Erocom Chapter 35: Shirota Yotsuba 6


It was the second day after exam period. June had just started.
The hot days continued and practically all the students had changed to their summer uniforms.
There was a giddy mood around the school since everyone felt liberated from exams being over.

We had an afternoon math class.
Immediately after grading was finished our exams were handed back.
I got just 2 points higher than the average grade.
There was nothing in particular to think about it.

I look at Kurusu with a fleeting glance.
There was a crowd of people around her.
There was a typical conversation that follows a test such as “Was it difficult?” or “Did you miss this question?”
That reminds me, I don’t know how Kurusu’s studies are.
I wonder, if I asked, would she tell me?

Suddenly, when I turn my gaze around, I met with Shirota’s eyes.
It seems like she had been staring at me the whole time.
When I met her eyes, she gave me an ambiguous smile and turned her gaze away.
From her facial expression I can guess she got passing marks.
Since she didn’t look at me dejected, she must have at least not gotten failing marks.

For our math class we did a review from the beginning till the end.
And then school was over.
Today was the committee meeting that happens once a month.
Before going to our clubs we have to complete any committee work we might have.
Grabbing my bag, I also head towards the science room where the environmental protection committee meets up.


When I was going down the hallway, someone called out to me from behind.
Since I knew who was calling out to me before I turned around, I replied back without stopping my feet.

「You escaped failing, huh?」
「Seems so」

When she caught up to me, she smiled seeming satisfied.

「You really saved me there」
「Well, I didn’t really do much」
「Even so, thank you」

The short-haired sporty girl’s smile was dazzling.
Shirota had a sun tan from doing club activities outdoors everyday.
Since it became summer I’m sure her light brown skin will become darker.
She had a lean body but it still had the feeling of a woman.
Larger than Mikoto but smaller than Kurusu, her breasts properly filled out her white dress shirt.
She did not have a camisole underneath her shirt. Instead, she was wearing a white T-shirt.

「Do you remember our promise?」

When the students cleared out, Shirota asked me.
There’s no way I could forget.
The promise we made in Shirota’s room.
If she got more than the average mark on the math exam, I would show her my penis.
One time, I had shown her my penis forcefully.
Seeing that, Shirota informed me of her interest in BL, and then she said she wanted to once again properly see my penis.

「I remember but…did you get better than average marks?」
「It was only 5 points over but yes」

She got more points than me.
My position to tutor her was instantaneously removed.

「I-is that so?…」

Shirota nodded with slightly red cheeks.
When we reached the science room, the committee chairman explained the monthly goal and current actions to take during June.
Although there was little change from last month, the class would be picking up trash together in male and female pairs.
Shirota and I were placed on the road between the basketball courts and the tennis courts.

Bringing along cleaning supplies, Shirota and I immediately head towards the road.
We had an hour to do it. Within that time, we will do as much cleaning as possible.
There was a quota but it is not like they particularly check it.

「And then when I looked at that question, I remembered…to give up on it」1
「That was a good choice.」

While cleaning, Shirota was talking about the test we just had.
Of course it was about the math test I tutored her on.
Shirota said that it was the highest score she had on a math test since entering high school.

「By the way, besides math, how did you do on the other tests?」
「Ah…well alright I guess…I barely managed to get into the top 7%」

That high?
Isn’t that way better than me?
When I think I was teaching this person, I get a little angry.
Also, Shirota was friends with that Eda.
Eda was famously known for being able to study.
Asking someone like me is not nearly as good as asking someone like Eda.
I wonder if it’s some strange pride that hindered her.

「Okutani, is it fine to leave?」
「Eh? 30 minutes still haven’t passed yet」
「But, there’s no garbage…if our goal is to make it clean then it’s fine right?」
「Then you can rest somewhere. In any case, since we can’t go to our clubs until an hour passes…I will do a little more…」

Although, the trash I was going to clean was already gone.
In order to kill the time I just went back and forth along the road.

「Hey, could you show me now?」

I ended up dropping the broom and dustpan I was holding.
Placing the broom under her chin, Shirota smiled.

「You’re too flustered. You know, the promise…」
「Even so, we are in the middle of committee duties」
「Then when would be good?」
「Now is probably not a good time…Also even if I show you, where would we do it?」

After thinking for a bit Shirota told me.

「In that case, how about Saturday? After morning club practice is over…you should come to school」

Since I have the commuter pass to go to school, it’s not particularly far.
However, I don’t want to have to come to school on Saturday more than I need to.

「It’s fine. My place has people there on Saturdays…what about yours?」
「Well, there usually is someone there」

Also, I want to avoid timing it poorly where there can be a chance meeting with Mikoto.

「Then, I think the school is fine. The test just finished, right? I want my reward」
「…I got it」

Why must I expressly come to school to show my dick?
Well, a promise is a promise. Also, I have a feeling I want to get this done quickly.

「Yosh, it’s decided! Then, today I will also give my all in cleaning!」

Spinning the broom around, she brandished it and displayed a good humored smile.
Her skirt fluttered around and “it” was barely on the verge of being visible.
My breathing became rough at Shirota’s lean butt.


  1. A bit confusing. She’s talking about how he told her to skip the ones she couldn’t figure out