Erocom Chapter 85: Ando Mikoto 23


Our bodies were together, hot from the shower.
Mikoto’s thin fingers were gripping my cock and washing it.
I could feel two swellings on my back as well as two hard bumps.

「It feels good…」

Mikoto eagerly washes my dick that was starting to get larger.
As expected, in this situation she can’t very well continue moving her body up and down.
With her body glued to mine, my consciousness was now focused on my shaft.

「Does it feel good…? Am I doing it good?」
「You’re doing good, it feels good」

Rather than stroking my huge meat rod, it was like Mikoto was caressing it.
Light stimulation surrounds my lower half, and my dick gradually grows.

「Big…It’s big…」

It’s actually huge.
My ferocious meat rod started pointing towards the ceiling.
Mikoto’s small fingers cling to it and repeatedly moves up and down in a loving manner.

「Mikoto…from in front…」

Separating her body from me, Mikoto goes around to my front.
I stand up and face her.
Mikoto gets on her knees on the tile and grabbed my dick without hesitation.

「Pervert…I’m a pervert」

Mikoto desperately strokes me with both hands while breathing roughly.
It was like being touched by your most beloved person.
Even though it would be fine to be a bit rougher, Mikoto’s movements were incredibly careful.
The bubbles made it to where there was no friction at all. It was just pleasure piercing through my body.
The sounds from the shower echoes through my head stealing away my thoughts.
My body temperature was rising and starting to get a floating feeling in my body.
I couldn’t be aware of my surroundings; my body was just sinking in a pot of pleasure.

「Mikoto…it feels good…aah」
「More, more, I want to do even more perverted things」

Holding the shower head in my head, I rinse off all the bubbles on my body in one go.
Mikoto also loses all her bubbles.

「Nyah…What is it all of a sudden?」

Mikoto looks at me washing her with the shower.
Confirming that all the bubbles had been rinsed off, I gave her instructions.

「Mikoto, do it with your mouth…」
「Ah, I can do it, I can do it」

Making those claims, Mikoto brings her mouth to my dick.
Her wet black hair stuck to my beautiful childhood friend’s face.
Her expression was that of a woman’s.


Mikoto suddenly put my cock in her mouth.
It was just the head but such bravery made my body shiver.
She hardened her tongue and poked my urethra.

「Nnnnh? Mikoto, where did you-」
「I’ve been studying…I know because I wanted to make you feel good」

After moving her mouth away, Mikoto informed me with a strong-willed tone.
I finally knew.
It seems Mikoto started stockpiling information in order to please me when she distanced herself from me.
She didn’t just worry endlessly on how to advance our relationship.
She practiced alone in order to think of ways on how to make me feel better.
And now Mikoto was presenting the fruits of her labor.

「Nnnn, mah…chupu, chupu」

She didn’t immediately put the whole thing in her mouth. She just held the glans in her mouth.
And then she stimulated me with plenty of saliva.

「Ah…kuh…feels good」

My consciousness flew away and my eyes opened wide.
I instinctually started rubbing Mikoto’s head with my hand.
Mikoto looks at me with sparkling eyes like a dog being praised.

「Nh, chuuuuh…」

She was sucking.
My urethra being sucked on made my head go blank.
It was a large amount of pleasure. A large amount of stimulation.


Taking the shaft out of her mouth, now she strokes it from the root with both hands.
I continued to build up from her technique that exceeded my expectations.

「Gonna let it out?」

Mikoto asked me with upturned eyes while continuing to stroke.
As soon as she asked me, I could feel myself about to cum.

「Ah, yeah…it feels like I’m gonna cum…」
「Let it out」
「Ah, cumming…」
「Let it out…please…right here…」

Mikoto opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.
Touching the head with her tongue, she suddenly starts stroking quicker.
Each time her hand went back and forth the head would hit her tongue and feel good.
The uncontrollable pleasure built up to its peak. My whole body shook.
Even though I should be hot, I felt a cold shiver down my back.
That’s how good it felt.

「Ah, ah, ah, cumming, cuumming…aaah」

A lump of semen that would be hard to call liquid comes out.
And it flies towards out towards Mikoto’s mouth and onto her tongue.


Mikoto pulls her face back at the force of it.
But each time she’d get some semen that continued to fire out on her tongue, she would bring her face closer.
She was continually stroking the root like she was trying to get everything out.
*Pyuu. Pyuu” I came over and over again.
Mikoto small mouth and her whole face was covered in cloudy liquid.


Even though she did her best, the last bit couldn’t come out.
Mikoto let go of my dick and opened her mouth while looking at me.


There was still semen inside her mouth.
Mikoto asks “What should I do with this?” using just her expression.

「Let it out on top of your hand」

Mikoto obediently puts both her hands out like a plate in front of her mouth.
And then, she slowly opens her mouth and lets out her tongue.


And then she let out a huge amount of semen while looking at me.
It was quite thick as it started to foam up from mixing with Mikoto’s saliva.
I couldn’t say anything towards something so erotic.


Scrunching her eyebrows a bit, Mikoto stated her opinion.

「It’s still big, huh」
「For now, shall we…get in the bath?」

Quickly wiping my penis, I get in the bath first.
After spitting out all the semen from her mouth, Mikoto washes her face and hair.
She continues washing as I stare at her body. She is being unimaginably thorough.

「With this it should be good」

Ten minutes had passed since I entered the bath.

「I felt an incredible gaze just now…」

Saying that, Mikoto tried to leave the bathroom.

「Eh? We’re not getting in together?」
「You go ahead and take your time…I already got in」

While feeling slightly lonely, I throw out a question to her.
Without turning around, she replied in a gentle tone.

「I’ll be waiting for you in the bedroom…」

And then she left the bath.