Erocom Chapter 69: Kurusu Mia 32


Mia grabs the base of my dick with her right hand.
And then, she sticks out her tongue slightly and licks the tip.

「Aah…feels good」

It was a weak stimulus but the center of my shaft went numb.
*Binbin*, my thoughts trembled like a cord being plucked.

「It’d be hard to put it in my mouth…」
「Yeah, it’s fine if you lick it」

After nodding her head seeming a bit apologetic, Mia licks it.
She sticks her tongue out as far as possible and sticks it to my dick.
She grinds her tongue along the enlarged glans.
Using plenty of saliva, she crawls her tongue along it unintentionally making noise.


I raised that last noise. The pleasure almost made my knees give way.
My thoughts turned white and I didn’t even have the power to try and open my eyes.
Somehow opening my eyes, the indecent form of the perfect beauty was burned in my retina.
Her chestnut-colored hair covers her ears and she was licking my glans with her utmost effort.
Even though she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen, such a woman was licking my dick.
Such thoughts repeatedly snatched my consciousness.

「Ah, underneath…going to such a place」

Mia licked the glans and the underside of my dick with her tongue.
Mia gave me even more stimulus while raising her cheeks seeming happy from looking at my reaction.

「Nh, nh, nh, ah」

She made her tongue hard and licked the underside.
I became so tense the inside of my ears hurt.
I grit my teeth and keep hold of my consciousness and observe Mia.
Each time she licks, her huge breasts shake in the jacuzzi.
Basking in the blue light, her white skin shows a magical tint.

「Fua, nchu, n, n, hamu」
「Aah, feels good」

Mia crawls her tongue from the head to the base down the backside of the shaft.
She used her lips too as she moved back and forth with a face like it tastes good.

「Good, good…」1

When I was feeling it, Mia moved faster in order to make me feel more.
Moving the hand she was gripping the root with as well, She gave me even more stimulus.

「Nchu, n, chupu, nn, amu, fuchu, nh, uchuu, n」

Trying to lick all of the enormous shaft, Mia shakes her head.
She had long eyelashes and a tall nose.
Occasionally her wet pupils would seek what to do next from my face.
The hot water in the jacuzzi was making a *pacha pacha* sound.

「Ah, stroke it…stroke it」

I immediately felt like I would cum. I gave Mia instructions.
Having stopped licking, Mia strokes my whole cock with her right hand.
The length of the stroke on my shaft was probably quite a bit of work.

「Are you cumming? Will you cum?」

Mia looks at me with upturned eyes.
I nodded. Magma collects in my waist.
The feeling of ejaculation eagerly rises.

「Where do you want to let it out? Koumei, where do you want to let it out?」
「Ah, your mouth…open your mouth」

Sticking her tongue out a bit, Mia opened her mouth.
And then while stroking it, she points the head towards her mouth.

「Cuumming…cumming, Mia…I’m cumming」
「N, it’s fine, let it out, in my mouth, let it out」
「Aaah, cumming, aaaah, cuuuuuummiiiing」

Forcibly passing through my thin urethra, my seed flies out.
The lump of pleasure in the center of my hips, flew all the way out.
The thick cloudy fluid mercilessly attacked Mia’s mouth.


She closed her eyes but she didn’t close her mouth.
*Dorori*, semen was sitting on top of her tongue.
There was also some scattered around her face.
Looking at the perfect beauty’s face dyed in white, I shivered in satisfaction.

「A lot came out…N, kuh」

While slowly opening her eyes, Mia closed her mouth.
And then, she swallowed. *Gokuri*. Such a noise came out.

「Did you swallow it?」
「Eh? Yeah」

“Of course”. It felt like Mia was saying that with a smile.
And then, she showed me how empty the inside of her mouth was.


There was still plenty of semen on her face.
It ends up sticking to her hair as well.

「Should we take a shower?」
「We probably should…」

We washed each other off with the shower in the jacuzzi.2
Using body soap, we wash each other’s bodies.
Mia twists her body like it was ticklish.
Because of that, my dormant son once again became erect.

「Ah, it got big again…」
「Let’s go to the bed」

Towards my words, Mia nodded with a red face.


I wipe my body down with a bath towel.
Mia was wearing some roomwear she found in the closet.3

「This, my nipples…」

Mia smiles seeming embarrassed.
The roomwear was white and slightly oversized.
The cloth wasn’t that thick.
Wearing it with her large tits, the outline of her nipples could clearly be seen.

I was also wearing some roomwear.
I could hear the sound of Mia drying her hair in the bathroom with a hair dryer.
While she was doing that, I looked around the room for things that interested me.
Flipping through the thick information booklet, there was free rental items lined up inside.
There was also cosplay items being marketed.
There was even a T.V. guide as well as karaoke songs.

Installed next to the bed was a device to play music.
I turned the appropriate dial and choose a song with a good mood.
Since it’s possible to adjust the lighting, I made it a bit dim.

「What is that? It’s a bit romantic…」

Mia, who had come out of the bathroom, smiled teasingly.
I was sitting on top of the bed and shrugged my shoulders.

「More or less」
「That’s right…when we first did it, it had a slightly rushed feeling, huh」

While saying that, Mia stripped off her roomwear.
I also stood up and took off my roomwear.
My dick was already pointing as high as possible.

We faced each other nude.
We stared at each other silently.
When Mia licked her lips, she let out a sigh.

「Did you get nervous?」
「Well…it’s still the second time」
「Come here」

I was calmer than I thought I would be.
I had already cum once but it was recent.

After nodding her head, Mia came to me.
Mia waited as I laid down on the bed.
Taking off her slippers, Mia lies down next to me on the bed.


When I brought my face close, Mia also brought her face close.
We exchange a short kiss. *Chuu*.
While our foreheads were touching, I softly rub her body.

「Ah…nh, aahn」

I was just rubbing it but Mia let out a hot breath.
I kissed Mia’s nape.
I rub her body with my right hand and massage her tits with my left.

「Ahn…nh, pervert…」
「We will be doing even more perverted things, you know?」

The right hand I was using to rub her body touched her privates.
It seems she was already prepared.

「It seems I’m already wet…」


  1. Unexpected Palpatine
  2. Seriously what kind of fucking jacuzzi is this?
  3. Google roomwear if you’re curious. Basically it’s just comfy clothes for lounging around the house