Erocom Chapter 64: Ooki Rino 1


It’s been one week since Ooki stopped coming to school.
Karata, who was in the same year, went to his house but he said he couldn’t meet with him.

「With that being said」

Ebara, the vice president of the Human Culture Research Club, looked at everyone.
Although I say everyone, it was just the club president Kawauchi, the first year Karata, and me.
Even though Mia isn’t here, the Human Culture Research Club continued.
After the dream time was over, somehow or another everyone returned to reality.
I wonder if Ooki was still the only one among us who hasn’t looked at reality.

「We’ll go to his place and get him out of his room!」

I knew what Ebara wanted to say.
It’s not like Ooki, who wasn’t coming to school, was ill.
Then, even if it’s forcefully, he feels like getting him out of his house just once will be good.

「But, I feel like that would have the opposite effect…」

Karata, Ebara’s friend treated as a little brother, expresses his opinion.
I also agree with that opinion.

「That’s right…I feel we should keep the resolution simple」
「Then what should we do? Can you think of anything Okutani?」
「What about waiting a bit more?」
「But, a week has already passed」

Still it is one week.
He secluded himself in his room from the shock of Mia leaving.
It’s fine to say there is no mistake.
Then the problem is his feelings. It’s also a problem for the person himself.

「Well, since he hasn’t come out for a week what should we do?」

Since the person himself chose to do so, we have no reason to complain.
However, that is also a bit too cold-hearted.

「Can you entrust this issue to me?」

All three of their gazes simultaneously gather on me.
“Eh? To you?” They didn’t try to hide such doubts.

「What is it…Are you okay?」

It made the taciturn Kawauchi worry.
Did I really say something so weird?

「Okutani-senpai…recently, haven’t you changed a bit?」

I was puzzled at Karata’s statement.

「I’m not particularly aware of any change myself」
「No, you’ve changed. Even though, originally, you were someone who would only do what you needed to…Now, I think you are taking the initiative yourself. You’re trying to take responsibility」
「You are quite a rude fellow, huh」

Pointing it out with a faint smile, Karata shook his head with a faint smile as well.
I look at Ebara and made a suggestion again.

「So? How about it?」
「Well…If you say so…certainly, if a bunch of people go it might not change anything」
「Yoshi. Then, I’ll head home early today…Karata, please mail me the address」

Grabbing my bag, I leave the clubroom.
After confirming no one was chasing after me, I called Mia.
After a bit, Mia answered the phone.

「How’s it going?」
『The student council meeting ended. Wanna go home together?』

I basically called Mia every night.
When I asked her why she joined the student council, she was trying to minimize the damage to me as I thought.
Thanks to that I am saved but it ended up being an issue for Ooki.

「We can go home together but before that can we go to Ooki’s house?」
『Ooki-kun’s house? Why?』
「Don’t you know?…After you quit the club, that guy hasn’t come to school」
「I think it’s fine but the others are worried…」
『Is it my fault?』

I could hear her confused voice through the phone.

「It’s not really your fault…but, I was thinking you could greet him」
『That’s fine but…』
「Then, I’ll meet you at the gate」

Cutting the call, I head towards the gate and see Mia waiting there.
Eda was also there.

「Ara, Okutani-kun」
「Well hello, Vice President-san」

Today, Eda had her usual cold demeanor that matched her long black hair.
She had round, thick glasses and a long skirt.
If one wasn’t careful they could come off as uncouth but that worry is completely unnecessary for Eda.
As she stood next to Mia, no other student called out to them.
The two were competing for the top ranking as the school’s beauty.
The amazing pair was unapproachable.

「I was having a short talk with Eda-san」

Mia looked at me a bit apologetic.
Mia was a perfect beauty as usual.
The immature expression she only shows me was also going strong.
Mia, feeling it wouldn’t transmit well just over the phone, decided to inform me when we met.

「Is it about the election?」

I move my gaze towards Eda.

「…Since it’ll be rude for me to intrude any further, I’ll take my leave」

Not replying to my question, Eda turns around and leaves.
Carrying a cold-demeanor even from behind, I felt like the air froze in a meter radius around her.

「Shall we head out?」

Mia poked my shoulder.
We both walked away towards Ooki’s house.

Ooki’s house was close to Hashidzume High School.
Karata’s mail said it was close to the Ichikura East Middle School.
When we reached Ichikura East Middle School, I was looking at my phone and relying on the address he told me to find the house.
Since the middle schoolers were on their way home, Mia and I were exposed to our juniors’ gazes.

「H-here it is…」

Mia stopped her feet at the aforementioned house.
It was a two-story house just like where the neighborhood meetings are held.
Inside there was a nameplate that read『Ooki』.

「I still haven’t decided what would be good to say though…」

Mia looked at me troubled.
Mia was thinking about what would be good to say to Ooki the whole time we were on the way here.

「It should be fine if we say we came because of just ordinary worry…he probably wouldn’t like it if people were assuming he can’t leave his room because of Mia’s actions…」
「In that case, isn’t it better if I don’t come?」
「I was thinking you could call out in a more considerate voice than the other members」

Mia gave a wry smile at my words.
Perhaps if it was Ebara, he would really forcefully wrench open his room.
Since Karata and Ebara are like siblings, even if Kawauchi saw them doing that, he wouldn’t try to stop them.

「The decision was to have you come alone?」
「That wasn’t it…I won’t call out in a heartless voice but I also won’t call out in a considerate voice」

I am not fundamentally kind.
If he chose his actions himself, I think it’s his own issue.

「Lastly, it was his own choice…That’s why you shouldn’t worry so much, okay?」

Giving her that advice, I tried to ring the doorbell.
It was at that moment. A voice came from behind.
The pretty girl’s voice was like a ringing bell.

「Do you need anything?」

Mia and I turned around simultaneously.
There was a middle school girl with shoulder length black hair tied up in twintails.
I could immediately tell from the pattern on her skirt she is a student from the nearby Ichikura East Middle School.

「Ah, e-to…are you Ooki’s little sister?」
「Ah, you go to the same school as Onii-chan, right?…Yes. I am Kunihiko’s little sister」

To think a guy as strange as Ooki has a sister this cute.
Ooki’s little sister bowed her head politely.

「Nice to meet you. My name is Ooki Rino」

She was short and had big round eyes.
She was very feminine.
She seemed so pure and yet she was at the age where she was ascending the stairway into adulthood.
The size of her chest was closer to an adult woman’s than a middle schooler’s.
I wonder if she is in a wind band?1 She had a rectangular case around her shoulder that seemed to be holding an instrument.

「Come in. Onii-chan probably won’t come out though」

While saying that, Rino-chan opened up the entryway for us.
After making eye contact with Mia for a moment, we head into Ooki’s house.


  1. Idk man it specifically said wind music but it could just be a normal band or something