Erocom Chapter 68: Kurusu Mia 31


The hot water in the jacuzzi feels good.
After pressing the buttons, it started to get bubbly.
The blue lighting also helped the mood.

Taking off my socks and slippers, I got into the jacuzzi first.
And then after taking off her socks, Mia presents her hand.
Grabbing my hand, Mia slowly enters the jacuzzi making sure not to fall.
Even though we were both in the jacuzzi, there’s still plenty of room.

「Feels goood…」

Our eyes met.
We kiss without either of us needing to initiate.
Mia’s soft lips were hot.

「Chu, nh, achuu, npuh」

From the moment our lips touched, Mia opens her mouth as if she deeply desired it.
She was grinding her lips against mine, demanding more and more.

「Chuu, chuupu, achu, n, amuh」
「wai- Mia? N, it’s too intense」

Mia separated and looked down seeming embarrassed.

「Sorry…somehow, I can’t hold back…」
「I got it…you want to do plenty of erotic things, huh?」

*Kokuri*, Mia nods her head.
And then she stuck out her tongue and smiled.

「I want to do lots」

I embraced Mia.
I embraced her so strong it could be considered violent.

「Mia, your tits…I wanna touch em」
「Okay…it’s fine」

After separating our bodies once, I embrace Mia from behind.
And then when I put my hands under armpits, I touched those plump pair of hills.


They were tight, heavy, and thick.
I held them up and massaged them. I try to slowly relish them.
While being cautious not to touch her nipples, I randomly sunk my ten fingers into her tits.

「Ah, Nnh, the way you touch, pervert…」

Mia says while looking at her own breasts being rubbed.
Her long chestnut-colored hair slowly started to float up from the jacuzzi.

「Yeah, I’ll touch it」

My son was quite hard.
As I try to embrace Mia from behind, my erect dick was being a nuisance.
Mia grabbed onto my dick that was sticking out.


Since it was gripped, a feeling of pleasure was rising in my dick.
It felt so good my knees almost went out.

「Cute…Koumei, you’re cute, hey, nh, ahn, wai-, my nipples again」

In retaliation I roll Mia’s nipples with the tip of my fingers.
*Kori kori*, I use my index finger and thumb to roll them around.

「Yahn, nnnh, I can feel it, as I thought, ahn」
「Ah, feels good」

Indomitably, Mia starts stroking my stupid son.
Entangling my thick shaft with her thin fingers, she stroked back and forth.
Precum was already leaking from the tip and was acting as lubricant for Mia to move her hand.

「Ahn, yahn, my nipples, my nipples, nnnh, aahn」
「Ah, Mia, feels good, ah」

We were both drowning in pleasure.
Hot water accumulates up to our knees and water was bubbling in the jacuzzi.1

「Fuahn, Koumeei」

I move the hand I was rubbing her breasts with towards her privates.
Mia gasps. Even though I still hadn’t touched there yet, she probably let out a voice thinking about what would happen from here.

「I’m wet, amazing, ahn, I’m, weeet」

Mia announced before she was touched.
I slowly hid my hand in Mia’s privates.
*Nururi*, as soon as I touched it I could tell it was wet.

「Yaaaaaahn, aaaaahn」

As I thought Mia is sensitive.
It made her body twitch and she was straining herself in order to bear the stimulus.


The form of her trying to hold back her voice was cute.
I gently caress between her labia with my middle finger. *Kuchun*, it made a sound.


I continue to rub Mia’s breast with my left hand.
Although Mia was shaking from the stimulus, she continued stroking my dick.

「Ahn, amaziing, yaaahn, aahn, feels good」

Sinking my middle finger in her labia, I slowly move it in and out.
Since it was already wet, it wasn’t difficult to move.

「Haaahn, nnah, yaahn」

I wonder if she was losing strength as she leaned her body on me.

「Sit, Mia」2

When she releases her hand, I sit her on the rim of the jacuzzi.
Mia stares at me with half-open eyes while obeying my orders.
When I sink my body into the jacuzzi, I put my head in between her thighs.

「No way…amazing, lewd…」

She wasn’t resisting, rather, Mia spread her legs to help fit my head.

「You’re going to lick it, right? Hey, you’ll like it, right?」

She was unsure of what would happen. There was anxiousness in Mia’s voice.
However, it was marked with an expectation of even more pleasure.

I draw towards Mia’s privates before my eyes.
Thanks to the loosening earlier her tightly closed labia opened up a bit.
Inside I could see her pink labia minora and vagina.
Her clitoris was also swelled up, strongly asserting itself.
Love juice was endlessly flowing out.

「Mia…Want me to lick it?」

Mia gave a solid response having resolved herself.
I stuck out my tongue and licked directly in the center of her privates.


My face was held in between Mia’s thighs.
And then, she grabs my head with both her hands.
She runs her fingers through my hair and it was a bit soggy.


*Pero pero*, I licked her.
Mia’s privates had a somewhat sweet and sour smell.
I move my tongue up and down like a scoop for her love juice.

「Kahah, aaaaahn, nnaanaaaah」

The more I lick the more love juice that comes out of her vagina.
And, the more I lick the more Mia’s heavy breathing becomes glossy.


When I lick with the tip of my tongue, Mia hits my head.

「Nogoodnogood, it’s no good, nooh, aaahn, there is noo goood」

Mia repeatedly hit my head weakly in desperation.
However, I did not stop licking. I licked her clitoris left and right playing with it.
I licked violently in a daze until my tongue went numb.

「Sorry, Soooooorrryyyyy, aaaahn, cuumming, ahn, cumming」

She stops hitting me. This time Mia uses her hands to press my head further into her privates.

「Lick it, lick it, it feeeeeels goood so aaaah, aaahn, cumming, I’m cumming」

I licked Mia’s clitoris even faster.
I push the tip of my tongue and underside against her bean, stimulating her.
It tastes good. Even though it doesn’t have a taste, that’s what I thought.
There has never been such a sweet thing in my mouth before.

「Aaaaaaah, cummingcummingcuuuuuuuummiiiiiiing—–」

Mia’s body completely jumped up with a shock.
I quickly separate my face from her crotch, and I observe the exhausted Mia.

「Ah, amazing, still, cumming…ah, ahn」

Smiling seeming troubled, Mia’s body twitched over and over again.
Her huge hills tremble in tandem with her spasms.
Mia entered the jacuzzi like she slipped down into it.
When she was submerged up to her shoulders, she looks at me as if she finally calmed down.

「Amazing, it felt so good…」
「You like being licked huh」
「Yeah…it seems I like being licked…」

I face Mia while being submerged in hot water.

「I also like to be licked」
「I know…Look, it’s standing」

While smiling, Mia draws close to me in the jacuzzi.
My son was standing in front of Mia.

「As I thought it’s big…chu」

Mia kissed the head of my shaft.


  1. I guess it’s still not full yet? I don’t know how this shit works. I’ve always had it full before going in one.
  2. I guess they were standing this whole time? I don’t know if this author knows how jacuzzis work