Erocom Chapter 72: Eda Fukiko 6


The next day. I tried to call out to Eda-san during lunch break.
Since I had rarely went to other classes, I was quite nervous.

「Is Eda Fukiko here?」

When I could say only so few words, Eda noticed me.

「Do you need something?」

Today again, Eda was wearing her cold demeanor.
Her sharp eyes hidden behind her glasses would turn whoever she was looking at to stone.
I ended up having that sort of imagination.

「Just a bit」

Saying just that, I walk out into the hallway.
Heading up the staircase that leads to the roof, I stopped my feet.
Eda, who was following me quietly, grew tired of waiting and asks me.

「So? What are you trying to get at having a girl follow you to where no one is around?」
「I heard from Mia yesterday」
「Mia? Ah, Kurusu-san, huh」
「You told her about me and Shirota」
「What? Are you mad?」
「No, I’m not mad」

In the first place, I don’t have the right to be mad.
However, I want to get a grasp on the situation.

「What did you talk about?」
「Want to know?」

The uniform clad ice queen had a warped smile.
I confronted her with an unknown feeling.
I gathered up my strength in order to not be overwhelmed.

「I want to know」
「Why? Doesn’t it not concern you?」
「Is it something that doesn’t concern me?」
「Who knows…」

This girl.

「I wonder what I should do…」

Eda said in a nonchalant matter.
Today, Eda had her long black hair pinned up with a hair clip.
Such an adult-like hairstyle was strangely erotic.
She was endowed with a huge pair of breasts that could be called enormous. They cannot be hidden behind her dress shirt.
Even if guys try to turn away, they were definitely things that would catch their gaze.

「Aren’t you quite the pervert, Okutani-kun?」
「They just came into my line of sight…It can’t be helped」

I knew Eda was pointing out I was looking at her chest.

「But, you are a pervert, aren’t you? You’re the type of person to do perverted things in an empty classroom when your classmates were on break from clubs」

As I thought, she knew.

「What do you mean?」
「That’s impossible, Okutani-kun」

Eda went up a step on the stairs and drew near me.
She was a different type of beauty-like goddess from Mia. She had a presence that overwhelmed others.
A part of that presence she carries on her shoulders- of course it’s her enormous breasts.

「Yotsuba and I aren’t in a physical relationship but…we are quite close」
「You mean you had the so-called girl’s talk?」
「Isn’t that obvious? If we, as two highschool girls, get together, it would be strange if we didn’t」

I wonder if she was naturally blunt.
Or is she provoking me.
I couldn’t make a judgement from her expression.
However, I could tell from her next words.

「Now, do you wanna try doing it with me?」
「Won’t the perverted Okutani-kun want to see my tits?」

If I were to say I didn’t want to see, I’d be lying.
Previously, we were trying to get each other to expose ourselves at the haunted apartment complex.
At that time, the only ones to strip were me and Shirota.
Eda was also there but she didn’t take off all her clothes.
Back then, the only desire whirling inside me was wanting to see her naked.

「What are your intentions?」

I strongly held onto my will as if somehow trying to digest Eda’s atmosphere.

「I don’t really have any intentions…I’m just inviting you to do perverted things with me」
「Wh-what do you mean by that?」

My mouth became dry.
Even though my reasoning told me to retreat, my instincts chose to advance.

「Will you tell…what you do with me to Mia?」
「In order to drive us apart…」
「Why do you think I would try such a thing?」

Eda smiled seeming like she was having fun.
Her leeway rubbed me the wrong way.

「For your close friend」
「For Yotsuba? Why would I need to do such a thing? That girl likes you but it’s not like she is thinking of monopolizing you」

Shirota also said that.
Furthermore, she said the one who gave her that idea was Eda.

「I purely just have an interest in your penis. You know that, right?」
「Ah, yeah…」

Eda draws BL manga.
She didn’t have such an air to her but she works considerably hard to draw.

「Th-then, the reason for you telling Mia about me and Shirota…」
「That time, since I was asking Kurusu-san to be my supporter and Yotsuba to be the person to nominate me, I was just meaning to request a sort of briefing session」

What a misunderstanding.
It’s not like I started getting excessively self-conscious.
To think, the person who ends up thinking everything is about them resides in the corner of the classroom.

「So, how about it?」
「Like I said, is the perverted Okutani-kun interested in trying some perverted things with me?」

Up till now, this is the first time I saw embarrassment from Eda.
She was staring at her nails biting her lips.1

I couldn’t give an immediate reply.
The person in front of me now is the student council vice president.
I thought the first year’s treasured person was the type of person to never have relations with someone like me.

「Is it fine with you?」
「I welcome it…hearing from Yotsuba, I got even more interested…」
「You saw it once, right」
「This time I don’t just wanna look」

Eda climbs up another step.
She was already right in front of me. If I think about running away, I’d be able to.
However, I couldn’t do that.
Being stared at by Eda makes me feel like I turned to stone.

「Like touching, stroking…and maybe licking? Of course you can also do what you like to my tits」
「Did that get you interested?」

I was completely engulfed in the atmosphere.
There is a possibility this is some sort of trap.
Even so, it’s not like I wasn’t thinking about it.
However, my manly instincts dulled my calm judgement.
Suddenly, Mia’s face goes by.
That perfect beauty’s face, who genuinely told me she likes me.
It’s not like we were dating but there was mutual love.

「Today, there isn’t any student council after school…but I will be in the student council room」

I wonder what I should do

「If you’re interested, come after school…」

Telling me that, Eda turned around and went down the stairs.
I was unable to look at the figure of her leaving. Then I didn’t move until the bell rang.
“Even though, Eda and I should have been talking about the same thing.” I thought about that later.


  1. Might be an idiom or could quite literally be she is staring downwards. Didn’t find anything.