Erocom Chapter 57: Ando Mikoto 18


Now, Mikoto is sitting on the bed.
After we rode the train we then headed towards home.
And then we arrived at my room.
My mom was out getting groceries.
My grandma was watching T.V. and my grandpa was sleeping.


Mikoto stood in the center of the room and looked at me.
She was frowning in suspicion but she had an air of expectation.
I swallow my saliva and speak in a blurred voice.

「F-for now, can you show me how…you usually do it?」
「Why are you asking me? Aren’t you supposed to be teaching me?」

Mikoto casts her eyes down and pouts her lips.
Her tone was filled with discontent.
However, her face didn’t look like she disliked it.
I sit on the bed next to Mikoto.
Mikoto’s body stiffened as she was a little cautious.

「If you don’t like it then we can quit for today」
「I-I’ll do it! Buut…Ah, then…you too…」

I knew what she wanted to say.
In other words, since she doesn’t want to be the only one doing it, it seems I have to as well.

「Got it…」

I strip my pants and boxers while sitting.
Although Mikoto was trying not to look over here, I saw her eyes catch a glimpse of my dick.
Mikoto let out a short hot breath.


While saying that, Mikoto’s hand slowly crawls on top of her skirt.
And then, when her hand reached her crotch, she strips off her skirt.
Her thin legs were exposed. Her legs were pure white like they repelled all corruption.
While looking at that figure, I gripped my penis.

「Hey…don’t just look, teach me properly, okay?」

Lifting up her skirt, Mikoto holds her knees up to her chest.
*Perari*, flipping up the final part, her privates were visible.
There was a thin brush. Her labia was tightly closed.
Her crotch was as white as if it hadn’t seen the light of day.

「It’s wet…」

The area between her labia was shining from the moisture.

「Don’t say such things…」

While staring at my dick, Mikoto licked her lips suffocatingly.
Mikoto’s knowledge of sex is biased. I also have a responsibility to correct her.
However, it’s difficult to think Mikoto is doing until here.


Mikoto gasped.
She rubbed her labia with her thin finger.
Her hand movements started to become more precise. Her finger that was hesitating to touch her clitoris gets going.

「Nn, Nyah…ahn」
「Mikoto, your voice」
「I-I got it, hyahn, nnah…I’ll hold out」

Biting her lips, Mikoto had tears amass in her eyes.
My dick starts to get bigger at her charming figure.

「Ahn, Koumei too…heere, hyahn nh…do iit」
「Ah, ah」

Although she gave me that reply, I didn’t stroke my dick.
Mikoto spread her legs, and frantically moves her fingers.
*Kuchu kuchu*, an obscene sound starts to resonate.

「Nnnnnnnnh, ah…nnn」

Mikoto was desperately holding back her voice.
I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the privates being shown to me.
I want to see. That’s right, I’m talking about all her movements.

「Neh, nee…What should I, ahn, nyah, doo?」

Mikoto tilts her head while feeling it.
Even though she is doing her best masturbating, why is Koumei so calm.
She raised that with such silence.

「Let’s stop…」
「It’s fine already…so let’s stop…」
「Eh!? B-but…」

I stopped my hand touching her privates.
While looking at my face strangely, she asked me.

「Wh-what is it?」

I couldn’t answer right away and the room filled with silence.
Mikoto closes her legs and fixes her skirt.

「Hey…the words I said earlier weren’t a lie, you know? I want to do it with you…」
「I know…」

I nodded.
After letting out my voice once I was able to talk.

「I am the one with the problem」
「Is it that woman…?」

Saying her name I immediately look at her.
Mikoto opened her eyes taken aback as if she realized something.


After flapping her mouth open and close, she asks in a nasally voice.

「You…since the beginning, didn’t care if you did it with me?」
「But, then why…?」

I wonder if it’s because of what happened at karaoke.
I probably wanted to do it at first. However, before I could answer her, Mikoto opens her mouth first.

「Perhaps, was it because…you didn’t want to hurt me?」
「…It’s not something so cool. It’s so I don’t hurt myself」
「What’s with that?」
「I like you…」

That like wasn’t「love」but I know I had 「feelings」for her.
She seemed a bit sad but she gave a big nod with a smile.

「I was thinking I didn’t want to lose you…that’s why」
「You didn’t completely reject my desire…but, you won’t have sex with me…」
「Yeah…I tried to stop it halfway」
「As I thought it’s cause of that woman?」

The woman Mikoto is talking about is Mia.

「That’s right…」
「But you aren’t even dating!」

After entering the room, Mikoto showed me her feelings first.
Even though she was showing me how she masturbated, I had a feeling she was neglecting her own feelings somehow.
That’s why, I unintentionally told her to stop.

「We aren’t going out but like I said…」
「I don’t particularly care! I don’t…as I thought…it’s no good…」

*Poro poro*, large tears were overflowing from her eyes.
Her voice wasn’t let out, she was just quietly pouring out tears.

「It’s no good but…but…I would hate losing you more…It’s the best but…but, it’s better than losing you」
「…I got it. I got it so」

I stroked Mikoto’s head.
Mikoto’s hair had a soft feel to it.

「I don’t want to take advantage of you like that…」
「Damn it…I, even though I’m so obstinate…uu…」

Mikoto spits while crying.
She must have some bitterness but her confusion seems to be growing at the lack of control of her emotions.
She desperately wipes away her streaming tears with her small hands pretending to be strong.
But, her never ending tears stream down her bright red cheeks one after another.

「Why? Why…why won’t it stop? Uu…geez, even though I decided not to cry…I would try to do lots of ecchi things with you…even though I was trying to make you mine alone…」
「Don’t apologize」

Mikoto hides her face with both hands.
And then after wiping her tears roughly she gripped my hand that was stroking her head.
Mikoto’s emotions flowed through me from her wet hands.

「Hey, you don’t want to do it with me?」
「That’s not it」

I shook my head.
It’s not like I don’t want to do it with Mikoto.

「Then…I still won’t lose. It’s not over yet, right?」

Sniffling her nose, Mikoto looked at me as if she decided on something.
I didn’t give any reply and waited for her next words.

「I like you…that’s why, I want to always be together with you」

She was beautiful.
Sitting on top of the bed, Mikoto, whose face was wet with tears, was way too pure and beautiful.

「Wait a little…」

Mikoto put just a bit of power in her hand that was holding mine.

「In order for you to look at me, I will persevere」

And then standing up, Mikoto gets off of the bed.

「I won’t see you for a while…」
「Also, I won’t contact you…」
「Wh-what do you mean?」

Crossing the room, Mikoto opens the door and looks over her shoulder at me.
I remember seeing this scene earlier as well.
At that time, she told me not to date anyone.
However, this time she said this.

「I’ll do my best so…wait a bit」

And then turning her small back around, she left the room.
*To to to*, the sound of her cute footsteps travels through the hall.