Erocom Chapter 114: Shirota Yotsuba 25


I took out a sheet to wipe off my sweat.
And then as I politely fold it over four times, Shirota draws near.

「Ah…it’s fine, I’ll do it myself…nh」

Shirota tries to run away but of course I quickly catch up.
The lighting from the gym couldn’t reach behind these pillars.
It had a dim feeling somewhat reminiscent of a cellar.
Surrounded by three walls, the only exit was behind me.


With the sweat sheet, I rubbed Shirota’s neck.
The tanned girl’s body twists as if it tickled.
Her cheeks turn red as she looks at my face with moist eyes.

「Stooop, I’m…super sweaty, ahn」

Shirota was protesting with her words but didn’t give a complete denial.
On the contrary, she pushed out her chest a bit and drew closer.
However, I wonder if it tickled as her body wiggled around.

「Does it feel good?」
「Rather than it feeling good…nh, it tickles」

While she shakes her head, I move my hand closer to her clavicle.
Her dress shirt was buttoned up to the second button.
I wiped all the way to where the sweat reached.

「Ah…nh, yahn」

I put my hand even further into her shirt.
However, I couldn’t quite get the angle.

「Nnnh…geeez, then…what about here?」

She completely wraps her arms around my back.
Her back was soaked with sweat and the camisole she wore underneath was see-through.
I turn my hand towards her butt and push my hand deeper into her shirt.
My hand gets pushed deeper into her camisole.

「It’s coold…ahn」

The urge I was holding back from Shirota’s seductive voice was leaking out.
I slowly wipe the top of her plump breasts.
I was enjoying Shirota’s soft tits.
The sporty girls skin had some heat to it.

「Fuu…ahn, n…that’s erotic…nh」

I wiped Shirota’s squishy breasts.
Without touching the areas hidden by her bra, I wipe just in a circle.


When she turned her head back, I kissed her from behind.
I wouldn’t call it the best posture.
However, Shirota desperately pressed her lips against mine.

「Chuu…nnah, nh…nchu」

While kissing her, I take my hand out of her shirt.
And then, using both hands, I unfasten her buttons from behind.

「Chu, nh, chuu…ahn, are you taking it off?」

Shirota says while kissing.
Excitement spread between us from expectation.

I unfastened her buttons one-by-one.
In the meantime, I rubbed my hips against Shirota’s ass.
My dick got more delighted from feeling Shirota’s ass under her skirt.


We stop kissing.
Kissing with her is addictive.
It feels like somehow if we don’t stop, we could kiss forever.

I pull the shirt that’s been unbuttoned out of her skirt.
And then, take it off from behind.
Shirota was in her camisole.

「I’m super tanned…it’s a bit embarrassing but…」

While turning around towards me, she shows off her own skin.
The contrast between the light and the dark was fantastic.
Getting a clear look at the color of her skin, I could tell what her light-complexion was originally like.

「Go “banzai”」1

Shirota knew I was taking off her camisole.
She obediently raised her hands. I lifted up her camisole.
Her breasts wrapped up in her big bra were exposed.
Because of wiping the sweat with the sheet, a sharp smell came from her breasts.

When I pulled the camisole over her arms, I caught a glimpse of her cleanly maintained armpits.
It was youthful and yet somewhat obscene.


I almost unconsciously sniffed her armpits.

「Stooop, aahn, noo, there…it’s embarrassing」

As one would expect, it was embarrassing.
She tried to somewhat lower her arms, but I grabbed her wrists and held them up.
Pressing up against her armpit, the slightly stuffy but also citrusy smell clung to my nostrils.

「Yahahn…Okutanii, seriously, there, nnnnh」

Shirota shook her head pleading desperately.
She seemed a little pitiable. I pull my lips away from her armpits.


Crossing her arms in front of her chest, she scowls at me.
Her camisole was already 90% off.
Shirota had an erotic figure in only her skirt and bra.

「Really, Okutani…geez」

Shirota puffed up her cheeks and her eyes got wet.
After giving a bitter smile, I apologized.

「Sorry, sorry」
「I won’t forgive you」

Turning her face to the side, she turned just her eyes back to me and muttered.
Although she said she wouldn’t forgive me, I drew closer to Shirota.

「Ah…I’m a bit angry here, okay?」
「Yeah yeah」
「Ah, you don’t believe me?」

I steal the camisole from Shirota.
And then, I placed it on top of my bag.

I glued myself to Shirota now in her bra clad form.
Our foreheads meet. I told Shirota super close to her.

「If you don’t fix your attitude, I may go home, you know?」

Shirota peers into my eyes with her upturned eyes.
*Perori*, she licked her lips and said in a small voice.

「I wouldn’t like that…」
「Then won’t you stop being mad?」
「Nh…you should be embarrassed」

With her forehead against mine, I rubbed her ass.
It was above her skirt but that pleasant sexual feeling was properly conveyed.

「What should I do to make you embarrassed?」
「I won’t tell you」
「But if you don’t teach me…I probably won’t be able to do it with you」
「You somehow or another get it, right?」

We continue to talk with our foreheads together.
While rubbing her ass with my right hand, I tried to unhook her bra with my left.
As I thought, Shirota’s bra was hooked in the front.
As I was bewildered trying to unhook with one hand, Shirota smiled and unhooked it herself.


At the same time the hook is unfastened, her breasts were released.
Shirota’s unblemished chest was exposed.
She had reddish and slightly hidden nipples.

「There hidden today as well」

When her bra was taken all the way off, she nodded.
Without hiding them with her arms, I was able to get a proper look at her breasts.

「Shirota, you have an amazingly embarrassing figure right now」
「I know」

With a bright red face, Shirota gave a big nod like a young boy.
And then, she whispered.

「But, my breasts are fine…」
「My tits…I want you to do lots of pervy things with them…」

Shirota seemed a bit embarrassed by what she said.
When she pouts, she looks away as if to deceive me.

Without hiding her huge breasts, the sporty girl is showing off to guys.
Her hips were tight but had the right amount of fleshiness to them.
She had a healthy femininity that aroused a guy’s instinct.
It was a healthy body for child bearing.

「Okutani? What is it?」

Silently, Shirota tilts her head at me.
I then said my honest opinion.

「I was wondering if you would be able to bear a healthy baby」

Her eyes got real round and she covered her mouth with both hands.

「Yeah, I’m not like saying now」

In a fluster, I shrinked back.

「I just imagined it a bit」

With her hands over her mouth, Shirota said in a glazed voice.

「Geez…you dummy…」


  1. Raise your hands in the air(and wave em like ya just don’t care)