Erocom Chapter 83: Ando Mikoto 21


Mikoto and I were riding side-by-side on bikes.
We left Mia’s house and were on our way back home.
We were on the rice paddy road. Mikoto was going quite fast down the road. I had a peculiar feeling earlier.

「Mikoto…I made you wait」
「Eh? I thought I was the one to keep you waiting」
「No…it was me who made you wait. 」

Mikoto presses the brake.
I also press it flustered.
I turned towards Mikoto and asked.

「What is it?」
「You say you made me sad but…I wasn’t sad…」
「But I said she was number one」
「That is so but I tried comparing the two scenarios. If you end up leaving…I’d be fine with being number two, as long as you are by my side…anything is fine」

Mikoto looks towards the sky and smiles.
It gave a refreshing feeling.

「Also, Mia isn’t a bad person…」
「Is that so?」
「That’s why, Koumei…Will you properly go out with me as well?」
「I got it」

I get off my bike and stare at Mikoto.
Mikoto stares at me as if waiting for something.

「Mikoto…I like you」
「Will you go out with me?」
「Yep…since you got Mia’s permission as well」
「What’s with that!?」

Mikoto shouts with a loud voice.
However, somehow it was a cheerful voice.

「If I didn’t get that woman’s permission, you wouldn’t go out with me?」
「Ah…no…well, I wonder」
「Geez…seriously, how much do you like that woman」
「E-to…to death?」
「Then, die!」

Mikoto faces me and then rides past on her bike.
As she passes, the side of her face I saw showed a smile.

When we returned home, we were quite surprised.
After Mikoto’s mom looks at us together, she gave a big nod.

「Yosh! Today we’re having red rice!」1

We actually are going to have BBQ.
Everyone was gathered in our backyard.
Mikoto and I go to buy meat and veggies, while our moms made preparations.
Although they got mad at us for buying too many ingredients, when the barbeque started, it gradually dwindled to nothing left.

「It’s been a while, being like this」

While drinking who knows how many beers, Mikoto’s mom would say that over and over again.
Each time, I’d nod and reply.

「Yup it has」

When Mikoto and I became distant, our mothers naturally became distant.
It’s not like they were on particularly bad terms.
But, as I thought it was probably impossible to ignore it.

「Ah, I’m so full!」

Mikoto’s mom let out a big voice.
She had also drank a bunch of sake and it didn’t seem like she would be going back to her house.
Like that, she went into the house and started snoring on the living room sofa.
Grandma and Grandpa also went back into the house.
The remaining people were left to clean up.

「I want…a bath」

When the cleaning was about finished, Mikoto whispered into my ear.

「That’s right…I’m also a bit sweaty. Do you wanna go to the bath-house?」
「No. Let’s go in the house」

When the cleaning was finished, my mom and Mikoto’s mom ended up sleeping next to each other.
It seems the tension from the two not talking built up quite a bit.
I take out a blanket and lay it over the two.

「Thank you」2

Mikoto’s mom said thanks with half-open eyes.
After I shrug my shoulders, I return to the garden where Mikoto was.

「What is it? Didn’t you want to take a bath?」
「…You too」
「I want to enter…with you too」

It wasn’t phrased as a question.
Mikoto stated it as if it had already been decided.

「Is it fine?」
「After all…we are going out」
「Th-that’s right…we are」

I still wasn’t used to this relationship.
Going out with Mia and Mikoto.
We went to Mikoto’s house.
Mikoto’s mom was sleeping at my house.
Because of that, Mikoto and I are now alone.

When we go in, Mikoto heads toward the bathroom.
I have taken a bath at Mikoto’s house a bunch of times.
That’s why I had a change of clothes over here.

But, this is the first time I’ve gone in the bath with Mikoto.
I always had a complex about my huge dick.3
Even though she was my childhood friend from when I was small, I couldn’t let her see it.

The house was quiet. I was alone with my childhood sweetheart.
And we entered the bath together.

「Wait, I’m too sweaty」

We enter the dressing room together and I embrace Mikoto’s small body.
However, Mikoto calmly rebukes me and separates her body.
Somehow she feels different from the Mikoto I knew till now.

「Pervert…that time you did it with that woman too, did it have this kind of feeling?」
「I heard it all. She said you were like a monkey」

They even talked about that?
They probably talked about it when they were bad-mouthing me.

「But…she also said it felt good…」
「You’re gonna call that woman’s name out here? You’re the worst」
「…Leave for a bit」

Saying that, Mikoto pushes my body out of the dressing room.

「Wait for a minute…and then come in」
「I-I got it」

Mikoto closes the door.
I rest my back on the closed door and honestly count for a minute.
When I finish counting, I slowly enter the dressing room.

The clothes Mikoto was wearing was folded neatly.
She probably hid her underwear under her clothes so I couldn’t see them.
Being gripped with excitement, I stripped my clothes.
And then folding my clothes, I place them next to Mikoto’s

I continue towards the bath and grab the door.
There was the sound of the shower coming from inside.

「Is it fine to come in?」

I more or less confirmed through the door.
When I did so, Mikoto answered.

「It’s fine…」

It was a delicate and somewhat tense voice.
I slowly open the door and enter the bath.


  1. You know the meal they eat for special occasions
  2. Said in English
  3. Haven’t heard about his huge dick in a while