Erocom Chapter 73: Eda Fukiko 7


I know nothing about Eda.
Since we weren’t in the same class, our contact was basically nonexistent.
We ended up meeting each other from her taking a picture of Mia and I doing things at the shrine.
That was it. I also found out she is close friends with Shirota but I don’t know of anything else.

「No…is there anything else I know?」

I muttered that.

「What is it?」

Tanaka sitting in front of me looks at me.
Right now, sixth period biology had 10 minutes left until it was over.
Tanaka is also like that but it seems everyone in the class is staring at the clock counting down until it’s over.
The biology teacher disregarded the students who seem to be used to ignoring him.

「No, there is BL manga」

“You’re gross man.” Tanaka said that with his expression alone.
And then, looking forward, he joins the countdown.

Eda draws BL manga.
That should only be known by a select few.
No, I wonder if that’s really true.
That Eda probably doesn’t hide stuff about herself.
Which reminds me, when she met with Mia on the roof, she didn’t hesitate to disclose it.

「Like I said, what is it?」

Tanaka turns around.
I shrug my shoulders in a joking manner.


Why did the biology teacher choose now to jump at reprimanding me.
When the lessons are over, we return to the normal classroom.
Since I was feeling free after the first lessons of the month, the students leaving into the hallway are lively.

「Hey, wait」

My arm was suddenly grabbed, and I was pulled into the biology prep room next to the biology room.
Soon after speaking, my kidnapper closed the door and looks at me.

「What happened?」

The one who abducted me into the prep room was Shirota.
The biology prep room didn’t really have anything that was being used.
Of course, the lights weren’t on and the curtains were closed.
There were reptiles and mammals soaking in formalin.
It also had a model of the DNA structure as well as the famous anatomy model.

Shirota turned her back towards the doorway and looks at me.
Even though it wasn’t well lit in the room, Shirota’s powerful beauty was not extinguished.
When I remember what we did a few days ago in that empty classroom, I get anxious.

「Did something happen during lunch?」

Shirota’s worried gaze makes me excited.

「Because…I can tell…just from looking…」

Shirota looked down and licked her lips.
She wasn’t trying to hide her womanly expressions in front of me.
I unintentionally want to discuss about Eda with her.
Shirota is Eda’s close friend. I have a feeling she would do anything for her.
However, regarding that, my will is the problem.

「It’s fine. Just a slight stomach ache」

Even if we were to discuss it, I’d be worried not being able to talk about whether I should do perverted things with Eda.

「Really? You’re fine already?」

It seems that gave her peace of mind as my kidnapper, Shirota, opened up the door.
Everyone from my class was already gone.

「Then, since I have club, I’m heading out!」

Shirota ran down the hall.
However, she suddenly stops her feet and heads back.

「What’s up? You forget something?」
「Yeah, I forgot something」

Shirota stops her feet and nods.

「Hey, kiss…me」

Shutting her eyes, Shirota puckered up her lips.
Although no one was nearby, it was an open hallway.
I wonder if it’s fine to kiss in such a place.


Thinking it’s fine if it’s for a bit, I touch Shirota’s lips.
Smiling with her eyes closed like she was happy, she curled her lips inwards.

「With that, I’ll see you later」

Shirota didn’t run through the hall.
Leaving me behind alone in the hallway, I didn’t know how to handle the situation.

I liked having passionate sex with Mia yesterday.
I also liked the kiss with Shirota just now.
I also like Mikoto who hasn’t been around lately.
I realize they each have a different kind of「like」for me.
The problem is these three have revealed their feelings to me.

And then there is Eda.
I don’t really hold any special feelings for Eda.
But, Eda invited me.
It was definitely an invite too charming for a guy.
However, is it fine to even call it off here?

My phone vibrated.
When I go to check, I got a mail from Mia.
Why is the contents of Mia’s mail in Keigo?1

>It’s Mia☆
>I’m free from student council today.
>So I was wondering if it was possible to go home together, but is that alright with you?

If that’s what it was, I don’t think there’s a need for the message.
If I were to refuse to going home together everyday, then the message would be necessary.
But, Mia and I rarely go home together.
So, if she is messaging me, I should go home with her.
However, it seems like she has something else she wants to say.
When I scroll down, it was there.

>Even though a day has passed, it still feels like your inside me.
>I want to hurry up and do it again. When are you free?

I ended up wanting to throw my phone down the hall.
What a message. What destructive power. Holy cow!

I began to run in an all-out sprint.
I wasn’t returning to the classroom. I went straight towards the student council room.
Of course it wasn’t to mess around with Eda.
It was in order to turn down Eda, and then ask her to not invite me in the future.

It was quite a hasty sprint.
I practically run in a straight line forcefully pushing through all the students in the hall.
The criticisms being thrown at me are irrelevant. My energy now is important.

I want to have sex with Mia after this.
So, anyone else wanting to do perverted things should handle it themselves.
I should refrain from doing anything that could sadden Mia if she found out.

The student council room for Hashidzume High School is in the old school building on the fourth floor.
It is by far the furthest room from the Human Culture Research Club.
I plan on heading home after refusing Eda’s invitation.
I’ve already mailed the other members that Ooki is training.

I vigorously opened the door to the student council room.
Since I opened it so vigorously, the person inside stood up.
And then, she looks at me while both her hands were in a fighting pose.

「O-Okutani-kun…were you that excited to do it with me!?」

Of course, the person in the room is Eda.
The slightly flustered Eda was refreshing.
However, I didn’t have the leeway to observe such an Eda.

「Haa…haa…haa…You’re wrong, Eda…」
「I’m wrong you say, while breathing so wildly, you open the door so violently…No matter how you think about it, you give the feeling that you’re itching to attack me…」

Eda still had a fighting pose.
With eyes thick with the color of vigilance, she gains some distance from me.

「I won’t give you my virginity so easily, you know? I definitely invited you to do perverted things but, but…I’m not prepared for you to put that fat thing in me」
「Like I said, haa…you’re wrong…haa…」

Since I ran with all my might, I was out of breath.
For now, I sit on the closest chair to me.
I throw my notebook and textbook for biology on top of the desk.
I focused on arranging my breathing.

「Well, it doesn’t matter」

It seems she decided there was no need to worry about me attacking her.
Eda relaxed and drew near while giving me a Pet bottle of water.

「It’s still not opened yet」
「Is it okay?」
「It’s fine…I don’t particularly mind」

I receive the Pet bottle without reserve and drink it.

「When you calm yourself decent enough to talk, tell me properly」

Saying that, Eda went back to her seat.


  1. Polite speech