Erocom Chapter 84: Ando Mikoto 22


It was a bit more spacious than a typical house’s bath.
I wonder how hot it is as steam comes out of the big white bathtub.

Mikoto was small.
Her height hasn’t changed since the second year of middle school.
Her black hair was long enough to cover her ears.
Her upturned nose and thin lips make me think of a fairy.
Her eyes were somehow sharp and emitting some sort of light.
“Pretty boy”, those are the words I’d use for Mikoto.

However, her whole body in front of me is definitely a woman’s.

Her eyes were cast downward and her cheeks were dyed red.
She turns towards me opening the door without trying to hide her embarrassing parts with her hands.
Her small breasts could not be compared to Mia or Eda’s huge hills.
They were small but her shy assertion was making me excited.
Her nipples were pink.
The bush hiding her privates was thin and it was erotically wet from the hot water.

「Don’t look so much…」
「I’m looking」

I entered the bath and closed the door.
I also didn’t hide my penis.
I still wasn’t hard but it was already starting to have blood flow into it.

「It’s huge」
「You’re saying that now?」

Mikoto and I have already rubbed our genitals together.
But this is the first time I’ve seen hers.


Mikoto raises her line of sight and looks at me.
Slightly nervous, she takes a peek in a hurry.
I wonder why she’s in a hurry. When I thought that, Mikoto opens her mouth.

「Hurry up and embrace me」

Something in my head snapped.
With a white flash my reasoning was thrown out the window.
I draw closer to Mikoto on the painstakingly clean white tile.
Mikoto spreads both her hands without running away.


It was almost like a sigh.
However, Mikoto certainly muttered my name.
I hugged her as the lukewarm shower washes over me.
The sweat from the barbeque was wiped away in an instant.

We just brought our bodies together.
Mikoto was just tall enough where her face rested on my chest.
My childhood friend rubs her face on me acting like a spoiled child.
The shower from overhead was a bit suffocating but the both of us were fine.
It seems like she was trying to convey something to me desperately.

I like you.
I like you.
I like you.
I like you.

She was silently conveying that maddening feeling to me.
She doesn’t want to let go. Mikoto puts more power into her thin hands wrapped around my back.


I was also hugging her.
Mikoto’s smooth skin brought joy to the palms of my hands.
Rubbing her slender back, I kissed her head.


Putting more power in, Mikoto glued herself to me.
It was clumsy. The clumsy Mikoto was desperately trying to convey her feelings.
Her thin body entangles with mine and she presses her face against me with her eyes shut.


I move one of the hands I was embracing Mikoto’s back with down to grip her butt.
I grab her butt from below as if to scoop it.
Separating her face from me, Mikoto looks up at me.
Mikoto’s face continues to get wet. The red on her face wasn’t only because of the hot water.
Barely opening her thin lips, she let out a meek voice from her throat.


She begs me with a flicker in her eyes.

「Kiss me」

Looking down, I draw my lips towards hers.
When we were on the verge of touching, it was like electricity ran through us.
Mikoto let out a voice like a shout.

「Koumeii…kiss, kiss, me! Nh」

I sealed her mouth with mine as she was getting louder.
Our lips were unified in an instant.

I was in a daze.

I couldn’t think about anything. I just pushed my lips against hers.
Something warm sprouted in my heart.

I continued to grope Mikoto’s butt while kissing her.
Mikoto squeezes our bodies together as she teases my back with her thin fingers.
My huge dick hit Mikoto’s stomach and got stimulated.

「Chuu, nchu, amuh, chu, chuuu, nh, achu」

Even though Mikoto’s lips were thin, her kiss was passionate.
She’d peck at my lips and rub them together as if not wanting to let go.
We were wet from the shower so there was no friction between our lips.
It seemed like this kiss would go on forever.

「Nh…Heey, I wanna do more」

Separating our lips, Mikoto opens her round eyes.
I wonder if she doesn’t realize the embarrassing things she is saying.
Or rather, she’s already lost the leeway to think about such things.

「What do you want to do?」
「I don’t know but more…I want to do even more perverted things」

It seems Mikoto recognizes ecchi things as perverted things.
I told Mikoto while holding her.

「Then, do you want to wash me?」
「Wash my body with your cute body」
「Eh? Ah what should I do? Ah, wait, a little, nyah」

When I separate from Mikoto, I grabbed some body soap.
And then I spread it thickly on her body.
Even though she was surprised she didn’t resist. She twists her body as if it tickles.

「Nyahhn, that’s, ahn, nyah」

I crawl my hands along her thin hips and then gently brush her small breasts.
I rub the body soap on Mikoto like a massage while avoiding her nipples.

「Here…wash me」

I gave directions to Mikoto who had the whole front of her body covered in bubbles.
Mikoto looked at me seeming troubled.

「I don’t know what would be good to do」
「Think about it…」
「Don’t say something so mean」

However, I just sat down at the chair in the bath and waited for her.
After thinking a bit, Mikoto goes around to my back.

「Th-then…like this?」

Although she was bewildered, Mikoto sat down and presses her body against mine.
And then, she moved up and down in order to rub in the foam.

「Ah…feels goood」

Although her breathing was rough, she washes my back with her body to the best of her abilities.
I could feel her small hills all across my back.
I also clearly felt the presence of her nipples.

「Nh…nyah, my nipples, hahn, nh, they’re rubbiiiing…」
「Are you also feeling good?」
「Such a thing…hyah, hn, it feels, good…」

She was honest.
I grabbed both of Mikoto’s hands and brought them towards my dick.
It turned into Mikoto touching my dick, while hugging me from behind.

「Wash here as well」

I told that to Mikoto who stopped moving.


With her foamy hand, Mikoto started to wash my cock.