Erocom Chapter 76: Eda Fukiko 10


Eda let out a hot breath.
Sitting on the chair, she flared her nostrils just once while looking at my dick.

「Just a bit, come…closer」

Completely pulling out my feet from my boxers and pants, I set it on the chair.
And then, I move through the student council room like the vice president said.
I got right in front of the seat Eda was sitting on.

「Ah…As I thought, it’s impeccable…」

While looking at my son, Eda opens the sketchbook on the desk.
The sight of Eda licking her lips while she was letting out hot breaths was exciting.

「Hey, Okutani-kun…can you make it big?」
「No…it’s not so simple」

Eda raises her gaze.
Even though the black haired beauty was looking at me I had practiced a lot.
Unless it was given pleasure to its limits it would continue being down.

「That’s right…Besides, since you stripped…I will as well」

Saying that, Eda seems slightly embarrassed as expected.
Cheeks getting red, she had a slight air of tension somehow.
I also couldn’t say anything.

「Fuh…doing such a thing in the student council room…」

While saying that, Eda was undoing her dress shirt one button at a time.
Light peered through the gap in the curtains.
It shone on Eda like a spotlight.

Her enormous breasts were released.
The two drooping fruits are now returning to their original form.
Of course her bra and camisole are still there.
Even so, the scene in front of me made blood flow to my dick.

「…Even if I want to sketch to the very end, this is a necessary action」
「Th-that’s right」

*Gokuri*, I swallowed my saliva.
Eda takes off her dress shirt while sitting on the chair.
She was now wearing her camisole.
It’s a form that excessively stimulates the male instinct.
It’s not like it was fat.
However, it’s an amount of flesh that looks strangely good to be embraced by.
And yet her limbs were long and slim.

Mia is a model. She has the perfect form for modelling.
Eda has a completely different form than that.
She has the type of figure that men desperately crave.

「I’ll be taking this off as well…」

I wonder if it was intentional but Eda’s voice dampened.
After glancing at me squinting, She takes off her camisole.
When it was passing over her breasts, it got caught a little and it gave me a strange sense of excitement.

With breasts so large it would seem superstitious not to have a cute bra.
The bra she was wearing was extremely cute.
The whole thing was cream colored and just the string portion is red.

「That’s cute, that bra」

I unintentionally speak my thoughts.

「You think so? Thanks」

I started to get the proper feeling of a classmate from Eda smiling happily.
More than anything else is those pair of melons wrapped in her bra.
I thought they were enormous but they exceeded my imagination.
Her thick and heavy pair of hills were somehow being pressed down by her cute bra.
The produced cleavage was deep and the sides of her boobs spilling out stole my gaze.

「As I thought, if I don’t touch it…it wouldn’t get big」

Eda’s pupils within her glasses were blurred with subtle frustration.
If it’s Eda, she should have some confidence in herself.
She was saying she is a virgin but she should be a bit aware of her body after being exposed to all those looks from various guys.
Even if I were to look at that body again, my son won’t wake up.
I could only nod towards her vexed thoughts.
The truth is my dick had blood properly flowing into it.
In other words, it was already getting hard.

「Ah…e-to, um, your chest…can you push them together?」
「…Push them together, you say…Like this?」

Although she tilted her head seeming perplexed, Eda pushed her enormous breasts together from both sides.
*Gugugu*, her cleavage got even deeper.

「Somehow, I understand what you wanna do」
「I-is that so…?」

I got one step closer to Eda.
Eda also pushed out her breasts a bit and accepts it.
Holding my dick, I put it against Eda’s deep cleavage.
Pleasure runs through the head of my dick. It jumps at the softness.

「Ara, it’s getting bigger…」

Of course it is.
Enormous tits are right in front of me. I am trying to push my dick into that valley.
I shake my hips trying to insert from under her deep cleavage.

「You want to put it in don’t you?」
「Ah, yeah…」

Even in this situation, Eda was calm.
When she raises her cheeks, she opens her mouth a bit and sticks out her tongue.

「You can’t do it very well if it’s like this, so…Nh」

Eda lets out some saliva.
Her transparent saliva drips down in a straight line.


That saliva drops onto her cleavage and wets it.
While looking at such an obscene situation, I slowly push my hips forward.
The feeling of inserting from the bottom of her chest upwards is perfect.

「You’re quite hasty」

Eda looks up at me like she was rebuking me.
However, I couldn’t hold back anymore.
Pushing my hips out further, my rod goes deeper into her massive tits.

「As I thought, it’s big…huh…」

Eda let out more saliva while chatting.
Saliva was dripping through her cleavage and coiled around my shaft.
If it’s like this, I should be able to move smoothly.

My dick was now only being used as a pleasure organ held between flesh.
Although it was touching Eda’s smooth skin, I could feel some heat.
Eda, who was pushing her own breasts together, delicately adjusts the pressure.

「Eda…I want to move」
「Do you need it in order to make your penis bigger?」
「It’s necessary」

The reality is my penis is already getting hard.
It’s just that Eda’s breasts are impeding it from reaching the heavens.
Eda, incessantly pouring saliva into her cleavage, was erotic.

She was slow and persistent.
I started to push my dick in and out of her cleavage.
There were a few places it would catch like a vagina.
However, I couldn’t stop my hips at the feel of her velvety skin.
Eda’s control of the pressure is perfect.

*Guhguhguh*, I continually push and pull it out.
Matching the rhythm of my hips, Eda moved her breasts up and down.
Further pleasure runs through it, and electricity runs through the top of my hips.
Eda’s pupils behind her glasses was filled with an obscene light.
Each time my face warps in pleasure, she would lick her lips while dripping saliva into her cleavage.

*Guchun guchun*.
Precum and saliva were mixing together as the indecent sound fills the student council room.
The feeling lasted long. I couldn’t think of anything.
I just had my instincts bare its fangs at the female in front of me.

「Ah, Eda…it feels goood」
「Is that so? Do you want to do more?」
「I do…I want to do more with you」
「Then let’s do it? I like your penis, this, since I like this penis being held in between my breasts, anytime is fine, okay? I’ll do it anytime」
「Ah, gonna cum, Eda, I’ll, cuuum」

I moved my hips quicker.
Eda also matched her pace with mine.
The shaft that was reaching towards the heaven poked out from Eda’s cleavage.
And then, it was hidden once again.

「N, chu, n」

Eda’s mouth draws near to the head of my shaft with saliva running from it and gives it a kiss.
Her small tongue hits the entrance of my urethra and makes me feel like cumming immediately.

「Kah, hah, ah, cuuming, Eda, cumming」
「chu, n, amu」

When I push my hips as far forward as possible, Eda wraps her mouth around the head that poked out.
My thoughts couldn’t catch up to the sudden action and I end up cumming immediately.


*Niyari*, at that moment, Eda was showing a delighted face sucking on my glans.
There was a sound of the student council room’s door opening.
I turned around in a panic.

「Ah, ah, Miaa!?」

Mia was standing in the doorway.
My cum wouldn’t stop.1


  1. Cue Shaggy – It wasn’t me