Erocom Chapter 77: Eda Fukiko 11


All of time was standing still.
The only thing moving was my son continually letting out some turbid liquid.
I still shook with pleasure but I felt my own blood pressure suddenly drop.

「A, ha, haha」

Mia lets out a dry laugh.
And then she turns around.


When I raised my voice, Mia started running.

「Mia! Wait」

When I try to chase after her, I recall my appearance.
I pull my dick out of Eda’s massive tits and searched for a tissue.

「We were seen…」

I look at Eda surprised.
Eda was in her bra with semen sticking on her cleavage.
There was quite a bit on her face and lips as well.

「There’s some on the shelf so could you grab em for me?」

Telling me that, I grabbed the tissues from the shelf.

「Is this your doing?」
「What is?」

Eda nonchalantly asks as she wipes the semen off her face and breasts.
I couldn’t judge if she was being honest or not.

「Mia was supposed to have already gone home…you said there was a message you had to send earlier」
「Ah, I forgot」

Eda looks at her laptop in her bra-clad figure.

「I arranged to meet with Kurusu-san…she came at just the right time」
「You…What did you do?」

I wasn’t mad anymore.
I was just in a hurry to try and figure out what to do with Mia.

「Was this all your plan?」
「Like I said, I forgot…I was engrossed in your penis」
「You think I was asking for such an excuse?」

I quickly cleaned up my dick.
And then, I put on my boxers and pants.

「What are your intentions…」
「That’s right…it should be fine if I tell you」

Eda slowly stood up.

「I seriously fell in love with your penis…and then Yotsuba ended up liking you」
「Ah, yeah…」

Those are both probably true.

「And then Kurusu-san has a deep affection for you」
「…Th-that’s right」

With what just happened, I am unsure if that is still the case.
When I think about it, it seem tears naturally start to come out.
My throat starts to hurt and my chest hurts.
I knew it was a normal reaction when I was struck with such excessively emotional stress.

「You understand you’re a sinful man?」
「W-welll…this is a welcome conversation but…」
「You should be grateful. You are being approached by 3 girls」1

Eda shouldn’t know but Mikoto likes me too.2
Since that was told to me by the person herself, there’s no mistaking it.

「But if you were to choose one…it would be Kurusu-san, right?」

I don’t know what would be a good response.
The big breasted girl squinted and looked at me in her bra-clad figure.

「I won’t allow it」
「I’ve finally got a hold of your penis」

She has a persistently direct intention.
Eda fell in love with my dick and not my personality.

「And Shirota also got a hold of you」

Eda’s concludes her point speaking lovingly of her close friend.
That’s why she advised her not to choose the option of monopolizing me.

「Of course we’ll have the one you would choose, Kurusu-san, become our comrade」
「Yeah…In other words, me, Yotsuba, Kurusu-san, there may be others but…us girls who love you will share」

Speaking directly, it would be a harem.
It seems that’s what Eda is trying to make.
For her own sake as well as her close friend’s.

「What sort of stupid thing…」
「Is that so? Aren’t you the one who gives in to temptation? You don’t know what the best solution is do you? 」

I try to reword it but I can’t.

「And as for my body, it should already be entranced by you」

Eda said that and unhooked her bra.
In an instant, her pair of breasts that seemed like they could kill made an appearance.
The air shook. Using such an expression isn’t necessarily a figure of speech.
Their real power was sealed by the shackles known as a bra.
Her massive tits were to the point of really exploding.3
They were enormous tits without a doubt.


I couldn’t take my eyes off of em.
They were like light bulbs about to explode.4
And then enshrined at the peaks are her nipples facing the ceiling.
They shake with a *furu furu* as if waiting for something to stick to them.
It’s too erotic. Eda’s body, completely exposed to nature, urged me.

「Of course the choice is yours…But, if you choose just one person then everyone will be hurt」

I squeeze out that question.
The student council vice president licked her lips and told me topless.

「Did you think Kurusu-san is the type of person who would be grateful if you only chose her?」

Somehow or another, Eda is guessing Mia’s character.
Mia probably wouldn’t genuinely be happy even if she was the only one chosen.
Since there are other people that love me as well, Mia would feel like she was snatching me away.
Although Mia is vigilant against those kinds of schemes.


I wonder what I’m supposed to do about this situation.
*Fuh*, Eda laughed. She must have thought her plan was a success.

「Leave Kurusu-san to me…」
「I can’t trust you」
「But, you know even if you were to do anything, it’d be useless right now」

That is definitely true.
But, while that may be true, I wonder if it’s alright to leave it to Eda.
Unsure of whether she knows my hesitation or not, Eda added one more thing.

「It’s fine. That’s right…Since I gave you my contact address, if you’re worried you can call me anytime. At that time, I will properly report to you」
「I-I got it…」

I thought that report could be a lie but I know Eda isn’t that bad of a person.
In the end, the reason behind her actions is for her own desire as well as the happiness of her close friend.
Her methods are strange, but she certainly isn’t a bad person.

「What is it?」
「I wonder if there really is no need to choose just one person…」
「There isn’t. I’ll figure it out somehow」

What a statement.
The reason it turned out like this was all because of her.
However, sooner or later, it’ll probably all come together in the end.
Even though I wanted help, the fact is right now Eda is the only person I can rely on.

「The moment you were born with that penis, you could no longer just choose one woman」

In an attempt to persuade me, Eda slowly says.

「…Rather, I think it’s your duty to love as many women as possible」5


  1. Little does she know there’s more
  2. Oh well guess we thought the same thing
  3. Play on words here. Bakunyuu is enormous tits which stems from bakuhatsu meaning exploding
  4. Just doesn’t translate well to English. Literally it’s “the spherical cones to the point of exploding”
  5. She sounds like a Goudere for his penis