Erocom Chapter 71: Kurusu Mia 34


「Aaaaaah, nah, hoooohn, oooooh, hoh, time out, aahn」

When I move while facing each other, Mia let out heavy breathing from her throat.
Towards her unruly appearance, I move my hips even more.

「Hyaaahnnnh, hooooo, naaaahn, haaahn, n, ah, ah」
「Miaa, Miaa, Miaa…」

I whisper her name right next to her ears.
Even though I was wearing a condom I could clearly feel Mia’s vagina twisting around me.
My fat dick was piercing through her thin body.
If I had to name this pleasure, I wouldn’t know what words to describe it with.

「I can feel it, inside, aahn, wait, amazzzzziiiing, yaaahn, I’m already gonna diieeeee, ah, Koumei, ah, time out」

But, I couldn’t stop my hips.
*Kotsun kotsun*, the head of my rod continued to violate the entrance of her womb.
Her long hair waving back and forth, Mia’s forehead started to drip sweat as her face was bright red.
Saliva was dripping from her mouth and tears came out of her eyes.

「Ah, haaaahn, nnhiih」

*Gishi gishi*, the creaking of the king-size bed resounded.
The lewd sounds of us rubbing together also filled the room.
*Kuchuu. Kuchuu. Kuchuu.* The place where we were connected incessantly made an indecent noise.

「Nnnnguu, hoooohn, ah, yaaaahn, it’s already, too muuuch, aaaahn」

Rather than withstanding the pain, Mia was biting her own arm.
However, it seems she can’t stop her heavy breathing.

「Miaa, Miaa, look, you’re connected, with me, look」

I was desperately shaking my hips.
Sweat was flowing out from the sudden exercise.
Being entangled by Mia’s arms spread the sweat all around my body.

「Aaaahn, don’t say- don’t sayyyy iiiiit, cumming, I’ll cuuuuuuuum」

Mia had a huge climax and bent her body to look like a huge bow.
Her huge pair of hills were stuck right in my face, and I unintentionally sucked on her nipple.

「Hyaaaaaaahn, now is no goooooooood, cumming, aaahn cuuuummiiiiiiing–」

When I sucked on her nipples, Mia had consecutive climaxes.
Mia takes a deep breath to try and regain her composure.
However, I wouldn’t allow that.
*Pin*, I held her erect nipple in my mouth and sucked strongly.


Mia raised a shout that sounded like a howl and faced towards the heavens.
Her neck that was dyed red was erotic, and there was a good smell coming from her disheveled hair.

「Feeels gooood, Aaaaahn, my nipppplllees, aaahn, Koumei, I looooove youuuuu」
「I love you too Miaa」

I separate my mouth from her nipples.
Like that, Mia’s and my eyes met.
Her half-opened mouth had saliva drooling out and shone with a glitter.
Her tongue was stuck out slovenly and her breathing was rough like a dog begging for food.

「You like me? You like me?」
「Yeah, I like you Miaa」

I was piercing her deeply. Mia’s body hardens.
I wonder if her body got used to cumming over and over again. Mia clearly looked into my eyes.

「You know, I, like you, I like you, Koumei, aaahn, it feels good」
「Where does it feel good?」

I didn’t stop my hips and asked the perfect beauty.
When Mia desperately clings to me, she replied while letting out a hot breath.

「My pussy, my pussy feels gooooooood, nh , aaaaaahn, move it move your fat thiiiiiiiiing, aaaah, my head’s turning weeeeeiirrd, Hooahn, ahn」

I continue shaking my hips shaking the bed.
I was already reaching my limits for my first ejaculation.

「Mia, I’m gonna cum」
「It’s fine, aaaaahn, haaahn, whenever, you like, aahn, cuuuum」
「Nhah, Miaa」

Together with the final blow, I shook my hips and my stamina reached its limits.
The bed trembles and the pair of hills before my eyes violently shakes as well.
With her sweat flying around, Mia’s vagina was absolutely flooded with love juices.

「Aaaahn, Koumei, Koumei, I love you, I love youuuuuu」
「Cumming Mia, cummmiiiiingg」

The moment of ejaculation, I strike the very depths of Mia.
And then, I let out a load I didn’t imagine for the second time.

「Aaah, aah, Miaa…」
「AaaaAAhn, I can feel it, I can feel it coming out…It’s gushing out」

Mia looks at me with ecstasy in her eyes.

「Aah, feels good…amaziing…haa…」

Mia was basking in the lingering feelings.
And then, spitting out a breath, I slowly pull my dick out.

「Haaahn, aahn」

Mia was stimulated once again when I pulled out.
Lying dead tired on the bed, Mia squints her eyes.

「Even though you said it would just be a bit…」
「Sorry, I couldn’t hold back」
「You really…are perverted…」

Quickly dealing with the condom, I laid down next to Mia.
Mia turns towards me and muttered while stroking her breasts.

「Hey, Koumei? I still feels like you’re inside me…」

After that, we once again take a shower.
And then, we paid the fee and headed home.
It was already dark and the station had plenty of adults wearing suits.
When we got to the ticket gate Mia opened her mouth remembering something.

「Ah, Eda-san」
「What about Eda-san?」

I didn’t have a very good premonition.

「We met on the way home, right?」
「She had said something at the time but we couldn’t take our time to talk then」
「A-about what?」
「Well…she said something about inviting out Shirota-san」

*Zokuri*, cold sweat dripped down my back.
It certainly appears like Shirota’s and my relationship are advancing.
It’s not like Shirota’s close friend Eda wouldn’t know about it either.
Did she plan to expose to Mia that things were going smoothly between her close friend and I?
In other words, is she trying to put a strain on mine and Mia’s relationship?
However, if that’s her aim, there was no need to establish a different location to talk.

「That was more or less what was told to me」

Mia smiled sweetly not knowing the details.
And then, lightly waving her hand, she left saying “see you tomorrow”.