Erocom Chapter 40: Shirota Yotsuba 11 Eda Fukiko 5


「Now, next is Okutani-kun’s turn」

I was staring at Shirota’s nipples and was taken aback by Eda’s voice.

「Won’t you show us what’s inside those underwear?」

Thinking she wouldn’t resist anymore, Eda freed Shirota’s hands.
Shirota crosses her arms to hide her breast with both hands and also says that.

「Yeah…show us」
「Ah, etto…th-that’s right」

A promise is a promise.
I was able to see Shirota’s breasts at such close distance.
And yet I don’t want to show them, yet it’s impossible.

I was a bit nervous.
I was deliberately breathing over and over again and I somehow kept my composure.
The ones who were staring at me were the sporty girl with her upper half exposed and an ojousama with a fascinating aura.

「Should I countdown?」
「No, it’s not needed.」

I shake my head at Eda’s joke.
And then I put my hands on my boxers and drop them in one fell swoop.
I have gotten used to it after so many times.


There was silence.
Furthermore, it was a splendidly long silence.

「Hey? It’s amazing right?」
「This is…certainly, surprising」

Shirota and Eda had an exchange of opinions in a small voice.
My dick was also more curled up than usual from shyness.
However, even so it was plenty big.
Even though it was flaccid it was 13 cm.

Eda slowly drew near in the stairwell.
When she got right next to me she whispered in my ear.

「Is this what you used to ensnare Kurusu…?」
「There’s no way that’s true!」
「Hey, is it fine if I take a photo for reference」
「No way」
「That’s too bad. Then let’s bargain」

I look at Eda with a fleeting glance.
Eda floats a smile like a child being mischievous.

「I look forward to it」

Saying so, Eda returned to Shirota’s side.
This time she muttered something in Shirota’s ear.
When she did, Shirota looks at Eda with a red face again.

「Th-that’s impossible!」

Shirota shook her head.
Her breasts shook along with that movement.

「Is that so? Then is this the end for you Yotsuba?」
「Th-that…hey Okutani, show me your erection」

Is that so?
She did all this in order to see my erect dick.
If that’s the case, I’ll do it to the very end.

「I-I got it」
「That’s no good, Okutani-kun」

She’s probably got a scheme.
Eda looked at me and I could see her white tooth.

「Wait Fukiko? I really won’t do it, you know?」
「Okutani-kun showed his penis. You also showed your breasts」
「You also want to see his erect penis right?」

Shirota nods her head seeming embarrassed.
My dick almost got erect just from that.
Eda said more.

「Then, if you don’t show him you being erect as well…」
「So you’re saying, I should make my nipples hard?」

So that’s what she whispered to her earlier.
Eda winked in order to seem natural.

「If it isn’t equal…Right? Okutani-kun」

That’s what Eda wanted to say.
She wants to take a photo of my dick.
In exchange, she will make Shirota’s nipples hard.
It certainly wasn’t a bad deal.
However, Shirota seriously started to hate it.

「Well, that’s right…I also want to see Shirota’s nipples make an appearance」
「Hey, even Okutani」
「But, today I will go home」

Eda and Shirota both raise their voices.
Shirota was surprised that negotiations were quickly over.
Eda was surprised that her own conditions were thrown away.
As is, I cannot take the initiative away from Eda.
Furthermore, I would like to be friends with Shirota.

「Then, since you say that」

I quickly put my boxers and pants back on.

「W-wait! You’re going to let such a chance get away?」

I shrug my shoulders at Eda’s words.

「Cut it out, Eda. Shirota hates it」
「Th-there’s no such thing! Ah, wait just a minute!」

However, I ignore Eda and headed down the stairs.
After a little while, I stop to calm down my dick that was almost erect.
I heard Eda and Shirota’s voice up above.

「Yotsuba! You said you wanted to get on good terms with Okutani-kun! Even though I thought of so many things!」
「But, I didn’t think you would do so much」
「It’s just like when you guys were studying! Why didn’t you attack him then!」
「A-a-attack!? That’s impossible」
「My plan…even though you didn’t even get failing marks in math」
「Hey, Okutani-kun can’t hear this right?」
「He can’t hear!」

I can hear it just fine.
Unexpectedly, their voices echo easily in these concrete buildings.
So Shirota talked to me on the bus because she wanted to get closer to me.
She consulted Eda on what she should do and then today’s events happened.
Eda worked out various plans for her close friend.
On my way home, I got a blank email from Shirota.

>Somehow I’m sorry~
>Fukiko went a bit too far…
>She’s not a bad girl so please don’t hate her.
>Also, please don’t hate me as well(´・ω・`)

My reply was simple.

>I have no reason to hate you.

After that reply, a bit of time passed and I got home.

>Thank god(/ω\)

The next day, Monday.
When I head to school like always, Eda was at the entrance.
Somehow, she was alone. She walks out looking at me while warping her lips seeming dissatisfied.
It seems she was waiting for me.
When I went to put on my slippers it was quiet.
Eda stops her feet at the end of the first floor.
And then when she turns around, she muttered seeming displeased.

「I’m sorry for yesterday」
「No, I’m not particularly mad」
「I know. But since Yotsuba apologized I figured I should」
「Is that so?」
「You heard it right?」

This person is sly in every aspect.
She knew their voices reached me, which is why she probably had that conversation up there.
I shrugged my shoulders with a vague smile.

「I wonder」
「Since that’s how it is…Don’t make Yotsuba sad」
「Can I ask one thing?」
「…What would that be?」
「You and Shirota, umm…Do you have that kind of relationship?」

Yesterday, I saw such behavior a couple times.
After thinking for a bit, Eda pushed her glasses up with her index finger.

「Don’t worry. I certainly like either side but…Yotsuba isn’t like that」
「You mean?」
「We haven’t had any sexual relations. Yesterday it was just because we wanted to show off Yotsuba’s charm but…we usually only enter the bath together」
「Is that so?…But why is Shirota interested in me」
「I don’t know. When she became a second year she suddenly consulted me about someone she was interested in」

So, after we stopped talking, Eda squinted her eyes resentfully.

「I think your only appeal is in your penis」
「It’s better than having no charm」
「I’ll properly show you what I’m proud of next time around」
「There’s nothing to really be proud of but…or rather, at that time you were supposed to me, right? For example, that proud chest of yours」

Eda responded with a serious face to my words that were supposed to be a joke.

「I’ll think about it」

When she said just that, Eda promptly passed by me.
I asked Eda confused.

「One-one more thing」
「What would that be?」

Eda stopped her feet and turned around.

「That picture with Kurusu…Did you also take that in order for me and Shirota to get closer?」
「That was, really just taken casually」
「What about the data?」
「Don’t worry, I took that with an instant camera」
「There was no data since the beginning」

Eda left with a final beautiful smile.