Erocom Chapter 120: Shirota Yotsuba 31



Although Shirota was bewildered, she was on all fours with her ass turned towards me.
Love juices droops out of her private place.
It hits the sheets and an indecent smell rises up.

「Ah…it’s in full view…」
「Geez, it’s cause you’re so perverted」

I wonder if it was out of embarrassment when Shirota pressed her face into the pillow.
She pleaded in a muffled voice.

「Hurry up…」

I still had the condom equipped on my dick.
And then, I spread open her labia with the head.

「Ah…I can feel it coming iiin」

The insertion this time around was a lot smoother than last time.
*Gupupupu*, my penis buries itself inside Shirota.
It was painted with plenty of love juices, so I already slid through her labia into her vagina.
I could feel how hot she was and it made me dizzy.

「Haaahnnnnn, aahn,」

With her face pressed into the pillow, Shirota ends up letting out her voice.
It did not seem like her lust would fade as she tried to hide her animalistic nature.
Even though she still wasn’t used to having something inside her, she pushes her hips on her own.

「Aahn, nnnnah, hihn」

It seems like she was trying to say something.
However, it seems the pleasure made it quite difficult for her to talk.
Unable to be patient anymore, I started moving my hips.

「Nnnnah, nnnah, ah, Okutaniiaahnn」

I get on my knees and press on Shirota from behind.
Her skirt was flipped over and I could catch a glimpse of her plump breasts peeking out from her half taken off uniform.
*Pin*, her erect nipples shake back and forth as an obscene sound rhythmically plays from where we are connected.

My stretched dick twitched.
I could feel her tightness almost to the point of pain. However, that was changing to pleasure as well.
Raising her face from the pillow, Shirota extends her hand out as if to reach for something.
She gripped the side of the bed with her fingers and pulled.

「Aaaahnnn, OkutaniOkutaniOkutani」

*Gan gan*, I slam my hips.
My already hard and long dick was completely inside her.
Her cervix descends to kiss my penis over and over.

「Aaahnnn, feels gooood goood, amazing, sex feels goooood」

The high school girl awoke her true nature.
Shirota was originally a sporty girl so she was probably the type that enjoyed moving her body.
To be able to feel this much pleasure from her first time is indicative of that.


Even though it was through a condom, I could feel Shirota’s vagina twist in joy.
My composure was fading leaving only excitement.
I was sweating and my joints that weren’t exercised were screaming but my hips wouldn’t stop.

「Aaaahnnnn, shake it more, slap iiiit」

With her short hair disheveled, Shirota looks at me.
The 16 year old receives the pleasure while drool dribbles down her chin and tears stream down her face.
I grab Shirota’s hips that weren’t too thin and continue to give a powerful and violent piston.


We make eye contact as my ejaculation takes time.
I wonder how much longer I have to continue swinging my hips.
We both still weren’t used to the pleasure, as we were continually given more pleasure.
It was just a man and a woman copulating desperately in order to leave behind descendants.
That’s the only feeling needed.

「Aaaaahnnnn, Okutaniiiiii, cummiiiiing」
「Shirotaa, me tooo」

We both try to reach our peaks together.
Strangely, we were able to tell we were both close to finishing.

「Aaaah, Shirotaa」

Calling out her name, my dick hits the deepest part in her.
Shirota raises her voice as if howling while twisting her body from the stimulus.


After two big convulsions, Shirota drops her face into the pillow.
At the same time, I cum right away. Even though it was the second time the quantity didn’t dwindle at all.


Our inexperienced second time finished.
When I pull out my dick, I fall on the bed as if I used up all my energy.
Shirota looked at me with narrow eyes, while repeatedly letting out big breaths.

「Okutani…I think I might get addicted」
「To what?」

As I disposed of the condom, Shirota whispered that.

「I may be addicted to perverted things…with you」
「It felt that good?」

*Kosori*, Shirota gives a small nod.
Her family should be coming home soon so I’ll need to leave here in a bit.
Shirota says apologetically to me.

「I’m really sorry…I’ll call you when everyone’s asleep」

However, after that I got a message from Shirota.

>My 3rd older brother came home((+_+))
>He says he will be sleeping in my room( ;∀;)
>What should I do…

At that time, I was reading my book at a nearby family restaurant.
I had just finished reading『A murder at the crow’s bath』.1

>Don’t worry about it.
>I’ll head home so take your time with your family.

I immediately got a reply.

>I’ll make up for it!

When I finished eating my cheap pasta, I left the family restaurant.
Since the station was still quite a ways away, I looked for a bus station.
Since I’m going to Eda’s house tomorrow, I don’t really feel like going home.
I brought a pair of clothes along since I was planning on staying.

「It seems the buses aren’t running anymore.」

I said after arriving at a bus station and looking at the schedule.
Turning my head around, surprised, there was a golden hair woman standing behind me.
She was shorter than me and looked very young. However, her face seemed almost like a college student.

「Th-that seems so」

The countryside is unbelievable.
It was still about 9:30 but the buses completely stopped running.

「I’ve been waiting for a taxi since a while ago but it still hasn’t come」

The golden-haired girl had a husky voice.
The dim street light shining down made her skin look pale.
“She’s like a doll”, such an ordinary metaphor flowed through my head.

「Youngun, are you going to the station?」
「That’s right…what about you?」
「I’m also headed there…」

With a somewhat distant look as if she had given up, the blond-haired girl looked at me.

「Want to walk together? I’m a bit unsure of going by myself」
「Ah, yeah…that’s fine but」

She immediately drew close to me to shake my hand.

「Although it’s for a short time, it’s a pleasure」
「A-a pleasure to work with you」

I grab her hand back.
When I do that, the blond-haired girl lets out a wry smile.

「I’m Umehara Umekori. What about you?」


  1. For the life of me I can’t remember what I called it before and I’m too lazy to go back and look but you know what it is.