Erocom Chapter 82: Ando Mikoto 20


Mia’s room seemed really girly.
It’s not like it was all pink with stuffed toys everywhere.
It was a white room overflowing with cleanliness.
A large, high-class desk was placed near the wall and the bookshelf next to it seemed to be lined with difficult books.


Mikoto looked at me and said.
It was decided I would be surprised. I would never imagine Mikoto being here.
Entering the room together, Mia opens her mouth.

「When was it?…that you ambushed me at the station」
「Doesn’t that make me sound like a stalker?」

Mikoto tsukkomi’d Mia.

「Well, weren’t you being a stalker? For a week? You went to the station in order to find me」
「That’s right but…」

My confusion reached its peak.
Why did it end up like this?
No, it’s probably because Mikoto ambushed Mia.
However, why are these two talking so overly-familiar.
Even though I don’t know, I wonder what could have happened.

Mikoto, who I haven’t seen in a while, was boyish as ever.
Even though she was wearing her uniform, she looked like a pretty boy.
Her small body was really like something you would want to protect.
However, she was a woman like a tiger with a strong will.

「From that day on, Mikoto-chan came over to my house quite a bit…」

A voice leaks out from my throat towards Mia’s statement.

「She stayed over yesterday too…Like that we went to school, and then came back here」
「…so when you said wait two hours…it was to meet up with Mikoto?」
「Yes. It seems Mikoto’s school also had exams today but it’s quite far isn’t it」

Shrugging her shoulders, Mia smiled.

「Mikoto…what’s the meaning of this?」
「The meaning of this, you say, nothing much. I just decided to do it」

It felt like the last time I met Mikoto was a long time ago.
Since we were next-door neighbors, I’d see her figure somehow or another but we didn’t talk.
She wanted me to wait. That’s what she said.
That’s why I didn’t call out to her up until now.

「I thought if you like this woman then…that’s fine」
「Don’t call me ‘this woman’」

Mia quickly chimed in.
Letting out her small tongue for a just a moment, Mikoto apologized.


And then, Mikoto looks at me again.

「If you like Mia, that’d be fine…it took some time to be able to think that but…」
「No…eh? Why, was it Eda? Did Eda affect you?」

When I look at Mia, she shook her head seeming astonished.

「I don’t think Eda-san knows about Mikoto-chan…」
「Th-then, why did Mikoto?」
「It’s just coincident timing. It seems Mikoto-chan and Eda-san thought the same thing」
「I-In other words…?」

It would be fine to hear the answer from either of them.
Mia, whose gaze was wandering about, replied.

「That’s why, Eda proposed sharing you…to me and Mikoto-chan」
「After all, even if I resolve myself for it to be only me, it can’t be helped right?」

Mikoto starts talking.

「If I didn’t properly receive permission from Mia…so I thought to try meeting her…and then this woman」
「Like I said, stop calling me that」
「Sorry sorry」

Somehow, it felt as if these two got along quite well.

「When we met, Mia…suddenly started crying」
「It shouldn’t have been that quick though?」
「That’s right…it wasn’t sudden. I said『I will allow you to go out with Koumei. So, I want you to let me go out with him too』. Then she cried」
「Furthermore, at the station」

Mia adds on.
I couldn’t close my mouth from surprise.
Mikoto continued explaining as if remembering something.

「Since things weren’t progressing at the station, the first thing we did was come to this house…And then, I waited for her to stop crying…and then, we continued to talk bad about you a lot till we felt satisfied」

At that point, Mia took over.

「I really ended up sympathizing with Mikoto-chan…Your indecisiveness isn’t very manly, only your dick is big, you have no determination, you’re exactly like a protagonist」
「My HP is already close to zero…」

It wasn’t a joke; it really felt like that.
The two of them insulting me is fine.
However, listening to the contents, the fact that everything was correct was shaving off my HP.

「After that, we became friends…then, Mia gave me permission with some conditions attached. For me to date you, that is」

I looked at Mia.
She nodded quietly with a serious expression.

「In order to explain that, I made the card」1
「By the way, I was the one to put the heart seal on it」

Mikoto says various things.
After Mia smiled wryly, she once again looks at me with a serious expression.

「Koumei, you are mine」
「You know my feelings, furthermore, you said you like me while not trying to ask me out」

Mia says as if following a pre-prepared speech.

「On top of that, you did perverted things with other girls. You’re the worst type of guy」
「…It is as you say」

I had no excuse or words in response.

「As such, I will have you listen to me as much as I want」
「Got it」
「Koumei…please become my lover」

My thought process just stopped.
I understood I was the worst and why I should listen to her words.
However, what does that have to do with Mia wanting to become lovers?

「Mikoto-chan and Eda-san too. Even though I washed my hands of you, I still think of wanting you…And so it seemed I was the only one to lose. I didn’t like that…」

And then when she stops talking, Mia took a big breath.

「After all, I like you…perverted things too…I really want to do it…my body is already unable to think of doing it with someone other than you」
「That’s why, you will become my lover. Even if you say you dislike it, you’ll do it. It’s fine even if there is something like a harem. I certainly think you’re that type of person…I’ve already resigned myself to that…I think it’s bad of myself to fall in love with that type of person」

I tried to say something but I stopped.
Because Mia was looking at me as if glaring.

「Understood? The responsibility of making me say this much is heavy, okay?」
「That’s right」

When I glance at the bed, Mikoto turned away as if it didn’t concern her.
I am sure the one who set this up was Mikoto.
I’m sure the two talked for many days, and then they chose this conclusion.
I can’t think Mikoto could have cleverly guided her like Eda.
However, even so, I have a feeling she was determined to try her best.

I looked at Mia with a steady gaze.
My freshly cut hair was still lightly itching the nape of my neck.
The extremely beautiful Mia wanted me.
Even though I did the worst things, Mia didn’t erase her feelings for me.
There wouldn’t be a guy who wouldn’t respond to those feelings.

It wasn’t just Mia.
Mikoto and Shirota and even Eda is like that.
I should bear responsibility for everything.
It’s fine to have confidence in myself.
I received the love of all the wonderful girls.

「Mia…I also have something I need to say」

Mia nods.
And then she looks at me as if preparing herself.

「I have been the worst up till now」
「I know」
「But…As I thought, I love you and I want you to be mine」
「I know」

This time I turn my words towards Mikoto.

「And I like Mikoto…I want her to be mine」
「Eh? Am I being confessed to right now?」

Mikoto was exaggeratedly surprised.
Leaving such a Mikoto alone, I turn my gaze back towards Mia.

「And I like Shirota, and Eda too…well, I like her. There will probably be more girls I will come to like in the future」
「Yeah…and so?」
「I am prepared to love you all…I want to love you all」
「…I think it’s fine」

Mia smiled.
However, it doesn’t end here.
I had one more thing I just decided recently.
That’s why, I firmly speak my will.

「But, Mia…Mia is number one…」
「I know it’s not good to make an order…but…I like Mia the best」
「Now…and even in the future」

Mia and I stare at each other for a while.
The thing that broke that up was a few words from Mikoto.

「Umm…You didn’t forget I was here, right?」


  1. The author never mentioned anything else about a condition so making the card could have been the condition, IDK.