Erocom Chapter 66: Kurusu Mia 29


The closest station to our houses is Mikura Station.
One station ahead of that is Hatou Station.

「Have you come here with someone before?」

She probably asked intending for it to be a joke.
Mia asked smiling while coming out of the station.

「I mean, you hesitated on coming to Hatou…」
「Yeah, I have」
「Eh? With who?」

She was really surprised.
Casually walking off the platform, Mia stopped.
I also stopped and turned around.

「Well, it wasn’t a hotel but…I have come to Hatou plenty of times. My relatives live here」
「So that what’s you mean」

Mia once again starts walking.

「That surprised me…I thought you had gone to a hotel」
「Would you dislike it if I did?」
「It’s not like I dislike it but it’d be unexpected」
「It’s better if you say you dislike it there」
「That’s certainly correct. That wasn’t very cute was it」

Mia faces me with a carefree smile.
When we got out of the ticket gate, Mia grabbed my hand.
It was slender and soft.

「You are cute」

Mia opened her eyes wide just for an instant towards my words.
But, she immediately floated a smile across her whole face.


The hotel we went to was the one I saw last time I came here.
In this countryside it is quite pretty and yet it’s separated from the public eye.
It’s close to the station and the cost is at the point where even I can afford it.

「Somehow, I’m kinda nervous…」

When we reach the front of the hotel, Mia gripped my hand a bit stronger.

「Not about staying but about entering…」

I am also quite nervous.
We aren’t coming to the hotel to stay but rather to do that.
Mia got quieter and quieter as if she realized that.

The hotel was called『Hotel C+』.
The exterior had a cream color base and if you didn’t look at it closely, it looked like a fashionable mansion.
Once inside, we needed to pass through the lobby that had the first floor underground.
On the way down the stairs, there was a sign of the prices posted listing all the way up to 3 hours usage.

Mia and I entered through the automatic door.
I just thought about it but I wonder if it’s fine even though we are in uniforms.

「Ah, it’s kinda amazing…」

The inside had a dark red carpet spread out and the walls were black.
There was a line of lightbulbs along the low ceiling that was reminiscent of a party hall.
It wasn’t spacious and the furniture wasn’t gaudy.
However, it had a feeling that it was trying to be high class.

「Choose your room here」

There was a huge electric sign in the lobby.
The lobby also had a touch panel showing how many rooms were available.

「What should we choose? Ah, what about this one?」

The one Mia pointed out was quite a spacious room.
It seems there was a jacuzzi inside and the bed was a king-size.
I looked at the price. It was more than I could afford.

「Sorry. Since I don’t have that much money…is this one okay?」

The room I pointed at was extremely standard.
The room was 8 tatami mats wide with a queen-size bed in it.

「Ah, it’s fine. I’ll pay for half」
「That I can’t do」
「Eh? Why?」

Mia looks at me seeming confused.

「Well…As I thought the guy has to be the one to pay…」

When I say that squirming, Mia laughed like it was funny.

「That’s weird. Even though I also want to have sex, you are the only one who pays?」

I had the feeling to push her down right here in the lobby.
When I was pestering her for a kiss, she pushed me back with both hands.

「Hey hey. After we get to the room you yungin’」1

Why did she admonish me like an old person.
We touched the room plan that included a jacuzzi.
The 3 hour plan was more expensive than I could afford.

「I will absolutely repay you」
「I’ll look forward to your future success」

The electric sign gave directions to the elevator we would ride.
Somehow, it seems like there are no keys.
Even though I’m still inexperienced, when I’m with Mia for some reason I am relieved.

We rode the elevator to the top floor.
Getting out into a quiet corridor, we go towards our designated room.
It was a bit gloomier than the lobby.
The background noise of flowing water was pleasing to the ears.

While holding hands with the uniform-clad Mia, we went towards the room quietly.
I turn the door and head inside. The lights in the short hallway automatically lit up.
When I close the door, it automatically locked.
Dark space is spread out opposite the short hallway.

「It’s amazing, huh…」
「Ah, yeah…」

*Kyu*, Mia gripped my hand.
I also grab hers back.

I thought to immediately kiss her the instant we entered the room.
However, it’s just not possible.
I was expectant of what was waiting in the dark space in front of us.

「I-I can’t hold back anymore!」

Raising that voice, Mia ran into the room.
The room automatically lit up.


Mia raised a voice of admiration.
Well of course.
The room is spacious and makes me think of some resort in the southern countries.
The jacuzzi that I thought was inside the room is installed on the veranda.2
However, since the wall had a partition, we could go out to the veranda.3
The bed was obviously king-size.
There was also a huge sofa that could probably be slept on.
There was a faint orange lighting and a humidifier letting out a sweet scent.

「What is this? what is this? It really gets you pumped up」

Mia was extremely cute twirling in the center of the room.

「Koumei, hurry」
「Ah, okay」

Mia calls me over waving her hand.
When I enter the room, I spun around looking at the inside of it.
There was a decorative plant in the corner of the room that stretched up to the ceiling.
Everything like the closets and such were made of wood.
There was a small table with a thick guide on top.

Opening the partition to the veranda, I tried looking at the jacuzzi.
It was a round jacuzzi. It’s empty now but it seems blue lights were in it.
When I look above, I noticed a roof there to isolate it from the outside world.

「Hey put in some hot water」

Mia embraced me from behind.
Her huge breasts were pushed up on my back.
Although I bent back in surprise, I replied.

「Don’t you think we should go in together?」

Mia invites me while holding on to me.
I nod my head quietly and put the hot water in the jacuzzi.
Seeing that, Mia separated from me and jumped on the bed after taking off her shoes.

「Buhah…so niiice, I want this bed」
「Do you not have a bed at home?」

Mia rolls her body to face me.
Her feet were pointed at me and I could see inside her skirt.
She had white panties.

「I have a bed. But, it isn’t as soft or as big as this」
「Well, of course」

I sat on the sofa.
The level of comfort could not be compared to the old sofa in the club room.

「Eh? Why are you over there?」

Mia criticizes me from atop the bed.

「Come over here」
「That…that should be fine after the bath」
「I guess」

Mia raised her body and laughed.

「Hehehe. Am I being too greedy?」
「Just a bit」
「Then what should we do until it’s filled with water?」

Mia sits on the bed cross-legged and looks at me.

「I-I wonder…」

After thinking a bit, I opened my mouth.

「Since we are entering the bath, we need to strip our clothes」
「Of course」

Mia honestly nodded her head and waited for me to continue.
I resolutely tried a suggestion.

「Then, Mia. Strip」
「Now…Because I want to see」
「You want to see you say…」

After looking at the ceiling in astonishment, Mia looked at me with thin eyes.


Although she says that, Mia started to unbutton her white shirt.
I gaze at her figure as I sit on the sofa.


  1. Uses old speech here so I tried to recreate in English
  2. Well an inside jacuzzi just seems like easy property damage…
  3. There’s a typo here from the author.