Erocom Chapter 39: Shirota Yotsuba 10 Eda Fukiko 4


The Hashizume High School softball club’s uniform is blue.
However, just the shoulders were white, and a red line ran through it.
The word『HASHIZUME』was in white letters on the chest.
It had short sleeves for summer and the hem was tucked into the white short pants.
She wore a long sleeved undershirt and long white socks.

Shirota’s number was『8』.
Dirt was worn on her uniform almost like a badge of honor from the practice match.
Her short black hair peeked through her cap and her tan skin shone from the sweat.
She had clear eyes like a small animal and slightly dry lips.
Her cheeks were red and she was swallowing her saliva.

「Okutani…Don’t look so much」

Shirota unfastens her belt in front of me.
Eda stood behind Shirota and took out the hem of her uniform from out of her short pants.

「Even if you tell me not to look…there’s no way I can’t」
「Isn’t it fine if you look away?」
「Then when I show you, would you look away?」
「Well, no」

Eda slowly strips off Shirota’s uniform.
She was excessively slow.
For that reason, Shirota and I were staring at each other while having a war with shame.
Her black undershirt was exposed. And then, it was stripped off all the way to her chest.
Shirota put both her hands on top.

「Good girl, Yotsuba」
「Hurry up and do it, Fukiko」
「Enjoy yourself」

Eda, standing behind Shirota, was constantly talking in Shirota’s ear.
Each time she talked, Shirota tightly closed her lovely eyes.
Her uniform was being stripped off.
It passed her face and off her hands.
And then Shirota was only wearing her black undershirt.
I could see the roughness of her bra from over her shirt.
I could see her breasts under her T-shirt earlier.
However, this time there was a different sensation boiling up.

「There’s no real reason to be embarrassed right?」
「I am plenty embarrassed though…」

Shirota closes her eyes at Eda’s words.
Her body line was clearly shown by her undershirt.

「What are you saying…from here on is the embarrassing part」
「Don’t says such things」

Eda politely folds her stripped off uniform.
And then she places it on top of her enamel bag on the floor.

「Okutani-kun…won’t you strip with her?」
「Th-that’s right! Do it!」

At Eda and Shirota’s words, I can’t help but put my hands on my pant’s waist.

「Just that movement alone…is amazing material」

While saying such things, Eda starts to strip Shirota’s undershirt.
Eda’s cheeks blush.

Shirota’s skin was exposed.
I could see her white stomach and then her belly button.
Her abdomen had womanly muscles distinct to sports.
However, it was not torn.
It was thin and strong. And yet it was womanly.

Because Shirota exposed her skin I also strip my pants.
I forgot to take my own clothes off. Shirota’s eyes gathered on my crotch.

「Somehow, I’m excited…」

Eda let out a romantic voice.
Her undershirt was now up to her breasts and I could start to see her bra.
It had navy blue ornaments attached.
It was the type that largely wraps her breasts rather than the wire type.

「Yotsuba, lift your hands」

In accordance with Eda’s instructions, Shirota raises both her hands.
Eda stripped off Shirota’s undershirt while smiling.
Now, the only thing covering Shirota’s top half is her bra.
I can clearly see the contrast between her suntanned portion and her brilliant white portion.
My head was dizzy at that contrast.

「How is it? Yotsuba is pretty, huh?」
「Th-that’s right…」

I strip my pants in agreeance with Eda’s words.
The bashful Shirota turns her face downwards.

「It’s fine, both of you」
「This is a front hook, huh…Hey, Okutani-kun come take this off」

Shirota was surprised at Eda’s proposal.


And then she was surprised at my consent.
Blinking her eyes, she alternates looking at me and Eda with a bright red face.

「Okutani…this much is fine, right?」

However, I go up the stairs.
Shirota shook her head seeming troubled as I came near.
Even if she tried to retreat, Eda was right behind her.

「It’s fine Yotsuba…how many times have you shown me?」
「This and that are different」
「Now, Okutani-kun, come take it off」

Eda was in control here.
Shirota and I could not go against Eda’s words.
It should be fine to strongly deny her but there is no reason to try and do so.

I put my tense hands on her bra.
Heat was coming off of her body.
I don’t know if it’s because of the current situation or because of the practice match.
Her face was bright red and she looks at my hands with tears amassing in her eyes.

「I’m taking it off, okay?」
「It’s fine already, right? You’ve seen enough. That’s why…ah」

It was before Shirota finished saying what she wanted.
I unfastened her bra’s hook.
Her bra split into two as if it snapped and Shirota’s pure white pair of mounds were exposed.
Her breasts that were no longer held down return to their original form.

「Ah, no good! Ah, wait!」

Shirota was flustered and tried to hide her exposed breasts.
However, Eda held down her hands from behind.

「Fukiko! Stop! No, Okutani don’t looook」

Each time she moves her breasts shake.
Her bra also separates from her skin and she gets more and more exposed.
Shirota’s breast is larger than I thought.
And then more than anything else, her characteristic part was her nipples.
I couldn’t understand that time I got a glimpse inside the neck of her T-shirt.
Pink areola surround her nipples and they were sunken in.
The top of her hills were buried inside like small indents.

「That’s right, Yotsuba’s nipples are shy little things」

Instead of Shirota, Eda answered.
Shirota, who had given up resisting, was biting her bottom lip.
It seems her shyness had reached its limits; anytime now steam would shoot out.

「That’s why I didn’t want it…It’s weird, right…?」

Shirota asked in a whisper.
I denied it with all my power.

「There’s no way! I think it’s amazingly cute!」

While letting out a blurred voice, Shirota raised her face.
Shirota looked strangely frail with both her hands held behind her by Eda.
Shirota made a slightly troubled smile while making eye contact with me.

「Then, it’s fine if you look…just for a bit」