Erocom Chapter 34: Ando Mikoto 14


Mikoto’s thin finger wrapped around my shaft.


Strange heavy breathing came out from my throat.
The stimulus was stronger than I imagined.

「Does it hurt?」
「It’s fine…」

Mikoto’s and my body were glued together.
In such a situation, Mikoto grabs my dick and starts to stroke.
Her gaze was constantly on my dick.
Taking interest in my gradually enlarging penis, her moist eyes shone with curiosity.
In order to further glue myself to Mikoto’s body, I wrapped my arm around her back.
And then touching her exposed ass, I tightly embrace her.

「Ah, hey…」

While stroking my dick, Mikoto raised a reproachful voice.
And then she looked at me with her eyes narrowed.


Saying just that, she once again turns her gaze back to my dick.
I stroked Mikoto’s ass.

With pleasure crawling up from my dick, I felt Mikoto’s bare skin with my palm.
The two different feelings mixed inside my body, and it felt good enough to make me shiver.
It spurred on the sense of satisfaction I got from dominating Mikoto.

「Does it feel good?」

While stroking my growing dick with all her effort, Mikoto asked seeming concerned.

「It feels good」

I answered honestly.
When I separate my hand from her ass, I took off my own shirt.

「Why are you stripping too?」
「It’s fine so continue stroking」
「So conceited…geez」

Mikoto pouts seeming dissatisfied listening to what I said.
Donning the same appearance as Mikoto, I once again embrace her.
The area that our skin touched grew in one fell swoop.

「Aa…so warm」

Mikoto’s face was in a trance.
I stroke Mikoto’s ass again, and I savor those lovely swellings to my heart’s content.
My dick swelled up to its limits. A transparent liquid is coming out from the head.

「Hey, should I lick it?」

Mikoto suddenly asked me.

「Would licking it today as well make you happy, Koumei?」

Why is Mikoto so cute?
This Mikoto who is desperately trying to make me feel good.
Such a Mikoto makes my heart throb painfully.
I really want her to lick it.
However, right now I had a major urge to warp her lovely expression.

「It’s still fine」

Replying so, I turned Mikoto’s body around.
And then I embrace her from behind and press my dick into her back.

「Ah…what is this…it’s embarrassing…」

Until now, Mikoto had been pressing her body into mine in order to hide her embarrassing parts.
She can’t do that now that I am embracing her from behind.

「Al-also…it’s big and hot…」
「That’s right…」

My dick presses into Mikoto’s smooth back.
Since there is a height difference it becomes like this.
While pressing my dick against her, I reach my hand towards her privates.
Looking at that, Mikoto shook her head.

「Wait, wait…such a perverted place…」
「You don’t wanna?」
「Don’t ask that…meanie」

My right hand crawls towards her crotch.
Playing with her light thicket with my fingertip, I gradually go towards the interior.
I touch Mikoto’s small breasts from behind with my left hand.

「You’re the hentai, aren’t you…aren’t you wet?」

Inside her thicket was Mikoto’s tightly closed labia.
Fluid was constantly flowing out from in between.

「Nnyaah, Aaaann」

When I touch it, Mikoto’s body stiffens.
Caught in my arms, I somehow kept her posture and kept her from moving her feet.
I slowly crawl my index finger between her labia.


Raising a lovely panting voice, Mikoto shook with a start.
Mikoto’s privates have yet to be stained. However, it seems she is plenty prepared to become a woman.
Crawling my fingers across, I stroke her labia with two fingers.
*Kuchon kuchon*. While making an obscene sound Mikoto’s small body twitched in reaction.

「Amazi-, Nnya, Ann, your fingers…are touching, Nyan, my perverted place」

While grinding my dick against Mikoto’s back, I continue to stroke her privates.
Maddening pleasure travels from my dick and my fingers get entangled with Mikoto’s love juices.
Mikoto’s hips start to shake on their own.
I push my fingers against her privates as if to further my own stimulus.

「Funya, Ah, Nn, Nya, Nn, Iyaa, Fuann」

Her hips shake as she lets out small gasps.
I rub Mikoto’s chest with my left hand that wasn’t touching her.


Mikoto’s breast barely fit in my palm.
But because of that, it made her very sensitive.
Even though I squeezed her springy breast, it immediately regained its form.

「Wai- no gwood, my breasts, Nnah, they’re sensitive so-, Nyannn」

When I start to rub her breasts, Mikoto’s hip movements sped up.
I grind my finger against her privates wanting to stimulate her.
Her labia opened slightly.
My thin invading index finger moved around feeling her labia minora.
And then I stimulated her with the tip of my finger.

「Wait, no, ah, ah, Koumei, I, hooon, nyaa, aaaaahn, aahn, cumminggg, aaaaahn cummiiiinnng!」

Mikoto’s body did a big jump again.
Her feet rise from the ground for an instance.
Mikoto grabbed onto my arm propping herself up like she was about to fall.

「Hah…hah…hah…amazing…to happen so quickly…and it’s stronger than usual…」

Mikoto muttered while falling into my embrace.
It was at that time. My cell phone gave off a loud ring.
When Mikoto somehow regained her strength, I grabbed my cell phone from my pants that I took off.
When I looked, it was from Mikoto’s mom.

「Where are you?! Do you two not want dinner!?」
「Ah, sorry…we’ll come home soon」

If I tell her the bike’s tire and saddle got stolen, she couldn’t get mad, could she?
When I hung up, Mikoto looked at me like she was spaced out.

「Mikoto, let’s go home」
「Put my clothes back on」

Mikoto didn’t even try to move her naked body.
Since she just came, her body seems to be sluggish.
Since it can’t be helped, I put her T-shirt on and pull her jersey up.


For some reason Mikoto was in a terribly good mood while I was putting her clothes on.
I also put on my clothes. My standing dick started to wither as well.
On that note, it will probably return to normal size around the time we get back home.
When we turn back to the rice paddy road, Mikoto declared with a smile as wide as her face.

「Give me a piggyback ride」
「Yes yes your highness…」

It almost felt like I was dealing with a child.
Squatting in the middle of the road, I lift Mikoto onto my back.

「Koumei, I love you」
「Yes yes, your highness…」

Not getting angry at my half-hearted response, Mikoto laughed.