Erocom Chapter 91: Shirota Yotsuba 20


The arcade wasn’t all that big.
There were lots of crane games and coin games.
The photo booths were concentrated along the wall with a wide variety of types.
There was almost no one there.
Probably because it was the middle of a weekday in a place that can only be reached by car.

There were some high school kids who were on break like us.
However, there was no one I recognized.
Shirota was surprisingly informed of the photo booths there.
When she gets a rough look at the machines, she chose one without getting lost.


When I get in, I’m surprised.
It’s quite different from when I did it with Ogiwara before.
Two white, bright disc lights were lined in front.
There was a thin sheet that seemed to hide the inside which made it really feel like a secret room.

「It’s 200 yen each」

Being told that, I hand over the money.
Shirota operates the touch panel with a bunch of icons on it.

「Okay, with this everything’s ready」
「Eh? Eh?」

That escalated quickly.
A high-pitched voice comes out as an announcement.
Lots of things were explained but I didn’t catch any of it.

「Here, do a pose」

Shirota flips her hat around while giving me instructions.
And then she looks at the camera and does a peace sign with her tongue slightly sticking out.
An example pose was reflected on the screen and she was imitating that.
I couldn’t copy it out of embarrassment. I just stood there.

*Pashari*, it took a picture.

The picture we just took was already shown on the screen.
Compared to the lively high-school girl Shirota, I had an expression like I was getting a photo for a passport.
Furthermore, without a pose, I was like a totem pole.

「What is this, hahahahah」

Shirota had a burst of laughter.

「This is the opposite of modern. Hahahahaha」
「What, I did it seriously」
「There’s not a person who takes photo booths seriously. Hahahahah. Then let’s go for a second」

Shirota operates it.
I look towards the shutter a second time and a countdown starts.

「Now, Okutani. This time we’re taking it seriously」
「That’s right, you should also take it serious」

And then the second time, it took a picture of a guy and girl standing at attention.
Shirota had an expression like she was desperately holding back from laughing.

「Dahahahahah, it’s too stupid, Okutani, it’s too stupid!」

Shirota hitting her knee while laughing was cute.
The way she wore her hat backwards also stirred up my heart.

「How can you do such a serious expression? Hahahahah」

I was able to take a picture without that expression on the next one.
And when it came time for the fourth one, Shirota proposed something.

「Can we hold hands?」

The countdown already started.
We quickly hold hands. We interlock our fingers and turn our heads to the sides.

「Haha, we’re really like a pair of lovers」

However, looking at the camera, Shirota let out a big laugh.

「Like I said, you look expressionless, hahahahahahaha, even though we held hands and everything. Hahahahahah」
「I couldn’t smile cause I was so focused on holding hands」
「What kind of concentration did you have that you couldn’t even smile!」

Shirota continues to laugh while holding my hand.
That’s out of the question for me as I am worrying whether or not my hand is sweaty.

「Hahahaha…haa…I laughed too much…haha」

Shirota looks at me still with a lingering laugh.

「You good? Can you smile properly for the next one?」
「I got it」

Once again, we go to take a picture while holding hands.
Holding our hands in front of our faces we turn towards the camera.

「Okutani! Look, smile, smile」

Shirota insistently tells me.
Smiling awkwardly, I wait for the countdown to finish.
The moment the shutter was pressed, I let out a big voice.


Surprised, she looks at me.
There was a flash. I draw my face close to hers and stole her lips.


She opens her eyes wide.
Our hands were still entwined.
When our lips separate, Shirota’s gaze is swimming with a bright red face.

「Eh? Ah…yeah…y-you surprised me…」
「You said you wanted to take a kissing picture」
「I did but…」

The screen showed the picture that was just taken.
Shirota and I had our hands together.
It seems I was bit too late with the kiss.
The camera took the photo when our lips weren’t touching even though it looks like they are.
Shirota had a surprised expression with her eyes open wide.
Such a defenseless expression gives a reaction to my crotch.

「Eh?! This is no good, no good! My face is weird!」

It was satisfying watching Shirota girlishly try to hide the screen in desperation.
She looked over her shoulder, glared at me and said.

「Shall we try and do a proper one?」

The countdown for the next photo starts.
This is the seventh one and it seems to be the last.
Shirota stands next to me. Looking at the screen, she lets her hair fall down from her hat.


Shirota looked at me.
Her cheeks were dyed a bright red and her eyes were wet.
Her glossy lips were slightly puckered.

「I’m kissing, okay?」
「It’s fine if you don’t say anything so…nh」

I stole her lips.
It was a longer kiss than earlier.
We had to kiss until the countdown was over.
I slightly move my lips on top of hers.

「N…n, Okutani, hey, if you move it’ll be bad」

Shirota was being cautious while kissing.
I honestly control myself and wait for the flash.
When the photographs were over, I couldn’t separate from her lips.
There was an announcement to choose what you wanted to write on the photo.
However, we ignored it and continued to kiss.

「N…chuu, nh, Okutanii…already…」

Shirota closes her eyes and moved her own lips.
As one would expect, we can’t stay like this.
When we stop kissing, Shirota muttered with upturned eyes.

「Hey…We need to leave」
「You’re right…」

In order to write on the photo we need to go outside.
Entering the place to write on the picture, Shirota immediately holds the pen.

「This is weird as I thought, Hahahaha」

While writing on the photo of us standing at attention, Shirota laughs.
The narrow space to write on the picture had just me and Shirota.
She was diligently scribbling as the pen moved.
Without anything in particular to do, I wrap my hands around her waist from behind.

「Ah, wait…don’t get in the way」

Shirota’s moderate amount of sex appeal in her body feels good.
Shirota stopped her hand for a second but then immediately starts working again.

「What’ll you do if someone sees?」
「It’s fine. This place is a perfect blind spot」

Being glued to her body, I press my nose into her neck.

「Aah, I’m all sweaty」
「Me too」

Shirota continues scribbling without seeming like she seriously dislikes it.

「Look, it’s done…」

I thought it was too bad.
I wanted to be glued to her body just a little longer.

「Then, do you want to take another?」

Shirota asks with a glazed over voice.
Letting go of her, I nodded my head.

「Let’s do it」

We take the printed photo from the photo booth.
Without much verification, we both enter the photo booth again.
Shirota gives a wry smile to me who will try kissing her.

「If you don’t put in money…someone’ll end up coming in」
「I got it」

After putting money in, I left it alone without touching it.
If we don’t operate the photo booth, it seems it will continue on to the next part.
I got closer to Shirota. Our lips touch.
Shirota’s lips were soft. Even though she does club activities outside, they aren’t rough at all.
I could feel the maintenance done every day which excited me.

「Nh…geez…Even though this wasn’t my intention at first. Chu, nh, ah」

Our bodies and lips were pressed together.
In the chaos of the arcade, no one could hear our foolishness.