Erocom Chapter 36: Shirota Yotsuba 7


It ended up coming quickly.
Shirota was still doing club activities.
I came to school and sat on an appropriate bench.
Since I came in my uniform as to avoid standing out, no one noticed me.

The softball club was practicing in the courtyard.
Shirota was the pitcher wearing her uniform and throwing the ball.
Even to an untrained eye, I can tell she is amazing.
Seeming to have noticed me, Shirota raised her hand for only an instance.
When I tried to raise my hand back, she had already ran off to another activity.

「That girl, she’s from another world…」

I ended up saying that to myself.
While stuffing my cheeks with a rice ball I brought from home, I thought a Saturday like this isn’t so bad.
Sitting quietly on a bench and watching some club activities.
Each one of the uniform clad girls from the softball club became a healthy feast for my eyes.
The coach started calling out to them.
She was saying something to the club members. When that was over, they dispersed.
Shirota, who received a towel from the manager, looked good.
Showing off her popularity, after the club members dispersed they gathered around Shirota.
As the laughter rose, I was dazzled by the feeling that’s call youth.

I stood up from the bench.
For no particular reason, I headed towards my classroom.
The halls echoed with the sound of the choir club doing vocal exercises and wind instruments being tuned.
However, more than that, it was quiet because there were barely any students around.

>I’m done~(´・ω・`)
>You’re gone. Where’d you go??

I got a mail sitting at my desk in class.
Replying with my whereabouts, Shirota showed up in about five minutes.


She was in her softball uniform.
Her breasts were emphasized by the slightly slanting large enamel bag hanging over her shoulder.
I wonder if it was from her hat, but her short black hair seemed to be a bit disheveled.
When I got near her she smelled like the peculiar smell from beads of sweat.

「You came quite early」

Putting the bag on the floor, Shirota sat in the chair in front of me.
And then twisting around, her intense face turned towards me.

「So how was it?」

I raised my eyebrows towards Shirota’s question.
Shirota asks me seeming a bit embarrassed.

「My club activities of course」
「You didn’t possibly sit in that place so you could watch us, did you?」
「Do you hate it?」
「Not really but…I couldn’t throw the ball as well as I usually do」

Well, sorry about that.

「Well, you were cool」
「Is that so?」

Shirota smiled seeming happy.

「Thank you for such kind words」
「No problem」
「That’s right, do you not do any sports?」
「It’s not like I hate it but…I basically don’t really like training camps」
「What do you mean?」

With a twinkle in her eye she nodded her head like she understood.
She turned her fleeting glance towards my crotch.

「I see…」
「It is what you think」
「So, I would like to see the reason behind you not wanting to go on training camps, but…」

Shirota looks around the class while saying that.

「Isn’t here bad? Even if it’s Saturday, I wonder if it’s fine…」
「It isn’t fine. We somehow have to find a place people wouldn’t be interested in going to」
「It’s somehow erotic isn’t it?」

We both stood up. We left the class.
After being a little worried, we decided to go to some empty classrooms on the first floor.
The only thing left was desk and chairs that haven’t been used in a while. It seemed to be a place that was also used as a storehouse.
Entry was forbidden but the door wasn’t locked.

「If it’s here then we will be fine.」

While entering the slightly dusty empty classroom, Shirota muttered that.
Opening the curtains, it was broad daylight and yet it was gloomy.
Placing her bag on a proper desk, Shirota turns towards me.

「Chop chop」
「What’s with that?」

But, it’s not like I can refuse after coming this far.
Even for me, I’m a bit reluctant to show my dick to a beautiful girl like Shirota.
After a bit of silence, I put my hands on my belt.

「Uwaa…somehow it became a bit tense」
「Those are supposed to be my words.」

I unfasten my belt and slowly lower my school pants.
My lower half only had my boxers covering it.
Shirota’s gaze was tightly locked onto my crotch.

「Even though you have underwear on, I can tell how large it is…」
「Th-that’s right」

While giving a reply, I take off my boxers.
Even though it seemed so hot, I got a slight chill.

「Fuah…it’s huge」

Why did she change to polite speech?
The sporty girl stared at my dick while her cheeks redden.
Even though it’s flaccid it’s larger than an average erect Japanese penis.
No strength is going into it but I am surprised at its presence.
A thick vein travels up the shaft. The exposed glans gave off an ominous aura.

「Etto…is it alright already?」

I upheld my promise.
Now I am free.


Shirota raised her face and shook her head.

「It’s no good, right? Show me your erection」
「After all…as I thought, I wanna see it get bigger…」

Shirota’s face instantly got hot.
She seems to have gotten embarrassed about what she had said after realizing it.

「No…there was no such promise」
「Was that how it went?」
「Of course!」

Suddenly, I thought of a certain something.

「Well, it’s fine if we trade」
「So if you show me something, I’ll show you more」

Shirota crossed her arms and backed up trying to protect her body.
As for me, I was still naked.
If I got Shirota to show me something, I would end up making a profit.

「Okutani, you’re quite a perverted guy, huh?」
「I am not but…even if I show you, I am at a loss with no collateral」
「It’s no big deal」
「Geez, I turn those words back at you」

Shirota’s eyebrows draw closer together.

「I can’t do such an erotic thing」
「Then we’ll end it here. Since showing you my dick was the reward for studying so hard it’s fine」

I thought that was it but.

「Anymore than this and I won’t gain anything from this」
「Gain, huh…you mean to say a woman’s erotic place?」
「Well, yeah…」
「No way no way! You want me to strip!? Me!? No no…wa-wait…uun…」

After thinking for a while, Shirota clapped as if she thought of something.

「Okay, I got it!」
「Then, I’ll see you tomorrow!」
「Haa? You want me to come to school on another day off?」
「Since tomorrow is a practice match…we’ll go to East Shirotsuta High School」
「Another school?! There’s no way I’m going!」

Even so, I wanna see regardless.
Shirota had quite a good body.
If I could see it, I would have no problem showing her an erection.
But, I feel awkward expressly going to another school for it.

「A-also…I want you to come give me support」
「At your practice match?」
「Yeah…I’ll probably be cooler than I was today?」
「That…I certainly want to see that」

East Shirotsuta High School is close to Hashidzume High School.
If I take a train, Shirotsuta Station is just 30 minutes away.
From there, I think it is about a 10 minute walk.

「I got it, I’ll go support you」

I will thoroughly go and support her.
We decided on that.