Erocom Chapter 104: Eda Fukiko 13


I thought Eda’s house would be a mansion.
However, my expectations were betrayed.

It was a huge mansion.

That was the best representation.
Leaving from Ichikura station, which was the closest to Hashidzume High School, we traveled to three stations away to the one closest to Shirota’s house, Okunashi Station.
Okunashi Station was also the closest to Eda’s house.

「My family was a territorial magnate in ancient times…」

Eda explained indifferent to the fact but also without being prideful.
We rode the bus from Okunashi station to Eda’s house but I was surprised at the bus stop name.
“The front of Eda household”. I wasn’t worried about where we got off.

It was a house that you would want to use a drone to take photos of.
In front of a paddy field stood a big gate blocking the way.
The fence continues on either side as if displaying its power.

「Go ahead…」

As we enter the gate, there was a garden.
We walk across stepping stones placed in gravel.
There was a splendid amount of koi in the big pond which looks refreshing in the summer.
There was one big pine tree towering over it that looked as if it could be over a 100 years old.
Eda’s house was an old one-story building as well as a new two-storied building.

「It’s the two-story building…this is where my grandparents live and this is my place」

Of course, the one-story building is for her grandparents.
My mouth was wide open just from her having two houses at her place.

「For today, we’ll be here」

The sliding door of the one-story building opens and a small woman comes out from inside.

「Welcome back, Ojou-sama. You’re quite early today」
「I’m back, Yoshie-san」

The woman called Yoshie-san looked to be past 40.
There was a calm air slightly surrounding her.
She was wearing a white apron.

「Ara, is this your friend?」
「Yes…we are going to study together」

Without trying to judge me, Yoshie-san turns towards me with an amiable smile.

「Good afternoon. I am Fukiko-san’s classmate, Okutani」
「Good afternoon. I am Yoshie. If you need anything please feel free to ask」

After taking Eda’s bag, Yoshie-san returned inside.
Eda turns around and looks at me.

「That’s our maid, Yoshie-san…」

At first, I was too tense to be surprised she had a maid.
With Eda leading, I head inside the one-story building.
Passing through a long hallway, Eda opened the sliding door to the first room inside.


Looking inside the room, I was at a loss for words.

「Okutani-kun, since its you, it’s fine to teach you here, right?」

The room was naturally Japanese-style.
However, the things placed inside were weird.
There was a huge bookshelf tightly packed with manga.
And then more strange than anything, there were tools and instruments to draw manga neatly lined up along the wall.

「Other than you, the only people to enter this room are Yotsuba and Yoshie-san」
「What about your parents?」
「They know about it but they’d rather not come in」
「I see…」

It’s not a room you could call girly but it’s very fitting for Eda.
I knew she drew manga but her room is quite well set up.
Her pen, paper, and notebooks were neatly placed on the shelves and properly displayed too.

「Sit. I think Yoshie-san will be bringing some tea or something」
「What are you going to do?」
「I’ll go change at my place」

Eda left the room.
Reluctantly I sat in front of the low table in the middle of the room.
Yoshie-san quickly showed up and placed down a platter with cookies and cold barley tea.
In order to study I take out my physics textbook and answer sheet for my test and place it on the desk.

「Sorry for making you wait」

Eda came back.
She was wearing her casual clothes that I’ve seen once before.
Even so, her wearing clothes other than a uniform is fresh.

「What is it?」

Eda sits on top of her feet in front of me.
The princess was wearing a light blue one piece.
Her glasses were taken off showing her excessively beautiful face without reserve.
I said something immersed in her fashion sense befitting summer.

「What about your glasses…?」

When I ask that, Eda shrugs her shoulders.

「I have contacts in…」
「So we’re doing physics, right?」

She disregards my question.
Even so, it seems she had the intention to properly teach me.
With that, she took out a textbook and test similar to mine.

「Ah, yeah…this is my answer sheet」
「Let me see」

Placing her huge breasts on the table, Eda grabs the answer sheet I was holding.
Returning to her original position, she quickly moves her eyes as she scans it.

「Yeah…if this is how it is we’ll be able to do something in a day」
「Since its on a particular field…if we just concentrate on that there shouldn’t be a problem with the retest」

And then when she opens up her textbook, she began her lecture.
Sometimes she would give me a test that she made herself and I would answer.
Even if I was wrong, she’d calmly give an explanation without abusing me or making me feel stupid.
After about 3 hours, she helped me understand the parts I wasn’t getting.

「You, are quite good at teaching…」

Eda smiled when I gave my honest impressions.
It was a pretty smile as if she was taken back a bit.

「You understand this but there could be something else that trips you up…because even I’m not that smart」

Even though she said that, she is known for never not scoring first place on tests.
In actuality, even these finals she scored far and away the best.

「What, are you surprised?」
「Eh? After all…you said you weren’t that smart…」
「That’s right. It’s because I study…I like to draw manga but my parents don’t think it’s a good hobby」

Eda smiled while grading the gathered up tests.
Because this time she had quite a childish smile, I felt my heart throb.

「That’s why they put out a condition…I had to be first on all tests in the school」
「That’s why you do so well?」

Eda replied nonchalantly.
It’s not like she is dumb.
Even if they were to exert themselves only a handful of people would be able to make the top of their grade.
But I was surprised that in actuality Eda was trying her best for the things she loves.

「We were able to do something in a day…Now just don’t forget to review」

Eda gave back the test she finished grading.
There were a lot of red circles on it.
It was an original test Eda had made.
It was a physics test that got to the main point and left out the pointless stuff.

「I’m glad you’re able to get a 100」

I didn’t make a single mistake.
Eda wrote a big「100」in red on it.
And there were small letters written underneath that said.

「Good luck on the retake!」

I unintentionally meet eyes with Eda when I raise my head.
Eda tilted her head to the side.

「What? You have a face like a pigeon who’s been shot by a peashooter…」1


  1. Idiom for being surprised