Erocom Chapter 113: Shirota Yotsuba 24


My dick was still not at its full potential.
Even so, the size left her wide eyed.


Shirota stuck out her tongue and started to lick.
*Jin*, the numbing stimulation spread throughout my body from my dick.
First, Shirota eagerly licked my shaft in order to make it bigger.

「Chuu…nh, achuu」

Using her soft lips and saliva, she moved her head up and down.

「Nh…amazing, it’s so stuffy」
「Is the smell strong?」
「It’s fine…I like it…nh」

Shirota talked while touching my dick with her lips.
When I rub her head she squints her eyes like a spoiled cat.
Without putting down her bag, the sporty girl wearing a uniform was licking my dick.
Just from the sight alone, it seemed like my dick would swell.

「It’s not getting up…」

However, it still wasn’t starting to get erect.
If it’s like normal, it’d lively rear its head just from a little stimulus.

「I wonder if it’s cause we’re in a hurry…」

I gave that reply.
When I look at the clock, it’s already 7 minutes until the bell will ring.
If I don’t hurry up and cum, I’ll have to head home with an erection.
I’m a bit afraid just imagining it.


Puffing up her cheeks, Shirota opened her mouth wide.
And then scooping up the exposed glans with her tongue, she put my dick in her mouth.
*Bururi*, my body shook. It felt good.


Shirota’s mouth should be smaller than Mia’s and Mikoto’s.
Anytime someone would put my big dick in their mouth they were always desperate.


She licked the tip of my dick with her hard tongue while my dick was in her mouth.
A shock ran through my head and my thoughts turned white.
Sticky saliva smeared my dick as Shirota started stroking.
The brave high school girl went head-to-head with my shaft that still wasn’t getting erect.
That feeling was satisfying.

「Nh…nnnnnh, ah, nh…geeez, whyy?」

Shirota took my dick out of her mouth.
Shirota’s saliva made my dick shiny.

「Doesn’t it feel good?」
「No, it feels really good…」
「Then, why?」

She poked my dick with her index finger seeming dissatisfied.

「This guy」
「Ah…as I thought it’s cause we’re in a hurry」

We both look at the clock.
There was already three minutes until the bell rings.

「Then…should we go ahead and leave?」
「Ah, yeah…」

Shirota leaves the classroom ahead of me.
In a fluster, I put on my boxers and pants and chased after her.

「Are you mad?」

I asked Shirota who was already in the hallway.
She replied without looking back.

「I’m not mad」
「Th-then…slow down a bit」

She was walking quite fast.
I ended up having to jog to catch up to her.

「I want to do perverted thingss」

Shirota blurted out and started to run.
I also run, chasing after her.
We go down the stairs and head towards the entrance.
As the bell rang, Shirota got even faster.
As one would expect from a sports club member, she was quite fast.
The difference in time between when we left the gate was noticeable.


Shirota smiled when she got her breathing under control.

「What’s wrong, young’un!?」
「No…It’s impossible…」

We both started to walk.
My sweat was endless from the heat.
Shirota was walking next to me being nonchalant but even she had sweat streaming down her cheek.

「Hey, Okutani」

While we were heading towards the bus station, Shirota called out to me.

「I wonder…is there somewhere we can be alone together…」
「Don’t you want to continue?」

Shirota said without looking at me.
That innocent feeling was unbearably cute.
I had the urge to lick all the sweat off of Shirota.


I couldn’t think of anywhere.
For now, Shirota and I turned toward the front of the bus stop in silence.
We head into the residential area. There was nothing to stop the relentless onslaught of the sun beating down on us.
Somehow or another, I turned towards the park Rino-chan and I went yesterday.

When we got to the park, Shirota wasn’t surprised as if she already knew this place.
The kids were playing baseball for today’s club activities.
I thought to head towards the river but I couldn’t get the feeling for it.


Shirota said something as if remembering something.
When I turned my head, Shirota said after her face got a bit red.

「I might have an idea」

Saying that she starts walking.
We walked quite a bit to find a place to do erotic things.
We were both sweating and somewhat desperate.

There was a public gym next to the park.
I didn’t notice it when I came yesterday.
It was old and when I entered it was gloomy.
The ceiling was low and stained.

We pass by the reception desk.
There was a place where desks and chairs were placed.
A vending machine made a low growl.
The air conditioner mounted in the ceiling groaned as well.
When we went up the stairs, the second floor had audience seating as if they were connected.

「The gym is supposed to be rented but…no one comes into the stands」
「I came to see my friend in the basketball club play one time」

Giving that explanation, Shirota goes up the stairs.
There was no one here to reproach us. I chased after Shirota’s back.
There was a door and when she opened it, there were the stands.
This gym is unexpectedly spacious.
It was big enough for 2 basketball courts.
There weren’t a lot of people using it. There were two pairs of ping-pong tables.1


Shirota goes through the stands and gets further into the gym.
Inside, there were huge pillars that led into a dead end.

「Why do you know about this place」

I asked while concealing my voice.
Shirota replied.

「I came here before…to change clothes while in school. At that time, putting up a cloth completely hid everything」

No matter how much of the dead end is covered by the pillars, it’s not like every angle is a blind spot.
We could be seen from one portion of the stands.
However, we’re the only ones here right now.

We both head behind the pillars.
It’s big enough to fit about 5 people before it’s full.
It seems to be a bit bigger than the dressing room at a tailor’s.


Pressing her back against the wall, Shirota lets out a long sigh.
The air conditioner was not very effective.
However, it wasn’t that hot outside.

「I’m crazy sweaty」
「Don’t you have a towel?」
「I have one…ah, can I use a sheet to wipe off my sweat?」

Saying that, Shirota looked into her bag and took out a sheet to wipe off sweat.
It’s the type that is commonly sold at a drugstore.

「I need to wipe mine too」
「I’ll wipe it for you」

Shirota became wide eyed and I could tell her cheeks quickly became hot.


  1. Seriously what is this gym?