Erocom Chapter 60: Shirota Yotsuba 14



After a short kiss, our lips immediately separate.
However, our faces were still close, and we could immediately kiss again.

「That was my…first kiss」

Smiling seeming embarrassed, Shirota looks at my eyes.

「I wonder if it’s fine to say I want to do it again?」
「I also don’t have any experience…」

Her gaze shifted to the right and waits for my answer.
I wrapped my arm around Shirota’s back.

「Isn’t it fine to not say anything?」
「Is that so? Ah…N, chu」

The moment Shirota’s gaze turned straight forward again, I once again stole her lips.
From now on it wasn’t a short kiss, we use a bit of time.

「N…chu, a, nh…」

Shirota received my kiss with somewhat clumsy actions.
Our lips moved on top of each other almost as if there was no friction.
Pressing together with light power, our breathing became rough.
Shirota was also timid but she wrapped her arms around my back.
Her shaking pair of hills were further pressed onto my body with pressure.


It was like she was insatiable. It’s hard to explain.
The length of our light kiss continues.
Our lips just touched as if it was unintentional.
Occasionally our eyes would met and Shirota would smile seeming embarrassed.

「Ah…somehow, my heart hurts.」

When we separated our lips, Shirota muttered.
Currently, it wouldn’t be a lie to say me and Shirota were embracing each other.
Our bodies were glued together and our faces were right next to each other.
Shirota had a scent of clean citrus coming off of her.
I don’t know if it was from perfume or detergent and shampoo.
It’s just, each time she breathes, the scent makes my brain all fuzzy.

「Isn’t it hot…?」

Shirota mutters like a monologue and tried to separate from me.
However, I won’t allow that and further embraced Shirota.

「Hey…it’s hot…」
「You want to separate?」
「You’re wrong!」

Shirota shook her head seeming confused.
The citrus smell further stimulates my nasal cavity.

「Hey, my heart is beating too fast…It’s painful」

Shirota’s eyes were fluttering.
And then she inclined her head to the side saying, okay?
At such cute actions, I had a feeling rise in me not to separate with her.

「Also…as I thought it’s hot」
「Then, we can only strip, huh」

This time she separated from me.
And then without hesitating, I took off my white uniform shit and threw it aside.
I also took off the white under shirt I had and in an instant my upper body was bare.

「Here, you strip too」

I wonder if it was habit, as Shirota narrows her eyes.
It didn’t look like she really disliked it, rather it seemed like she was calm at the state of things.

「Then, I’ll ask you some questions now」
「If you answer truthfully, then you’ll strip」
「That is…Eh? What do I get from this?」

Shirota smiled like it was odd.
I ignored her and continued on just like she did earlier.

「Then, the question」
「Seriously? I answer the questions and strip?」
「First, you like me」
「Eh? Ah, yeah…」
「Eh!? There’s something else?」

Shirota sways her chest while smiling.
However, I wonder if the tension severely loosened, the interval between her breathes became longer.

「Why do you like me?」
「Ah…th-that is…」
「3, 2, 1」

It was silent.
Shirota and I were staring at each other.
In this empty classroom, it was just a man and a woman.
The man’s upper body was bare and the woman’s shirt had all the buttons unfastened.

「It’s fine, I’ll tell you…It was the first committee meeting」

Shirota made eye contact and answered honestly.

「I thought…if I come to like someone, it would probably be someone like this」
「Haa? Did something happen?」
「No, there wasn’t anything」

Shirota shook her head and smiled.

「We just collected garbage, threw it out, and talked just a bit…」
「That’s right…」

I barely had any recollection of it.

「During that…the sakura fell and the street was lined with sakura petals」
「Yeah, I guess so…」

It’s not like Hashidzume High School has that many sakura trees.
However, it was essentially a Japanese school. There were sakura trees.
It was the first committee meeting after this year’s opening ceremony.
After the sakura finished falling, Shirota and I were responsible for cleaning up the road filled with petals.
It’s the kind of place where petals would end up gathering together from wind and rain.

「Even though it would be fine if we left it alone, didn’t you seriously gather up the petals with a broom and put it in a garbage bag」
「To say I did it seriously, well…」

I didn’t really have any consciousness of what I had done.
It’s probably because the job was easy and committee work is carefree.
Inside a committee like that, I didn’t think to cut corners.

「I wonder if it was then…I started to notice…」
「Eh? You started to like me because I collected and threw away the petals seriously?」
「Well, in simple terms, yes」

Shirota lifts both her cheeks seeming a bit foolish.

「Isn’t that how it is? Coming to like someone…」

The cheeks that she raised returned to normal and said with a serious face.
And then, she took off her shirt that was already unbuttoned and laid it on her bag.

「Then, I’ll strip one piece…」

When Shirota takes off her under shirt, she was just wearing a bra.
Even though just one piece was enough, she unhooks the front of her bra.
Swallowing my saliva, I was expectant of the next development.
However, she pinned her bra down with her hands and didn’t expose her breasts.
She hid her face that became red from embarrassment and looked at me with an upward glance and said.

「What’s the next question?」
「…Let me see your tits」
「That’s not a question, you know?」

While smiling, Shirota loosens her hands that were pinning down her bra.
The liberated pair of hills revealed themselves.
I only looked at her breasts once.
However, it had an intensely fresh charm.