Erocom Chapter 56: Ando Mikoto 17


After a little while of silence, I rephrase my words.

「That is…well…wait, what are you trying to get me to say, pervert!」

Pushing my dick against her private parts, Mikoto mutters while frowning.

「You did it, right?」
「You’re annoying…ahn, don’t move your dick…but, why did it become about masturbating, it’s not that different」
「What’s different?」
「Nyahn…like I said, don’t move…what I mean is, s-sex isn’t different than masturbation」

This time I tilted my neck.

「How do you usually do it?」
「Eh…why do I need to tell you something like that」
「Tell me」

Putting a little more strength in, Mikoto became obedient.
Her confidence was a bluff and it seems she returned to her original timidness.

「How, you say…that is…such a…nyahn, nooo…Don’t move your diiiick」

When I put a bit of power in my crotch, Mikoto gasps.
With such a cute reaction I want to do it over and over again but then we can’t have a conversation.
I strongly push down my urge for pleasure and continue questioning her.

「How do you do it? If you don’t tell me I’ll move, okay?」

If you don’t like it then it’s fine to move from on top of my dick.
However, she did not try to do that.
She had such a reluctant attitude but eventually she answered my question.

「I-It’s like…here…with my finger…at the place it feels good…hey, it’s embarrassiiiiiing」
「What about the inside?」
「Inside…you say?」

It didn’t sound like a lie.
It seems she really didn’t know what I mean.

「You know, the place where a dick goes…there, don’t you put your finger in there?」

Mikoto’s face turned bright red and she shook her head.
Her eyes filled up with tears of shame.

「No way no way…such a thing! Eh!? Is there a person who would do that?」

Mia probably does.
That’s why my huge dick could penetrate her.

「There isn’t…such a perveeert」

It seems Mikoto’s masturbation is just teasing her clitoris.
I think it’s probably much better that her vagina is completely unused though.
Her cheeks were dyed red like they were boiling and I wonder what she was imagining as she raised her gaze.

「Since that’s the case, alone…I got it…」

With a somewhat consenting appearance, Mikoto nods her head twice.
And then, she immediately bit her lip seeming vexed and wiped the tears accumulated in her eyes.

「I don’t know what I should do…as it is, it won’t go in…」
「That’s right」
「Such a thing…I don’t like it…」

Her voice was really grim to the point I thought she would cry.
At that moment I heard a voice outside the room.
It was a young voice. It seems like a guest entered the room next door.

「Mikoto, as I thought here is bad…let’s go」

After Mikoto and I finished our preparations, we left the room.
We thought they would give us a strange face for leaving an hour early but it seems the clerk was busy doing something since they didn’t notice us.
This rural karaoke store doesn’t have expensive things like security cameras.
At most they would have them placed at the entrance corridor.
And even those I am suspicious if they are actually recording or not.

We both left the karaoke store.
For now we head towards the train station.
We went through the ticket gate and stood on the platform.
While waiting for the train, Mikoto says to me in a low voice.

「Hey, I forgot to put on my panties」

I looked at Mikoto’s face.
It somehow seems like she wasn’t wearing them on purpose.
I barely cleared away my worldly desires like a sage and somehow held back from getting erect.
Mikoto wasn’t stopping from challenging me to erotic stuff.

「Listen here…」
「Even though you didn’t know about condoms, you’re lewd」
「I-I knew about them」

It seems she’s still pretending.
I shrugged my shoulders and brushed off Mikoto’s statement.
I ask a new question.

「Where did you get your knowledge? Was it a friend?」

If that’s how it was, they were a considerably biased friend.
A friend who thought it was natural to do it raw.
Yeah. I kind of want to meet them.

「There was no such conversation…」

Mikoto shakes her head.
As one would expect from an Ojou-sama school.

「Then how?」
「That thing in your room」
「Stop right there」

It seems that’s how it is.
The knowledge Mikoto learned about sex was from a hidden item in my room.
It could be a manga, novel, or DVD.

「The guys on there used it? I don’t remember them doing that…」

And then my fetish was exposed.
That’s right. I like putting it in raw and letting it out inside.
Of course the time I could restrict my dick with my right hand was limited.
Actually, I can’t do that. Eventually I want to do it but right now is no good.

「Th-then, when you l-licked my dick…?」
「…I thought it was something you would have liked」

Peeling away from those innocent eyes, I got the feeling to shout.
However, I have to keep my calm here.
In that case, Mikoto is familiar with my fetishes.
Furthermore, I think she knows it all

「Hey, would you be happy if I don’t put my panties on?」

Mikoto raises her gaze towards me like she is expecting something.
Just in time, the train arrives to the platform.

「What do you think?」
「It’s likely but…I think you would be happy if I don’t put them on」

We both get on the train.
Next to me was my childhood friend who currently wasn’t wearing any panties.
She was a beauty. She had a boyish appearance, and she had the build of a middle schooler.
Her gray uniform looked like it was really from an Ojou-sama’s school, it didn’t really suit her.
However, the mismatch made it feel like a crime and it was erotic.

「Oi, Mikoto…」

When the train started to move, I draw close to Mikoto standing next to the window.
And then, I muttered in a voice so others wouldn’t hear.

「When we get home, I’ll teach you how to do it by yourself…」

Mikoto has already masturbated.
So when I say doing it by herself, I mean using her hole as well.
Not just teasing her clitoris but giving her vagina some stimulation as well.


Mikoto asked with a slightly tense expression.
Mikoto knew the reason.
However, she probably asked to get a response from me.

「It’s necessary to put this guy in you」

Mikoto closed her eyes. And then took a deep breath.
When she slowly opens her eyes, she stared at me.
I was reflected in her black pupils.
*Kokuri*, Mikoto nodded.

「Yeah, teach me」

The train continued to travel.