」
「Rather…I can only ask you」

With those words, Shirota’s expression candidly brightens.

「There’s no one else I can ask like this」
「I-is that so…ah, if it’s a good helper then I know one」
「Is it someone I know?」

After school, she introduces me to Eda.
Eda listens to Shirota standing in the hallway pouting seeming displeased.
After hearing the basics from Shirota, Eda suddenly opens her mouth.

「Okutani-kun…you’re an idiot, huh」
「Shirota, you asked the wrong person」
「Don’t say that…」

Shirota mediates for both of us seeming a bit troubled.

「You too, Fukiko. Lately, haven’t you been distant to Okutani-kun…」
「Not particularly…You guys just conveniently forgot about me」

Saying that much, Eda closes her mouth.
I noticed some subtle changes in her.
Which reminds me, Eda planned to start the harem.
Even though Mia refused her once before, she went on and formed the harem without her.
She must think she was being left out.

Today as well, Eda’s breasts were huge.
She didn’t lose her cold demeanor and her long black hair reached down to her waist.
The moderate sexual feeling of her body can’t help but excite men.
She was domineering as she wore her glasses and she wasn’t unfashionable either.

「B-but I have club…」

Shirota says.
Eda says looking at Shirota as if glaring.

「I also have student council though」

Eda became the student council president.
It was way busier than when she was the vice president.

「With that being said…thanks Shirota…I’ll figure something out on my own」

It seems Eda doesn’t really approve of me.
However, if you think about it, Eda kind of boasted to Mia.
I had complete confidence that was the wrong move but it turned into a failure.
Even so, she’s probably not wrong to turn her hostility towards me.
Shirota looks at me and Eda seeming sad and muttered.

「I would like you two to get along…」
「Why are you so sad, Yotsuba?」
「After all…」

After saying that, Shirota sniffles.
When she looks over here with moist eyes, it was almost as if she was about to cry.

「Fukiko is my best friend…and Okutani is an important person to me so…I’d hate it if you two didn’t get along」

I see.
Shirota was just thinking she wants her best friend and boyfriend to get along.
Of course, Eda knows she is Shirota’s closest friend.


That’s why being told that much, she can’t help but to draw back her hostile air towards me.
Eda sent a fleeting glance towards me and let out a sigh.

「I got it…It’s not like I’ll get along with you but I’ll help tutor you」
「Eh? Really?」

Shirota raised her face seeming happy.
Eda frowned at such a change in her expression.

「Did you plan for this?」
「Who knows? But you always keep doing it」

*Nikori*, The smiling sporty girl waved her hand and started running.

「You promised! Fukiko, properly teach Okutani, okay!」
「Wait, Yotsuba!」

However, when Eda called out, Shirota was already down the hallway.
After a bit of silence, I called out to Eda.

「Eda, you really saved me by helping me study」

After letting out a sigh, she looks at me.
There was a sharp glint in her eye but there was a purity in them peculiar to a girl.

「…Fine, I’ll teach you」
「If you’re thankful, tell it to Yotsuba」

Eda promptly left the corridor.
She said she had student council today.
Then, it seems I can only study myself today.

「What are you doing? Let’s go」
「Eh? Where」

Eda turned around in the middle of the hallway and waits for me.

「We’ll study at my place」
「Ah. Eh? What about student council?」
「All I have to do is give them a call」

What kind of power does she have?
When I catch up to Eda, she shrugged her shoulders.

「Since all of them are excellent, even if I don’t particularly group them up, they will still properly do their work…there’s no need to worry」
「Is that so?」

I wonder if Mia was included in that group of excellent people.
I felt the weight of disappointment from my failing marks in physics even further.

「That ring…」
「The one that Kurusu-san and Yotsuba are both wearing」

The only person to notice that in the school is Eda.

「Do you also have one?」
「I do…」
「Is that so…」

Giving a short reply, Eda walked a bit ahead of me.
I chase after her like a follower attending to her.