Erocom Chapter 61: Shirota Yotsuba 15


Shirota’s nipples weren’t visible.
The center of her light pink areolas were just like a cute belly button.
Both the right and left nipple was being shy.

「Uwaa…it’s quite embarrassing…」

And Shirota is also embarrassed.
Receiving my direct gaze, she was troubled whether she should hide her breasts or not.
Her hands were fidgeting between whether to go on top of them or under them.

「E-to…If you stare at them so much…」
「Ah, sorry」

No matter what, my gaze ends up going towards her cute nipples.
I take my gaze off being flustered.

Today, Shirota was wearing her uniform since she didn’t have club activities.
And now her upper half was naked.
That’s why she is only wearing a skirt and socks.
Shirota’s bare upper body stimulates my crotch more than anything.
And then before I moved my gaze, her thighs had a different kind of eroticism to them.

「I-is there more questions?」
「No…it’s probably not as hot anymore」
「I-I wonder…I feel like my temperature has risen more than before」

Smiling, Shirota says.

「But…it’s fine if it’s hot」

This time I approached her.
Shirota didn’t try to escape, rather she threw her chest out a bit as if to present her body to me.
With just that slight movement, her developed pair of hills sway.

「Okutani is…quite erotic, aren’t you?」
「Not as much as you」

I was glued to Shirota.


It was our third kiss.
Our exposed upper bodies stick together and share our body temperatures.
Certainly, it does seem like my body temperature has risen compared to earlier.
It’s much hotter touching with bare skin than over cloth.

「Somehow…chuu, it feels good…」

Each time our skin comes into contact, a sense of security wraps around us.
There was a mood like a calm ocean far from the passionate atmosphere.

「Chu…nh, ahn, chupu, ah」

We wrap our hands around each other’s backs and embraced.
We continue kissing like we are pecking at each other’s lips.
And then I stroke Shirota’s back up and down.
Her skin was smooth but it was somehow muscular.
However, her hips also had a soft sexual feeling.

「Hey, chu, nh…it tickles」

Saying that, Shirota squirms her body around.
We were making eye contact and kissing and then we rub our bodies together.
I could clearly feel her nipples from her plump pair of hills being pressed against my chest.
Although they were hidden, Shirota’s nipples clearly asserted their existence.


Stopping our kiss, we talk while rubbing our foreheads together.
My stupid face was reflected in Shirota’s slightly wet eyes.

「Do you want to see my dick?」
「Well…I-I’ve already kinda saw it so it’s fine for today」
「Is that so? Don’t you want to see it erect?」
「Eh? It’s erect right now?」

Shirota slightly separates her body.
And then she turned her gaze towards my crotch.
Actually, my dick isn’t erect.
“I want to be erect!” I yell but my practice is effective.

「Wh-what should I do…but, somehow if I saw, I feel it won’t go well」
「What do you mean?」
「Somehow…I’m already full with kissing and hugging」
「You don’t want anymore?」

I unfasten my belt and take off my uniform pants.

「Rather than saying I don’t desire anything…I have no confidence I can keep calm」
「I want to see you lose your calm」

I unzip my zipper. I strip off my pants and boxers at the same time.
I was completely nude in this empty classroom.

「Ah…wai- it isn’t standing!」

After bending back a bit, Shirota looked at my dick and announced in a big voice.

「B-but, it’s amazing…as I thought…it’s big」

While turning her gaze down to my dick, Shirota said with a hot breath.
I drew towards the nude Shirota. As one would expect, Shirota retreated possibly out of caution.
However, since the wall was right behind her, Shirota lost her path of retreat.

「W-w-w-w-w-what is it?」
「Since you can see my dick…I also want to see your nipples」
「Ah, eh? You mean-, ah」

Guessing what I was trying to do, Shirota tries to hide her breasts.
However, I also guessed her intentions and grab her hands.
Grabbing both her hands with mine, she couldn’t hide her breasts.
There were two huge, heavy delicacies. They were right before my very eyes.

「Aah, hey! I said it’s impossible! Let go of my hands!」

If she seriously tries resisting, the sporty girl could handle herself.
She could probably easily shake herself free from someone like me.
However, as it doesn’t look like she will, I realized it’s not like she dislikes it.
She was just bewildered and and wanted time to prepare herself.

I repeated my back and forth with her arms.
However, seeing my chance, I bring my face close to her breasts.
I aim for her hidden nipples and grab one with my mouth.


Shirota’s body jumps at the sudden action.
However, as expected, she didn’t put any power in fighting back.
Shirota had a form as if she accepted something even though her body was scared.

「Waiit, ahnn, something, nnnah」

Sticking my tongue out, I stimulate Shirota’s slightly caved-in nipple.
*Kori*, it had a firm sensation to it.

「Yah, nnnah, Okutanii, my, nipples, feel amaaaaazing」

I continued to lick and taste that indent.

「Nnah, yahn, nn, he-, aaahn, they’ll get hard, my nipples, will get hard」

Like she said, her rising nipple started to get bigger.
As I keep licking them, they continue to grow.
It finally happened. The tip of her nipple sprouted.

「Haaahn, the sucking, the suucking, it’s coming out, my nipples are being sucked oout」

Shirota was petitioning me.
It wasn’t a very loud voice but it was a different type of voice I hadn’t heard before.
The sports girl had her reasoning cut like a thread. She shakes my hands off.
She grabbed my head with both of her liberated hands.
And then pressed it into her own chest.
At such an opportunity, I sucked her nipple with all my effort.

「Yaaaaaahn, it’s cooooooooooming」

*Guu*, Shirota’s nipples completely came out.
Since it was becoming difficult to breath, I separate my face from her breasts.
Our eyes met. Her pupils were dyed with the instincts of a female.

「Haa…h-hey…Okutani, this one too…kay?」

Shirota grabbed her own boob.
And then she presented it to me.
I wonder if it was out of expectation but even though it hadn’t been sucked on yet, it was slightly visible.

「Suck it out…」

While being tempted, I opened my mouth and brought it towards her nipple.
And then, when my lips were completely covering it, I sucked without stopping.

「Haaaaaahn, amaziiiiing, I’m totally feeeeeling it, haaaaaaaaahn」

Without needing to use as much effort as earlier, Shirota’s nipple was completely exposed.