Erocom Chapter 70: Kurusu Mia 33


「I-I wonder if it’ll fit…」

After confirming Mia was wet, I put on a condom.
And then I spread her legs and got on top of her.
Mia mutters with a downward gaze seeming worried.

「It’s the second time but…I think I’m scared」
「I’ll do it slowly」
「You’ll do that for me…? Aaaahn, slowlyy」

When I put my dick against the entrance of her vagina, Mia gasped.
She felt secure enough that no one would hear her.
That’s why she raised her voice louder than it’s ever been.

「It’s impossible…it’s too big…Nnnnnhhah」

*Guriguri*, my glans presses against Mia’s entrance.
Pleasure assails my body.
Even if it was forcibly, my urge to swing my hips violently rose.
However, looking at Mia, who was bearing the pain, somehow that urge was stopped.

「Are you alright…?」
「It doesn’t hurt so I’m fine…Yaaaahn」

*Nururi*, my glans was inside her vagina.
It was far easier to insert compared to the first time.

「Ah, ah, aaaaahn, amazing, I can feel it…Hyaaahn」

While gripping the sheets with both hands, Mia opens her eyes wide.
When I tried to enter even further, Mia shook her head.

「Wait! Amazing, somehow…wait」
「Ah, cumming」

Mia was surprised herself.

「Ah, aaaaahn, yah, nh, cuuuuummiing」

Mia’s body twitched.
And then, *gyuu*, her pussy tightened.

「Ah…you came?」
「Uu…yeah, so suddenly」

Mia hid her face with both her hands probably because she was embarrassed.
This is the first time I’ve seen Mia be so embarrassed.

「Somehow, when I became aware the person I was entangled with was Koumei…」

Mia muttered while covering her face with both hands.
Her appearance was too cute, I didn’t have any patience.

「Aaaahn, now is no good, I just came」

*Gugugugu*, I once again pushed my dick into her vagina.
With her love juices overflowing, it acted as lubricant and smoothly invited my dick inside.

「Haaaahn, nnnh, ah, it’s thick」
「It doesn’t hurt?」
「It doesn’t hurt but, it doesn’t hurt buut…nnnhaahn」
「What? You’re happy to be connected with me?」
「Yaaahn, don’t say it, aahn, cuumming, cumming again, cuuuuummmiiing」

It is probably what I imagined.
Mia’s body was shaking and trembling.
I thought so because my dick was being gripped powerfully by her vagina.
I still hadn’t made another stroke but I was filled with satisfaction.

「Yahn, I, I’m cumming too much…Haa, aahn, ah, nnh」

While somehow arranging her breathing, Mia looked at me.

「That’s banned, you know?」
「Like I said, making me aware that the one I’m united with is Koumei…Nnnh, yaa…my body is happyyy, nnah」
「That one now isn’t my fault」
「Ha, ha, hahn, I knoooow」

If I do a piston here, it seems like it’ll become a serious issue.
That’s why, I focused on pushing my dick further in.

「Hooh? Aaahn, nnnnnyaaaahn」

Gripping the sheets once again, Mia’s body stiffened.
She was somehow withstanding fully receiving my dick being pushed into her.

「Aaaahn, wai-, inside, it’s hitting so, to go that far, to go that far」
「Ah, aah」

By the time about half of my shaft was inside, Mia hit my arm.
My dick was already kissing the entrance to her womb.
*Kyuun*, I could tell the walls in her vagina were being constricted to their utmost limits.

「Aaaah, amazing, you’re spreading it apart」

Mia looked at me with wet eyes.

「It’s too big, your thiiing」
「Ahn, but it’s better than the first time…I think」
「Can I move?」

I was already at my limit.
However, Mia shook her head.

「If it’s like this I probably won’t like it」
「I won’t like it if it’s the same as before」
「What should I do?」
「Hug me」

Saying that, Mia spreads her arms out in front of me.
Guessing Mia’s intention, I embraced her body.
Naturally, it turned into me sitting down with Mia riding on top of me.

「Ah, wai-, this, eh? This might be impossible, ah, wait, it’ll go deeper」

However, it was already too late.
Mia had already pulled herself closer as I was sitting on the bed.
And then, as my dick was inside her, Mia got up on top of me. We were sitting facing each other.

「Aaaaaaahn, inside, insiiiide, it’s hitting, guaaaaah, nowaynoway」

Desperately wrapping her hands around me, Mia shouts.
Our form turned into her huge pair of hills being pushed onto me.
My dick was forcibly pushed further inside and now it was about 2/3 inside her.

「Nnnnnguh, aangu, nnh, aa, I’ll break…it’ll break」
「You’re fine」
「I’m not fiiine…it’s biiig…aaaaahn, it’s impossible」

I push my dick further into Mia.
Her vaginal walls tighten on my rod like it was rejecting me.
Mia put strength in her fingers on my back.

「Yaaaaaah, it’s impossible, Koumei, it’s impossssible」
「Just a bit and it’ll all be in」

Our bodies are tightly glued together.
When I somehow try to pull my dick out, Mia tighten her legs.
However, if I can’t do so, then Mia’s embraced body will be brought further downwards.

「Nnnnh, I said it’ll break」
「But, it feels good…inside you」
「Look, we’re linked together, Mia, you’re linked together with me」
「I told you not to say iiiit, aaaaahn, cuumming, I’m gonna cum, cuumming, cuuuuuuuuummmmiiiiinnng—」

Mia tightened her arms around me while being exhausted.
At such an opportunity, I put all my dick inside Mia all at once.


Mia shouts while shaking her head.
My whole dick was inside her.
Mia, who was staring towards the heavens with half-opened eyes, lost her consciousness for only a brief moment.


And then, she returned back to reality.

「Haaa…it, became something amazing…aaaahn」
「It feels good…it feels so good…」
「Ah, of course, aahn, you put the whole thing in, right?」
「If it didn’t feel good, I’d get mad」

*Gyuu*, Mia whispers next to my ear while clinging on to me.
My arousal rose strangely towards the childish Mia.

「Nnnh, ah」
「Mia, I want to move but…」
「It’s impossible…I’ll die」

I should be pleased with just being able to put the whole thing inside.
We were tightly glued together on our lower halves.
*Toro toro*, love juices leak out from inside Mia.
I could tell she was wet enough to make the sheets wet because where I was sitting was moist.

「K-Koumei…you want to move?」
「Yeah…I want to move but I’m fine. This right now feels plenty good」

While pressing her slightly troubled face against my shoulder, Mia says in a small voice.

「It can’t be helped…if it’s just a bit, it’s fine」